Fan Fiction

Disturbing Advertisment
By Rush

Scene: Planet Express: Lounge. Fry, Leela and Bender sitting on couch watch an advertisement on TV in black and white showing a man hunched up on the ground against a wall in an alleyway crying in heavy rain.

Announcer (cheerfully) 'Do you wanna kill yourself, [The man nods.] yet you want to contribute to society, by not causing mayhem and without making a mess? [The man nods.] Well why not use the Suicide Booth, for just 25 cent you can go kill yourself and benefit the economy? [The man gasps happily.] And there's a Suicide Booth around every corner.

Man: 'Yay!

Announcer: 'So you don't have to wait for very long. Plus you help prevent over population, well done. [The advertisement now shows the man smiling with his thumps up walking into a Suicide Booth.] Brought to you by Momcorp.

[With the remote Fry turns off the TV. Fry and Leela just look in shock with their mouths wide open, Bender seems unaffected.]

Fry: 'Well, that was disturbing.

Leela: 'The whole over population thing is stupid, hello we live in the future, we live on planets across the entire universe?!

Bender: 'I bet the guy, who came up with that idea is gonna get in trouble.

[Cut to: Momcorp: Mom's Office. Mom slaps Igner.]

Mom: 'What the hell were you thinking you crap jacker?!

[Back to: The Planet Express: Lounge]

Leela: 'I should give them booths the boot.

Bender: 'Hmm, I guess it is rather sickening. But what are you gonna do?

Fry: 'We should not watch the advertisement on TV!

Bender: 'Write an angry rant on the Internet or post a rant video on Youtube like millions of others did already, that nobody cares about!

[Leela stands up.]

Leela: 'Come on guys think bigger than that!

[Fry and Bender exchange looks.]

Fry: 'It hurts my brain, if I think big. I keep getting headaches with pictures.

Leela: 'Well, I guess I can understand your circumstances Fry. But what about you Bender?

Bender: 'How about starting one of those lame ass peaceful protests that never accomplishes anything, which no-one gives a damn about? Now riots, that might do something, people care about those.

[Leela sighs, then sits back down.]

Leela: 'Well at least there's suicide prevention agencies out there. Good thing Suicide Booths are banned in most countries on Earth, not to mention most planets in the universe.

Bender: 'In this universe anyway.

The End.