Fan Fiction

Unbound From The Future, part 11
By Rush

Scene: Planet Express: Angry Dome. Farnsworth remarkably runs around in circles and hums thoughtfully rubbing his chin in the room. But then stops doing so in his tracks ,when he hears his cellphone ringing.

Farnsworth: 'Eh, wha? [He answers it.] Hello?

Leela: [on phone] 'Professor! You said you know away of bringing back Fry, yes?

Farnsworth: 'Oh my yes, I'm sorry. I was just up here running around in circles, rubbing my, chiny  chin chin. I'm coming down now.

[He hangs up, and walks out the room waving his arms.]

Cut to: Lounge. The TV is off. Sally sits in the middle of the couch with Bender, who sits on the left side, who smokes a Zuban cigar, while Leela paces around the room.

Leela: 'C'mon, come on! [Amy walks in with a hair brush combing her hair.] Amy!

Amy: 'Yes?

Leela: 'Will you baby sit Sally?

Amy: 'Sure, what are friends for? [Leela smiles.] Come, on  Sally, let me get you a bite to eat, and show you around.

[Sally follows Amy out of the room, as Hermes enters with, Zoidberg, and Farnsworth, who holds a something that looks like a bag of coal.]

Farnsworth: 'Good news everyone! Let's all head down to the subbasement!

Bender: 'Wait! What's that bag you're holding?

Farnsworth: 'Why this my "Bottomless U-Bag", that contains a entire universe.

Leela and Bender: 'Wow!

Zoidberg: 'How does it work?

Farnsworth: 'Well, whatever you put in there, turns weightless, and whatever is in their in the first place is also weightless, and all you have do is simply reach you're hand inside, and imagine what you want , and it will come to you're hand to take out....and.

Zoidberg: 'You used quite a lot of "ands" there didn't you?

Farnsworth: 'Yeah, so what, and?

Cut: Attic Room. The some of staff who are; Leela, Bender, Hermes and Zoidberg, stand on  the platform around Farnsworth, who takes out a white piece of chalk from the "Bottomless U-Bag", and then begins writing random scribbles on a blackboard .

Farnsworth: (thoughtfully) 'Mmm, yes. (shouting) Scruffy!

[Farnsworth pulls a lever and the platform that the blackboard and they are on descends through the floor.]

Cut to: Planet Express: Sub-Basement. Scruffy pulls a chain and the platform slowly descends towards the ground. It topples but he rights it.

Bender: 'Why did we come down here for?

Farnsworth: 'Because what we're doing needs to very secret. Now, you setup this room up for a meeting, while I work on the blackboard.

Zoidberg: 'Horray! He didn't use the word "and".

Farnsworth: (shouting) 'Shut up!

Zoidberg: (sad) 'Aww.

Sometime later: Bender, who still smokes his Zuban cigar, however it has become a lot shorter, who sits on a boulder, along with the others, who are, Leela, Bender, Zoidberg  Hermes, and Scruffy, who sit on  boulders too, while Farnsworth with a piece of white chalk, writes random scribbles on a blackboard near a lava pit.

Farnsworth: 'As you can see these scribbled lines over here, represent are time: the present, [He draws more scribbles.] and these scribbled lines over there are the past's hangover.

[Everyone exchanges confused looks.]

Scruffy: 'Huh?

Hermes: 'What in Holy Bob Marley's ghost are you talking about?!

Zoidberg: 'Ahh, umm..you gonna give us free food, or what?

Farnsworth: 'Oh, maybe I didn't make myself clear. Basically someone in the past around the time of "December 31st, 1999, and maybe a little bit of a hour into the year 2000, has literally manage to cut Fry from existence, thus making his future self not exist. [Everyone gasps in horror, apart from Zoidberg, who still looks confused, who raises his right claw up in the air.] Yes, um, whoever you are?

Zoidberg: 'What did you mean by "cut"?

Farnsworth: 'I meant killed. Ok, anyone else have any questions? [He points his index finger at Zoidberg, who has his right claw raised up in the air. ]Yes?

Zoidberg: 'Are you gonna give me free food?

Farnsworth: 'Yes, yes!

Zoidberg: 'Hooray!

Farnsworth: 'Now, shut up! Anyone else have any, "good"questions?

Bender: 'Yeah, [He puffs his cigar] how do you know you're right 'bout this?

Farnsworth: 'You should put you're hand up.

Bender: 'Nah, just please, answer my question though.

Farnsworth: 'Ok, I found out by using the What-Know-Machine. [Everyone gasps.] Wait! Before you start, throwing thousands of question at me, it can only be used once a year. [Everyone nods their heads.] And I will not go into the details how I invented it! [Zoidberg raises his right claw up in the air] No! I'm not answering your question!

Zoidberg: (sad) 'Aww.

[Leela raises her right hand up in the air.]

Farnsworth: 'Yes?

Leela: 'So what's the plan? Like, how are going to get Fry back?

Farnsworth: 'Well, the plan is by using my unique to are universe, and a few others like this one, my "New Time Paradox Code" that does not make paradoxes and can sent us to back to the past and right back to the future percent.

Bender: 'Wow! Why didn't tell me about this? I could back and forth through time steeling historical treasures!

