Fan Fiction

The Legend Of The One Bender Of Wealth
By Rush

Opening Caption: Welcome to the world of yesterday!

Author Note: Suggest you print map to look at it in more detail, for some words are sideways. And if you're looking for historical accuracy there is none, plus there's no horses.

Pirates' Narrator: (stereotypical sounding drunk pirate male voice) 'Argh, most of us pirates sound around the same like me a stereotypical sounding drunk pirate, but that's not what I'm angry at …. I have to be de narrator …. [He hiccups.] for da biggest group …. [Sound of vomiting.] of Bending Unit Pirates of Captain Rusty Beard ….. in De Islands OF Da Caribend in our world: Da Seventy Seven Seas And Landlovers' Lands, anyway ye landlubbers ….. [He hiccups again.] or is it land lovers? It is time to go to de biggest island in de Caribend Sea: Pirate Island, de one to da west with de big Pirate flag.

Scene: Caribend Sea: A seagull high in the air flies over the sea flying over many small Caribbean tropical like islands heading toward the biggest island, down below on the sea a few dozen 17th and 18th century battleships that have plain white sails, also with a black Bending Unit Themed Pirate Flags, who's crew are also Bending Units wearing red scarf hats, worn-out jackets and baggy worn-out pants (also some have fake beards, while most of them have "5 o'clock rust" on their faces.), armed with weapons such as; 17 and 18th century guns a few of which have rifles while most of them have pistols; and all have secondary close combat weapons such as; daggers which they hold between their teeth, and a few have Scimitar swords in scabbards on their sides, head towards the biggest island too.

Pirates' Narrator: 'Now, we approach Pirate Island. And da reason we got fake beards is: Because we're robots and naturally we can't grow beards. I suppose your wondering how we became Pirates? …. Well, I'll tell you anyway, it all began hundreds of years ago, when Engbend discovered De Islands OF Da Caribend, and settled colonies there, but there was something about da sea air, or maybe it was de rum? That drove us mad! Da Knights were overwhelmed by riots, and rude unmannerly behaviour, thus da Pirates were born. De Knights decided to abandon De Islands OF Da Caribend and sail back to Engbend to defend it, and ever since that day we have been attacking and stealing their stuff from their merchant ships trading with far away lands to De Unknown Seas To De South so we could trade it ourselves, and on occasion we attack little fishing villages along the coast of Engbend. We have problems too, dealing with mutinies and rival Pirate groups among fellow Pirates, a lot of time it ends ugly, and believe or not Viking raids on our islands, a powerful enemy that is not be underestimated, those Viking Berserkers can take many bricks fired from cannons or many bullets fired from guns to kill, and yes we have to deal with Knights attacking our islands too.

[The seagull flies into port along a wooden pier, with a few ship docked along it, one of the ships docked looks similar to the "Queen Anne's Revenge" with the exception of a black Bending Unit Themed Pirate Flag. Beyond the pier is a poor run-down 18th century themed town, with most of it's buildings made out of wood, in the streets Pirates fight among themselves, bashing each other over the head with bottles of rum or beer, punching one another, and throwing their bottles as well at one another.

Pirates' Narrator: 'This is Pirate Town, now let us go to da Seascumbagers Bar.

Scene: Pirate Town: Outside Seascumbagers Bar. The wooden two story bar is run-down with it's front door hanging off it's hinges, a sign above the door with some of it's letters missing says "Sea bag Bar". Two Pirates goes flying out the window next to the door (one of them has a Scimitar sword in a scabbard), who get up quickly, and drop a brick each from under them, which they pick up and throw at one another, both hitting each in the head knocking one another to the ground.

Pirate #1& Pirate #2: 'Ow! [They quickly get up and start punching one another.]

Pirate #1: [fighting and shouting] 'Arrrggghhh! She's me wench! [He vomits oil along with nut bolts and screws all over Pirate #2, and Pirate #2 vomits oil along with nut bolts and screws all over him in return.]

Pirate #2: [fighting and shouting] 'Ahhh! Nay boyo, ye-yah fecking bastard! [He head butts him, and he heads butts him in return.]

[Pirate #1 pulls a sword out from his scabbard. With a swipe of his sword aimed for chopping Pirate #2's antenna off, who docked narrowing dodging the blade.]

Pirate #2: 'You almost neutered me!

Pirate #1: 'You can always get a new one made from the blacksmith! [He tries to stab him, but Pirate #2 extends his head out on a cable (As Bender did in "Insane in the Mainframe" to dodge Roberto trying to stab him.), dodging the sword. He then quickly grabs the sword out of the other Pirate's hand (he retracts his head back down) and bends it making it look like a silly straw, which he throws over the roof of the Seascumbagers Bar.]

Pirate #2: 'Ha-ha! [The other Pirate sticks his hand down from under him.] Ahhh! Ye be gay! [He pulls his crotch plate off, which he throws to the other side of the street.] Me shiny metal arse! [He runs over and picks back up his crotch plate, which he kisses then sticks it back under him.] Ah, me arse! [From behind him the other Pirate pulls his left arm off with his right hand, and starts hitting him with his own arm.] Ow! [He turns around!] Ye be hitting me with me own arm?!

Pirate #2: 'She was dancing with me first! So she's me wench!

Pirate #1: 'Kiss me shiny metal ass! [He pulls the other pirate's right leg off with his left hand, making him hop to remain balance and starts hitting him with his own leg.]

Pirate #2: 'Ow! Ye be hitting me with me own leg?!

Pirate #1: 'Kiss my shiny metal arse! [He picks up, another Bending Unit's arm on the ground, and puts it in his socket (while at the same time Pirate #2 picks up another Bending Unit's leg on the ground and puts it in his socket.) they both pick up the bricks they threw at one another on the ground and start hitting each other with them also, while at the same time Pirate #2 hits Pirate #1 with his arm (Pirate #2's arm) and Pirate #2 hits Pirate #1 with his leg (Pirate #2's leg.).

Cut to: Inside: Scumbagers Bar. The bar is noisy with the sounds of people shouting, laughing, and a piano playing "Dirty Old Town" by a Bending Unit wearing a red tuxedo with a red top hat in a corner with the piano. The bar is full of smoke due to so many people smoking pipes and drinking burping out flame so not everything can be made out clearly, of what can be seen; pirates dance and fight over women fancily dressed in clothing like "Countess" from "A Flight to Remember" though most of which are far not as big as her, and many of which just plainly fight for no reason at all, knocking over tables, throwing chairs and stools, bottles of rum and beer across the bar at people.

Pirates' Narrator: 'Ah, a true Pirate bar.

Cut to a table in a corner where a few dozen Pirates sit drinking mugs of coffee, one of them is standing on the table near a map wearing a captains hat who's name is Captain Rusty Beard, who's got a big fake rusty beard (eye patch over his left eye, and a wooden leg for his left side.), with also his Parrot: Pecky on his right arm with a hook for a hand, (look below for more details).

Pirates' Narrator: 'This is Captain Rusty Beard, who's real name is Edward Teach, but it's cooler to call him by his nick name Captain Rusty Beard, and he likes it that way.

Captain Rusty Beard: 'Bite me rusty metal arse!

Crew: 'Bite our rusty metal asses!

Captain Rusty Beard: 'Argh no, you should of said: Bite our rusty metal arses! And as an individual I would not say: Kiss my rusty metal ass, or: Bite my rusty metal ass!

Pirate: #1 [He who has a beard like Flexo's. Looking at the tear of the back of Captain Rusty Beard's pants showing his rusty ass.] 'It doesn't look so rusty to me?

Captain Rusty Beard: 'Rustier than yours Jackbflex!

Jackbflex: [pulling his pants down.] 'We'll see how got rustier ass. [He turns around and moons Captain Rusty Beard, his ass is shiny.]

Captain Rusty Beard: 'No, ye matey your ass is shiny. But perhaps you could say as you're catch phrase: Bite my shiny metal ass? [His crew laugh, Jackbflex pulls his pants back up and sits back down.] And the rest of that have shiny asses can say together: Bite our shiny metal asses! [His crew laugh again. Captain Rusty Beard puts his sword down his mouth, then vomits it back up into his hand, his crew clap and cheer, he puts the sword back down into his mouth.] Anyway, avast ye scallywags!

Crew: 'Yes captain!

Pecky: (obviously in a parrot like voice) 'Aye Captain!

Captain Rusty Beard: 'Me parrot Pecky be quiet most of the time. Anyway, this be a treasure map men. [His crew go "Ooh" extending their eyes (zooming out their eyes.) at the map.]

Pirate: #2 'Duh! [Captain Rusty Beard pulls out a fancy pistol from his jacket, and shoots him between the eyes, his eyes roll in their sockets and he falls head first down onto the table dead. Captain Rusty Beard blows the smoke away in the air coming off his pistol, then puts it away.]

Captain Rusty Beard: 'Don't be so cheeky to your Captain. [His crew retract their eyes back in their sockets.] Anyway men-- [A Bending Unit wearing a navy tuxedo walks towards the table.]

Bending Unit: [extending his legs making him look taller to seem more intimidating.] 'Remember me, Captain Rusty Beard?! [He hits his head on the ceiling.] Ow! [He retracts down his legs to their normal size.]

Captain Rusty Beard: 'Aye ye be Jimbend.

Jimbend: 'I have a bone to pick with you! [The whole bar goes silent (the music goes off) they take out their weapons out and slowly head towards Jimbend surrounding him.]

