Fan Fiction

Futuremon, Episode 2: The Woods
By Rush

Scene: At dawn Fry can be seen walking through a field near a forest, Mallet Town can be seen in the distance in the background.

Fry: (thinking) 'Last night was great, the Pokemon battle, the sex, everything... but damn I wish I could have the charm for Leela... I don't think she likes me that way anyway. (shouting) I'm gonna be a Pokemon Master! [Bender pops out from his Pokeball drinking out from a bottle of Jack Daniels.]

Bender: 'Where are we?

Fry: 'In a field near Mallet Town.... Wait where did you get that?

Bender: 'What?

[Fry points at Bender's bottle of Jack Daniels.]

Fry: 'That.

Bender: 'Oh each Pokeball contains a mini parallel universe with endless supplies of stuff in each Pokeball in this parallel universe of Futurama, which is a parody of Pokemon.

Fry: 'Righttt.

Bender: 'Also you don't need to bring your Pokemon to Pokemon Centers anymore in the future, unless your poor, and can't afford the Pokeball that contains a regeneration heal to your Pokemon.

[Fry hold up his Pokeball.]

Fry: 'Bender return!

Bender: 'Hey! [He's sucked inside the Pokeball, moments later he pops back out again.] Don't be so rude!

Fry: 'Sorry, you just would not stop talking.

Bender: 'I forgive you... this time. Anyway where we going?

Fry: 'To the forest to catch some Pokemon!

Bender: 'That's good. [A Rattata reveals it's self out from long grass up ahead.] Hey look, a Rattata! [He runs towards the Rattata kicking the Rattata high into the air over into the forest, there is a loud thud.] You can find him and capture him later.

Fry: 'How come Pokemon can only say their names, and keep saying their names over and over again?

Bender: 'Because they are stupid! [He presses a button on the Pokeball and goes back inside. Fry then enters the forest.]

Cut to: Forest. Fry walks along a dirt path through the forest.

Fry: 'Hmm, no Pokemon in sight. [He bumps into someone as he goes around a corner.]

Woman's Voice: 'Hey, watch it! …. Fry?

[Zoom in to reveal Leela.]

Fry: 'Leela? What are you doing here?

Leela: 'Catching Pokemon. You?

Fry: 'Same, but I don't know this forest can I travel with you?

Leela: 'Yeah sure. [They continue to walk along the road.] So, how are you adjusting to the future?

Fry: 'Things are OK, I have my home at Planet Express with my nephew, and I have good friends like you. [Leela smiles.]

Leela: 'That's a nice positive outlook on life Fry.

Fry: 'Yet, [Fry stops walking followed by Leela.] I do miss my family, who I'll never see again. [A few tears run down Fry's face.]

Leela: 'I understand.

Fry: (thinking) 'How could you understand you never.... Wait Leela told me yesterday she never knew her parents. (speaking) I know. At least I have someone I can relate to in this future.

Leela: 'Me too. And Fry--- [Leela's cell phone buzzes.] Hold on, I got a text. [She takes her cell phone out, then reads a text message from Amy saying "Hey Leela, guess what?!!!! I slept with that cute red head Fry from the past last night!!! XXXX". She looks at Fry her eye slightly narrowed looking at him curiously.] Fry?

Fry: 'Oh please don't be mad Leela--

Leela: 'Oh don't worry Fry, I'm not mad just a little shocked that you managed to sleep with the daughter of a multi trillionaire.

Fry: 'Oh. Do women tell each other everything?

Leela: 'Yeah we do.

Fry: 'Then that means--

Leela: 'No, we don't Fry. We just tell each other a lot of stuff.

Fry: 'OK. Want me to show you my Pokemon?

Leela: 'Yeah, let's see them. [Fry throws two Pokeballs onto the ground letting out Metapod and Bender who smokes a cigar.] Wow, I've never seen a Pokemon like that before.

Fry: 'My Metapod?

Leela: 'No, the other one.

Bender: 'Hey, my name's Bender woman show some respect!

Leela: (shouting) 'He can talk?! (normally) How did you teach you're Pokemon to talk?

Fry: 'I didn't, he just knew.

[Leela scans Bender with her Wrist Thingy.]

Bender: 'Hey, don't scan me with that!

Leela's Wrist Thingy: (female voice) 'No data found.

Leela: 'Where you--- Wait a second, that was the Pokemon the Professor gave you? [Leela's Wrist Thingy is missing, Bender places something inside his chest cabinet.]