Farnsworth: 'You could, but I will never tell you the code! [Bender sighs.] All of you. [He takes some small round sliver glowing pills out from the "Bottomless U-Bag",which he throws one to each of them to everyone ,who all catch them.] Take these!

Hermes: 'What are these?

Scruffy: 'Whatever they are, Scruffy don't like the look of em.

Farnsworth: 'Their something I have not profound a name for yet, but I have tested them many times, so take them.

Leela: 'Wait! Will these pills kill us?

Farnsworth: 'Oh, God, no! What do you take me for?

Bender: 'A mad nut-case who wants world damnation , universal damnation, and parallel universes damnations!

Farnsworth: (sad) 'Ah, yes, but that is a dream I'll never achieve. (normally) Anyhoo ,before that happened, I've taken them myself, from time to time. You see these pills will make you, sorta move at lightning speed, and make you literally invisible. [Everyone gasps.] Yes, yes. Always with the gasping!

Bendert: 'Will they [He throws his cigar on ground, and stamps on it.] work on robots?

Farnsworth: 'Yes, they will. And once ingested, they will also make the clothes you're wearing too invisible. So there's no need for using invisibility spray paint.... Anyhoo, we need to take these so that when we go back in time, you will not be seen, thus not changing history too much. However the affect of pill only lasts for a few hours, but if you get angry, the affect may wear off immediately. So be careful! Now take em!

[Everyone puts them in their mouths even Farnsworth, who swallow them, and  all become invisible instantly.]

Hermes: 'Mmm, these are mighty tasty!

Zoidberg: 'Like orange flavored worm tablets!

Bender: 'Yeah, but it didn't work!

Leela: 'Hey yeah! How can we can still see each other?

Scruffy: (simultaneously) 'Second.

Bender: (simultaneously) 'Third!

Zoidberg: (simultaneously) 'Thi--(sad) Aww. (shouting) Wait! Fourth!

Farnsworth: 'Of course it worked! It's just this type of invisibility allows us to see each other. Also are voices can not be heard. So feel free to shout all you like, no one will hear you. But be warned! You  still get into physical contact with others. So be careful not to bump into people.....Now, let's all join hands. [They make a circle and join hands.] (saying the code) 'A0?20?30106080?700?k005?00200?4o0?0g---

[Nibbler rushes in and jumps into the middle of the circle.]

Nibbler: 'Waaaaait!

[Everyone gasps.]

Bender: 'Whoa! How can you see us?

Nibbler: 'I can't It's just I was watching you the whole time.

Farnsworth: 'What's happening?!

Leela: 'Nibbler, you...you can talk?

Nibbler: 'I can do more than talk. I can pontificate. But that is besides the point! You must use the new time code that you Farnsworth have invented. For the universe without Fry, should have been destroyed mouths ago, which also means that the Infosphere still exists, and Earth shouldn't even be here! Fortunately that must mean, the Spawn Brain decided to attack at a later time in history, which has not happened yet, but soon it will!

Scruffy: 'Me didn't really get one bit of that.

Leela: 'Universe destroyed? Spawn Brain? What are talking about?

Farnsworth: 'Wait! A minute! It all make sense now!

Hermes: 'What all makes sense now mon?

Farnsworth: 'That Fry wasn't talking a load of bull-pie to me, about them brains! Tell me more Nibbler, I need to inform my other mad scientists about this, for I may be named the grantees mad scientist ever, throughout history!

Nibbler: Uh, sorry wait. Incidentally,this was a bad idea. I guess I trying tell someone something, so I need to remain undercover ,so I'm blanking all your memories.

Bender: 'Now hold on there second! You gotta--[Nibbler's third eye flashes like the memory-eraser in Men In Black and everyone looks dazed.] I'm very confused. Did everything just flip around there, or did I just turn off for a second?

Farnsworth: 'Yes, I'm also very confused, more than usual. What were we doing again?

Leela: 'I think you were saying a time code to sent us back to "December 31st, 1999. [She notices Nibbler.] Aww, Nibbler what you doing down here?

Farnsworth: 'We have no time for womanly love right now. We can do that later. Anyhoo, everyone ready?

Everyone: 'Ready!

Farnsworth: 'A0?20?30106080?700?k005?00200?4o0?0g0?0r0z000?11?409!

[There is a series of power and blinding flashes of light.]

Nibbler: 'I better work on finishing that time machine of his.

Cut to: 'Liberty Island. Nannimarco still leans against the railing. There is the sound of a nuclear bomb going off.

Nannimarco: 'It is done! The Fabled One and The Other are dead. There is no way we can fail this time! The is time is finally right to attack, for the first time ever, which is also the first time, we are gonna attack! [A small Spawn Brain, that has about an dozen of 2 feet long red bloody tentacles sticking out of it with spikes at the end of half of them, bursts out through Nannimarco's stomach in à la "Alien Vs Predator", causing Nannimarco's body to fall into the water.] Come forth, my bothers, learn everything and destroy the universe! It is time! I grew tired, of that host!

Fad to: Deep Outer Space: Outside The Infosphere, which still exists.  There is a rumbling, a crack opens in the universe, another Infosphere comes out from the crack, along with a different type of slightly smaller then the average sized Brain Spawn pouring out of it too, who all have each about an dozen of 2 feet long red bloody tentacles sticking out of them with spikes at the end of half of them.

To be continued