Fan Fiction

Hermes Hatred
By Rush

Scene: Planet Express:  Hermes' Office. Hermes sitting at his desk is looking over some papers.

Hermes: 'Hmm. [Zoidberg walks in.] Could you even of knocked?

Zoidberg: 'Hermes, why do you hate me so much?!

Hermes: 'Everyone hates you.

Zoidberg: 'Aww! OK then why do you hate me more than the rest?

Hermes: (calmly) 'Well maybe because da so called spa you recommended for a vacation to me and my wife LaBarbara, (shouting) turned out to be a forced-labour camp!

Zoidberg: 'Well, that's true. But they did give me a bucket of krill for every patient I sent.

Hermes: 'Look, if there's nothing else, can you just whoop off? I have lots of paperwork to do.

Zoidberg: 'OK. [Zoidberg down low runs sideways out of the room whooping.]

Hermes: (thinking) 'It would nice to boil Zoidberg up and eat him with tartar sauce. Unfortunately I don't agree with the eating of "intelligent" species like Zoidberg.

The End

Rush: 'Whoa that was short.