Captain Rusty Beard: 'Lads, settle down! I'm sure we can come to a peaceful-- [Jimbend pulls a hand gun out, and shoots it 6 times. In slow-motion the bullets flie through the air towards Captain Rusty Beard, but with his lightning like reflexes he blocks all the bullets by waving his hook.] I guess not! [He quickly extends his right leg, kicking Jimbend knocking him to the ground, and while he retracts his leg back he extends his right arm to pull the gun out of Jimbend's hands, retracts his arm back, then bends it making it look like a silly straw, and then throws it over his shoulder. Jimbend stands back up.] Go for the eyes Pecky, [Pecky flies towards Jimbend squawking.] go for the eyes! Rrraaaaaghghhh! [Pecky savages Jimbend's face squawking, picking his left eye out while he screams trying to pull him off.] Al-right [Jimbend falls over back onto the floor.] Pecky that's enough, come back. [Pecky flies back to Captain Rusty Beard onto his shoulder, Jimflex still has his right eye.] Get him out of here!

[Two Pirates grab him by the legs and drag him towards the door.]

Cut to: Outside Scumbagers Bar. The two Pirates swing Jimbend back and forth between them a few times, before they finally throw him out the door high in the air, he lands in a puddle of mud in the middle of the street, he stands up, dusts himself off, then opens his chest cabinet taking out a black eye patch putting it over where his left eye used to be.

Jimbend: 'I wish I could afford to buy a new eye. [He vomits oil along with nut bolts and screws onto the ground.] Ah, crap!

[Jimbend walks off out of sight. A brick drops out from underneath a Pirate in the street, which he picks up and throws through a window (smashing it) of Scumbagers Bar, followed by a few dozen brick in return thrown out the same smashed window, hitting the Pirate who threw the brick knocking him to the ground, within a few seconds he gets back up and runs off out of sight.

Cut back inside Scumbagers Bar.

Captain Rusty Beard: 'Next time, don't mess with a hook made from titanium on the outside and diamondillium from the inside, and you're wench was good. Anyway mateys, this map leads to a wormhole in De Unknown Seas To De South where within it is rumoured "Da Legend Of De One Bender OF Wealth" we must not let it fall into the hands of those posh cansie pansy landlubbers of de Knights of Engbend, or them not so much landlubbers who stink even worse than us the Vikings from the icy cold land of Scandabend!

Pirate: #3: 'Why all the fighting, can't we just all get along? [Everyone in the whole bar stare in shock at him with their jaws (mouths) dropped. Captain Rusty Beard throws a Dirk (a throwing dagger) between his eyes he falls head first down onto the table dead.]

Captain Rusty Beard: 'No, ye brick swallowing your own bricks, brick eater scallywag!

Pirate: #4: 'Funny thing is, he actually did do that. And Captain?

Captain Rusty Beard: 'Yes?

Pirate: #4: 'Do you think you'll get yourself a hook made from electro-matter?

Captain Rusty Beard: 'If we have a fight with Yivo and win then yes. [He unscrews his left hand off, and slaps Pirate #4 across the face with it.]

Pirate: #4: 'Ow! What the hell? [Captain Rusty Beard screws his hand back on, then unscrews his head off, holding his own head by his antenna he hits Pirate #4 over the head with it knocking him off the table onto the floor.] Ow! What was that for? [He stands up, sitting himself down back at the table.]

Captain Rusty Beard: [screwing his head back on] 'Oh, no reason at all, just abusing my power. [He grabs Pirate #4's head.]

Pirate: #4: 'Hey what are you doing! [Captain Rusty Beard unscrews his head off, holding it by it's antenna, he hits his headless body with it, knocking it off the table onto the floor.] Ow! Seriously Captain, I'm one of you're most loyal men!

Captain Rusty Beard: 'I know, I'm just doing this because I can. [Pirate #4's body stands back up, Captain Rusty Beard hands his head back, which it screws back on.] I'll buy you a pint sometime, to make it up to you!

Pirate: #4: 'That sound good.

[Captain Rusty Beard unscrews his right foot-cuff off, and hits himself over the head with it.]

Captain Rusty Beard: 'Ow! [He screws his foot-cuff back on.]

Pirate: #4: 'Why don't we call you Captain Rusty Ass?

Captain Rusty Beard: 'Because Captain Rusty Beard sounds cooler! And more Pirate like.

Pirate: #4: 'I guess, but how did you get a rusty ass?

Captain Rusty Beard: 'Aye boy, if ye were out at sea as long as I have been, 300 years, you'd get a rusty ass too.

Pirate: #4: 'How did you lose your eye, hand, and leg?

Captain Rusty Beard: 'I lost me left eye, from taming me Parrot Pecky, you can guess what he did, though me left eye still works I just have it watching me booty, so I can see if someone tries to steal it. Anyway I lost me right hand in a game of cards, when one of the guys thought I was cheating who pulled a knife out cutting me hand off, then I shot him between the eyes killing him. Now, how I lost me left leg that was a story.

Pirate: #4: 'What happened?

Captain Rusty Beard: 'There was a thick fog, and I was sailing me ship Da Flying Dutchman in Da Unknown Seas To De South two-hundred and fifty years ago, yes two-hundred and fifty years ago me being a robot I live very long, anyway I saw the Kraken! It was a big red thing, with tentacles, and it had a fin at the top of it's head which went up as if it looked it was happy to see us, I told me men not to fire at it, for it seemed the creature was only being friendly and all it wanted was friends and some leftover food. But it was too late just when it said "Can you be my friends and give me some leftover food?" me men fired their bricks from the cannons from yesterday and this morning at da Kraken. It then went mad, wrapping it's tentacles around the ship shaking it, it's tentacles started grabbing me panicking crew and eating them, then one of it's tentacles grabbed me, as it pulled me towards it's mouth, I made a last desperate effort to survive while it chewed me leg off, with me sword I cut it above the mouth, then it made a big whooping panicking noise like it was scared followed by it spraying ink from it's ink pouch all over me, then it dived under the water loosing it's grip on me, which I was able to get out of, but when I turned to me sinking ship I knew I was the only survivor, so then I swam over and grabbed onto a plank of wood, fortunately within a few days I drifted back to one of me friendly islands in De Islands OF Da Caribend, where I crawled into a bar and pulled a leg off a table, sticking it into where me leg used to be and it was me new wooden left leg, then I got myself a few pints of Guinness.

[His crew cheer. Captain Rusty Beard sits down at the table.]

Pirate: #4: 'That was a great story. But why can't you just buy a new leg to replace it.

Captain Rusty Beard: 'It wouldn't be the same, [He takes a black pipe and a small brown sack (bag) out from his jacket, he tops his pipe up taking a small bit of tobacco out from the bag, which he puts back in his jacket, then lights his pipe with his middle finger using it as a lighter.] besides [He puffs his pipe.] a wooden leg looks cool. [Two brown gloves especially made for a Bending Unit's hands run in walking on their fingers through the front door of the bar and make their way towards Captain Rusty Beard stuffed with gold and jewels inside them.] Good gloves. [The gloves jump onto the table and gesture to Captain Rusty Beard to take the gold and jewels out from them.] Hold on a second. [He takes a small sack out from his jacket, which the gloves empty themselves in.] I shall add this to me booty later. [He puts the sack back in his jacket.] Go find me more. [The gloves jump into a Pirate's pair of hands and pull him along out the front door.

Pirate: #4: 'It that even possible?

Captain Rusty Beard: 'Of course it is because they are magical gloves, yes I know magic doesn't exist in our universe.

Pirate: #4: 'You went to another universe?

Captain Rusty Beard: 'No, I stole them from an U-J-Bender.

Pirate: #4: 'Oh. One of those Universe Jumping Benders.

[There is a blinding flash of light, followed by the appearance of an U-J-Bender standing on the table.]

U-J-Bender: 'What universe is this?

Captain Rusty Beard: 'Da ... let me try say “the”. The Bending Unit Pirates Vikings And Knights Universe.

U-J-Bender: 'Oh.

Captain Rusty Beard: 'Now, get out of here you made yet another tedious repetitive pointless cameo.

[There is a blinding flash of light and U-J-Bender disappears. A Bending Unit's arm slithers inside the front door. A Pirate missing his right arm runs towards it.]

Pirate: #5 'Me arm ye came back to me! [His arm slithers up and sticks itself back in his arm's socket.]

Captain Rusty Beard: (sad) 'Wish me right hand would come back to me. Ha, those Knights they mass produce their cigarettes now, rather than roll them up themselves like they used to do, lazy bastards! In-fact pretty much all of us Pirates don't really like cigarettes at all anyway. [A fembot with a body of a supermodel, with a blonde hair wig (robots don't grow hair.) with a large chest wearing very revealing clothes with just a pink mini skirt and a red bra walks past. Captain Rusty Beard extends his right eye (zooms his right eye out. His antenna extends up through the hole at the top of his hat, which he hits back down.) (embarrassed) Down boy! [The Fembot pushes his right eye back in it's socket.]

Fembot: 'Pervert!

Captain Rusty Beard: 'Nay! If you're gonna go around wearing what you're wearing with a hot body like you have, don't expect me and my crew not to look at you, [His crew zoom out their eyes at her.], in fact every straight man in this bar [Most of the male Bending Unit extend their eyes out at her (some zoom out their eyes so far they fall out of their sockets onto the floor, they scrabble around the floor for their eyes, then pick them back up, places them back in their sockets, some of which are still looking for their eyes.).] is looking at you.

Fembot: 'I guess you're right. [She walks off. The other Bending Units missing their eyes found their eyes, pick them up, and placed them back in their sockets.]

Captain Rusty Beard: (looking at the map on the table.) 'Anyway men let's go back to looking at da map. [His crew still look at the fembot.] Men! [His crew zoom out their eyes, and look back at the map.

Crew: 'Sorry Captain.

[A Pirate flies across the bar landing on the table with Captain Rusty Beard and his Crew.]

Captain Rusty Beard: [stepping up onto the table.] 'What are you doing here?

Pirate: #6 'Someone threw me.

Captain Rusty Beard: [picking him up] 'Where?

Pirate: #6 [pointing to the opposite side of the bar] 'Over there somewhere. [Captain Rusty Beard throws him across the bar.]

