Fan Fiction

Futuremon: Episode 4: Rock And Stone
By Rush

Scene: Pewter City Gym. Fry and Bender walk into the Gym to see Brock standing in a rocky dirt terrain area in the middle of the Gym.

Fry: 'Are you the Gym leader? [Bender hits him.] Ow!

Bender: 'Of course he is! You idiot!

Brock: 'Who's the master, the Pokemon or the trainer?

Fry: (shouting)' I am the Pokemon Master Fry, and I challenge you to a Pokemon battle!

Brock: [shouting while throwing a Pokeball] 'Go Geodude! [Geodude pops out from the Pokeball.]

Geodude: [saying his name] 'Geodude!

Fry: 'Why do Pokeman say their names all the time?

Brock: 'I don't know. Now, are you going to battle me or not?

Fry: [throwing a Pokeball.] 'Go Metapod. [Geodude pops out from the Pokeball.]

Brock: '…...........What?.....

Fry: ' Metapod use harden. [Metapod uses harden.]

Brock: 'Geodude use Rock Throw! [Geodude throws rocks at Metapod, the rocks hit Metapod, leaving Metapod in a daze.]

Fry: 'Oh no Metapod! [He takes a Pokeball out, then withdraws Metapod back inside.] It's all up to you Bender!

[Bender craps a brick, then picks it up.]

Bender: 'Take this! [He throws a brick at Geodude, the brick does not have much affect on Geodude.] Hmm! [Bender charges at Geodude.]

Brock: (shouting) 'Use tackle attack! [Bender swerves to the right dodging Geodude. Now that Geodude has his back to Bender, he picks up Geodude, then slams him onto the ground, where he repeatedly punches and kicks Geodude while he's on the ground, at the same time Geodude struggles to fight back and block Bender punches and kicks but with little success.]

Fry: (shouting) 'Yeah Bender, knock him out! [Geodude is now in a daze and is unable to fight back.]

Brock: 'Geodude, return. [He withdraws his Pokemon back inside his Pokeball, Bender lights himself up a cigar using his middle finger.] (shouting while throwing a Pokeball) Go Onix! [An Onix pops out from the Pokeball roaring.]

Bender: 'Oh crap! [The smoke alarm goes off, followed by the fire sprinklers above on the ceiling turning on, which spray water all over Onix, making him roar in pain.] (shouting) It's Benderin' time! [Onix hits Bender with a swing of his tail launching him across the room slamming him into a wall.] Ow!

Brock: (shouting) 'Onix, Rock Throw! [Bender somersaults high into the air dodging the rocks thrown by Onix. Bender lands on the back of Onix's tail, which he grabs, then twists and turns Onix's whole body into a knot, leaving him in a daze.]

Bender: 'Awwww yeah! [He starts dancing on top of Onix.] Everybody do the Bender! Oh yeahhhhh!

Brock: '…... Onix return. [He withdraws his Pokemon back inside his Pokeball.] Congratulations, Fry you won. [He walks towards Fry and hands him the Boulder Badge .] You earned this.

Fry: 'Perhaps, we shall meet again someday.

Brock: 'Perhaps. Good luck on your adventures. [Fry and Bender walk out of the gym.]

[Time Lapse. Fry and Bender walk along a country grassland path towards snowy mountainous land in the distance.]

Bender: 'I whooped ass didn't I?

Fry: 'You sure did. [They meet Cahill wearing pink mini skirt and a revealing low pink tank top.] …... [He drools a little.] Hey, wanna have a Pokemon battle?

Cahill: 'Sure alright. [She throws a Pokeball.] (shouting) Go Snorlax! [A fully awake Snorlax pops out from the Pokeball.] Let's see what you got?

Fry: [throwing a Pokeball] 'Go Metapod! [Metapod pops out from the Pokeball in a daze.] Oh right, he still needs rest. [Cahill giggles. Fry withdraws his Metapod.] It's up you Bender! [Bender runs towards Snorlax.]

Cahill: 'Snorlax, use Hyper Beam! [Snorlax fires a Hyper Beam, which hits Bender, knocking him over, leaving him in a daze.]

[Fry falls to his knees.]

Fry: 'I lost. [Cahill walks towards Fry.]

Cahill: (softly) 'Aww, don't feel bad sweet heart. Would it make you feel better if I have sex with you?

Fry: '….................. Yeah, OK. [Cahill makes out with him moaning sexually.]

[Time Lapse. Fry is in a pink girly girl room with love hearts all over the walls in Cahill's pink bed themed with My Little Pony making out with Cahill, who is on top of him. The room is filled with collections of My Little Pony, Barbie, Care Bears, and Star Wars.]

To Be Continued