Fan Fiction

By Rush

The robot Bender with 5 o'clock rust on his face slowly opened his eyes.

"Uhhuu..... wha ....uhhhaaaa." Said Bender as he vomited oil, nuts and bolts allover himself.

He then looked around his filthy apartment finding himself lying next to the couch and having a strange yet not painful feeling as if he was lying on broken glass. Bender then stumbled onto his feet to find he was lying on a pile of broken beer bottles.

"How long have I been out?" Thought Bender in his own head. Bender closed his eyes to check the time to see it's 5:15 PM. "Awwwww, crap! I'm late for work!" Shouted Bender in alarm.

With that Bender wiped some of his own vomit off himself with his hand, then took a bottle of Captain Morgan out from his chest cabinet, then started drinking out of it while he walked out of his apartment.

As Bender walked down the hallway he found the elevator was not out of order for once, which he stepped into. However as Bender pressed the button to go to the ground floor a speaker above him in a corner started playing Justin Bieber's "Baby" song, which made Bender enraged growling in anger. He quickly drank the rest of his bottle of Captain Morgan, then proceeded to smash his bottle against the speaker, breaking both the speaker and his bottle.

Once down at the ground floor Bender walked out of the elevator passing by the sleeping receptionist Sal, who is wearing his greasy white vest with his head down on his desk with dozens of bottles of booze in front of him.

As Bender went outside he found that the local entrance to the Tube Transport System was blocked yet again by a fat guy as the holographic sign said "Fat Guy Blocked Tube". With a sigh of annoyance Bender realized that he had to walk all the way to work all the while having to avoid the very tempting temptation he saw outside the odd alleyway: hooker bots. He knew if he got nasty with a hooker bot behind a dumpster or in public he'll be even more late for work.

When Bender entered Planet Express smoking a cigar he found no one in sight, he did however hear some female voices from the Lounge. Once Bender entered the lounge he gasped in horror causing his cigar to fall out of his mouth onto the floor. He saw all of his coworkers including his boss Farnsworth watching My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, what made it even more scary was that they were all wearing t-shirts with cartoon Ponies on them. Bender backed slowly out of the room bumping into Fry, who was wearing a white t-shirt with Pinkie Pie on it.

"Fry, not you too!" Said Bender in shock.

"Relax Bender, it's not like that we're gonna force you into liking it too."

"Nooooooooo!" Shouted Bender clearly not listening to Fry. "I won't become one of you Bronies!" Bender then jumped out the window smashing it.

"What a way to overreact." Said Fry. Fry then joined the others watching My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.

Bender ran away from Planet Express to make his way home.

Back in Planet Express Pinkie Pie sticks her head out of a pink parabox in front of the couch.

"Ooohh, this is my favorite episode." Said Pinkie Pie in joy.

"Hey Pinkie Pie, move your big head you're blocking the screen." Shouted Farnsworth.

"Sorry." Said Pinkie Pie, who then fully got out of the parabox and sat down next to the staff of Planet Express on a arm chair.

As Bender neared home he calmed down a great deal thinking over things as he walked his way home.

"Fry did say "we're not gonna force you to like it" so I guess I can live with that. I'll go to work tomorrow. Clearly they care about it more than actual business, so they won't miss me. But at the same time, I fear somewhere in the multiverse there's another Bender who likes this pony crap." Thought Bender as he crossed the street to Robot Arms Apartments.

The End