Captain Rusty Beard: 'Now, let's look over this map.

[Pan to another part of the bar, where two Bending Units are fighting with Scimitar swords.]

Bending Unit: #1 'Ahhhh! [He cuts the other Bending Unit's head off, his head falls off and rolls onto the floor (the Bending Units body still tries to fight even without it's head though far less effectively).]

Bending Unit: #2 'Ha, you still haven't killed me! [Bending Unit #1 first cuts the arm off Bending Unit #2's body with the sword, leaving him defenceless, followed by cutting his other arm off, and then both his legs off, he then walks over Bending Unit #2's head, and stabs him through the top of his head the sword going all the way out the other side.] OK, now you've killed me. [He closes his eyes.]

Vikings' Narrator: (very deep stereotypical Viking voice) 'By me father's beard, I am chosen to be the narrator? Bah! You can go kiss my shiny metal ass, I much rather die a horrible excruciatingly painful bloody death like me forefathers before me in the field of battle to earn my right into Valhalla, someone else do it, I don't wanna go to Helheim. [Sound of whispering.] What, I won't go to Helheim? Alright, I'll do it. Most of us Vikings sound around the same like me a deep stereotypical Viking accent, we are from the east of our world "Planet OF The Benders" in a land that would freeze the arse off you Scandabend.

Scene: Scandabend. In a blizzard a black Raven flies high in the air over the mountainous snowy landscape with several rivers running through the mountains, passing by; many pine trees forests covered with snow, the odd dolmen (stone ageish burial tombs) high in the mountains and the odd small villages along the rivers mostly just of small huts and large huts, with a few small hop farms outside of them. The inhabitants in the villages are Bending Units wearing leather and fur clothes armed with a spear or a axe including the fembots and all of the male Bending Units have beards (fake beards).

Vikings' Narrator: 'Those be Viking Peasants. As you can see they are half arsed warriors themselves, in-fact most of our people are warriors, they just don't have their chain mail armour on over their clothes. And yes, the other two nations the Pirates and Knights won't let women in their army like us. Sexist bastards! Women can be good warriors too! However, life isn't perfect for us Vikings, Chieftain Olaf Barbend has to deal with enemy Viking clans, the odd invasion of Knights or Pirates. Now let us go to Durlago.

[In hilly (snowy landscape) landscape along the coast of Scandabend lies a hill fort in the distance. Zoom to the hill fort to see, many huts within it, both female and male Bending Units wearing horned helmets and chain mail armour over their leather and fur clothes walk along the wooden walls (also along the streets/grounds within the hill fort), armed with short bows, with a langseax (sword) in a scabbard to the side of them (some of which are armed with a spear and a round iron shield, along with a langseax in a scabbard to the side of them, and two javelin spears on their backs.) most of Viking Warriors are either armed with an axe or a bastard sword with a round iron shield (both with axe or sword have a shield, and both got 3 throwing axes each strapped to their armour.) some of which hold two handed weapons such as; war hammers, battle axes, claymore (sword, most of which don't even have scabbards, like the others they have 3 throwing axes each strapped to their armour,). At the centre on highest point of the hill fort is a large Mead Hall (by far the biggest building within the whole hill fort).]

Vikings' Narrator: 'Now those are Viking Warriors, the ones armed with a short bow and langseax to pull out are Viking Archers, the ones armed with a spear and a shield with two javelins on their back along with a langseax to pull out are Warband, the ones either armed with a axe or a sword are simply Viking Warriors, the same goes for the ones with two handed weapons, and yes Vikings never wore horned helmets, but in this universe they did. Anyway in the centre in the highest point within da hill fort is "Da Great Hall Of De King". Though de "king", is just a metaphor it's more like "The Great Hall Of The Viking Warlord". With no further a do let us go inside.

Scene: Mead Hall: The room is a traditional Viking mead hall, the feasting table is stuffed with piles of alcoholic beverages such as; whisky, vodka, mead and lager, and even mugs of hot chocolate with dozens of Vikings (Bending Units) sitting at the table gulping them down like there's no tomorrow (mixing their drinks in the heads of Bending Units, of Knights and Pirates, and even some Vikings. And drinking out of them of course.) and smoking cigars at the same time. At the end of the table sits Chieftain Olaf Barbend (with the biggest fake beard of all the males.) in his brown chain mail armour (and his round stainless steel shield in his left hand), who stands up raising his axe in the air cheering.

Chieftain Olaf Barbend: 'Kiss my shiny metal arse!

Vikings: 'Kiss our shiny metal asses!

Chieftain Olaf Barbend: 'Oh warriors we have been over this, it's: kiss our shiny metal arses! And as an individual I would not say: Kiss my shiny metal arse!

Vikings: 'Yes, mighty Chieftain!

Chieftain Olaf Barbend: 'Let us drink from the heads of our enemies to many more; victories, booty, gold, jewels, alcohol, cigars, porn, and many more women for us to carry over our shoulders from raids. [The Viking cheer raising their drinks.]

Viking Warrior Woman: 'Our men are real men! [The Viking cheer raising their drinks.]

Chieftain Olaf Barbend: 'Likewise [He sits back down.] with you, our women are real women! [The Viking cheer raising their drinks.]

Viking: 'Why all the fighting can't we all just get along? [All the other Viking stare in shock at him with their jaws (mouths) dropped. Chieftain Olaf Barbend throws a throwing axe, hitting him between his eyes he falls head first down onto the table dead.]

Chieftain Olaf Barbend: 'No! [The Viking cheer raising their drinks.] Now let us all shut up and drink till we reboot! [The Viking cheer raising their drinks. Then resume to gulping their drinks down like there's no tomorrow. But it is short live as the double doors at the opposite end of the hall to Chieftain Olaf Barbend open. A fugue wearing a grey hooded robe covering his face in darkness (his face can't be seen. His Bending Unit hands can still be seen.) walks in, the Viking stop drinking.]

Cloaked Bending Unit: (deep male Viking voice) 'The gods have spoken.

Chieftain Olaf Barbend: 'Understood. [He stands up.] Go back to your drinking brave warriors, I'll be back as soon as I can, then we can throw the heads of our enemies at our enemies. [His warriors cheer raising their drinks, who then go back to gulping down their drinks like there's no tomorrow. Chieftain Olaf Barbend walks out the door.]

[Brief flash backs of Viking throwing the heads of Knights at Knights (firing some of them from catapults) likewise with the Pirates doing the same to them.]

Cut to: Durlago: Outside The Mead Hall. Chieftain Olaf Barbend walks out the front doors of the Mead Hall with the Cloaked Bending Unit, the sun is setting.

Scene: Night Time. Chieftain Olaf Barbend holding a torch along with the Cloaked Bending Unit walk across a frozen river. A Celtic religion structure not unlike Stonehenge can be seen on the top of a hill, along with the flickering light of fire.

Chieftain Olaf Barbend: 'Uh, why am I going here again?

Cloaked Bending Unit: 'Our great Witch Doctor has had a vision.

Chieftain Olaf Barbend: 'Understood Druid.

Cloaked Bending Unit: 'To The Great Circle Of The Gods!

Cut to: The Great Circle Of The Gods. Many Druids standing in a circle chant in some forgotten ancient language within "The Great Circle Of The Gods". In the centre there is an altar near it there is a male Bending Unit wearing a Stone Age Witch Doctor mask with a painting of Roberto's face on it.

Druids: (both female and male by the sounds of their voices) 'Val-la key-o she-no, nars fokay see-locko saw lue nass-raw co, wool-la see-no key-la sare-lacko, bar-o doon-la saurgino. [Chieftain Olaf Barbend with the Druid who came with him walk to the centre before the Witch Doctor.]

Witch Doctor: (talking ghostly) 'Mol-la key-o mo-la lack-o.

Chieftain Olaf Barbend: (dumbfounded) 'What? [He turns to the other Druids who shrug their shoulders and hum.] (normally) Just talk English please.

Witch Doctor: (normally like a Viking) 'It called role playing! Anyway yeah, [He takes a map out from his chest cabinet.] I found this map, which leads to a wormhole in "The Unknown Seas To The South" where "The Legend Of The One Bender OF Wealth" is rumoured to be. [He hands it to Chieftain Olaf Barbend.]

Chieftain Olaf Barbend: 'You could of just told me you found a map, instead of a vision.

Witch Doctor: 'Again, it's called role playing!

Chieftain Olaf Barbend: 'Whatever! Above all else though, we must not let it fall into our enemies' hands. Get me da Berserkers.

Scene: Chieftain Olaf Barbend walks in blizzard with a few dozen Bending Units (many of which with blue war paint all over their bodies.) wearing wolf skins/pelt (some wearing bear skins/pelt) and wolf's and bear heads as helmets who both howl and growl like wolfs/animals (also grunting), that are armed with two handed weapons such as; war hammers, battle axes, claymore (A two handed sword, all of them don't have scabbards), some are armed with two weapons, a one handed axe in one hand while in the other a bastard sword.]

Knights' Narrator (posh stereotypical British male accent) 'Most of us Knights sound around the same like me a stereotypical British accent, anyway is truly a honour to be appointed by my King Arthur Flextin to be the narrator of his good noble order of The Knights Of Engbend. Now, let us go to Engbend the biggest island in the centre of our world: Planet OF The Bending Units.

Scene: Engbend. A hawk (it's a bird) flies along a river in English like countryside passing by the odd small little medieval village with huts and cottages each with a small Christian like chapel with the symbol of Robotology at the top, and hop fields and wheat fields surround them (it's inhabitants are poor Bending Units wearing dirty rags and pants that look like they were made from sacks.) are seen as the bird heads towards a medieval city with grey stone walls.

