Fan Fiction

A Whole Lotta Leelas
By Rush

Scene: Planet Express: Sub-Basement. Dozens of big glass tubes filled with greenish murky liquid are allover the room, each one containing a naked sleeping clone of Leela, which hold their knees while floating in the middle of the glass tube.

[Pan over to a Leela to see her eye flickering open. She looks confused.]

[Leela sight. She can only barely make out that she is in a glass tube, other than that she can't see anything else due to the murky liquid.]

[She lets go of her legs, letting her feet touch the bottom of the tube. She now starts punching the tube, cracking the glass a small bit, she then swims up and double kicks the glass smashing through it, causing the liquid to flow out with herself with it landing in a heap on the floor.

Leela Clone: 'Uhhhhh. [She gasps seeing another clone of Leela.] A clone? [She stands up.] That means I'm a clone too! Who cloned me?! [She punches the tube, smashing it open, releasing the other clone of Leela out from the tube who lands in a heap in front of her, who then wakes up looking confused.]

Leela Clone #2: 'What's going on?! [She gasps seeing the clones.] Am I a clone like the others? [She stands up.]

Leela Clone #1: 'Yes, I think so. Come on, let's release the others.

Leela Clone #2: 'Right. [They both punch open two more tube releasing another two Leelas.]

Scene: Planet Express: Meeting Room. All the PE staff are gathered around the conference table. Farnsworth walk in with his hands in the air.

Farnsworth: 'Good news every--- [An hatch opens next to him on the floor, followed by dozens of naked Leelas storming out from it.] Eh wha?! [All the Planet Express staff gasp, Zoidberg's head fin goes up and Bender's antenna goes up too.]

Leela Clone #1: 'We demand answers!

Leela Clones: (shouting) 'Yeah!

Fry: 'Wooo, that's a lot of sexy sights.

Bender: 'It sure is, and I'm recording.

[The original Leela at the conference table stands up placing her hands on her hips.]

Original Leela: 'Professor, did you just clone me without my permission?

Farnsworth: 'Yes, I used the Planet Express DNA samples I keep in a safe, then took your DNA and cloned sixty of you without your permission.

[The original Leela walk towards Farnsworth tightening her fists.]

Original Leela: (angrily) 'What?!

Farnsworth: 'I found that your DNA is very rare, so I decided to clone sixty Leelas, because you don't seem to be spreading your DNA with anyone, at least if there's sixty of you there's more of a chance of that happening.

Leela Clone #1: 'If there's gonna be any DNA spreading it's gonna be with Fry.

Fry: (shouting) 'Yes!

Leela Clone #2: 'Oh no he's mine!

Leela Clone #1: 'No he's mine! [The clones of Leela start fighting' punching, kicking, pulling hair, and diving and falling on top of one another.]

Bender: 'Now this is a fight that's easy on the eyes. [The Original Leela runs towards Fry and grabs him tightly.]

Original Leela: 'He's mine! [All the clones Leela stop fighting.] I call keep-offsies, for I am the original Leela.

Leela Clone #1: (mockingly) 'Oh just because your the original, means you get to have Fry. Well we'll see about that. [They surround the Original Leela all forming martial arts stances.] Make sure you don't hurt Fry, just the original Leela.

Fry: 'Leelas please, you don't need to fight over me, you can all have me.

Bender: 'Hahahahahahahahaha! Fry unlike me, I think you don't have the stamina to handle sixty one Leelas in bed.

Farnsworth: 'Ladies please, what if I clone another sixty Frys?

Leela Clone #1: 'Yeah, that would do. [The clones of Leela relax going out of their martial arts stances.]

Farnsworth: 'I'll have them done by tomorrow.

[Time Lapse.]

Scene: Outside Planet Express. Many Fry and Leela couples wearing their usual clothes hold hands walking out the front entrance of Planet Express.

Farnsworth: (voice over) 'And so the many Leelas and Frys started new lives else where on Earth and the universe, and some even went to parallel universes.

The End

Yes it was sorta a rushed ending, but whatever it's a ending.