Fan Fiction

Unfortold Story Of The Ramaness, part 1
By Rush

(!Warning Spoiler: If you have NOT seen Bender's Game DO NOT read this fan fiction)

Scene: Robot Arms Apartments: Fry's Bedroom. Fry is siting on his bed wearing 20century style light blue boxers and a white t-shirt. The newspaper with the headline "Greatest opera of all time sucks" is on the floor at his feet., along with his holophonor. Fry sighs.

Fry: (sad) 'What's the point? I never be good enough for Leela. Heck I don't deserve her! I mean look at me? I'm taking to myself, first sign of madness. [He stands up as he slips on his usual pants.] Ahh, I just don't know anymore.

[He opens the door.]

Cut to: Fry's and Bender's Lounge. Fry walks out from his bedroom leaving the door open behind him, heads towards the refrigerator. When standing before it, he opens the bottom of the refrigerator's freezer door, and takes out a bowl of frozen solid "Bachelor Chow". Fry presses a button on the bowl, and the contents inside the bowl defrosts instantly.

[Bender rushes in with; oil dribbles down his forehead, chest cabinet hanging open, and panting heavy; slams the door behind him, then preses his back and his hands against the door.

Bender: (panting) 'Ha-uh, ha-uh, ha-uh, ah-ha, ah-ha, ah-ha, ha-ah, ha-ah, ha-ah, ha-ah. ha-uh, ha-uh, ha-uh, ah-ha, ah-ha, ah-ha. [He put his hand in inside his chest cabinet, closes it taking out a old piece of parchment marked "The Declaration Of Independence." and uses it to wipe off some of the oil dribbling down his forehead.] Hooo man! [He burps flame setting "The Declaration Of Independence." alight turning it into ashes.] Ahhh, crap, I was gonna give that back for a ransom.

Fry: 'What happened to you?

Bender: 'Well after I left a old-folks-home giving up on trying to get me into some of their wills, I mat some cheap ass floozies bots around Central Park Lake. I think their names were "Lulabelle 7" and "Daisy-Mae 128K". Well anyway as I was making-out with both of them I stole their wallets, but........but then.

Flashback: Central Park: It is late at night. The Farmer from "The Series Has Landed" chases after Bender repeatably reloading and then firing shotgun-shells from his shotgun at him; which has a sniper-scope attached on top, while Bender runs aways dodging the shotgun-shells a tick hedge of red bushes.

Bender: (screaming) 'Ahhhhhhh....[He puts the two wallets away inside his chest cabinet]..(panting) Ha-uh, ha-uh, [He gets hit by a shotgun-shell.] Ow! Ha, ah-ha, ha-ah. ha-ah.

Farmer: (shouting) 'I'll learn ye to sleep with my three beautiful robot daughters!

[Bender runs through the brushes, the Farmer pursues him running through them too.] 

Cut to: Central Park: Lawn. Bender emerges  from the bushes running across  a grass lawn.

Bender: (screaming) 'Ahhhhhhh....(panting) Ha, ah-ha, ha-ah. ha-ah--

[The Farmer emerges from the bushes, who crouches down taking aim.]

Fade to: Shotgun Scope's View. He aims at Bender's crotch-plate and shoots.

Bender: (shouting) 'Ow ow ow! My ass! My beautiful ass!

Farmer: (shouting) 'The Crushinator wasn't good enough for ya! Was she!?

Cut to: New New York City Street. Bender runs down a deserted street in the middle of the road, while the Farmer still is chasing after him and shooting at him.

Bender: (screaming) 'Ahhhhhhhh! [He gets hit by a shotgun-shell.] Ow! Oh, just leave me alone! [He sees a open manhole up ahead in the middle of the road.] Aha!

[He jumps down into the manhole.]

Farmer: 'Oh you ain't gonna get away from me this time!

[He jumps down into the manhole to continue to pursue Bender.]

Cut to: New New York City Sewers. Bender runs through the twilight like light tunnels, while Farmer still chases after him.

Bender: (screaming)'Ahhhhhhhh--[He gets hit by a shotgun-shell.]Ow! Oh would you just give up already!

Farmer: (shouting) 'Ye like that wouldn't ya!?

Cut to: Mutant Village. Bender down in the middle of a street past The Turangas'; the Farmer is yet still chasing after him and shooting at him, while the mutants scatter out of harms way.

Bender: (screaming) 'Ahhhhhhhh! I have nothing to "take this" with yea!

Cut to: Outside Stenchy's. At the mutant cafe, Bender with a screwdriver hot wires a rusty old hover-car.

Bender: 'Ahh, c'mon! C'mon! C'mon [The engine roars to life spewing out smoke.] And Bender is outta here!

[He speedily drives off down a tunnel, while the Farmer takes his hat off and jumps on it seeing him driving away.]

Farmer: 'Dang it! Dang it! Dang it!

[He puts his hat back on his head while a rusty old hover-car with Moose and Mandy from (Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles) are inside; it parks beside the Farmer.]

Moose: 'Hey you were the---[The Farmer aims his shotgun at him; Moose and Mandy put their hands up in the air.] Ahhhhhh!

Mandy: 'He's got a gun!

Farmer: 'Get outta the dang it car!

[Moose screams as the Farmer jacks him out of the car while Mandy simply gets out of car; then the Farmer speedily drives off continuing to pursue Bender.] 

Cut to: Sewers. Bender's car makes load engine failures sounds as it comes to halt spewing out tick clouds of smoke.

