Fan Fiction

Wingus' And Dingus' Fun
By Rush

Scene: Robot Arms Apartments: Fry's and Bender's Lounge. Fry and Bender watch TV showing circuit diagrams, aside from that there seems to be a brand new pair of red curtains hanging over the main large lounge window.

Bender: 'Aww, yeah. That's the stuff.

Fry: 'I don't really get this robot porn. I don't find it hot at all.

Bender: 'Well it is understandable, giving that you are an organic life form: Human.

[Fry looks over at a mantelpiece on the wall where there is a candle alight that seems to be made of ear wax.]

Fry: 'Yeah. Where did you get that candle Bender?

Bender: 'I picked it out of Farnsworth's ears yesterday--

Fry: 'Ewww!

Bender: 'The day you and Morgan had sex.

Fry: 'Yeah, so that's really made out of ear wax?

Bender: 'Yeah. Look there's the one I picked out of his ear last week. [He points to a candle which is alight on the other side of the mantelpiece that is twice the size as the one seen before.] And there's some more over there. [He points to at least 12 or so more candles alight on another mantelpiece on the other side of the room.] He's like a one man candle wax factory. Isn't he?

Fry: 'I wouldn't think it would be possible, but yeah he is.

[Bender stands up.]

Bender: 'Here's a random idea, how 'bout me and you go play Hide And Go Seek? [Fry jumps up and down the couch.]

Fry: (excitedly) 'Really?

Bender: 'Yessss. But I'm on first. [He covers his eyes with his hands.] 1, 2--

[Fry quickly runs away from Bender to hide behind the curtains, not noticing Bender watching him as he ran.]

Bender: (unenthusiastically) '5, 6, 7--

[Time Lapse.]

Bender: (unenthusiastically) '48, 49, 50. Ready or not here I come. (sarcastically) Oh, where could he be I'll never find him. [He walks towards the curtains, where Fry shoes can be seen at the bottom and opens it to reveal Fry behind it.] Found you.

Fry: 'Ahh, how did you find me?!

Bender: 'I'm good at this game, anyway you're on.

[Fry walks into the middle of the room near the couch, once there he covers his eyes with his hands.]

Fry: '1, 2 3--

[Bender looks side to side, but then just decides to hide behind the curtains where Fry was still showing his foot-cuff from the bottom.]

Fry: '6, 7, 8--

[Time Jump.]

Fry: '48, 49, 50! Ready or not here I come! [He looks around the room, then decides to walk into his room.]

Cut to: Fry's Bedroom. Fry looks under his bed.

Fry: 'Not here.

[He walks back out the door.]

Cut to: Fry's and Bender's Lounge. Fry walks across the room into the kitchen.

Cut to: Kitchen. Fry opens many presses.

Fry: 'Where are you? [He opens the fridge, then seconds later closes it again.] He's not her either. [Fry walk back into the lounge.]

Cut to: Fry's and Bender's Lounge. Fry walks into the bathroom, and within seconds walks back out again.

Fry: 'Hmm, where the hell could he be? [Fry walks towards the couch, once there he literally looks under couch cushions. Bender sticks his head out from the side of the curtains with a cigar in his mouth, who is pulling a weird look at Fry as if to say "What the hell is he doing looking for me there?".] Maybe he's outside? [Fry walks out the front door. Bender shakes his head side to side, then he sits himself down on the couch, pulls a can of beer out from his chest cabinet to go back to watching robot porn. Bender sighs relaxingly.]

Bender: 'The plan worked perfectly Bender. [He high-fives himself.] That should get rid of them for a few hours. [He picks up the remote.] Now to put on the real dirty stuff.

The End