Knights' Narrator: 'Those are peasants in the villages, who us Knights protect from raids by those Vikings and Pirates especially along the coast, where they are most vulnerable. Anyway we now approach Lonbend, capital city of Engbend. I will tell you a little about our history, us the Knights were once Celtic barbarians in the land that is now Engbend, which used to be called Bendannia, then the Robend Empire came similar to your Roman Empire in your universe, which civilized us a small bit followed by a big war, then the Norbends came similar to the Normans in your universe which civilized us even further followed by a big war, thus becoming: the Knights and changing our country's name to Engbend. Yet soon real big problems arose, Vikings raiding our coastal villages, we could not catch them in their fast longboats however we thought we could deal with the Vikings easily by sending a few crusades for the lack of belief in Robotology, but things didn't go to plan, Chieftain Olaf Barbend a Viking warlord completely insane fanatic with the beliefs and traditions of Vikings united most of the Viking clans together under one banner, his sheer tactics and recruitment of hellish Berserkers slaughtered our crusades time and time again, the Viking's attacks became far worse not only did they attack villages, they attacked towns and castles as well now some of which far in-land, plus the loss of our islands in the islands of the Caribend, which resulted in Pirates attacking us too, and the odd civil war for the crown to be king among our fellow Knights.

Cut to: Outside Lonbend's Walls. The hawk flies over a gate house along the walls (the top of the Keep can be seen outside the walls) where Bending Units along the walls patrol holding spears and large (with also two javelin spears on their backs.) round iron shields with a symbol of a gold crown on it, wearing chain mail armour, and have a secondary weapon such as a short sword in a scabbard on their sides (some of them wear heavily plated armour armed with a pike (very long spear.) and a longsword in a scabbard to the side of them, also have a stainless steel square shaped shield on their backs.). Archers Bending Units along the walls wear leather armour (some of which wear chain mail armour and a secondary bastard sword in a scabbard to the side of them.) armed with longbows bows and shorts sword in scabbards on their sides.

Knights' Narrator: 'The soldiers with a spear and shield with also the two javelin spears on their backs are Men At Arms, while the ones wearing heavily plated armour, armed with pikes, with a longsword and a square shaped shield on their backs are Elite Men At Arms, in combat they sometime just drop their pikes and use their swords and shields. Anyway the other soldiers armed with a longbow and a short sword are Longbow Archers, while the one wearing the chain mail armour and have a bastard sword instead of a short sword are Elite Longbow Archers.

Cut to: Behind walls. The hawk flies low through the over crowded city with most of it's inhabitants smoking cigarettes, drinking out of cups of tea, (also drinking out from bottles of ale and wine) going about their business, most of which are peasants and beggars and the odd fancily dressed (in gentlemen's clothing and for the women fine dresses.) noble man or noble woman with body guards wearing chain mail armour most of them armed with a longsword and a iron shield, passing by many of it's; open markets where people shout buying and selling stuff off the merchants, most of the buildings are huts and cottages with the odd posh red brick manor, the huge tall keep at it's centre with backup walls and towers of it's own around it like the tower of London, near the Keep outside the walls is a huge tall Cathedral with the symbol of Robotology at the top.

Knights' Narrator: 'Ah, fine city isn't it? Now let us go to the Tower Of Lonbend.

Cut to: Outside: The Tower Of Lonbend. On the walls Knights wearing very thick (thicker than the Elite Men At Arms) heavily plated armour patrol along it, most of which are armed with very large stainless steel plated square shaped shields and a longsword (with a scabbard to put it in on their side.) while some of which are armed with two handed weapons such as; a flail, a claymore (sword, with also a scabbard to put it in on their side.), a war hammer. Additionally each and everyone one of have a dagger in a scabbard on their side and a crossbow on their backs.

Knights' Narrator: 'Those are the Elite Knights, they have been known to take several bricks fired from cannons or many bullets fired from guns by those loud weapons of the Pirates before they die. Us Knights do not use those unholy guns and cannons them Pirates use, even those barbarians from Scandabend don't use them, their reasons are they think their cowardly weapons and defy tradition. Anyway let's stop this and go already inside.

Scene: The Tower Of Lonbend: Throne Room. We zoom towards a Bending Unit (wearing heavily plated titanium armour and a helmet made from titanium too.) sitting on a throne along a red carpet, who is King Arthur Flextin as we near the throne he stands up, he taking out his claymore two handed sword out from a scabbard from behind his back (holding it with just one hand.).

King Arthur Flextin: 'Bite my finely polished shiny metal arse! [There is no-one in the room apart from him to respond.] Well that was pointless.

To be continued.

The Tower Of Lonbend: Throne Room. King Arthur Flextin sits on his throne looking thoughtful.

King Arthur Flextin: 'I wonder if we'll ever get any leads to finding The Legend Of The One Bender OF Wealth? [Two Elite Knights forcefully drag a man wearing nothing but a pink lady's thong.] What has this Bendling done?

Elite Knight #1: 'He preached about peace and a end to war against the Vikings and the Pirates in the middle of the street.

Elite Knight #2: 'Also he's inappropriately dressed wearing women's underwear.

King Arthur Flextin: 'Right-o, put him down in the dungeons to have him slowly and painfully tortured to death.

Criminal: (shouting) 'Wait! [They continue to drag him.] I know the way to finding The Legend Of The One Bender OF Wealth!

King Arthur Flextin: 'Stop! [The Elite Knights stop in their tracks. He stands up, then walks towards the Criminal.] What is your name?

Criminal: 'Anglebend Rotaten.

King Arthur Flextin: 'Anglebend, if you lead me to The Legend Of The One Bender OF Wealth your life will be spared.

Anglebend: 'Yes, I will my lord.

King Arthur Flextin: 'Right, let's get going!

[Time Lapse.]

Scene: Engbend: Longbend Docks. At the docks there are many warehouses, taverns and brothels. There are also many wooden stands along the docks, where fishwives sell fish, and other goods such as; cigarettes, bottles of ale and wine, and teabags. There is a huge army of Knights, mostly consisting of lightly armoured militia like Men At Arms and Longbow Archers, who are all boarding the galley ships with blue and white sails along the docks, some of which having trebuchets in the middle of their decks. They then all set sail out to see.

[Pan to a galley ship about ten times bigger than the others, which has two trebuchets in the middle of the ship's deck.]

Cut to: FlagshipDesk: Outside the Captain's Cabin. Two Elite Knights on either side of the door to the Captain's Cabin stand guard both armed with two handed swords.

Left Elite Knight: 'Do you think the King's safe?

Right Elite Knight: 'I hope so, The Royal Flagship Of Engbend is the finest ship in the royal navy, capable of even withstanding cannon fire from those rude hooligans the Pirates.

Left Elite Knight: 'Unfortunately, the Viking's flagship also seems capable of withstanding cannon fire too.

Right Elite Knight: 'Those bloody wankers and their cannons!

Left Elite Knight: 'Indeed.

Cut to: The Royal Flagship Of Engbend: King Arthur Flextin's Cabin. His cabin is very messy with lots of stuff around his cabin, like; piles of Viking helmets, piles of red scarf hats, piles of bricks, piles of circuit diagrams, shelves of books that have fallen over, piles of rotting apples and pears, piles of rotting fish, plus a few dozen wine barrels roll back and forth across the room, and King Arthur Flextin himself is fast asleep snoring loudly on his fancy red wooden chair at his desk.

Scene: Caribend: Pirate Town: Pier. Many ships along the pier are preparing to sail off, cut to a ship that looks like the "Queen Anne's Revenge" where Captain Rusty Beard, along with his crew of dozens board the ship.

Captain Rusty Beard: 'Ahh, my ship: The Dirt Ruster.

[The crew pull the ship's anchor up and loosen the ropes before they set sail off to sea with many other ships following.]

Cut to the lower decks of The Dirt Ruster. There is two Pirates sitting across from one another at a table in a very dark dimly lit room, both wear red scarf hats, and worn-out jackets and baggy worn-out pants. The Pirate on the left has a bushy long (fake) beard while the Pirate on the right looks as if he's got "5 o'clock" rust on his face.

Pirate #1: 'It's funny to think that we're all made by blacksmiths.

Pirate #2: 'Yes, and the fact us three nations have been in a stalemate war that's been going on for thousands of years. I want us to win already!

Pirate #1: 'Not to mention the fact that all three of us fight among ourselves as well.

Pirate #2: 'Yeah, [He stands up.] anyway I'll see you in awhile matey, I gotta have some rum, [He point at his "5 o'clock" rust on his face.] and pick barnacles off my arse. [He walks off.]

Scene: Scandabend. At a beach Vikings push many Longships with white and red flags with dragon heads at the bow of the ships, some being three times as big as the other Longships with a catapult in the middle on deck. They then set sail onward out to sea.

Cut to a very large Longship about ten times as big as the others with two catapults in the middle on deck, where Chieftain Olaf Barbend can be seen before the huge dragon head of his ship with his beard rustling in the wind.

Chieftain Olaf Barbend: 'The Ice Cracker, a fine ship. [He pulls a lever behind the dragon's head, the dragon's head then fires out a huge load of flame like a flamethrower going about 20 feet wide.] Look at that flame! [His Viking crew cheer raising their weapons in the air. Chieftain Olaf Barbend pulls the lever again stopping the dragon's head from firing flame.]

Scene: Sea. The Viking fleet sails along the sea.

Cut to: The Ice Cracker. Chieftain Olaf Barbend is looking at a map.

Scene: The Dirt Ruster: Outside The Captain's Cabin.

Cut to: Captain Rusty Beard's Cabin. The room is full of stuff, yet tidy. There are many shelves neatly stacked with books, dozens of bottle of rums in glass cabinets, mixed in with pocket watches (all ticking at once, making the room a very loud place) and pairs of boots. Captain Rusty Beard himself stands at his desk looking at a map.

Scene: The Royal Flagship Of Engbend. King Arthur Flextin just standing outside his cabin looks at Anglebend.

