Fan Fiction

Caffinated Bacon
By Rush

Scene: Planet Express: Meeting Room. All the PE staff (apart from Zoidberg and Bender.) sit around the conference table clapping their hands.

Farnsworth: (speaking gibberish) 'Hurr, woo bang bang!

Fry: 'Hurr!

Leela: 'Woo!

Amy: 'Bang bang!

[Bender laughing evilly comes in holding a laser minigun spinning, which he fires at the staff, who laugh while they are being spray with lasers to death from Bender's minigun.]

Bender: 'Woooooooooooooooooo! [The staff's bodies at the conference table regenerate rapidly reforming their bodies and coming back alive again.]

Farnsworth: 'Good one Bender. [His head explodes. Which then regenerates quickly back again.]

Hermes: 'That's it! [He stands up.] I'm divorcing LaBarbara and marrying Zoidberg!

[Zoidberg walks in wearing a wedding dress.]

Zoidberg: 'Yay for Zoidberg! [Zoidberg smears green slime all over Hermes' face while he makes out with him.]

Everyone: 'Yay!

[Hermes and Zoidberg then walk out of the room.]

Cut to: Outside Planet Express. Hermes and Zoidberg climb into the dumpster, smell each other's armpits and feet, then make out while rolling around in the garbage before closing the dumpster's lid.

Cut to: Meeting Room.

Farnsworth: 'Woo.

[Amy stands up roaring like Godzilla, then shape shifts into a Tyrannosaurus Rex bursting through the building.]

Cut to: Outside Planet Express. Amy as a Tyrannosaurus Rex runs down the street eating fleeing people and firing laser beams from her eyes at people turning them into dust.

Cut to: Meeting Room.

Farnsworth: 'Let's all go watch My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic!

Everyone: 'Yay! [They all get up and leave the room laughing.]

Cut to: Lounge. All the staff sit and watch the opening of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic on TV.

Everyone: 'Yay!

[Bender's whole body explodes, somehow creating a even bigger explosion

Space. The Earth explodes as a sphere of explosions expanding at a rapid rate from where it once was.

Cut to: Mars. A wall of explosions come past it vaporizing it. The explosions continue to expand until the galaxies and space itself until all that is left is; plain white emptiness.

Scene: Bender's eyes open, his face is covered in five o'clock rust.

Bender: 'Ow, my eyes! [He covers his eyes from the sun shining on him from a window above him, Bender now realizes he is lying in the middle of the kitchen floor in his apartment. Bender rubs his head.] Oh man, what stuff did I take last night?

The End