Fan Fiction

Unbound From The Future, part 4
By Rush

Scene: Planet Express: Meeting Room. All the staff sit around the table while Farnsworth stands on top of the table waving his hands in the air. Bender smokes a Dutch Butt cigar.

Farnsworth: 'Oh my, yes, nom nom nom, Zoidberg, indeed! Anyhoo before that happened. Good news, everyone! You will be helping me make doomsday drives, thus helping in my plans; for world damnation, universal damnation, and parallel universes damnations! No no no, wait! There really is only one way to rule the world. Build massive armies, with; tanks, big freaky ass guns, lesbian warriors. Bring back; cows and anchovies by cloning them. Create; things that create things, cannibalistic man eating cabbages and carrots--

[He continues to blabber.]

[Cut to: Farnsworth's Imagination. A massive army of mutant atomic supermen with octagonal-shaped bodies marching through a desert, the odd one looks like a Humanoid of the letter F.]

Farnsworth: (blabbering voice over) 'My invincible nuclear mutants will conquer Earth for me! (laughing dementedly) Muahahaha, muahahaha, mmmmyeeeaaaaahhhhhsssss, muahahaha! (blabbering) Building massive armies! With; hearts as cold as cold, say the worse you can say almost all the time, suck blood out of you, and kill you as soon as look at ya. Genetically modified and enhanced super soldiers, that can; see in the dark, have heat seeking vision, Hulk like strength, chameleon skin that they use to camouflage themselves, and angry all the time! And monkey space-pirate ninja zombies---

[He continues to blabber.]

[Cut to: Farnsworth standing on highest point of the roof of Planet Express,with his hands in the air. There is a lightning storm blowing, that fills the night sky with thick black stormy clouds; raining heavy, and has wicked load screams of wind.]

Farnsworth: (blabbering) 'Muahahaha, muahahaha, mmmmyeeeaaaaahhhhhsssss, muahahaha! [lightning strikes him.] Ow! Mean spirited alive traffic barriers, that roar at people and as the walls and guards of my dark tower's fortress, made up of bananas skins, rocks, chewing gum, paper, and tin-cans! One by one they will all fall under my might. I will be overlord of Earth, ruler of the world , the universe and all the parallel universes! (laughing dementedly)Muahahaha, muahahaha, mmmmyeeeaaaaahhhhhsssss, muahahaha. (blabbering) And when I'm ruler of everything I will be; screaming at people, shouting at people, burping and farting in people's faces. And then I' laugh like a mad man (laughing dementedly) Muahahaha, muahahaha, mmmmyeeeaaaaahhhhhsssss, muahahah---

Hermes' voice: 'Professor mon, wake up!

[Farnsworth wakes up, and finds himself sitting among his staff around the table in the Planet Express, Meeting Room. Leela with her head in her arms down on the table is sobbing forming a puddle of her own tears. Bender smokes a Zuban cigar.]

Farnsworth: 'Eh, wha? Ooh! Why did you wake me?! I was having such a good dream!

Hermes: 'Well, I figured, I'd be da one to wake you up. Since I was unusually quite earlier this morning.

Farnsworth: 'Indeed, you were unusually quite earlier this morning. But why did you wake me up?

Hermes: 'Well, Leela here has something to tell us about Fry.

Farnsworth: 'Okay. Let's hear it then woman.

[Leela lefts her head slightly showing a bloodshot bright red eye.]

Leela: (crying) 'F f f f...Fry taken from me.

Farnsworth: 'Hmm, yes indeed. Go on.

Leela: (crying) 'We, we're.... we're.... we're--

Farnsworth: (shouting) 'We're what?! Spit out already!

[Leela leans her head back down on the table.]

Amy: (shouting) 'You, shut up! (softy) Leela take you're time and tell us what happened. [Leela lefts her head slightly showing a new tiny smile on corners of her lips.] We're all your friends here.

[Leela's smile creeps up another micron.]

Leela: (crying/ but speaking clearly) 'Well, when you all left him alone, I stayed.

Flashback: Metropolitan House of Opera. Fry who wears a tux, sits alone on the stage in the empty auditorium. He puts his holophonor on the floor and gets up to leave.

Leela: 'Please don't stop playing, Fry. I wanna hear how it ends.

Fry turns around. Leela who wears her black opera dress is the only person left in the room. He smiles then sits down, picks up the holophonor and plays. The smoke whirls around above him and forms a crude image of himself and Leela who turn to each other and hold hands. They kiss, turn around and walk away towards the horizon. Then the picture flickers, distorts and then turns to nothingness. Fry looks over at Leela, to see she's not there. A pure face of hopeless and sadness comes upon Fry's face as a few tears fall down it.

Leela: (very very softy) 'Fry.

[Fry turns his head to see Leela standing right beside him smiling warmly.]

Fry: (quietly) 'L.l...l...lee...l..Leela, how did you?

