Fan Fiction

Futuremon, Episode 1: Futuremon Beginning
By Rush

Opening Caption: Waste your life playing World Of Warcraft.

Scene: Fry wearing a red and white cap with his normal clothes with a light blue haversack on his back, while Leela wearing light blue shorts and a white tanktop with a yellow haversack on her back. Both of them are about age twenty one walking along the side of a country road on a sunny day.

Fry: 'So what are those weird ass animals that are in the future? [A flock of Pidgey fly over them.] … My point exactly.

Leela: 'Pokemon?

Fry: 'Yeah those.

Leela: 'Were you born yesterday?

Fry: 'Well I was unfrozen yesterday.

Leela: 'Sorry. Pokemon came from outer space hundreds of years ago... of course that's not as an accepted theory now, since we have an intergalactic civilization, and we have found Pokemon do not exist anywhere else in the universe... so scientists think they may of came from a different parallel universe.

Fry: 'Yeah... So did the Pokemon cause any problems for the native wildlife on Earth?

Leela: 'A little, but mostly they helped protect our wildlife from us Humans.

Fry: 'So does my home town in this parallel universe: Pallet Town still exist?

Leela: 'Stop breaking the forth wall Fry! And no, it doesn't exist anymore, it's now called Mallet Town now. [They pass a sign marked "Welcome To Mallet Town."]

Fry: 'Why is this place called Mallet Town? [They come into view of a small town near the coast.]

Leela: 'I don't know.

Fry: 'Do you have any Pokemon?

Leela: 'Why yes, [She shows him her three Pokeballs.] I have three Pokemon, who are Starmie who I call Stardust, Blastoise who I call Bubbles, and some mysterious unnamed Pokemon I call Nibbler.

Fry: 'Cool! I gonna get me some of those!

Leela: 'You should. Now come Fry, you don't want to keep Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth waiting.

Time Lapse. Fry and Leela now stand outside a building Planet Express in Mallet Town.

Fry: 'I can't wait to get my Pokemon! [Farnsworth answers butt naked holding a Pokeball.] (screaming) Ahaaahahah! [At the same time Leela tightly closes her eye. Farnsworth throws the Pokeball at Fry knocking him over.] Ow!

Farnsworth: 'There you go, now get lost! [He slams the door shut.]

Leela: [helping him up] 'You alright Fry?

Fry: 'Yeah, I'm OK.

Leela: 'OK, I'll see you around, I've got some stuff to do. [Leela walks off.]

Fry: (thinking) 'Alright Fry, it's time to begin my journey to becoming a Pokemon Master! [He throws his Pokeball, which lands on the ground, then opens with a flash of light to reveal Bender.] (talking) What kind of Pokemon are you?

Bender: 'I'm a Bender, I'm not as stupid as most Pokemon.

Fry: 'That's good.

Bender: 'Now let's go kick some Pokemon ass! [He craps a brick, then picks it up, then throws it in long grass.] Come on, let's see if I hit one! [He runs towards the long grass, followed by Fry running after him.]

Cut to: Opening in the long grass. A dazed Metapod with it's eye spinning has a brick lying next to him.

Fry: [taking out his Pokedex] 'What's that?

Pokedex: (robotic voice) 'It's a Metapod you idiot!

Bender: 'Hurry up and capture it!

[Fry spins his hat to the side taking a Pokeball out. Bender hits him.]

Fry: 'Ow!

Bender: 'Just throw the Pokeball normally and don't say anything! [Fry throws the Pokeball capturing the Metapod, a red light flashes on the Pokeball briefly before turning off with a beeping sound.]

Fry: (shouting) 'Yeahhhhhhhh! [Bender kicks him.] Ow!

Bender: 'Don't be so dramatic! [A Caterpie crawls coming into view.] Hey look, a Caterpie! [Bender runs towards the Caterpie, he burps fire like a flame thrower out from his mouth at the Caterpie setting him alight. The Caterpie screams and runs off.] (laughing ) Haahaahahahahaha! Look at him run!

Fry: 'So what more attacks do you have Bender?

Bender: 'Don't speak to me like other Pokemon, speak to me like a Human.

Fry: 'OK.

