Fan Fiction

Harbinger of Waffles
By Rush

Scene: Robot Arms Apartments: Fry's And Bender's Lounge. Fry sits on the couch picking his belly button.

Fry: 'My mom says not to pick my bellybutton. [His head explodes setting the couch on fire.] (speaking without a head) Yay! [Somehow his head regrows back in a instant.] Aww!

[Bender walks out from the kitchen holding a laser minigun.]

Bender: 'Yay! [He opens fire on Fry, Fry laughs hysterically while is body is being sprayed with lasers vaporizing it.]

Fry: (somehow speaking) 'Good one Bender. [His body regenerates coming back alive.] Yay! [He runs towards the window jumping out through it smashing the window.]

Cut to: Fry laughing hysterically while he falls down Robot Arms landing on the pavement making a bone breaking sound.

Fry: 'That was fun! [He fires laser beams from his eyes hitting Justin Bieber on the opposite side of the street vaporizing his body.] Take that Justin Beaver! [Fry then shape shifts into a sweet waffle covered in cream.] (deep cold machine voice) I am the Harbinger Of Waffles! [He shape shifts back into Fry, then walks across the pavement meeting Amy wearing only a pink bra and a miniskirt with two hooker bots with her.] Hey Amy.

Amy: 'Hey Fry. [Fry continues on his way, while a red sports hover car pulls to Amy with Zapp in it dressed as Santa Claus.]

Zapp: 'Ho ho ho!

Scene: Planet Express: Sub Basement. Zoidberg who is naked is chained to a metal table with Pinkie Pie next to him holding a butcher knife.

Zoidberg: (happily) 'Yay, I'm gonna be slowly and painfully tortured to death and made into Cupcakes!

Pinkie Pie: 'Yay, you're gonna taste fishy.

Cut to: Upstairs in the kitchen to see Farnsworth and Hermes sitting on the kitchen table licking their lips.

Farnsworth: 'Oh I can't wait to have those Zoidberg cupcakes.

Hermes: 'Me too! [He fires laser beams from his eye blasting a hole in the wall.] Oops, silly me!

[Leela runs in with a red lightsaber cutting both their heads off.]

Farnsworth: (somehow speaking sounding disappointed while crossing his arms) 'Now, Leela! What did I tell you about cutting people's heads off?!

[Leela looks down sadly turning off her lightsaber.]

Leela: (sadly) 'I'm sorry.

Farnsworth: 'Oh, it's alright! I forgive you. [Farnsworth's and Hermes' head regrow.] Leela, where's Amy?

Leela: 'Oh, she's left this place and decided to become a hooker.

Farnsworth: 'Oh.

Hermes: 'Let's go watch My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic!

Leela and Farnsworth: (shouting excitedly) Yeah!

[All three run off giggling.]

Cut to: Lounge. Leela, Farnsworth and Hermes sit down on the couch, and Farnsworth turns on the TV showing the opening of the first episode of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.

Narrator: [woman's voice on TV] 'Once upon a time, in the magical land of Equestria, there were two regal sisters who ruled together, and created harmony for all the land.

[Pinke Pie walks in holding a trey of red cupcakes.]

Pinke Pie: 'I made Zoidberg cupcakes.

Leela, Farnsworth and Hermes: 'Yay! [All three grab a cupcake each, then all three take a bite out of the cupcakes. They're eyes go wide and they vomit on the floor.]

Farnsworth: 'These taste like garbage!

Zoidberg's Voice: 'Of course they do, I eat garbage! [Zoidborg walks in wearing his normal clothes.]

Hermes: (shocked) 'Zoidberg?! I thought you were killed by Pinkie Pie?!

Pinkie Pie: 'Yes, I did kill him. But I also cloned him back since he's my favorite Futurama character.

[Hermes falls to his knees crying.]

Hermes: (shouting) 'Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

The End

Farnsworth's Voice: 'Can you make cupcakes out of me?

Pinkie Pie's Voice: 'No, you tasted like rotten old meat last time I made cupcakes out of you.

Farnsworth's Voice: 'Awwww.