Fan Fiction

Fry's Fateful Choice
By Rush

Warning if you have a weak heart don't read this, may contain somewhat harsh human suffering.

Scene: Inside the Infosphere. Fry appears in front of the computer console standing, the Brains gasp and chatter amongst themselves.]

Big Brain: 'He's come back! But how and why?

Brain 1#: 'How can this be?

Brain 2#: 'Indeed how can this be.

[The Big Brain flies towards Fry extremely fast knocking him over.]

Big Brain: (speaking angrily and in his face) 'What you didn't do it? What about are agreement?

Fry: 'I couldn't have, Leela.

Big Brain: (angrily) 'What did that little rat tell you!

Fry: 'Nibbler?

Big Brain: (angrily) 'Yes! Yes! Him!

Fry: 'He told me not to give up on her.....Leela.

Big Brain: (speaking quietly and backing away from him) 'And you believed him?

Fry: 'Yes.

[The Brains laugh.]

Brain 1#: 'That's a good one!

Brain 2#: 'Indeed.

Big Brain: 'Leela will never, never, ever, feel anything for you!

[Fry knees down, puts his hands on face and starts crying.]

Fry: (crying) 'Leave ... me .. alone.

Big Brain: 'Fry face it, the one called Chaz is better man than you could ever be.

[Fry stands up in defiance.]

Fry: 'I don't think so, and I hope him and Leela will not last. Because Nibbler told me...."I will give you what help I can".

Big Brain: 'Yeah so, what did he say, that made you change your mind?

Fry: 'What he said was. Well now it's your choice. Is there nothing in the future worth saving? I thoughtfully said, "Hm, Leela. But she doesn't think much of me" What he said next I really did not understand but it meant something really important.

Big Brain: 'What is it?

Fry: 'I'm afraid, I can't tell you that, but i can tell you this. What I said, "You really think I would have had a chance with Leela?" He said back to me, "You must choose. The present or the future, to save yourself or to save Leela". As you know I chose Lee--

Big Brain: 'Quite your mindless ratting! You are a fool of fools. You think your other self has a chance to win Leela's heart?

Fry: 'Yeah, with my holophonor I have been taking lessons.

Big Brain: 'You plan to write her an opera don't you?

Fry: 'Eh, what? A Opera?

Big Brain: 'Yeah, by the way, ah--

Huge Brain: 'I'll take it from here thanks.

Fry: 'Okay?

Huge Brain: 'Philip J. Fry, do you know of the Opera?

Fry: 'No, what?

Huge Brain: 'You will do a opera in the near future that is dedicated to Leela and her life.

Fry: 'Really?

Huge Brain: 'With Beelzebot's hands aka the Robot Devil.

Fry: 'What? How do you know this?

Huge Brain: 'Lets just say I know things that were, things that are, and somethings, that have not yet come to pass. Thanks to "The What-Might happen And What-Had Happened Machine".

Fry: 'W-what?

Huge Brain: 'I can see into the future and the past.

Fry: 'Are you going tell me anything what my future will be like?

Huge Brain: 'No!

Fry: [looking downcast sad]: 'Oh.

Huge Brain: 'But I will tell you one thing, the Opera will not win your Leela's heart, there is more pain for your other self ahead and heartbreak , Leela will meet her true love a man named Lars.

Fry: (shouting, with tears in his eyes) 'Like Hell, she will!

Huge Brain: 'Its true.

Fry: (crying) 'No It can't be.......... I had written Leela a love note in the sky..... by moving the stars themselves.

Huge Brain: 'I am well aware of that, and so are many of my other smaller brains.

Fry: (crying) 'But...but...but...I--

Huge Brain: 'But nothing! Your other self will not win Leela's heart!

Fry: 'There is hope that he will. I know deep down in my heart that she will love me back someday, the way I feel about her, and--

Huge Brain: 'Enough of this! Form the tightly-knit clique that you will not be part of. Its going to be fun watching the so called Mighty One die of starvation, and be forgotten in history....By the way history is written by the winners not the losers. Of whom of which you are the loser...Oh and yes, I will make sure that you don't go all zombie like on us by eating us........Ram him!

[Before Fry has anytime to respond, all the brains lung themselves at him.

Fry: 'Ow, hey, ahhhhhh---

[With a power ram from a brain in the face, he falls over onto his back out cold.]

Brain 4#: 'Ow! I think I got brain damage.

[The hours turned into days and the days turned into weeks later.]

[Fry lies down on his back looking very thin, pale and weak due to lack of food and rest. Is eyes are bloodshot and have shadows underneath.]

Big Brain: 'Time for your brain juice.

Fry: (with tears forming in his eyes) 'Nooo, please, let me die!

Big Brain: 'I got orders for you to die slowly , master brain wants you to die of starvation not thirst.

Fry: (crying) 'Please, let me die.

Big Brain: (quietly) 'No.

[Big Brain flies over on top of Fry's head and squeezes out some brain juice. The juice goes into Fry's mouth, Fry tries to spit out some but some gets down into his body in so doing keeping him alive.]

Fry: 'I hope you rot!

Big Brain: 'It will be you doing the rotting, when your dead in the next few hours.

Big Brain: 'The forgotten noble heroes never have a happy ending do they Philip J. Fry? [Fry tries to respond, his lips move but no words are said] You could have had your life back,but oh no, there was you're unrequited love, Turanga Leela. It was your selfless act, and sacrifice that did this to you, and you shall pay for it.

[The Brains laughs.]

Brain 1#: 'The end of line for this one!

Brain 2#: 'Indeed.

Brain 3#: 'Stop saying indeed!

Big Brain: 'What is love? That's the one thing we do not understand. Well, human love that is.

Fry: (voice breaking and his last words) 'To see her smile and be happy is good enough for me. I....I...I....I....I...I....I..I.. I Love you....Turanga Leela.

[Fry takes one last breath, dies, and then his eyes close.]

Huge Brain: 'We will get out of here one day.....I hope.

The End