Fry: 'Yeah it was.

[Leela notices her Wrist Thingy is gone.]

Leela: 'Hey, give it back!

Bender: (sadly) 'Awwwwww! [He takes Leela's Wrist Thingy out from his chest cabinet and hands it back to Leela, who puts it back on her wrist.]

Leela: 'Be careful Fry, your Pokemon is a thief.

Bender: 'No I'm not! I was only borrowing it!

Leela: 'Yeah, sure you were.

Fry: 'Metapod return. [Metapod is drawn back into it's Pokeball.] Come on, let's catch some Pokemon.

Bender: 'Awww yeah, let's whoop ass! [He lights himself up a cigar using his middle finger as a lighter.]

Cut to deeper in the forest. As they walk along the path it become narrower and narrower, until there's no path left with sharp thorns blocking their way.

Leela: 'Hmm, I guess we'll have to go off the beaten track. [Fry and Leela walk of the path to meet a Weedle.] Hey Fry, how about you capture that?

Fry: 'Bender go whoop his ass!

Bender: 'This is gonna be fun on the bun! [Bender runs towards the Weedle, burps fire at him setting him alight, then stomps on it several times, leaving the poor Weedle in a daze.] Hah, take that mother nature! [Fry throws a Pokeball capturing the Weedle, the Weedle within the ball puts up little resistance, before the ball beeps.]

Leela: 'Bender's not a very nice Pokemon is he?

Fry: 'Nope, but he's very powerful. What level are you Bender?

Bender: 'Level 100!

Leela: 'Wow Fry, he's really powerful! [As they walk further away from the path they meet a Charizard, who roars at them.] This one is mine. Go Nibbler! [Nibbler pops out from her Pokeball and walks slowly towards Charizard, who looks at Nibbler confused.]

Fry: 'Shouldn’t you use a more powerful Pokemon?

Leela: 'Don't worry Nibbler is my most powerful Pokemon. [Fry scratches the back of his head. Charizard laughs at Nibbler. Nibbler sniffs Charizard, then sucks (eats) him up despite Charizard's large size.]

Fry: 'Whoa!

Leela: 'Now spit him out Nibbler! [Nibbler sakes his head from side to side.] (shouting) Spit him out! [Nibbler sighs, then spits out Charizard, who is in a daze.] Go Pokeball! [Leela throws a Pokeball, capturing the Charizard, the Charizard within the ball puts up little resistance, before the ball beeps.] Heh heh, I got him.

Fry: 'It'll be hard to beat you in a Pokemon match.

Leela: 'It sure would. Nibbler return! [Nibbler is drawn back into his Pokeball.] Come on, let's keep going! [They continue to walk through the forest, but then stop in their tracks when they meet a dazed Rattata.]

Bender: 'Hey look Fry, I think that's the same Rattata I kicked earlier.

Fry: 'Hey yeah. [He throws a Pokeball capturing the Rattata, the Rattata within the ball puts up little resistance, before the ball beeps.] Aww yeah, I've got a Rattata!

Leela: 'Bender, you don't fight fair do you?

Bender: 'Nope. [They continue to walk through the forest to meet Hermes.]

Hermes: 'Hey, I challenge you to a Pokemon battle!

Fry: 'You're on! Bender you are up!

Bender: 'Time to whoop ass!

Hermes: [throwing a Pokeball] 'Go Zoidberg! [Zoidberg comes out from a Pokeball, who crouches down, then start making whooping noises while running away sideways.]

Hermes: (shouting and chasing Zoidberg) 'Hey, get back here!

Zoidberg: (shouting) 'No!

Hermes: (shouting) 'Are you completely useless?!

Zoidberg: (shouting) 'Yes I am! I find fighting scary, I'm too weak!

Hermes: (shouting) 'But you are level 100 and your Ink Attack, Bad Joke Attack, Claw Attack, and Fart Attack are very strong!

Zoidberg: (shouting) 'They are not strong enough! My run away "Whoop Attack" is much stronger!

Hermes: (shouting) 'That doesn't make any sense! [Hermes and Zoidberg go out from sight running through bushes.]

Fry: 'Well, that was disappointing.

Leela: 'I don't think I ever seen or heard of a Pokemon called Zoidberg until now.

Fry: 'Me neither. They seem completely useless.

Leela: 'Indeed. [They continue to walk through the forest.]

To Be Continued