Fan Fiction

Whispering Among The Forgotten In The Screeching Winds
By Rush

It was a lazy Friday night for Fry wearing his normal clothes and Bender sitting in front of the TV asleep on the couch in Robot Arms Apartments, Apartment 00100100. The TV gave off a blueish flickering light in an other wise pitch black room. On screen a blue screen was shown with tiny white text as if the TV itself was sleepy.

Fry awoke with a start sitting upright, and rubbed his forehead and said in a low voice "Errr, what ... what time is it?". He slowly turned his head to the left looking over at Bender, who's asleep; with his cigar still alight yet gone very short hanging out of his mouth, while holding a circuit diagram in his arms. "Time, for me to go to bed."

Fry got onto his feet and slowly made his way to his bedroom door, which he pushed open and entered inside.

In the room Fry had his eyes sat on his bed as he walked towards it. When he reached it he fell onto it falling asleep instantly. He must of lied there for about five minutes before all of a sudden there was a blinding flash of light waking him up in a panic finding himself standing in; a small, dusty, dark room, where the walls were colored grey, plus damp with fungus and grime.

Fry shouted "Where am I?!"

There was a creaking and the floor gave away underneath, Fry found himself falling through the floor landing on his back in another room just like the one above him. Fry shouted in terror "What's the hell is going on!?"

Fry got up to his feet to find his bearings, then walked out of the room through a hole in the wall. Where he saw a room of similar size and shape to his and Bender's lounge, although it was dusty, and like the other two rooms it's walls were damp with fungus and grime.

Fry said in disbelief "This can't be real this must be a dream!" He slapped himself "Ow! OK it is real." He looked over to the right and saw the rusty remains of a TV like his what he and Bender have in their lounge at home. "OK, that's just depressing."

Fry decided he should leave the room from seeing a TV in such away, he walked over to the left side of the room passing by many hanging pipes from the ceiling, till he reached a door like his front door of his and Bender's apartment hanging sideways leaving a large gap.

"Hmm, odd" said Fry rubbing his chin curiously.

[He walked through the door's gap into a dark corridor like Robot Arms Apartments, it being like the other three rooms he was in, it's walls were damp with fungus and grime.

"Things will be fine, just ring Leela", said Fry calmly as he took out his mobile phone out of his front top right pocket. He looked at his phone it, showed it has no signal and the date was December 31st, 3050. Ok, I'm scared now" said Fry nervously. "Bender?" He called out.

There was no response, Fry looked behind him seeing on the door he walked through the odd one and zero covered with dust. He wiped his hand on it getting rid of all the dust revealing the rest of the numbers "00100100".

"Wait, this is my apartment number? But how's that possible … unless. I have been sent 47 years into the future? Or was it 46 or 45? Ah forget it! Wait a sec that means … My God! My TV, Leela, Bender, my uncle Hubert and the rest." Tears began to form in his eyes "Their gone! No, maybe their still out there. I'm gonna find them.

He ran down the dark corridor disappearing from sight within the darkness itself.

Fry walked along the dusty dark corridor with black smoke stained walls as if they were burnt in a fire sometime ago in the past, Fry didn't notice graffiti on the wall made with red spray paint

"They cannot be negotiated with, all is lost, they can not be stopped, they are relentless, there is no where to hide, no escape, no hope, they will show no mercy, we are all going to die"

Fry stopped in his tracks when he came to a perfectly large square hole in the wall. Fry looked inside the hole, to see darkness below and above.

Fry scratched the back of his head in bewilderment and said "What happened to the elevator?"

Fry shrugged his shoulders and continued to walk along the corridor, until suddenly he fell over something, landing onto his backside.

"Ow" shouted Fry. When he got himself to his feet he gasped, seeing that what he fell over was in-fact a small Human child's skeleton, which torn burnt clothing. "What the hell?" said Fry in shock.

Fry decided it was best not to think of the fate the child had succumb to, so he continued on his way down the corridor.

Fry tried not to take in his surroundings as he walked down a flight of stairs passing by many kinds of Aliens and Humans skeletons as he went.

"My God!" said Fry, when he ran out the front door of the building to see New New York in ruins like a post-apocalyptic wasteland with a grey sky and the loud screaming of the wind almost knocking Fry over, where many rusty hover cars lie abandoned in the street, also the tubes of the Tube Transport System have fallen onto the street and not to mention the skeletons of both Humans and aliens littering the place. "How is this possible? Like what happened to everyone and the city? This is the future dammit! said Fry as he walked along the ruined street leaving Robot Arms Apartments.

Fry wondered in the streets near the coast line seeing everything in ruins like the Statue Of Liberty which is mostly now nothing but a huge pile of rubble with it's head mostly in-tacked "I wonder if Leela's OK. I better run." said Fry just before he started to run down the street outside the ruined building of Applied Cryogenics.

He came to where once Leela's apartment was only to see a huge pile of rubble. "Leela, nooo." said Fry as tears began to form in his eyes. "It can't be, this isn't real … Wait maybe she's at my workplace.

When he came to Planet Express he seen that the building was damaged with many holes in the roof, and looks as if it was on fire sometime ago in the past. Fry walked over to the building, then walked through a hole on the side of the building.

Inside the hanger of his workplace the ship wasn't there and there were piles of rubble everywhere. "This can't be happening! Wait, what's that? [Fry walked over to a pile of rubble seeing a skeleton's arms sticking out of it with torn lab coat clothing.] "My nephew Hubert, nooo". He took hold of Farnsworth's hand and cried.

Fry was still on the floor grieving over the loss of Farnsworth, when all of a sudden there was a blinding flash of light behind him.]

"What the?" Said Fry. As the light faded away there came into view a Bending Unit. "Bender?" said Fry in shock as he stood up.

The Bending Unit spoke in a deep wise old man's voice. "No Fry, I am U-J-Bender The Wise, and I have mastered multiverse travelling."

"What?" Said Fry.

"Never mind. All you need to know this isn't your universe, it is however an universe very similar to yours, but suffered a terrible fate." Said U-J-Bender The Wise.

"What happened?" Said Fry.

U-J-Bender The Wise spoke with a look of sadness in his eyes. "It is too dangerous for you to know, I can't risk your universe suffering the same fate as this one."

"Oh, OK." Said Fry.

"Take my hand, and I can send you back home to your universe." Said U-J-Bender The Wise while gesturing his right hand towards Fry to take it.

[Fry took the right hand of U-J-Bender The Wise's hand and disappeared with him in a blinding flash of light.]

U-J-Bender The Wise and Fry appeared back in Robot Arms Apartments in Fry's and Bender's Lounge, Bender was still fast asleep on the couch.

"Thank you, thank thank you, thank you." Said Fry.

"You're welcome. Now hold on, I need to get rid of that universe gateway in your bedroom." Said U-J-Bender The Wise as he walked into Fry's bedroom. "There, it's gone." Said U-J-Bender The Wise. Seconds later there was a blinding flash of light from Fry's bedroom. Fry then walked into the room to see U-J-Bender The Wise was no longer there.

The End