Fan Fiction

World Of Ramacraft, part 2
By Rush

Scene: Outside Robots Arms Apartments in the middle of the night the two Hobos Gus and Dandy Jim hold cardboard signs marked in red "THE DARKSPAWN ARE COMING!".

Gus: (shouting) 'The Darkspawn are coming!

Dandy Jim: 'There's no escape, they will destroy us all!

[The Number Nine Man walks up to them.]

Number Nine Man: 'Nonsense! It's the Dark Ones you have to be worried about?! Not some fictional man eating dirty Orc like savage monsters that live underground!

Gus: 'What about the Reapers?

Dandy Jim: 'Yeah, what about them?!

[Number Nine Man sighs putting his hand over his face.]

Cut to Fry's Bedroom. Fry lies a sleep in bed wearing a black t-shirt marked in red "Son Of Bhaal", on the floor next to his bed is white pizza box marked in red "TMNT Pizza".

Scene: Earth Overview. There is a blinding flash of light followed by the appearance of U-J-Bender above Earth's atmosphere, he begins to slowly fall down to Earth.

U-J-Bender: 'Whoa, what a place to end u--- [He disappears in a blinding flash of light, but not before releasing a brick.]

Cut to: Brick. The brick begins to glow red entering Earth's atmosphere rapidly accelerating in speed.

Cut to: New New York. The brick now looking like a small fireball descends rapidly towards New New York.

Cut to: Head Museum. The brick crashes through the ceiling hitting Justin Bieber's head in jar, killing him, splattering his remains everywhere, however the red hot steaming brick remains intact.

Heads: 'Yay!

[Pan over to see a tall, fit, very strong looking man with very short hair and a short scruffy beard. He is armed to the teeth with a huge set of guns on his back, wearing black power armor with a small white "N7" marked on his chest, who stares awkwardly at Dr. Cahill.]

Cahill: 'Yes Commander?

Commander: 'I should go.

Cahill: 'Goodbye Shepard. [Commander Shepard walks off.]

Scene: Robot Arms Apartments: Lounge. Bender who now has his eyes zoomed in on the laptop's screen with a black headset on while he plays World of Ramacraft. On the laptop's screen his character Bendjenkin walks through a snowy pine wood forest.

Bender: 'Where am I now? [Bender is so focused on the game he doesn't even notice when there is a blinding flash of light behind the couch followed by the appearance of a purple female Unicorn and a small purple male dragon with green spikes on his back.]

Dragon: 'Twilight?! What spell did you cast?!

Twilight Sparkle: 'I'm sorry Spike, you just caught me at the wrong time when I was experimenting with Multiverse Teleportation Magic.

Spike: 'So you mean to say we've just entered an alternate universe?

Twilight Sparkle: 'Yes, [She points with her hoof at Bender.] where it seems this local inhabitant is completely and utterly oblivious to our presence.

Spike: 'That's a relief, at least we won't screw up the space time continuum. [He walks towards the window curiously looking out seeing New New York outside.] Wow, this place makes Canterlot look tiny. [He barfly sees a red hover car flying past the window.] What was that?

Twilight Sparkle: 'I don't know, but Spike we have to go home now.

Spike: 'Awwww, but Twilight we've just got here?!

Twilight Sparkle: (raising her voice slightly)'Spike!

Spike: [He crosses his arms.] 'Oh, alright. But how are we gonna get home exactly?

Twilight Sparkle: 'I know the Home Universe Teleportation Spell.

Spike: 'Oh. Can we come back here another time, [Spikes looks at her with doggy eyes.] please?

Twilight Sparkle: 'Yes, we'll come back soon.

[Twilight Sparkle's horn lights up, then they both disappear in a blinding flash of light, Bender even after all that still remains oblivious to their presence. There is a blinding flash of light behind the couch, followed by the appearance of U-J-Bender.

U-J-Bender: (quietly) 'He doesn't notice me. [With his body down low he sneaks his way into the kitchen.]

Cut to: Kitchen. Bender laughs evilly while taking out a six pack of bottles of Beck's from the fridge placing them into his chest cabinet.

