Fan Fiction

Final Message
By Rush

The machine, an odd small metal sphere shaped object Farnsworth had found in the basement.

It was strange, no one ever saw it before. It just seemingly came out from no where.

"What are you?" said the mad scientist looking at the object while he sat in his arm chair in the conference room of Planet Express.

"I am the messenger of my people." said the machine with a deep static voice.


"I am the messenger of those who came before."


"What we were called is irrelevant, we simply were."


"For the sake of conversation, I will call my creators the Human race."

"Human race? But I'm Human!"

"Yes, you are. But soon you shall share the same fate along with all the races of the universe, just like before when your universe last reset itself."

"That's ridiculous!"

"Don't worry, even the seemingly unstoppable will one day fall. Xenzarkness is fooling himself, his pointless xenocide of races using his Reapcore will one day stop. For in the end no matter what you are, death will find a way to get you for your transgressions, no matter how powerful you are."