Bender: 'For example, if you want me to break a Pokemon's back with my bending skills, I'll do it, if you want to me to shoot a Pokemon with the guns I keep in my chest cabinet I'll do it.

Fry: 'Wouldn’t shooting a Pokemon kill them?

Bender: 'Nah, Pokemon are near invincible. [He takes a Desert Eagle pistol out from his chest cabinet and fires it into the air. A dazed Pidgey with it's eye spinning falls onto the ground.] See?

Fry: 'Oh. I got a really powerful Pokemon! Do any other trainers have Pokemon like you?

Bender: 'I've never seen or heard of another Pokemon like me.

Fry: 'Yay! [Amy comes into view.] Hey?

Amy: 'Enough talk, let's battle! [She takes a Pokeball out.] (shouting) Go Magikarp! [Magikarp comes out from the Pokeball jumping about, saying in deep voice "Magikarp, karp karp karp, Magikarp" over and over again.]

Fry: (shouting) 'Alright, you asked for it, go Bender...... Bender? [Bender is lying on the ground asleep.] ….. [He takes a Pokeball out.] Go Metapod. [Metapod comes out from his Pokeball.] Metapod use Harden! [Metapod uses "Harden" a shiny line goes across his body.]

Amy: 'Magikarp use Splash Attack! [Magikarp jumps about on the ground.]

Fry: 'Metapod counter with Harden. [Metapod uses Harden.]

Amy: 'Hit him with a Splash Attack. [Magikarp uses Splash Attack.]

Fry: 'Come on Metapod you can do it, use Harden! [Metapod uses Harden.]

Amy: 'Magikarp put more power into your Splash Attack. [Magikarp jumps around a little faster.]

Fry: 'Quick Metapod use Harden! [Metapod uses Harden.]

Amy: 'Magikarp use Splash Attack! [Magikarp uses Splash Attack.]

Fry: 'Keep using Harden Metapod! [Metapod uses Harden.]

Amy: 'Magikarp return. [Her Pokeball draws Magikarp back inside.] Go Ditto! [She throws her Pokeball, followed by Ditto popping out.] Ditto use Transform! [Ditto shape shifts into Metapod.] Ditto use Harden. [Amy's Metapod (Ditto) uses Harden.]

Fry: 'Metapod get harder, use Harden! [Metapod uses Harden.]

Amy: 'Ditto use Harden! [Amy's Metapod (Ditto) uses Harden.]

Fry: 'Metapod you can do it, use Harden! [Metapod uses Harden.] Hah, you'll never beat my Metapod's defenses!

Amy: 'We'll see about that! [She withdraws her Ditto back into her Pokeball.] Go Magikarp. [Magikarp comes out from the Pokeball that Amy threw.] Magikarp use Splash Attack! [Magikarp uses Splash Attack.]

Fry: 'Metapod use Harden! [Metapod uses Harden.]

[Time Lapse. Fry's Metapod shows the passage of time like a sundial, the battle between them is still goes on even when it becomes night time.]

Fry: 'Give up!

Amy: (shouting) 'Never! You give up!

Fry: 'Never! [Fry yawns.] (In a low voice) 'Metapod use Harden! [Metapod uses Harden.]

[Amy yawns.]

Amy: '(In a low voice) Magikarp finish him off with a Splash Attack. [Magikarp uses Splash Attack.]

[Fry and Amy both collapse on the ground from exhaustion.]

[Time Lapse. Fry and Amy wake up during the night, then withdraw their Pokemon back into their Pokeballs.]

Fry: 'That was some epic battle.

Amy: 'It sure was. [She strokes her hair.] Wanna have sex?

Fry: 'OK. [Amy makes out with him moaning sexually.]

[Time Lapse. Amy's Bedroom. Fry and Amy both naked are asleep lying next to one another in bed. Amy's parents walk in turning on the lights.]

Fry: 'What's happening?

Leo: (shouting) 'Amy, are you pregnant?!

Amy: 'No, we used protection.

Inez: 'Well next time don't use protection, then you can get us grandchild! [They storm out.]

Amy: 'Sorry about that.

Fry: 'It's OK. [He starts to get dressed.] I'll see you around Amy.

Amy: 'Call me if you want another Pokemon battle.. or you know.... [She winks at him, Fry nods smiling.]

To Be Continued