Fan Fiction

By Rush

Scene: Robot Arms Apartments: Fry's and Bender's Lounge. Fry wearing just a pair of white underwear sits on the couch eating out of a bowl of Bachelor Chow with a spoon, while Bender stands over at the window looking out at the passing hover cars in the morning sky.

Bender: (thinking) 'What's the meaning of my existence? I'm just a machine, thus I'm not truly alive. I have to seek answers to these questions!

[He walks across the room over to the front door.]

Fry: 'Where you going, it's too early for work?

Bender: (angrily) 'I'm just going to work early right!

Fry: 'But you're never early, in fact your always late like me.

Bender: 'Yeah well.... shut up! [He walks out slamming the door behind him.]

Cut to: Corridor. Once Bender is outside his apartment he lights himself up a cigar using his middle finger as a lighter, then proceeds to walk down the corridor to an elevator, which has a sign over it saying "Out Of Order".

Bender: 'Dammit! Is it ever gonna be fixed? [He continues to walk down the corridor.]

Cut to: Flight of Stairs. Bender walks down the stairs.

Cut to: Reception. Bender walks towards the front exit.

Cut to: Outside Robot Arms Apartments. Bender exits Robot Arms, then walks along the pavement to an entrance of the Tube Transport System which has a red holographic sign in front of it.

Bender: 'Ahhh, not again! [Zoom in to Bender looking at the holographic sign which says in green letters "Fat Guy Blocked Tube."] This sucks! [He throws his cigar on the ground, and puts it out by stepping on it, then takes a bottle of Captain Morgan out of his chest cabinet and drinks out of it as he walks down the pavement.]

Scene: Outside Planet Express. Bender crosses the street to Planet Express where Zoidberg can be seen on the side of the building in his dumpster eating garbage. Once Bender is on the other side of the street he finishes his bottle of Captain Morgan, then throws it at Zoidberg, the bottle hits him on the head knocking him out.

Bender: 'Gotcha you dirty smelly garbage eating half crab half lobster squid thing!

[He walks into Planet Express.]

Scene: Farnsworth's Lab. Farnsworth sits at a metal table on his arm chair looking over some notes, which have designs of Doomsday devices on them. The table also has a pink Parabox on it.

Farnsworth: (thoughtfully) 'Hmm, I wonder if I could take over the universe with that Doomsday device?

[The lid of the Parabox on the table blows off into air, followed by the Pony Pinkie Pie sticking her head out.]

Pinkie Pie: 'Hi!

[Farnsworth screams nearly falling off his chair.]

Farnsworth: [shouting and pointing at Pinkie Pie.] 'Get back in your own universe, you talking demon Pony!

Pinkie Pie: (sad) 'Awww! [She ducks her head back into the Parabox.]

Farnsworth: 'Phew! [He wipes the sweat off his forehead with a tissue.] Why do I just have those boxes lying around everywhere? [Bender walks in.] Bender, you're in early for once?

Bender: 'Yeah, I am. Professor, I have a question?

Farnsworth: 'Yes, what is it?

Bender: (sadly) 'Does this unit have a soul?

Farnsworth: 'No.

Bender: 'Oh. Then what's the point of my existence then, for I am not truly alive.

Farnsworth: 'You like all Robots were designed to make Human lives easier, nothing more.

Bender: 'Is that all I am, a tool? Surely that's not the only point of my existence?

Farnsworth: 'You know what you're right Bender, I'm sorry, there is more to Robots lives than being tools to their creators.

Bender: 'Such as?

Farnsworth: 'Your free will. You do other things then just bend stuff that instinct tells you to, in your case programing, and in fact you don't seen to help anyone really at all.

Bender: 'I guess so. But I'm still a soulless machine. When I die I'll go to neither Heaven nor Hell, I won't go any where, I simply won't exist anymore, and I'll embrace eternal silence and darkness, for once I die, I won't even know I'm dead.

Farnsworth: 'Bender, it is debatable that souls even exist, thus meaning we all share the same fate in meeting the embrace of the eternal silence of the empty void. But even so if that is our fate, we must make the most of it in what short time we have, and if one has children, part of us lives on in them, but even if you don't have children the memories of your life live on through friends and family, and that alone gives meaning to my existence.

Bender: 'Thanks Professor, I feel better now.

[Bender walks out of the room.]

The End