King Arthur Flextin: 'Where to now?

Anglebend: 'Keep Going south east.

King Arthur Flextin: 'Right-o.

[Time Lapse. A small tropical island can be seen in the distance with a huge stone skull sculpture with flaming eyes on top of a mountain in the middle of the island.]

Anglebend: 'We're close just to the south west of here in The Sea Of Dread And Death. [The crew and even the King gasp in horror as he points to the south west where there are dark stormy marmalade clouds possibly been formed by the hundreds of small volcanic islands covered in black ash with erupting volcanoes in the sea. One huge island stands out above the rest, which is covered in black ash that can be seen in the distance with a smoking volcano twice the size of Mount Everest.]

King Arthur Flextin: 'But no one ever goes there, they say a terrible, horrible, dreadful, evil, smelling of garbage, hungry, stupid, perverted, monstrous Kraken lives there.

Anglebend: 'And?

King Arthur Flextin: 'And not to mention Mount Boned, where the Dark Lord Saurbend lives along with his evil servants. [He points at the biggest volcano.]

Anglebend: 'Do you want The One Bender OF Wealth or not?

King Arthur Flextin: 'Yes, of course! [In the distance to the south west just outside The Sea Of Dread And Death can be seen the Pirate's Fleet.] (shouting) Pirates! [Some of the more wimpy crew drop bricks from underneath them.] (shouting) Load the trebuchets! [The crew load the trebuchets with their bricks.]

Pan to: The Dirt Ruster. Captain Rusty Beard is at the Ship's wheel.

Captain Rusty Beard: (shouting) 'Load da cannons you dirty rotten scumbags and get those Knights!

Cut to: Lower Deck. The crew begin loading the cannons with their bricks.

Cut back up to main deck.

Crew Man: [shouting out of sight.] 'Captain, we got da Vikings incoming from behind us.

Captain Rusty Beard: (shouting) 'Change of plan, attack da Vikings, from a distance don't let em get close!

Cut to: The Ice Cracker. Chieftain Olaf Barbend raises his axe pointing it at the Pirate's Fleet.

Chieftain Olaf Barbend: 'Get in close and burn those Pirates ships with our Dragon Heads' flame-throwers! [The crew in the back load the catapults with their bricks.]

Scene: The Royal Flagship Of Engbend. King Arthur Flextin stands at the bow of the ship.

King Arthur Flextin: (shouting) 'With the Pirates preoccupied with the Vikings, they are left open for a flanking by us! Full sail ahead, get those Pirates!

Anglebend: 'We're gonna lose awful lot of ships by those cannons.

King Arthur Flextin: 'Well then, it's a good thing we outnumber them greatly by about six thousand ships, the Pirates only having about five hundred ships. Unfortunately the Vikings even outnumber us, greatly, and I mean greatly, they must have about fifteen thousand ships.

Scene: Pirate Fleet. The Pirate Fleet all in a tight ball is unleashing hell upon the Vikings by firing their cannons on mass.

Cut to: Viking Fleet. Dozens of ships at a time every few seconds are sinking and are being blasted to bits by bricks coming from the Pirate's fleet.

Pan to: The Ice Cracker. Chieftain Olaf Barbend ducks his head as many bricks fly over him hitting some of his fellow Vikings in the back of the ship killing them.

Chieftain Olaf Barbend: (shouting) 'Come on Viking Warriors sons of the wolf and the bear we can do this, we will raid stupid Engbend small coastal villages after this and drink till we explode! [His Vikings roar in a loud war-cry raising their weapons in the air.]

Viking Berserker: [shouting in the back, with green paint over his face wearing bear skins, holding a huge two handed axe.] 'The Waaagh! [He howl like a wolf, then growls like a dog, then grunts, then proceeds to make general maniac noises.]

Chieftain Olaf Barbend: (shouting) 'Those of you that lost you're ships, swim at them, then get you're grappling hooks to board their ships. They will fall before our superior melee skills! [His Viking cheer raising their weapons in the air.] And also we’ve got reinforcements coming soon!

Viking Berserker: (shouting) 'Me wants to smash them. (roaring) Rarrraahhahrrrrrahharaaarrrraaerraahhharrrahhaaa!

[Pan to dozens of Vikings holding grappling hooks in the water who swim towards the Pirate's fleet.]

Cut to: Knights Fleet. The Knight Fleet slowly sails it's way ever so closer to the Pirates' Fleet.

Pan to: The Royal Flagship Of Engbend. At the bow of the ship King Arthur Flextin with Anglebend beside him both look in the distance at the Pirates' Fleet.

King Arthur Flextin: (shouting) 'We fight for the glory and honour of Engbend! We must get in close and board their ships using our grappling hooks, for in close combat those Pirates don't stand a chance against us. [His Knights cheer raising their weapons in the air.]

Anglebend: 'Do you have enough men to take them on?

King Arthur Flextin: (shouting) 'Don't worry, reinforcements of ours shall be arriving soon.

Cut to: Pirate Fleet. The Vikings are closing in towards the Pirates' Fleet, their catapults begin firing bricks at the Pirates ships, the bricks take out Pirates, but do very little damage to the ships themselves only chipping bits off it and leaving small holes in the upper decks.

Pan to: The Dirt Ruster. Captain Rusty Beard is at the Ship's wheel.

Captain Rusty Beard: (shouting) 'Alright-- [He ducks his head narrowly avoiding a brick flying through the air, which hits one of his crew instead behind him on the head knocking him to the floor killing him.]... Alright you filthy rotten sea scumbags stand and fight! Reinforcements will be arriving soon, and get you're buckets of water ready to put out those fires!

Pan to: The Ice Cracker.

Chieftain Olaf Barbend: (shouting) 'Burn them! [The Vikings Dragon Heads' flame-throwers blast out fire setting alight many Pirates ships.]

Female Viking Warrior: 'Look at em burn!

Cut to: The Deck of a burning Pirate ship. The crew on board the ship panic running around the ship, some even jump over board.

Pirate #1: 'Jump over board. [He jumps over board.]

Pirate #2: 'Abandon ship! [He jumps over board.]

Pirate Captain: [wearing a black Pirate hat at the wheel.] (shouting) 'Don't panic, get the buckets to put out the fires! [His crew grab wooden and steel buckets and throw the water in them at the fire putting out some of them.]

Pan to the side of the ship. The crew quickly lower buckets with ropes attached to them into the sea to fill them with water, then pull them back up again, and throw the water in the buckets to put out the remaining fires.

Pan to sky overview of the ship battle. Some of the Pirate ships that were on fire have had the fires but out, but most have gone completely ablaze with the crew jumping over board, some of them even on fire.

Cut to: The Ice Cracker.

Chieftain Olaf Barbend: (shouting) 'Board it! [The crew throw grappling hooks at the Pirate ship and begin pulling the ship towards them, some of the Vikings climb grappling hooks themselves making their way towards the Pirates.] Heave, heave--[As Chieftain Olaf Barbend continues to say "heave" the Pirates fire their guns and cannons at them, killing a few Vikings on board the ship, the Viking retaliate by firing arrows, throwing; bricks, javelin spears and throwing axes at them killing a few Pirates. A brick fired from a Pirate's cannon in the upper deck hits a Viking Berserker in the head, he roars and in a fit of rage decapitates one of his own men next to him with his claymore, then throws the claymore laughing like a maniac at the Pirate who fired the brick at him, the claymore going right through his chest killing him knocking him to the floor, the Viking Berserker then picks up the bastard sword of the Viking he cut the head off of, leaving the shield, and cuts himself in the chest a little with the bastard sword howling like a wolf.] Attack! [With the Pirate ship now pulled up to their ship, the Viking and Chieftain Olaf Barbend himself climb up the ship and enter close combat with the Pirates, the Pirates take out their Scimitar swords from their scabbards to fight the Vikings in close combat.] Rrrraahhhaa! [Olaf charges with his shield in front and bashes a Pirate with his shield, then cuts the head off of another Pirate next to him, and in slow motion blocks many bullets being fired at him with his axe and shield. A Viking Berserker wearing wolf skins with no weapons runs to Olaf's side, where he picks up a Pirate and throws him at other Pirates knocking them over, he then picks up a Scimitar sword off the floor, then roars while charging at the Pirates.]

Pan to other side of the ship. Dozens of Vikings submerge from the water, then throw their grappling hooks up the ship, then begin climbing up the grappling hooks.

Cut back to the fighting on board the ship. Chieftain Olaf Barbend throws his shield at the Pirates, his shield going through six Pirates decapitating their heads off, their bodies continue to fight the Vikings even without their heads. Olaf picks the shield of a fallen Viking Warrior using it to block bullets fired from the Pirates. The Vikings from the other side of the ship now climb up and attack the Pirates from the back, ending the Viking's fight for the ship quickly.

Pan to overview of the ship battle. Many Pirate ships have been overrun by Vikings, some of the Vikings ships even have been taken by the Pirates, the Pirates now using their Dragon Heads' flame-throwers against the other Viking ships setting them alight, the Viking using their Dragon Heads' flame-throwers on the captured by Pirates Viking Ships. Some of both the Pirates and the Vikings ships that were on fire have had the fires but out by buckets of water, but most have gone completely ablaze with the crew jumping over board, some crew on fire themselves.

Cut to: The Dirt Ruster. Captain Rusty Beard along with his crew holding wooden kegs light the fuse strings on top of the kegs with their pipes and matches using them as lighters, then throw them at the surrounding Viking ships. The kegs explode blasting many Viking ships to pieces as well as the Viking themselves into pieces. The Pirates on board The Dirt Ruster continue to light and throw their explosive kegs at the Vikings ships.

Captain Rusty Beard: (shouting) 'Don't let em get close! We don't want our ship to explode with all these keg bombs on board. [He kicks back a keg with his wooden leg thrown back by a Viking ship, the keg landing back on their ship which explodes blasting the Viking ship to pieces as well as the Viking themselves on board to pieces.]