Leela: (very very softy) 'I ran, up here towards you. [She reaches her hand out and holds it in midair towards Fry. He reaches his hand out to her but then hesitates.] Don't be afraid. I won't hurt you. Well not in love when it is unrequited, for here on in, I will return it.

[Leela smiles warmly, Fry reaches his hand out to her, when his fingers reach her finger tips, she takes hold of his hand first, then pulls him up onto his feet into a hug. Fry pats her back.]

Leela: (very very softy) 'You're so special to me you know that?

Fry: (nervously) 'Uh, um..I...I--

Leela: (very very softy) 'You don't have to say anything. I love you. And there's question of it.

Fry: 'I love you, too.

[Leela holds him tighter and Fry reacts by doing the same, their faces just inches apart now. Then, slowly, they kiss. It's not along or passionate, it's just a small light brush of a kiss. When they break tears runs down Fry's cheeks.]

Leela: (very very softy) 'Fry, are you crying?

Fry: (crying) 'I did it....didn't I? I won your heart? Oh..and...I'm not crying.

Leela: (very very softy) 'Yep, you did, and you have. Also you are crying, but it's okay. I'm not gonna be mad at for crying. Not at all.

[There is silence between them; not awkward silence, but a silence of nothing needs to be said sort of silence; as they walk between the aisles of seats towards the exit holding hands.]

[Fade to later: In Leela's Bedroom. Fry and Leela are kissing and rolling about on the bed, feeling each other up.]

[Present Day. Bender's mouth is stuffed with lit cigarettes.]

Leela: 'Ah-um, this my personal business at this part. Okay, on the following morning when we heading into your apartment, Bender.

Flashback: Robot Arms Apartments Corridor. Fry who still wears his tux from yesterday and Leela who wears her usual clothes walks down the corridor.

Leela: 'Fry?

Fry: 'Yeah?

Leela: 'Nothing, just testing you.

Fry: 'Okay?

[They continue walk down the corridor. When they reach the door to Bender's apartment, Fry knocks on it. ]

Fry: [knocking on the door] 'Hello? Bender! Are you home? [He turns to Leela] No answer.

Leela: 'Do you have keys?

Fry: 'Now, that I think of it, yeah.

[Leela signs, then covers her face with her hand in disbelief; as Fry opens the door heading inside.]

Leela: 'Fry, meet me out here, when you got your clothes.

Fade to latter: New New York City Street. Fry and Leela both wearing their usual clothes walk passed a dark alleyway but then stop seeing a man staring at them, who wears a gas-mack and a gray hooded cloak marked in middle of his chest "T-Q-D".

Fry: (whispering in Leela's ear) 'Let's just keep going.

Leela: (quietly) 'Yeah, I think you're right.

Fade to later. Fry and Leela handing walk across the street to their workplace Planet Express. When they reach the other side of the street in front of the entrance to Planet Express, Fry starts flicking like a static television fading in and out of existence.

Leela: (voice over) 'And...and and...then....he he..faded away.

[Present Day. Leela now with her head in her arms down on the table is sobbing forming a puddle of her own tears again. The other gasp, apart from Bender who smokes a Royal Kooparillo cigar.]

Hermes: 'Sweet two monkey nuts and banana in the middle!

Bender: 'Eh, saw it coming.

Amy: 'But how did he fa--

Leela: (crying/screaming) 'How am I s'posed  to know?! I guess it might have been time and space rejecting him out of the fabric of reality of are universe "X4G-A", causing him to disappear?

Zoidberg: 'Speaking of universes, remember when we visited "X4G-1" and I meet my blue alternate self?

Bender: 'Yeah, and you we're both losers. Oh yes, and remember when I meet my golden alternate self?

Amy: 'Yeah, and also in that universe Leela and Fry were, you know, a item.

[Leela sits up straight.]

Leela: (crying) 'Hey, I'm right here you know?!

Amy: 'And also, do remember that Hermes almost killed us all?

Flashback: Planet Express: Ship's Ejection Port. The ship has arrived at the sun and Hermes X4G-A prepares to eject the box. He pushes it through the slot into the airlock and is about to press the eject button when the box shakes and the X4G-A's and X4G-1's jump out of it. They are trapped in the airlock. Farnsworth bangs his fists on the glass.]

Farnsworth X4G-A: 'Hermes, don't press that button!

[Hermes thinks about it.]

Hermes X4G-A: 'OK.

[Present Day.]

Farnsworth: 'Yes yes, that was mildly interesting. Now let's try and get back on topic here. Speaking of getting back on topic, I might know away of bringing Fry back to existence.

Leela: (crying/ hopefully) 'You would, really?

Farnsworth: 'No!

Leela: (crying/disappointed) 'Oh.

Farnsworth: 'Yet, I may find away. Once I'm done, fuming in the Angry Dome!

[Farnsworth stands up and walks out the room growling and waving fists.]

To be continued