Fan Fiction

Happy Working
By Rush

Scene: Space. The Planet Express Ship flies past Mars.

Cut to: Earth. The Planet Express Ship comes into view, then enters Earth's atmosphere.

Cut to: Outside Planet Express. The Planet Express hanger doors open, followed by the Planet Express Ship landing through them into Planet Express. Farnsworth can be seen on the top balcony of Planet Express.

[Pan over to the front entrance of Planet Express to see the door open followed by Bender walking out happily.]

Bender: 'Ha ha! Time for Teletubbies! [He crosses the street, and Farnsworth on the top of Planet Express walks out of sight.]

[Fry walks out happily.]

Fry: 'Ha ha! Time for My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic! [He crosses the street.]

[Leela walks out happily.]

Leela: 'Ha ha! Time for Pokemon! [She crosses the street.]

[Farnsworth walks out happily.]

Farnsworth: 'Ha ha! Time for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles... [He looks confused.] Wait, I live here. [He walks back inside.]

The End