Fan Fiction

Unbound From The Future, part 2
By Rush

Scene: Apartment 1 I: Leela's Bedroom. Leela stirs, wakes up, unwraps her legs and arms around Fry, sits up showing her butt naked athletic body and yawns stretching her arms.

Leela: (very very softy) 'I'm glad [affectedly strokes him on the head.] you never gave up on me. As of now you are oafishly my boyfriend. [Leela closes her eye, leans her head forward, and gives Fry's cheek a brief yet meaningful kiss.] You won’t have to make any more crazy desperate efforts to make me realize, that I love you too.

[She gets up off the bed, walks towards the door, takes a light blue dressing gown off the door's hanger, and slips it on herself as she walks into the lounge.]

A small bit latter: Fry opens his eyes, sits up and looks around confusedly scratching the back of his head.

Fry: 'Ha...where am I?...Wait! I am in her bedroom?

[Fry looks around the room some more and notices a pitcher of himself "Philip J. Fry" on the bed stand beside him. Fry's jaw drops not knowing how to react. He then stands up off the bed showing a lot less athletic body compared to Leela's physique with a little bit of a small beer belly. He looks around the floor for his clothes and then finds his underpants thrown in a conner, along side with Leela's pink panties on top of them, he then slips on his underpants as he walks out the door into the lounge.]

Cut to: Leela's Kitchen. (Does anyone know what Leela's kitchen looks like exactly?) The place has lot of every convenient thing you can think of and more, anyways aside from all that in the middle of the room there is a small square table with two chairs (smiler to the ones in the Planet Express conference room.) Opposite each other. Leela stands over her cooker on left middle side of the room, holding the objected in question by the handle on the front left ring, which is a saucepan filled with porridge, she is stirring it with a long wooden spoon. Then Fry walks in.

Leela: 'Hey sleepy head. Did you sleep well?

Fry: 'Well I don't want lie to you. But no I didn't really sleep that well.

[Leela narrows her eye.]

Leela: (crossly) 'How come?

Fry: 'Please, don't look and talk to me like that...I was worried alright! That I'd screw up, you think I tricked you into sleeping with me! [He sniffles] And all the more. Oh man, I'm pathetic!

[Fry cries using his hands to cover his face and to hind his shame. Leela drops the spoon onto the floor as her runs towards him, she wraps her arms around him.]

Leela: (very very softy) 'There there, shh. Look at me....look at me. [Fry teary eyed looks at Leela, who is smiling warmly towards him.] I'm not mad at you.

Fry: (crying) 'I'm acting like Zappa asn't I?

Leela: (very very softy) 'No, you're not. As for "asn't" it isn't even a word... [She closes her eye, nuzzles round his neck giving him the odd love-bite in places, then she lightly brushes her lips against his lips.] Love you, Philip. [She kisses him deeply, making him go limp in her arms. As she kisses him the cooker as if it as a mind of it's own turns itself off and walks towards the table. Robotic arms come out from the cooker's sides. The cooker uses it's robotic arms to sets the table with; two yellow themed "All My Circuits" cereal bowls on both opposite sides of the table and then picks up the filled with porridge saucepan on top of it on left ring and fills both bowls with the porridge and then puts one metal breakfast spoon for each bowl in each of them. Leela finally breaks the kiss, Fry gasps for breach.] Now, let's have are breakfast.

[Fry sits himself down on around the table on the chair nearest to the door, while Leela takes out of her fridge a carton of "Sunny, Happy As Gay Orange Juice". With an logo of a smiling sun wearing a pair of sunglasses. Two small round glasses hover onto the table and land beside both Fry's and Leela's bowl of porridge. Leela sits down opposite Fry, pours herself a glass of orange juice and takes a small sip.]

Leela: 'Want some?

Fry: 'Sure.

[She hands him the carton, and he pours himself a glass of orange juice. Then of both them proceed to have their breakfast.]

Cut to: Outside Leela's Bathroom Door.

Leela: 'For the last time Fry, brush your teeth!

Fry: 'I only brush my teeth at night time before I go to bed.

Leela: 'Everyone needs to brush they're teeth at least twice a day. And besides, (sexfully) I'll let you in the shower with me, if you brush your teeth.

Fry: 'Oh baby, I'm there!

Leela: 'Then brush your teeth.

Fry: 'I'm on it.....Ow! I think I got a boo-boo!

Leela: 'Let me kiss it better.[There is a pause.] Mmm! There. Does that feel better baby?

Fry: 'Yeah.

Leela: 'By the way Fry, that's not a toothbrush, that's my razor.

Fry: 'Wow, whatcha use it for?

Leela: 'You wouldn't really want to known.

Fry: 'Would I not now? Come on try me.

Leela: 'Well, okay if you're that curious about it. I use it for; to shave my legs, armpits and well something the odd time for my forest bush, if you know what I mean.

Fry: 'Ewwww!

Leela: 'Oh stop being such a big baby. Now, that aside brush your teeth.

Fry: 'Will do.

Scene: Outside Planet Express. It is a beautiful sunny day. Fry and Leela who wear their usual clothes walk across the street holding hands heading towards the Planet Express building. When they reach the other side of the street in front of the entrance to Planet Express, Fry starts flicking like a static television fading in and out of existence.

Fry: (panicking) 'What's happening?!

Leela: (panicking) 'I don't know! [Leela's eye fills with tears] Please, don't leave me! [Before Fry as time to say anything back he fads away, his clothes fall onto the ground in a heap. She falls onto her knees sobbing and grabs Fry's jacket hugging it, as if it was him.] Nooooo! This is a dream! This is not real!... [She slaps herself across the face.] (screaming/crying) It's real! (plainly just screaming)Ahhhhhhhhhh! (crying, speaking quietly) No, you can't be gone, we were going to be together.

[Leela lies herself down on the ground, curlers into a ball sobbing literally forming a puddle of her own tears underneath her, and Leela's eye is now literally bright red. Zoidberg walks around a conner curiously to see what's all the commotion is about.]

Zoidberg: 'Hey, Leela are you alright--

[Leela stands up narrowing her to a murderess look.]

Leela: (screaming/crying) 'Don't you dare try and cheer me up! [Zoidberg runs away whooping, everyone stares at Leela.] What the Hell you all looking at?!

[Everyone frightened looks away and continue to go about their business. Leela picks up all of Fry's clothes and runs as she enters into Planet Express.]

To be continued