Pan to: Vikings and Pirates fighting one another in the sea with their swords and other close combat weapons.

Pan to: Viking Ships being blasted by Pirate ship cannons.

Cut to: Knights Fleet. As the Knights near the Pirate's and Viking's ship battle. They lose some ships being blasted by Pirate cannons sinking and blasting them to bits. As the Knights are closing in towards the ship battle, their trebuchets begin firing bricks at the Pirates ships and Vikings, the bricks take out Pirates and Vikings, but do very little damage to the ships themselves only chipping bits off it and leaving small holes in the upper decks. The Knights fleets enter skirmishes with both Vikings and Pirate ships boarding them using their grappling hooks to board their enemies ships.

Pan to: The Royal Flagship Of Engbend. At the bow of the ship King Arthur Flextin with Anglebend beside him.

King Arthur Flextin: For the glory of-- [A huge Zoidberg themed Kraken submerges from the sea, all stop fighting and stare at the Kraken, even the Viking Berserkers.] What the hell is that?!

Cut to: Captain Rusty Beard's narrowed angry eyes.

Captain Rusty Beard: 'We meet again Kraken! (shouting) Give me back me old left leg! [A single arrow fired by a Viking Archer hits the Kraken, the Kraken roars his head fin going up then picks up Pirate, Viking and Knights ship alike tossing them around like matchsticks hitting them into other ships, a few dozen Viking Berserkers jump on the Kraken hacking him with their weapons. The Kraken whoops like Zoidberg, then dives into the sea the Viking Berserkers lose their grip on the Kraken.] (shouting) Arghhhhh, you scared it off! Now, I'll never get me leg back! Anyway back to fighting. [The Pirates, Viking and Knights resume fighting. In the distance a fleet mixed with Pirates,Vikings and Knights move together towards them not fighting. The Pirates,Vikings and Knights in the ship battle are in suck shock staring at the peaceful fleet of Pirates,Vikings and Knights they forget to even fight.] We haven't stand to together since The Days Of Darkness ten thousand years ago when the armies of Angbend tried to take over the world and leave it under the Dark Lord Saurbend's rule. [He looks at the largest island in The Sea Of Dread And Death.] Angbend has returned.

[Quick Time Lapse. King Arthur Flextin and Chieftain Olaf Barbend and Captain Rusty Beard himself are on board The Dirt Ruster at the bow of the ship standing before an Elite Knight.]

Chieftain Olaf Barbend: 'What's happening?

Elite Knight: 'The armies of Angbend have returned. [Everyone gasps in horror.] Scandabend, Pirate Island are being attacked by small armies of Angbend, we are holding and beating them into the sea. The only real problem we have is, there's a ridiculously large army of Angbend landed on the southern coast of Engbend, estimated number six billion. [They all gasp in horror.]

Chieftain Olaf Barbend: 'There is no such army on this planet to defeat an army that big.

Captain Rusty Beard: 'We might as well kill ourselves now than die a slow and horrible death.

King Arthur Flextin: 'No! I can summon an army greater than any that walks this Earth.

Captain Rusty Beard: 'You've gone mad.

Chieftain Olaf Barbend: 'We're all mad, we've been fighting each other for the last ten thousand years.

Captain Rusty Beard: 'That's true.

Chieftain Olaf Barbend: 'Where and what is this army you can summon Arthur?

King Arthur Flextin: 'We need to go to the north of Engbend in the mountains, there I can meet with the Oathbreakers, an army of the undead.

Chieftain Olaf Barbend: 'What was their oath?

King Arthur Flextin: 'Ten thousand years ago, these men swore an oath to fight with me against Angbend, but they fled and broke the oath. And I cursed them, never to rest until their oath has been for filled.

Captain Rusty Beard: 'What are we waiting for? Leg go! [They begin to sail their ships off.]

Pirates' Narrator: 'What going to happen if we fail and what are we fighting?

Vikings' Narrator: 'All organic life will be exterminated and world will be covered in darkness forever, and we will be food and slaves forever by the Orcbends and Trollbends and other twisted and corrupted forms of Bendlings.

Knights' Narrator: 'We will not fail. Despite how they managed to attack us under our noses, if we had any noses.

cene: Engbend Coastline. A huge mass further than the eye can see of black galley ships where dark green Bending Units with smoke emitting from their short bodies most of the Orcbends only being about five foot, wearing rusty crudely made thrown together chain mail armour armed with crudely made weapons like axes and blunt swords with round iron shields, they get off their ships and march inland (None what's so ever speaking all marching silently.), some of them are huge and stupid looking they are about 12 foot tall and are holding huge maces and clubs wearing heavy iron plated yet crudely made, thrown together and rusty armour. The sky above them is turning dark and stormy with marmalade clouds as they continue to march further and further inland.

Knights' Narrator: 'The small ones are the Orcbends, once Bendlings like ourselves but twisted, mutilated, tortured, and corrupted beyond repair by Saurbend's dark evil magic. Oh how original.

Vikings' Narrator: 'The big ones are the Trollbends. Once very big Bendlings like ourselves but twisted, mutilated, tortured, and corrupted beyond repair by Saurbend's dark evil magic. Oh how original.

[A few dozen black mechanical dragons fly over the massive army of Angbend.]

Pirates' Narrator: 'And those are Dragons.

Scene: Pirates Vikings And Knights Fleet. Continue to sail away from the Sea Of Dread And Death.

Pan to: The Dirt Ruster. King Arthur Flextin, Chieftain Olaf Barbend and Captain Rusty Beard are at the bow of the ship.

King Arthur Flextin: 'We need to get there quickly, time is running out.

Captain Rusty Beard: 'Yes, but we'll have to take an alternate route, we cannot be too close to the south of Engbend over risk of bumping into the massive Angbend armada.

Chieftain Olaf Barbend: 'Indeed. But would Lonbend hold long enough? Some of us might have to do a Suicide Mission in order to buy you time.

King Arthur Flextin: 'Yes, that is a good plan. I suggest only a few of us go to the north of Engbend, while the rest aid Lonbend.

Captain Rusty Beard: 'Right.

Engbend Countryside: The massive army of Angbend lays waste to the land as they march burning villages down and chopping forests down with axes. The land itself seems to die, plants begin to rot and the sky above them is turning dark and stormy with marmalade clouds blocking out the sun.

Pan to: A Orcbend about seven foot tall, wearing black heavy plated armour with a human skull shaped helmet with flaming eyes, armed with a fine black longsword and a large round black steel shield.

Angbend General: (In a deep cold voice) 'Shadow falls across Engbend, we must get to Lonbend and lay siege to it, there we will show no mercy, no man. woman or child will be spared. Saurbend wishes us to destroy the people of Engbend, not occupy them. [Orcbends roar in squeaky voices raising their weapons in the air.] Tonight we feast on the flesh, well metal of Engbend.

Orcbend: (squeaky voice) 'We're gonna kill em all!

[The Angbend General looks at a small group of Orcbend far smaller than himself but are slightly bigger than the average Orcbend, yet are wearing black heavy plated armour like the Angbend General and wear black spiky helmets, and are armed with a longsword in their scabbards, holding large round black steel shields in their left hands, with cruel spiky black whips in their right hands.]

Angbend General: 'Orcbend Officers, whip the Orcbends in line, and if they give you any lip you can have the Trollbends eat them.

Orcbend Officer: 'Get back in the line scum! [He whips some Orcbends in front of him causing them to scream in pain.]

Pan to a heavy plated shiny armoured Trollbend with a huge iron mace near the Angbend General.

Trollbend: (deep stupid voice) 'Me I, likes I wants, me wants I to smash, I they like me them me want their food! (roaring) Rrrahhahahartrrraaaa! [With his mace he hits the ground killing a few Orcbends in front of him, the other Orcbends apart from the Angbend General back away from him.]

Angbend General: 'Patience Morbendo, you'll get to kill them and eat them soon enough.

Morbendo: 'Yes General Zarksbend Gothenflex, me eats one little alive Orcbend first. [He picks up a screaming Orcbend and eats him.] Bah, little Orcbend tastes not so greats. Me wants sweet tasty little juicy Bendlings alive when me eats them!

[The Orcbend begins eating the dead Orcbends.]

General Zarksbend Gothenflex: 'Looks like meat's back on the menu, boys. [He cuts the head off a Orcbend next to him and starts eating him.]

Scene: The Tower Of Lonbend. An Elite Knight about six foot tall wearing a blue cape armed with a two handed sword standing at crenellations at the top of the Tower Of Lonbend looks to the distance at the dark and stormy marmalade clouds. The sun begins to set in the background.

Knight General: 'The shadow draws closer, and night draws near. (shouting) Get to the walls, get our women and children in the keep. And everyone man or woman that can fight get ready! Today we stand against darkness, show them no mercy for you shall receive none. (thinking) May my name be remembered, Bendgax Durbendtin.

Scene: Outside Lonbend. The evil army of Angbend with it's Orcbend Officers shouting at the Orcbends troops "March" while whipping them surround the city of Lonbend at night keeping a fair distance from the walls. The sky above Lonbend is dark and stormy with marmalade clouds.

Pan to: General Zarksbend looking at Lonbend in the distance among his army.

General Zarksbend: 'Fear, the city is ripe with it. [He walks over to a few dozen crude black onagers.] Let us ease their pain, release the prisoners! [The onagers fire the decapitated heads of Engbend Knights and peasants over the wall into Lonbend.] Begin the attack, take the walls. [Two Trollbends each per crude grey siege towers push them towards the walls of Lonbend.]

Pan to various Lonbend Streets. Where there's many trebuchets which begin firing bricks over the walls.

