Fan Fiction

Frozen Bark
By Rush

Note from author: Anyone can copy this story from the end onwards and make up there own plot lines from it. But can you come up with a better way for Seymour to be sent to the year 3000? If so tell me about it.

Scene: Applied Cryogenics: Freezer Room. Seymour barks at Fry, who is frozen in the cryo-tube. A man fixes a radiator and a cryogenisist sits at his desk nursing a hangover.

Cryogenisist: 'Ugh! I am one hungover cryogenisist. Just throw that mutt in the freezer till his owners get here.

Plumber: 'You can't solve all your proble--[There is a flash of light with the appearance of an U-J-Bender (aka) Universe Jumping Bender stands before the desk, who wears an horned helmet and is unarmed; along with also the appearance of dozens upon dozens of Viking-Themed Bending Units all around the room (who wear horned helmets, and have; axes, swords, bows. And other Viking weapons; amours, shields, etc). Cryogenisist and the Plumber scream while Seymour growls snarling and showing his teeth at the robots.] (screaming) Ahhhh!

Cryogenisist: (screaming) 'Ahhhh! What do you want?

U-J-Bender: (screaming) 'Ahhhhhhhhh! [He grabs his own antenna, unscrews his head off, and repeatedly smacks it on the desk.] Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow! [He stops smacking his own head on the desk, and screws it back on.] (shouting) I'm the War Chief "Bend-Head-Banger"! And Viking don't wear horned helmets, it's insufficient data! But us do anyway! Now, forget what I said there! Um, so look at my chest!

[On his chest is marked in red paint "War Chief Bend-Head-Banger"]

Cryogenisist: (fearfully) 'S-s-s-s-s so?

Bend-Head-Banger (shouting) 'Bride us off, or we'll kill you!

Plumber: (fearfully) 'Alright, what do you want?

Bend-Head-Banger: (shouting) 'Give me everything you have! [Seymour jumps and bites his hand, who he tries to shake off.] Ahhh! Ow! Ow! Ahhhh!

[Bend-Head-Banger with his other hand grabs Seymour by the neck, and throws him into a open empty cryo-tube (Seymour cries from hitting his head against it inside), which seals shut, the dial on it automatically sets itself for 1000 years. Seymour in a panic barks, then is suddenly silenced in a flash, frozen in time.

Cut to: Corridor. Fry's family stand outside the door.

Yancy: 'What the Hell is going on in there?

Mr. Fry: 'It's Y2K! That's what! Let's get outta here, to the bomb shelter!

Yancy: 'But what about Seymour?

Mrs. Fry: 'Well maybe we could--

Mr. Fry: 'No time, let' go! [Fry's family run towards the elevator then stop, and change their minds as they are about to enter it.] Wait, Y2K! Let's take the stairs.

[Fry's family run down the stairs.]

Cut to: Applied Cryogenics: Freezer Room. Bend-Cracker stuffs the Cryogenisist's and the Plumber's clothes into his chest cabinet, while the two Humans in question are both naked.

Bend-Head-Banger: (shouting) 'Thank you! Anything of value to steal men?

Bender Units: 'No nothing, Bend-Head-Banger.

Bend-Head-Banger: (shouting) 'Right, let's raid another parallel universe. And you two!

Cryogenisist: (fearfully) 'Y-Y-Y yes?

Bend-Head-Banger: (shouting) 'Keep that dog in that freezer, because we'll come back! And you better have something to bribe us off with!

[All the Bending Units, plus Bend-Head-Banger disappear in flashes of light.]

[A thousand years later. Seymour's cryo-tube opens, he resumes barking, then he stops suddenly looking confused. He looks side to side, jumps out of it, then scratches on the cryo-tube that Fry was in, it takes a few seconds for him to realize he's not in it anymore. Seymour whimpers.]

[The door opens, Terry enters with his hand in the air.]

Terry: (melodramatically) 'Welcome to the world of tomorrow!

[Seymour walks up towards him, and sniffs him. He barks excitedly as he runs through between his legs then out through the door.]

Scene: Applied Cryogenics Corridor. Seymour walks down the corridor with his nose down the floor sniffing into the Probulator Room.

Cut to: Probulator Room. Seymour sniffs the probulator, then barks excitedly as he runs out the door.