U-J-Bender: (laughing quietly)'Ha-ha-ha-ha, I'm starting to like this universe jumping. [He disappears in a blinding flash of light.]

Cut to: Lounge. Bender still continues to play World Of Ramacraft, however has his headphone off now.

Bender: 'What am I supposed to do?

Cut to: Screen. We see Bendjenkin in a snowy pine wood forest walking past a mossy gravestone marked in black "Rest In Peace Minsc And Boo". Suddenly a old long gray bearded man wearing a blue hooded robe approaches Bendjenkin.]

Bendjenkin: 'Who are you?

Old Man: (deep voice) 'I'm am Vathean, one of the long lost wizards of the Great Long Grey Beards!

Bendjenkin: 'Wow cool!

Vathean: 'Yes, now I need you to climb that mountain over there. [He points to a mountain twice as tall as Mount Everest.]

Bendjenkin: 'Aww man!

Vathean: 'Then enter a cave at it's peak, then gather me a set of five Khazad Mushrooms within the cave, then return to me here.

Bendjenkin: 'Got it. I'll be on my---

Vathean: 'Be careful as you go up the mountain, there are giants up there, they will knock you back down the mountain again.

Bendjenkin: 'Ahh, dammit.

Cut to: Mountain. Bendjenkin begins to climb the mountain.

[Time Lapse. Bendjenkin is now gasping out of breath when he climbs up to the peak of the mountain.]

Bendjenkin: 'I made it! It only took me a hour. [There is a loud roar.] What the? [A huge; 20 foot tall, one eyed, bald headed giant with a big gray beard wearing bear mammoth fur sees Bendjenkin charging at him with a huge crude wooden club.]

Giant: (shouting in a big stupid deep voice) 'Me crush you now! [He swings his club hitting Bendjenkin sending him flying into the air above the clouds screaming.]

Cut to: Forest. As Bendjenkin falls to the ground he hits many branches of a tree.

Bendjenkin: [hitting branches] 'Ow-ow-ow-ow! [He finally hits the ground.] Ow! [He stands back up dusting himself off.] Hah! Leela, wouldn't really like to fight her own kind.

[Time Lapse Bendjenkin has now climbed back up the mountain's peak again.]

Bendjenkin: 'Alright, I'm at the top, so as long as I keep in stealth nothing will go-- [There is a loud roar as a big red Dragon swoops down from the sky, Bendjenkin runs away swerving side to side dodging the Dragon breathing fire at him, which melts the snow and ice on the ground.]

Scene: Fry's Bedroom. Fry is still asleep in bed.

Fry: (muttering in his sleep) 'Oh Leela, that's nice! [Bender roars in anger from the Lounge.]

[Brief cut to Bender's laptop screen to see the Dragon flying down, grabbing Bendjenkin.]

Dragon: [eating Bendjenkin.] 'Om nom nom!

Bender: (shouting) 'Ahahahahaha! Stupid dragon!

[Fry's eye's open.]

Fry: (groaning) 'Ahahaa, Bender. [He closes his eyes again, then makes another loud roar.]

Bender: 'Ngaaaaaaaghhhghhh, why did I have to die and come back at the spawn point?

Fry: 'God dammit Bender! [He gets up out of bed stumbling onto his feet to reveal him wearing a pair of Lightspeed Briefs.] What the hell is he doing?! [He walks out of his room.]

Cut to: Lounge. Fry walks out from his bedroom towards Bender.

Fry: 'Bender, what's going on?

Bender: 'I'm playing World Of Ramacraft!

Fry: 'Well OK, but can you please keep it d--

Bender: [taking a brick out from his chest cabinet.] 'One more word and I'll throw a brick at your knee.

Fry: 'OK, I'm sorry, I'll just--[Bender throws the brick hitting Fry in the left knee.] Ow! [He falls to the ground crying in pain.] I took a brick to the knee!

Bender: 'But you certainly weren't any adventurer.

[Fry crawls back into his bedroom.]

To Be Continued