Pan to: Angbend Siege Tower being blasted to bits by the bricks fired by the trebuchets causing Orcbends to fall out of them, and the bricks that miss hit Orcbends below the siege towers killing them.

Cut to: Zarksbend at the onagers.

Zarksbend: 'Fire! [The onagers fire bricks at the walls of Lonbend, which don't even chip them.] Hmm, new plan, get the battering rams to bash down the gates. [Orcbends charge holding long logs of wood.]

Pan to: Walls of Lonbend. General Bendgax Durbendtin with many Elite Knights with him among many other lower ranking Knights are at the walls. Four Trollbends nearing the walls push two siege towers.

General Bendgax Durbendtin: (shouting) 'Kill the trollbends, kill the trollbends! [Archers on the walls fire arrows at the Trollbends pushing the siege towers causing them to roar in pain, but otherwise not having much effect on them.] Get ready! [The two siege towers ramps go down onto the wall smashing the crenellations. Orcbends storm out onto the walls meeting heavy resistance of Elite Knights which chop them to pieces very quickly without much effort not losing a single man.] Great job men! [The Knights pour boiling oil from pots below burning Orcbends.] Burn em! [The Archers fire flaming arrows setting alight the oil as well as the two siege towers.]

Pan to a gatehouse with a steel gate where there's piles of dozens of battering rams along with huge piles of dead Orcbends filled with arrows and crossbow bolts. Despite this the Orcbends continue to charge the steel gates one battering ram after another, dying on mass from arrows being fired down upon them from the walls, even when the Orcbends hit the gate with a battering ram it doesn't seem to have any effect on it what's so ever. The Orcbend Archers with their crude black short bows fire arrows at the Knight's Archers up the walls, but the Knight's Archers take cover behind crenellations, the Orcbend arrows not even killing any of them or even hitting one of them, and as the Orcbends reload the Knight's Archers come out from behind their crenellations and fire their arrows at the Orcbends, then take cover again behind their crenellations.

Zarksbend: 'This isn't working. Fire yourselves if you have to! [Some Orcbends load themselves into onagers.] Fire! [Orcbend fly through the air hitting into the walls, killing themselves.] Their walls our too heavily guarded, those Elite Knights make mincemeat out of my Orcbends. Perhaps, sending the dragons will weaken them. [A few dozen dragons fly towards Lonbend.]

Cut to various Lonbend Streets. Where there's many ballistas which begin firing spears high into the air hitting all the dragons killing them, making them all fall all over Lonbend.

Cut to: Zarksbend.

Zarksbend: 'Hmm, that didn't work either. Perhaps the "Big Ram" will break their gates open. (shouting) Move up the Big Ram!

Pan to: Walls. Bendgax looks worried as he sees in the distance a huge long iron battering ram being carried by 20 trollbends coming towards Lonbend. Orcbends cheer with their fists in the air chanting "Big Ram".

Scene: The Dirt Ruster sails along the western coastline of Engbend by itself, while the Pirates Vikings and Knights fleet sail towards a beach.

Cut to: Dirt Ruster's wheel. Captain Rusty Beard steers the wheel smoking a pipe, King Arthur Flextin to the right smokes a cigarette while Chieftain Olaf Barbend to the left smokes a cigar.

Chieftain Olaf Barbend: 'How much longer?

King Arthur Flextin: 'About twelve hours or so till we get to The Dolmendownings.

Captain Rusty Beard: 'I just hope we haven't sent them to Davy Bends Locker to try and save Lonbend.

King Arthur Flextin: 'Me too.

Scene: Lonbend Gate House. The Trollbends bash the Big Ram at the gate cracking a huge hole in it.

Cut to: Opposite side of the gate. Where a large group of Elite Men At Arms in an phalanx formation with their pikes, archers are just behind them along with Bendgax.

Bendgax: 'You are soldiers of Engbend no matter what comes through that gate you will stand your ground! [The gate swings open, followed by six Trollbends charging in towards the Elite Men At Arms killing many of them by swinging their clubs and maces sending many Elite Men At Arms high into the air.] (shouting) Fire! [Many arrows fired by the archers kill the Trollbends causing them to fall in a heap making the ground shake. Seconds later a huge wave of Orcbends storm through the gate charging at the Elite Men At Arms. The Elite Men At Arms hold back the Orcbends with their phalanx stopping them from getting past them or getting near them.]

Scene: Beach. At twilight King Arthur Flextin, Captain Rusty Beard, Chieftain Olaf Barbend get out of a small boat (The Dirt Ruster is anchored near the beach.) and run up the rocky beach towards a hilly grassland filled with a thick fog obscuring the landscape, the odd flying flashing lights which echo ghostly whispers and make spooky screeching wind sounds can be seen near the Celtic dolmens.

Captain Rusty Beard: [stopping in his tracks pointing at the flashing lights.] 'What the hell are those!

King Arthur Flextin: 'Relax, those robot ghost orbs are harmless. It's the Oathbreakers we have to worry about in The Dolmendownings.

Chieftain Olaf Barbend: 'Come on! Let's keep going!

Captain Rusty Beard: (shouting) 'Cowabunga dude! [They run off into the fog, disappearing from sight into The Dolmendownings.]

Scene: Lonbend. The Angbend onagers fire flaming bricks over the walls into the city setting alight many buildings, also many siege towers are up against the walls in many places with Orcbends pouring out of them overwhelming the defenders in many places along the walls.

Cut to: Bendgax backing slowly along with Elite Men At Arms still in a phalanx formation.

Bendgax: (shouting) 'We need to fall back to the second level of walls, there's too many of them! Fight to the last man, fight for your lives!

Pan to: Various Streets in Lonbend where Engbend Knights fight to the death against the hordes of Orcbends coming at them in wave after wave.

Pan to: A street where six Trollbends charge at a large group of Engbend Knights, and hit them with their clubs and maces sending the Engbend Knights high into the air. The Engbend Knights dog pile on the Trollbends, knocking them over and begin stabbing them to death.

Pan up high into the sky. Dozens of Dragons swoop down setting alight buildings by breathing fire, some pick up Knights and drop them from high in the air to fall to their deaths. An Elite Knight jumps off a building landing on the back of a Dragon as it swooped down, the Dragon doesn't notice as it flies back up in the air that there's an Elite Knight climbing up his back, once the Elite Knight is near the Dragon's neck, he draws his longsword from it's scabbard and cuts the Dragon's (neck) head off. The Dragon falls to the ground near some Engbend Knights, then the Elite Knight gets off the dead Dragon and joins his fellow Knights.

Cut to: Gatehouse. Bendgax along with many Engbend soldiers rush inside a gate which closes quickly as soon as they are all inside. A Trollbend runs up to the gate, and starts bashing the gate with his war hammer.

Pan to above the gatehouse. Men At Arms lift a steel pot filled with molten steel and pour it down below over the Trollbend, causing him to roar in pain as he melts to death from the molten steel.

Pan to other area of the inner walls. Orcbends rush towards the walls with ladders, then begin climbing the ladders, however the many Elite Knights above laugh and simply push the ladders, causing the ladders to fall and Orcbends to land in a heap back on the ground. Orcbend archers fire arrows at the Elite Knights, their arrows simply bounce off them, not even leaving a mark on their armour, the Elite Knights retaliate by firing their crossbows at the Orcbend archers, killing many of them, causing the remaining Orcbends to flee.

Cut to: Gatehouse. Where a Trollbend bashes on the gate with a club, the gate seems to be holding firm, despite the Trollbend's best efforts.

Pull back to two Orcbends looking over at the Trollbend trying to bash open the gate.

Orcbend #1: 'He's been hitting that gate for the last twenty minutes.

Orcbend #2: 'I know, those gates are tough.

[A Orcbend Officer walks up to them.]

Orcbend Officer: (shouting) 'What are you two lazy good for nothing scum doing?! [He whips them, causing the two to scream in pain.] Get back to work! Or I'll have you chopped up to pieces for Zarksbend's dinner.

Cut to: A large army of Knights, Vikings and Pirates united together emerging over a hill. The Knights and Vikings charge at the Orcbends, (While charging the Viking throw their thowing axes, and while the Knights charge (who have javelins) throw javelins at Angbend) while the Pirates pick off the Orcbends from the distance by firing their cannons and gun at them, along with the Viking's and Knight's archers near the Pirates firing arrows at Angbend.

Cut to: Zarksbend kneeling before a slightly taller than him red hooded cloaked Bendling, armed with a two handed black claymore, holding it with just his right hand.

Zarksbend: 'Blight Overlord, they have reinforcements and we can't seem to get into the inner walls.

Blight Overlord: (ghostly voice) 'Do not worry about their reinforcements, fear will overcome them as they fall one by one, they cannot stand against the shadow of Angbend. As for the inner walls, just pile up on top of each other to get over the walls.

Zarksbend: 'Yes, my lord.

Scene: The Dolmendownings. King Arthur Flextin, Chieftain Olaf Barbend, and Captain Rusty Beard look very stressed out as they walk in the Dolmendownings.

Chieftain Olaf Barbend: (shouting) 'Where are they?!

King Arthur Flextin: 'I don't know!

Chieftain Olaf Barbend: 'Well we better find them, the fate of our world hangs in the balance.

Scene: Lonbend. The Orcbends pile on top of one another to get over the inner walls. The Engbend soldiers desperately try hold back the advancing Orcbends.

Pan to: Bendgax and many Engbend soldiers going inside the keep closing the doors after them.

Back on the walls the Orcbends overwhelm the defenders, and open the gates, Trollbends and Orcbends storm through the gates and surround the keep.

Cut to: Keep Doors. Trollbends bash their weapons on the doors, causing it to crack in places.

Cut to: Knights, Vikings and Pirates outside Lonbend continuing to fight to the death, despite their dwindling numbers against the vast hordes of Angbend.