Scene: New New York City Street. Seymour walk out of the building taking the odd pee in the place to mark his territory, and is completely unfazed about his new surroundings as he walks down a pavement. He rounds a conner to find an entrance to the Tube Line Transportation System, sniffs it, then barks excitedly as he runs away from it.

Cut to: Cross Town Express. Seymour sniffs a place outside a entrance to an Tube Line where Fry had been, he marks his territory on it. The same man from yesterday looks up from his newspaper.

Man: 'Pft! Dogs!

[Sometime later. A Pack of dogs with jet-packs fly an cross a street. Seymour walks around a corner, sniffs the same Suicide Booth that Fry was in, he marks his territory on it. And then walks around another corner into a dark alleyway.]

Cut to: Alleyway. The place is dark and is filled with trash cans everywhere, Seymour lies himself down beside an dumpster whimpering, then falls asleep.

Scene: Alleyway: Late at Night. Organ Dealer, Nurse, and Crack Addict walk past from "My Three Suns" followed by the Transvestite Fembot from "Fry and the Slurm Factory" as Seymour, who is asleep lies down beside an dumpster.

Man: (shouting from street) 'Frys! [Seymour wakes up and turn his head curiously sideways.] Get you're French Fries here!

[Seymour barks excitedly and quickly goes to investigate.]

Cut to: New New York City Street. Seymour finds that it was not Fry or anyone who knew him, but a chip-hover-van parked against a wall outside the alleyway, and a huge queue gathers (Including ;Organ Dealer,Nurse,Crack Addict, and Transvestite Fembot.) towards the chip-hover-van. An middle aged bold black man with a beer-belly and a huge black grisly beard, waring a white grease stained vest and gray baggy trousers is inside the chip-hover-van's hatch, who owns it and serves his customers. Seymour whimpering slowly returns back into the alleyway.

Cut to: Alleyway. Zoidberg is searching through some trash cans.

Zoidberg: 'Ohh, what's this? [He takes out a rotten piece of meat, filled with maggots and flies flying around it.] Yum, yum, yum! [Startled he drops the piece of meat.] Hmm, who goes there?! [He nervously looks side to side, within a few seconds he spots Seymour] An dog? [Seymour walks up towards him, sniffs him, then barks excitedly at him wagging his tail.] What is it boy? [Seymour sings "Walking On Sunshine".] Oh, wow! Fry, sings that! [Seymour barks while he marks his territory on the dumpster.] Hey, let me try that! [Zoidberg sprays ink on to the dumpster.] Follow me to my home outside my workplace Planet Express.

[Zoidberg walks out of the Alleyway, while Seymour follows him.]

Cut to: New New York City Street. Zoidberg walks past the chip-hover-van out of sight with also Seymour following him, while the queue around chip-hover-van take their orders.

Crack Addict: 'Got some Crack man?

Chip Man: 'No, we don't sell Crack.

Crack Addict: 'Aww man, you hold out on me man!

[Crack Addict walks away out of sight, while Organ Dealer takes his order.]

Organ Dealer: 'Want to buy organ? There; cheap, fresh, high in quality, and ready for transplant! [He opens his coat to reveal Human organs pinned to the inside like knock-off watches. He picks off a still beating Human Heart.] Look this one so fresh it still beats.

Chip Man: 'Ew, Man! We don't buy organs, it's illegal as far as I know. Which is not very much! So get lost!

Organ Dealer: 'Suit yourself. C'mon Nurse!

Nurse: 'Yes boss.

[Organ Dealer and Nurse walk away out of sight, while Transvestite Fembot takes "his her" order.]

Transvestite Fembot: 'Looking for a good time honey?

Chip Man: 'First, I don't do robots. Second, I'm not gay, you Transvestite! And third of all, I got a wife at home. Now get lost!

[Transvestite Fembot walks away, while Number 9 Man takes his order.]

Number 9 Man: 'Yes, I'll have a big bag of French Fries.

Chip Man: 'Two dollars please.

[Number 9 Man places 2 dollars on the counter, which Chip Man pockets.]

Chip Man: 'Here, [He hands Number 9 Man a large brown paper bag of French Fries.] you go , enjoy. Next!

To be continued

Here onward.

Note from author:This sort of leaves this open for new horizons for others in writing fan fictions about Seymour Asses in the future. Which I will allow anyone to copycat from me. Unless you can come with a better way for Seymour on January the 1st 2000 to come into the year 3000 (aka) the future tell me about it.