Bender: 'Ahh. Crap! Well at least he lost me.

Farmer: (shouting) 'I've got you this time!

[Bender sh**ts a dozen of bricks onto the car's seat; he pick one brick and throws it behind him hitting the Farmer in the face.]

Farmer: (shouting) 'Ow! [His engine burns out making his vehicle come to a halt.] Dang it! [Bender hits one of his bricks against his engine giving it a bang; it roars into life, he speedily drives off farther down the tunnel.] Dang it!

[He shoots the engine; it roars into life, he speedily drives off to continue to pursue Bender.]

Cut to: Sewage Treatment Plant. Sal pours some green liquid in a tiny glass into the tanks.]

Sal: 'Theres. The world's drinkings water is safes for another days. [Bender's car comes flying past splashing him with sewer water.] Ahhhh! [Followed by the Farmer's car also splashing with sewer water.] Ahhh! I gonna get me anti-mutation-pills.

Cut to: Sewers. Bender's car scrapes the sides of the tunnel and make sparks. The Farmer's car begins to close in on Bender.

Farmer: 'Ha ha! I got you now.

[He shoots hitting Bender in the back of the head.]

Bender: 'Ow! Yeah well, take this! [He throws a brick at the Farmer behind him, it misses him flying over his head.] Damn! And they say robots can't ever miss? [He comes to an open area of the sewer and makes a sharp turn into a tunnel; the Farmer however follows suit .] Oh-uh! No! It's 9pm!

Cut to: Outside Planet Express. The toilet flushes.

Farnsworth: (from bathroom) 'The devil take this predictable colon!

Cut to: Sewer. Sewer water floods in behind Bender and the and the Farmer wave pushes them faster.

Bender: (screaming) 'Ahhhhh!

Farmer: (screaming) 'My Mom's Cooking!

[Bender crashes into the damaged and under reconstruction "Martin Luther Thing Jr. High School" (Because Fry and Leela crashed into it in " Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles") and the building collapses. Dwayne sits at a desk in amongst the rubble and turns to Bender.]

Dwayne: (quietly) 'You're abolished.

Bender: 'Great!

Dwayne: 'Ever to come down here again!

Bender: 'Why would I wanna come down to this cesspool anyway again?! [He notices the Farmer reloading his shotgun.] Oh, I gotta run!

[Bender runs down a tunnel narrow tunnel while the Farmer pursues him.]

Cut to: Outside Planet Express. In the middle of the road across from Planet Express, Bender lefts a manhole's led, throws it aside, then climbs out, and sprints towards Zoidberg's Dumpster and jumps inside.

Farmer: (echoing from manhole) 'I got you now! [He emerges and looks around.] Ahh, dang it! I lost him!

[He walks out of sight.]

[Close up to Zoidberg's Dumpster.]

Zoidber: 'Get out of here this is my dumpster!

Bender: 'Make me!

[Zoidberg roars, Bender quickly jumps out of the dumpster, while Zoidber; clicking his claws, and with his head fin up chases after Bender.]

[Present day.]

Bender: 'And then Fry I ran back here! Good story, huh Fry?................ Fry! [He look over sees Fry's almost empty bowl of "Bachelor Chow" in the sink.] (sadly) Aww.

Cut to: Robot Arms Apartments Corridor. Fry is halfway walking down the corridor when suddenly he stops and quickly tuns around.

Fry: 'Oh damn, I forgot my jacket! [He falls over as everything flashes, and the corridor he's in changes into a light color of green.] Um, what? I don't remember the walls being this colour? Nor do I remember being so close to my apartment. Like I was halfway up the corridor. Ahh, this is the future by the way.

[He stands up, and knocks on the door Bender answers.]

Bender: (screaming) 'Ahhhhhh! Fry! You've come back to haunt me!

Fry: 'What? I need my jacket.

[Bender opens his cheat cabinet taking out a shotgun.]

Bender: (fearfully) 'Stay back! I'm not afraid to use this!

[Fry reaches his arms out towards Bender.]

Fry: 'Ben--[Bender screams sh**ing dozens of bricks as he slams the door and locks it.] Bender I need my jacke--

Bender: (Shouting) 'No! Go away zombie! (crying) Just leave me alone!

[Fry shrugs his shoulders, and walks down the corridor.]

Cut to: Fry's and Bender's Lounge. Bender with a shovel mixes a pile of cement with water, also laying bricks down with the cement at the front door to block it up.

Bender: (fearfully) 'Build a wall, build a wall, build a wall, build a wall--

Scene: Outside Robot Arms Apartments. Fry steps outside from the front entrance. There is a thunderstorm blowing with; thick black clouds, heavy rain, and lightning striking almost every second.

Fry: 'Ahh man!

Cut to: Outside Planet Express. Fry knocks on the front door shivering; Farnsworth answers.

Farnsworth: 'Yes? [lightning strikes in the background as he looks at Fry.] (screaming) 'Ahhhhhhhh! [He takes out a shotgun from his lab-coat; Fry runs away and jumps into Zoidberg's Dumpster.] Die you Homo Coprophagus Somnambulus!..........Wait where did he go?!....You can't hide from me! [He fires two times into midair.] Well I guess you can. Ahh, good night!

[As Farnsworth closes the door Zoidberg jumps out of his dumpster, whooping as he runs down the street.]

Zoidberg: 'Whoop whoop whoop! Fry is back from the dead!

To be continued