Fan Fiction

World Of Ramacraft, part 1
By Rush

"Bricks hits the fan".

Scene: Robot Arms Apartments: Fry And Bender's Lounge. Late at night Bender sits on the couch with a black laptop on his lap where he looks at circuit diagrams in google images using a grey wireless mouse on top of a light blue hover mousepad.

Bender: (sexfully) 'Awww yeah baby, hot stuff. [His antenna darts up.] (curiously) Wait, what's this? [He sees an image unrelated to all the circuit diagrams showing Fatbot, who wears a light blue Muumuu along with a dark blue wizards hat covered with stars, he also wear a fake long Greek Philosopher like white beard, while he holds a wooden staff with a diamond on it's tip.] (laughing) Hahahah, nerd! [He clicks into it to show a pop-up window in red "World Of Ramacraft".] Hmmm? [He clicks the link, which leads him to a long list of Guidelines.] (angrily) I'm not reading all that crap! [He just skips to the bottom of the Guidelines then clicks "Agree", which downloads a file taking only one second, which then automatically opens leading him to a character design page with lots of drawing tools at his disposal.] This looks interesting.

[Time Lapse. Bender has now created a character of himself in the character design page showing his name above called Bendjenkin. above that it shows his Class: Rogue.]

Bender: 'Alright let's see what it's about.

[He then clicks "Enter World" below. The loading only takes one second, we now see Bender's character on screen Bendjenkin holding a dagger standing in the middle of foggy swampland. On the top left corner of the screen it shows a portrait of Bendjenkin, displaying his Level, which is level 1, and there is a red bar on the left and a blue bar on the right next to his portrait. At the bottom of the screen it show the interface which has such options as; Attack Bar, (Bendjenkin only knows 3 attacks the rest of the 40 small grey squares are blank) Quest Book, Messages, Backpack, Index and other stuff.]

Bendjenkin: (Bender's voice) 'What the hell am I suppose to do? [Roberto who is level 450 walks past holding a fiery claymore sword wearing red and black spiky heavily plated armor with a horned spiky helmet.] Hey?!

Roberto: 'Hey Bender.

Bendjenkin: 'What am I meant to do here?

Roberto: 'Find a few quests off NPCs or kill toads for awhile till you get to level 5. [He walks through Bendjenkin as if he was transparent. Bendjenkin sees a big yellow toad jumping out of a dirty swamp pool.]

Bendjenkin: 'Aha! [Bender puts a sword cursor over the Toad then clicks on it showing the Toad's portrait on the right, which has it's own red bar on the left and blue bar on the right next to it's portrait.] Rrrrahahah! [He charges at the Toad stabbing it, which inflicts 25 damage off the Toad as shown above it's head, also showing it's red bar going down a slight bit. The Toad retaliates by head butting Bendjenkin taking 5 damage off causing Bendjenkin's red bar to go down a slight bit. Bendjenkin stabs the Toad again inflicting 27 damage on the Toad, the Toad spits green slime on Bendjenkin inflicting 35 damage.] Oh you cheeky bastard! [Bender clicks one of the icons in the attack bar, which makes Bendjenkin stab the Toad in rapidly four times each taking 50 damage off the Toad, (Also causing Bendjenkin's blue bar to go down a slight bit, and also showing the Attack Icon below has a 40 seconds recharge rate.) causing it to fall over onto it's back dead, then blue writing appears above Bendjenkin head showing "15 XP"] Alright I killed it! [Bender puts the cursor over the Toad which turns into a hand, then click on it seeing the loot dropped is, Slime, (which has a value of 1 gold) Rough Leather Armor (value of 45 gold) Rough Leather Boots (value 15 gold) which are especially shaped for Bendjenkin footcups. Bender takes the three items which causes the Toad's body to fade away seconds after.] Man, what has this Toad been eating? [He clicks into the Backpack icon, then clicks on the Rough Leather Armor and Rough Leather Boots equipping them both, which just appear over Bendjenkin's body like magic.] Whoa! No animation to put em on? [He clicks the Attack icon below which causes Bendjenkin to crouch down and his body turn ghost like.] Cool! This must be stealth! [He sneakily moves off into the distance.]

Cut to: A Toad next to a muddy pool, Bendjenkin sneaks up from behind the Toad, he backstabs (Bendjenkin causing to be no longer in stealth, also the stealth iron has a ten second recharge rate.) the Toad taking 150 damage off the Toad killing it instantly.

Bendjenkin: 'Hell yeah! [He loots the Toad's corpse, seeing it has dropped, Slime and an Horned Iron Helmet crossed out with a red bar across it, which has a value of 45 gold. He takes both the Slime and the Horned Iron Helmet.] Hmm? [He tries to equip the Horned Iron in the backpack, but writing above says: Class Cannot Wear Heavy Armor.] Awww! [Fatbot who's level 450 looks exactly like he did in the Google image.] Hey? [He stops and turns to Bendjenkin looking annoyed.]

Fatbot: 'Yes noob?

Bendjenkin: 'How come you're not wearing any armor?

Fatbot: 'Because Wizards can't wear armor! [He fires a fireball from his staff hitting a Toad (killing it with 700 damage) next to Bender which just respawned.] Here's a tip, you can't go into stealth in combat, unless you have the Shadow Call skill, but that has a 10 minute cool down, so use it wisely. Now, go away noob, I have a 3 days long raid to go on. [He walks off, then Bendjenkin tries to loot the body of the dead Toad, but nothing happens.]

Bendjenkin: 'Awww! [He uses stealth, then sneaks up on another Toad doing a backstab killing it instantly, Bender's body flashes with writing popping above his head "Level Up"] Whoa, I've got a level up! [He loots the Toad’s body only getting Slime.]

[We now see time passing by rapidly as Bendjenkin sneaks up to Toads backstabbing them, but when he backstabs a Toad next to a tree gaining Level 5, a monstrous roar can be heard.]

Bendjenkin: 'What the hell is that! [He goes into stealth mode, he watches as dozens of Dragons level 455 fly down from the sky all around him, who breathe fire setting trees and low level terrified players alight killing them instantly, and also eat the players.] Oh crap! [A blue Dragon flies down beside Bendjenkin, who sniffs the air with a question mark popping above it's head, then it growls turning around to face Bendjenkin with an exclamation mark popping above it's head.] Oh no! [The Dragon breathes a blizzard freezing Bendjenkin solid inflicting 24000 damage. Text pops up on screen saying "Would you like to respawn?" Bender clicks on it.]

Cut to: Spawn Point. Bendjenkin respawns in the middle of a small Stonehenge like ruin accompanied by many other players.

To be Continued.