Fan Fiction

TV Time
By Rush

Scene: Planet Express : Lounge. A digital clock on the wall above the couch shows the time is: 7 pm : Date : August 10, 3003. Bender sits in the middle of the couch with Fry to his left and Leela to his right, while Farnsworth sits in his white hover arm chair, all of which watch something similar to the opening sequence of "Futurama" on Fox with differences that include the show is called "Futurpasta" and the Planet Express is though still green looks somewhat similar to the "Normandy" spaceship from Mass Effect, but then all of a sudden the screen goes black followed by the caption of "Cancelled". Leela, Fry, and Bender (who craps a brick which he throws at the TV smashing it.) gasp while Farnsworth cries taking his glasses off.]

Fox Announcer: (TV) 'This show is so bad we've decided to cancel it right now, and not even show this episode. The reason we've cancelled it is because we need to make room for more reality shows!

Bender: 'Maybe that wouldn’t happen if you fixed the damn times slots and stopped showing sporting events while it was meant to be on! You bastards!

Fry: 'How can them bastards do this?!

Leela: 'Because they can, and they hate Matt Groening. Them bastards!

Farnsworth: (crying) 'Now, we'll never know if Frine and Leelo will ever get together! Thanks to them bastards!

Bender: 'Well there's always fan fiction.

Scene: Outside the White House. A huge Omicronian fleet along with the Omicronian Mother Ship fly down from the sky landing in-front of the White House.

Scene: Nixon's Oval Office. Nixon (head in jar.) is on his desk with Agnew standing near by at the window.

Cut briefly outside the room to see Lrrr and Ndnd with a few dozen Omicronians wearing power armor armed with blaster rifles. Lrrr kicks the door down.

Cut to: Nixon's Oval Office. The Omicronians walks towards the desk. When Lrrr reaches the desk he slams his fist down on it, snapping it in half, Agnew quickly grabs Nixon before he falls onto the floor.

Lrrr: 'We demand that you bring back Futurpasta!

Nixon: 'Or else what?

Agnew: 'Rrrrrrr?

Ndnd: 'Or else we will completely annihilate the Human race world by world!

Agnew: (nervously) 'Rrrrrrr!

Nixon: 'Ok, you got a deal. One question though, how can you be seeing this show from where you are from?

Lrrr: 'We got a better signal system than before to see what you're watching now, instead of a thousand years ago as before.

Scene: Planet Express : Lounge. Just when Fry, Leela, Bender and Farnsworth are about to get up on TV it shows a caption in a black background that says "Futurpasta Is Uncancelled".

Fox Announcer: (TV) 'We have been told by President Nixon, to uncancelled it under the threat of complete annihilation by the Omicronians. [Fry, Leela, Bender, and Farnsworth cheer.]

Bender: 'Hot diggity daffodil!

The End.