Fan Fiction

By Rush

Scene: Planet Express: Attic. The sides of the tower open. Farnsworth stands in front of a console while Leela, Zoidberg, Hermes, Amy, and Kiff watch.]

Farnsworth: 'To better understand the anomaly, I will now focus it's radiation on a giant medium-sized Termite to see what happens.

[Pull back to reveal a large Termite in a cage.]

Termite: 'What's going on here? I was told there would be wood.

Farnsworth: 'Quiet, you! [Farnsworth pulls a lever. A large magnifying glass unfolds and focuses the rays. Farnsworth's head is in the way. He screams while his head catches on fire. Leela sighs, pushes the lever down, and uses a fire extinguisher, but for some reason fire comes out from it like a flamethrower setting Farnworth's clothes alight, luckily Hermes puts the fire out on Farnsworth using a fire extinguisher that actually works.]

Leela: 'What the hell?! [She reads a label on the side of the so called fire extinguisher "Made On Earth."] Oh, that explains it. (To Farnsworth) Professor, why did you buy a fire extinguisher manufactured on Earth?

Farnsworth: 'Because it's cheaper.

The End