Fan Fiction

Futuremon: Episode 3: Rocks
By Rush

Scene: Fry, Leela and Bender, who is still out from his Pokeball walk out from the forest to up a hill to see a small little city down below the hill.

Bender: 'Wait, this isn't Viridian City.

Leela: 'A Pokemon Trainer is not allowed in the Gym in Viridian City, until he or she has won all the other Gyms' badges.

Fry: 'Oh. What city is this?

Leela: 'Pewter City.

Fry: 'Oh. [Suddenly there is a blinding flash of light.] What the hell! [A Bending Unit appears before them.]

Leela: [with her hand over her face] 'Oh lord, not another Bender!

Bender #1: (shouting angrily) 'Hey!

Bender #2: 'Not just any Bender I'm a Universe Jumping Bender, who's come to this weird thrown together universe, which feels as if it's history was hastily and poorly written on the back of toilet paper to try help explain it's history, as expected it completely utterly fails to make any real sense of it at all.

Bender: 'Go away, you talk too much!

U-J-Bender: 'Sure I'll go, when I suddenly dis-- [U-J-Bender disappears in a blinding flash of light.]

[Time Lapse.]

[Fry, Leela and Bender walk through the city passing by many stalls along the streets selling rocks of all different sizes, and even more unusual is the large surprising amount of people buying the rocks off them.]

Bender: 'People here are crazy.

Leela: 'Indeed.

Fry: 'Can we go to a Pokemon Center, I need to store some of my Pokemon?

Leela: 'Sure. What Pokemon are you gonna store?

Fry: 'Just Rattata, Metapod and Weedle.

[They walk around a corner to see a Pokemon Center, then enter inside.]

Cut to: Pokemon Center. A busy Nurse Joy behind the counter is typing on a PC. Leela and Bender wait for Fry as he walks over to a PC at the top right corner of the room, where he sits down, then types in his password to log in.]

Computer: [robotic female voice] 'Good afternoon sir. What can I do for you? [Fry takes three Pokeballs out leaving them on the table.]

Fry: 'Uhh, can I have Rattata, Metapod and Weedle stored?

Computer: 'Certainly. [Three of Fry's Pokeballs teleport with a flash of light, Fry logs out.]

Fry: (thinking) 'Wait, I think I'll keep my Metapod. [He signs back in.]

Computer: 'Yes?

Fry: 'Uhh, I want my Metapod back.

Computer: 'As you command. [One of his Pokeballs reappears on the table, Fry signs out, takes his Pokeball, then gets up and leaves with Leela and Bender.]

Cut to: Fry, Leela and Bender walk out from the Pokemon Center.

Fry: 'So where's the Pewter City's Pokemon Gym.

Leela: [point straight ahead] 'The opposite side of the street.

Fry: 'Oh. [On the opposite side of the street there's Pewter City's Pokemon Gym]

Leela: 'Fry?

Fry: 'Yeah?

Leela: 'I have to go.

Fry: 'Aren't you going to challenge the Pokemon Gym leader ?

Leela: 'Fry, I won the Indigo League before.

Fry: 'What …. really?

Leela: 'Yes, I won when I was ten years old with only Nibbler, and only recently have I started to go back to catching Pokemon.

Fry: 'Man, Nibbler is very powerful.

Leela: 'He sure is. [Leela gives Fry a brief hug.]

Leela: 'I'll see you later Fry.

Fry: 'Bye Leela. [Leela walks off.]

Bender: 'Do you have her number and email?

Fry: 'Yeah, why do ask?

Bender: 'Oh no reason, no reason at all..... [They walk across the street and enter Pewter City's Pokemon Gym.]

To Be Continued