Fan Fiction

Manly Pops
By Rush

Warning: Reading this fan fiction may cause you to spontaneously grow a beard due to exposure to sheer raw manliness.

Scene: Robot Arms Apartments: Kitchen. Fry is sat at the kitchen table, he picks up a red cereal box marked "Manly Pops", with a picture of Chuck Norris dressed as a heavily armored Viking firing a minigun.

Fry pours the cereal into a white bowl, which fills it self with milk, then Fry takes a spoon full of the cereal, which look like rocks into his mouth and chews.

Suddenly Fry grows a massive grizzly beard, his clothes tears from suddenly becoming very musclely with a six pack.

Fry: (roaring) Rawr! [Suddenly chain mail armor appears on his body along with a Viking helmet, plus a big oversized Battle Axe in his hands.] (shouting in a deep voice) Me smash!

Fry smashed through the wall of his apartment out into the corridor.

Scene: New New York City. Viking Warriors go on a rampage through the city, burning buildings with torches, carrying screaming women over their shoulders, raiding bars and stealing the alcohol to drink, smashing parked hover cars with their medieval weapons.

Cut to: TV showing the news with Linda and Morbo.

Morbo: The good news is the Viking raided the Head Museum and killed Justin Bieber.

Linda: In other news Nixon has resigned in office and Viking Chieftain Bender Bending Rodriguez is now the new president of the world. Or should I say overlord?

The End