Fan Fiction

By Rush

Scene New New York City Street. Outside a KFC a large crowd of Hyper-Chicken's species and Hyper-Chicken himself protest outside a KFC holding signs saying; “Stop Eating Us”, “Fried Chicken Is Fattening”,“How would you like it if we ate you?”, “We are not that tasty”. The protesters shout what the signs they hold say.

[Colonel Sanders as a head in jar hovers in the air to outside KFC towards the protesters.]

Colonel Sanders: 'You idiots! The chicken we sell here is non sapient chicken native to Earth. [All the protesters looks thoughtful.]

Hyper-Chicken: 'Really? Can we have some?

Colonel Sanders: 'Sure, come on in! [The protesters walk into KFC to get some fried chicken.]

Hyper-Chicken: 'I don't know if this is broader line cannibalism, but KFC's chicken sure is tasty.


Cubert: 'Most pointless, stupid fan fiction ever!

Rush: 'Uhhh, I think I did worse!

Cubert: 'Hit it Comic Book Guy!

Comic Book Guy: 'Worst Futurama fan fiction ever!

Rush: 'Yeah well, shut up!