Pan to: Various Streets in Lonbend where Engbend Knights continue to fight despite their dwindling numbers against the hordes of Orcbends coming at them in wave after wave.

Scene: The Dolmendownings. King Arthur Flextin, Chieftain Olaf Barbend, and Captain Rusty Beard rush towards some robot ghosts Bendlings (Bending Units) who look like Celtic Warriors.

King Arthur Flextin: 'Oathbreakers! [A robot ghost flies towards Arthur, who has a huge grey bushy beard, wearing heavily plated armour with a spiky helmet.]

Oathbreaker Chieftain: (ghostly voice) 'Who dares enter the Dolmendownings?! Leave now, or prepare to die! [He takes out a battle axe.]

King Arthur Flextin: 'I'm am King Arthur Flextin, I summon you to fulfil your oath.

Oathbreaker Chieftain: 'And you will free us?

King Arthur Flextin: 'Yes, you have my word.

Oathbreaker Chieftain: 'Come brothers, let us fulfil our oath! [The ghost robot army runs through King Arthur Flextin Chieftain Olaf Barbend, and Captain Rusty Beard with lightning like speed.]

Cut to: Knights, Vikings and Pirates outside Lonbend continuing to fight against the vast hordes of Angbend. The Oathbreakers come over the hill and rush towards the hordes of Angbend. The Oathbreakers start possessing the forces of Angbend, making them turn on their own men.

Pan to: Blight Overlord screaming like a Nazgul, then disappears with a huge column of flame.

Cut to: Lonbend. All the forces of Angbend are seemingly fighting among themselves within the city, and even when a Orcbend kills a possessed Orcbend, the Oathbreaker just comes out of the dead body and possesses the one who killed his host, likewise with the Trollbends and Dragons, as well as many Orcbends break into a panic and flee the city. The Engbend Knights within the city fight with renewed strength with the help of the possessed Angbend forces.

[Time lapse. The remaining forces of Angbend within the city are possessed and are killing themselves with their own weapons, the robot ghosts fly out of them afterwards once they've killed their host, the Engbend Knights cheer within the city in celebration.]

Cut to: The Tower of Lonbend. Engbend soldiers cautiously walk out from the doors to the keep. A possessed Trollbend can be seen bashing his own head with his club.

Cut to: Outside Lonbend. The remaining forces of Angbend flee with the possessed forces of Angbend as well as the Pirates, Vikings and Knights give chase. The sky begins to turn back to normal with the sun coming out.

Cut to: Engbend Southern Coastline. The Angbend armada is up in flames.

[Time Lapse.]

Scene: The Dolmendownings. King Arthur Flextin, Chieftain Olaf Barbend, and Captain Rusty Beard are standing before the Oathbreakers, the Oathbreaker Chieftain is right in front of King Arthur Flextin.

Oathbreaker Chieftain: 'Release us.

Chieftain Olaf Barbend: 'Bad idea. Rather handy in a tight spot, these lads, despite the fact they're dead.

Captain Rusty Beard: 'Yeah!

Oathbreaker Chieftain: 'You gave us your word!

King Arthur Flextin: 'Your oath is here by fulfilled. Go, be at peace

[The robot ghost army fades away into the wind.]

Chieftain Olaf Barbend: 'How long you say the land will recover from the blight Angbend brought with them?

Captain Rusty Beard: 'A few months.

King Arthur Flextin: 'While Angbend is weakened, we must gather all our forces, and put an end to this evil once and for all.

Captain Rusty Beard: 'Wishful thinking, but how are we gonna put an end to this evil once and for all? You seen how many times we taken Angbend and killed Saurbend, he always comes back from the dead with vengeance every few thousand years.

Chieftain Olaf Barbend: 'Yeah.

King Arthur Flextin: 'We will capture him, and lock him deep in the magic proof dungeons below the tower of Lonbend forever.

Captain Rusty Beard: 'That sounds like a good plan. Saurbend's minions are not much of a threat without his leadership, most are too afraid to even face us in battle without Saurbend to lead them.

Chieftain Olaf Barbend: 'Aye.

Scene: Lonbend. The citizens of Lonbend rebuild and mourn for their dead, and the Knights cheer drinking at a still intact bar celebrating their victory, traditional Irish music can be heard coming from the bar.

Scene: A huge fleet of Pirates Vikings and Knights sail along the sea heading towards The Sea Of Dread And Death.

Scene: Angband. The land is a barren wasteland of just ash and dust like Mordor, the sky above has those dark stormy marmalade clouds, plus the odd small Orcbend camp that have a bonfire and a few crude tents made of animal skins can be seem, plus the odd small Orcbend fort which has grey wooden walls surrounding them.

Pan over to the centre of the island where we see black walls with spiky crenellations (Orcbend archers walk along the walls. ) surrounding the volcano of Mount Boned with the odd gate house along the walls. Behind the walls we see a city of Orcbend tents and bonfires, the sounds of hammers banging throughout the city can be heard.

Pan over to a cage where a Trollbend is chained to a stone wall trying to get free, a Orcbend whips the Trollbend making him roar in pain.

Orcbend Troll Tamer: 'Who is your master?! [The Trollbend roars at him in defiance.] Still not getting it eh? [He whips the Trollbend some more.]

Trollbend: (shouting) 'Me no like you! Me crush you now! [The Trollbend becomes so enraged it breaks out of the chains, then hits the Orcbend Troll Tamer with the chains killing him.] (roaring) Rrrrrraahahahahaaahaahhhh! [He picks up the dead body of the Orcbend Troll Tamer and eats it.]

Pan to: Near a forge where we see a Orcbend making a sword shaping it by banging a hammer on it on a metal table.

Scene: As the fleet of the Pirates Vikings and Knights sails through The Sea Of Dread And Death, they see small Orcbend encampments and forts on the odd island as they sail towards Angbend.

Cut to: The Ice Cracker. Chieftain Olaf Barbend looks to the distance towards Angbend at the bow of the ship.

Cut to: The Dirt Ruster, Captain Rusty Beard is at the ship's wheel.

Cut to: The Royal Flagship Of Engbend. King Arthur Flextin is standing at the bow of the ship looking into the distance towards Angbend.

[Time Lapse. The Pirates Vikings and Knights disembark on a rocky beach on the island of Angbend, meeting no resistance.]

Cut to: Chieftain Olaf Barbend, Captain Rusty Beard, and King Arthur Flextin among their mixed troops of Pirates Vikings and Knights, dozens of Pirates can be seen in the background pushing cannons up the beach.

Chieftain Olaf Barbend: 'So far so good.

King Arthur Flextin: 'Yeah, this should be a piece of cake.

Captain Rusty Beard: 'I'll have the cannons line up, we can blast down their walls from here. (shouting) Alright, get the cannons behind the Knights and Vikings and aim up high we don't wanna hit our own friends by mistake. [The Pirates line up the cannons into a line, Viking and Knights archers are behind the cannons, Elite Men At Arms in an phalanx formation are in front of the cannons, with Viking Warriors and Sword Arms Knights covering their flanks, in front of them all are Pirates armed with guns.] Pirate Gunmen, if they get to close take cover behind the Elite Men At Arms. [The Pirates Gunmen nod.] Fire the cannons! [The Pirates fire their cannons at the walls of Mount Boned, the bricks fired from the cannon blast huge holes in the walls in no time.] Hah!

[The forces of Angbend masses and charges towards the invaders, the cannons blast them with bricks as they charge killing many of them, then once they become in range the Pirate Gunmen start firing their guns as well as the Viking and Knights archers firing their arrows killing many of them. Once the forces of Angbend get too close, the Pirate Gunmen take cover behind the Elite Men At Arms, the Angbend forces attack the Elite Men At Arms who hold them back. The Viking and Knights on the sides flank and surround the Angbend forces. The Angbend forces are being slaughtered by Elite Men At Arms pushing slowly towards them from the front, in addition to Viking and Knights hacking them down from the flanks and behind. The Vikings and Knights continue to push till the last Orcbend is dead.]

Cut to: Chieftain Olaf Barbend, Captain Rusty Beard, and King Arthur Flextin.

Chieftain Olaf Barbend: 'Hah, that was easy.

King Arthur Flextin: 'A little too easy if you ask me.

Captain Rusty Beard: 'Yeah.

[Saurbend (wearing a suit of armour and a helmet looking remarkable like Sauron's, additionally the helmet has horns. Armed with a black claymore, which he holds in his right hand) appears in a column of flame before them.]

Saurbend: (deep demon like voice) 'Now you face the wrath of Saur--[U-J-Bender falls from the sky landing on top of Saurbend knocking him out.]

U-J-Bender: 'Ow! [He stands up off Saurbend, and looks at the Pirates, Vikings and Knights.] What the hell is this?! Some sort of--[He disappears with a blinding flash of light.]

King Arthur Flextin: 'Well, chain up Saurbend. [The Pirates, Vikings and Knights chain up Saurbend.]

Cut to: The Tower OF Lonbend: Dungeons. Saurbend is thrown into a cell by two Elite Knights, then the cell is locked.

Saurbend: (shouting) 'Noooooooooooo--

Elite Knight: (shouting) 'Shut up in there!

Scene: Chieftain Olaf Barbend, Captain Rusty Beard, and King Arthur Flextin stand outside the doors to the keep.

Chieftain Olaf Barbend: 'Think we'll ever find The Legend Of The One Bender OF Wealth?

Captain Rusty Beard: 'Ah, we're better off not finding it.

King Arthur Flextin: 'Aye, it could start us fighting again.

Chieftain Olaf Barben: 'Let us hope these days of peace last. I promise not to raid your lands and take your women over our shoulders ever again.

Captain Rusty Beard: 'Same.

King Arthur Flextin: 'And I promise not to try force you in believing in Robotology.

Scene: The One Bender OF Wealth who is a Golden Bender walks along a cave and drops a golden brick from his behind.

The Rushed End