Fan Fiction

Space Cow-O-Rama
By Rush

Scene: Outside Planet Express. The sky is stormy with marmalade clouds.

Cut to: Planet Express: Meeting Room. All the staff sit around the conference table, and Leela remains uninjured.

Farnsworth: 'As you know the world is ending.

Bender: 'Duhh!

Hermes: 'Yah mon, we know!

Zoidberg: 'Anyone wanna smell my feet and armpits?

Farnsworth: (shouting) 'Nooooo! No-one wants to smell your feet and armpits!

Zoidberg: (sad) 'Awww!

Farnsworth: 'Anyhoo let's gather all our friends and family, then meet back here in one hour to emigrate to another planet. You know, since we have an intergalactic civilization after all.

Amy: 'Mars is nice.

Farnsworth: 'Eh it's a little too sandy! [Amy narrows her eyes angrily at Farnsworth.] Let's go to Eden Prime!

Fry: 'But Professor, we know the world isn't going to end, from what we've seen as we traveled through time using your forward time mac--

Farnsworth: 'Shut up Fry! Anyone agree with my idea?

[Everyone nods apart from Fry.]

[Time Lapse. All the staff's friends and family board the Planet Express ship.

Cut to: Outside Planet Express. The hanger doors open, then the Planet Express Ship takes off into the sky taking a few lightning strikes but remaining functional.

Cut to: Space. The Planet Express leaves Earth's atmosphere heading out to space.

Cut to: Planet Express: Ship's Cockpit. Leela drives the ship, while the other passengers walk about.

[Time Lapse. Leela reads a news archive on the Internet with her Wristlojackimator saying "World Isn't Ending".

Leela: 'Hah, the world isn't ending after all.

Everyone: 'Yay!

Farnsworth: 'Right, let's go home now.

Cut to: Outside. The Planet Express Ship turns around heading back the way it came.

[Time Lapse.]

Cut to: Earth. The Earth's sky looks normal again, then the Planet Express Ship comes into view entering Earth's atmosphere

Cut to: Outside Planet Express. The Planet Express ship lands through the already open hanger doors of Planet Express.

The End