Fan Fiction

Electric Mucous Ship
By Rush

Scene: Space: The Planet Express ship flies past Urectum (Uranus).

Scene: PE Ship's Cockpit. Leela sits in the driver seat, Fry sits at the coordinates controls, while Bender sits at the autopilot.

Bender: 'So, are you two gonna have your freak of nature abomination mutant babies yet? [Fry looks shocked. Leela stands up, with a look of fury her eye narrowed very low.] Oh, crap! [Leela walks towards Bender looking at him murderously her fists tightened, but then just as she nears him, she decides to go back to her seat.] Phew! [Bender wipes the oil off his forehead.]

Leela: 'You know what Bender you're not worth it. But you do raise a good point, when I have kids with Fry when we're both ready. They could inherit not just my DNA, getting a eye like mine or elbow talons, if my baby got those it's gonna hurt giving birth to him or her, but also my Mom's and Dad's and their Mom's and Dad's DNA before them etcetera. So my babies could have some more obvious mutant features like tentacles or whatever. But regardless me and Fry will love them no matter what. Right, Fry?

Fry: 'Of course.

Bender: 'Well maybe they mightn't be that ugly, they could just have a eye like yours Leela along with the purple hair.

Fry: 'Hey, Leela's beautiful! [Leela smiles.] They could have my red hair.

Leela: 'Or maybe a mix between purple and red?

Bender: 'Yeah, Ok. Well at least you won't have to hide them if they turn out to look like mutants since the law has been passed that mutants are allowed on the surface now.

Leela: 'Exactly.

Bender: 'One more thing, Fry you really haven't been hanging with your good old buddy Bender as much.

Fry: 'How about we … I get drunk with you watching TV at home for old times sake?

Bender: 'That will do.

The End.