Fan Fiction

Improbable Invention
By Rush

Scene: Planet Express: Meeting Room. The PE staff are gathered around the conference table.

Bender: 'How much longer do we have to wait for him?

Hermes: 'Exactly one second. [Farnsworth walks in.]

Farnsworth: 'Good news everyone! [Bender withdraws his head into his chest cabinet.] I am about to show you my latest invention. [Bender sticks his head back out.] Scruffy wheel it in! [Scruffy walks in pushing a trolley covered with a white sheet to the conference table, then he walks back out.] The True Love Detector! [He pulls the sheet off to show something that looks exactly like "The What If Machine" only coloured pink.]

Amy: 'It's my favorite color: pink!

Bender: 'Thank you Captain Obvious.

Leela: 'Professor, what's your scientific basis that your True Love Detector invention even works?

Farnsworth: (shouting) 'It just works OK!

Leela: 'Also have you even thoroughly tested it?

Farnsworth: (shouting) 'Noooooooooooo!

Leela: 'Then how do you know it works?

Farnsworth: (shouting) 'Because it just does.

Leela: 'Right, it just seems like an improbable invention.

Farnsworth: 'Allow me to test it, who's Zoidburg's true love?

The True Love Detector: (Leela's voice) 'Zoidburg has no true love.

Zoidberg: 'Aww!

The True Love Detector: 'Well maybe food.

Zoidberg: 'Yay!

Leela: 'Hey you stole my voice?! 

[Farnsworth points over at the shelf with the boxes that contain universes.]

Farnsworth: 'I got this voice from you Leela in a different parallel universe, who willingly gave it.

Leela: 'Oh so I can't do anything then.

Farnsworth: 'No.

Bender: 'Who's my true love?

The True Love Detector: 'Beer.

Bender: 'I knew it! [He kisses his bottle of "LöBrau Beer".]

The True Love Detector: 'And random female hookerbots!

Bender: 'Yay!

The True Love Detector: 'And also cigars.

Bender: 'Yay!

Leela: 'OK .... who's my true love?

The True Love Detector: 'Philip J. Fry. [Fry ducks under the table.]

Leela: 'OK machine, explain. [The machine shows in silence Leela on her bed holding a photo of Fry with bees flying around her.] Those are my personal memories, how do you know this? [It now shows in the Planet Express ship's cockpit Fry getting down on one knee with a black box and Leela tearfuly standing before him, outside the window in the background can be seen stars forming the words "I LOVE YOU, LEELA", it then shows Leela walking up a church wearing a wedding dress towards Fry wearing a tux, then it shows Fry looking out a window of Planet Express seeing the star message of "I LOVE YOU, LEELA" being sucked into a blackhole.] …......... [Leela's eye begins to fill with tears.] (in a low voice) Fry …

Fry: 'Come on Leela, let's get you outta here. [Fry walks with her out of the room.]

Scene: Locker-room. Fry and Leela walk inside, and Leela locks the door behind her.

Leela: (cheering up a little) 'So that's what you meant when you said "Did you see it".

Fry: 'Yeah. [Leela wraps her arms around Fry, and he does the same.]

Leela: (softly) 'Fry, why didn't you tell me? [Fry opens his mouth to speak, but says nothing.] Were you afraid I wouldn’t believe you? [Fry nods his head, tears run down his cheeks.]

Fry: (in a low voice) 'It's true Leela, about the message I made for you in the stars.

Leela: (softly) 'Well of course, that thing recalled memories of mine when I was in a coma.

Fry: 'I wonder how it could do that?

Leela: 'So do I.

Fry: 'I love you, Leela.

Leela: 'And maybe I waited too long to say it back but, I love you too. [They draw even closer with teary eyes.] Nothing will interrupt us, this time. [Just when they're lips are about to meet there is a blinding flash of light and an Universe Jumping Bender appears beside them.]

U-J-Bender: 'Oh, don't mind me, I won't be here for very lo-- [There is a blinding flash of light followed by the disappearance of U-J-Bender. Fry and Leela shrug they're shoulders, then kiss passionately after a great deal of time, they eventually slowly draw they're lips away from one another.]

Leela: 'Fry, I'll now accept that offer you gave me earlier to go see a movie. [Fry smiles.] (sexfully) And later my big "girls" are all yours Fry.

Fry: 'What do you mean by-- [Fry drools realizing what Leela's talking about.] Oh, now I remember what you call them.

Leela: (sexfully) 'Aren't you lucky.

The End