Fan Fiction

Jumping Through A Wormhole
By Rush

Jumping Through A Wormhole

Scene: Planet Express Lounge. Zoidberg is in the room alone with the muck leech. It is in a glass terrarium.

Zoidberg: '[He picks it up and laughs.] Squirm all you want, you nasty dumpling. One less species for the universe, one more breakfast for...

[Leela stands in a doorway.]

Leela: 'Zoidberg?

Zoidberg: Leela. Me saving things the leech. Not the eating of it.

Leela: 'Zoidberg, I'm very surprised at you, slightly.

[Leela lets the leech clamp onto her arm and Zoidberg stares, then slurps at it. Cut to Leela leaving Planet Express.]

Fry: [from behind a corner] 'Psst! Leela.

Leela: 'Shh! [She leans against the wall.] I'm a fugitive.

Fry: 'I know. I miss you so much, Leela, even more than when you were here.

Leela: 'I miss you, too, Fry. And you probably think what I'm doing is wrong. But it's something I really care about...

Fry: 'You don't have to explain, Leela. You're you. That's all I need to know.

[Tears fill her eye.]

Leela: Goodbye, sweet goofbag.

[She gives him a peck on the cheek then walks over to the Camper, knocks twice and gets pulled in. They fly away. Zoom out of just Fry standing on the sidewalk to show Zoidberg and Bender are there as well.]

Bender: [He sighs.] 'I'll miss her, too, buddy. Dibs on her iPod.

Zoidberg: Dibs on her- ohh...

[Time Lapse.]

[Bender walks down a street on a pavement, when there is flash of light down a dark alleyway, he stops and turn looks to look down the dark alleyway.]

Bender: 'Hmm?

[He walks into the alleyway.]

?Bender: ?'Ahhhhhh!

?Bender: ?'Ahhhhhh!

?Bender ?: 'Whoa hey, ow ow.

[Sounds of matal banging off matel.]

?Bender ?: 'Ow!

?Bender ?: 'Oh, you bastard!

?Bender?: ', take that!

[There is the sound of whistling like R2-D2 followed by one of the two Benders leaving the alleyway dusting his hands.]

Bender: 'That'll teach you, to mess with me!

[Time Lapse.]

Scene: Space Grandstand. which has hundreds of people present protracted by a glass dome surrounding it.

[The Planet Express ship backs out of the dome's hole in which it made and takes off with the Nimbus right behind it, firing madly.]

Cut to: PE Ship's Cockpit.

Fry: 'Well, this is the end. There was so many things I wanted to say to you.

Leela: 'Like what?

Fry: 'Like this is not the end. But mostly just, I love you, Leela.

[The ship shakes as it is hit by one of the Nimbus' shots.]

Leela: 'Maybe I waited too long to say this, but I love you, too- wormhole!

[The ship is heading straight for a wormhole in space.]

Hermes: 'Sweet topology of cosmology, it's massive!

Farnsworth: 'If we fly into it, it could take us trillions of light years away. There's no knowing if we'll ever return.

Fry: 'What do we do? Should we go for it?

Bender: 'Go for it damnit! Oh, yeah. [He quickly opens chest cabinet takes out a bottle of water, lots of tiny little brown blobs, which he pours water on with the bottle, and they inflate into parachute packs.]

Amy: 'Um, Bender--

[Bender pulls out a sawn-off double barrel shot shotgun which he aims at everyone threatfully.]

Bender: 'Put-them-on-and-wait-for-my-command!

[Everyone reluctantly agrees, they pass a parachute one to other and each put one on, even Bender puts one on.]

[Cut to outside the ship entering the wormhole.]

Space: Planet Earth can be seen in view has there is a blinding flash of light followed by the appearance of the Planet Express ship in space.

Cut to: PE Ship's Cockpit.

[Everyone cheers.]

Fry: 'We're back at Earth!

Farnsworth: 'Of course! Earth central channel for shipping!

Bender: 'Shut up!

Farnsworth: (sad) 'OK.

[The Nimbus appears behind them, the PE ship tries to fly away towards Earth, but just as in enters earth's atmosphere, it gets hit in the back engine blasted from a laser from the Nimbus.

Cut to: PE Ship's Cockpit: An alarm is going off while everyone looks terrified.

[Among the panicking Bender is calm.]

Bender: 'Oxygen level is – now! Get ready with the parachutes!

[Bender shoots the windscreen the glass breaks with a small explosion and everyone is sucked out.]

Brief cut to outside PE ship where everyone pulls their parachutes successfully.

Cut to: Nimbus Cockpit.

Zapp: 'I have you now! [He fails to notice them parachuting.]

Cut to: Outside Planet Express where the PE ship crashes into middle of the road exploding like a small tactical nuke but when the following ship the Nimbus crashes on top of it, it makes a much lager explosion but not nuke like.

Cut to: Times Square. Everyone of Planet Express lands safely on the pavement outside Applied Cryogenics once landed Leela runs towards Fry, warps her arms around, and kisses him.

[Time Lapse.]

Scene: Outside Planet Express. The Emergency Services are stationed around the wreckage of the two ships, firemen put out the remaining fires of two ships with fire hoses from four fire trucks, the police have blocked off the area with yellow security sticky tape where there is a huge crowd gathered.

[Pan to the back of an ambulance, where a paramedic robot places Zapp's head in a jar.]

Zapp: 'Um, what happened?

[Nixon's head in a jar carried by the Secretary of Transportation walks towards Zapp.]

Nixon: 'Brannigan! What in hairy arses were you playing at?!

Zapp: 'Sir, I ... what did I do wrong?

Nixion: 'What did I do wrong you asked me? You chased them hero's of the universe who saved us ... republicans from that leech without both my and the Doop's permission, that's what! Plus the Omicronians threaten all out war with us if we don't leave them alone for some reason.

Cut to: Planet Express Lounge. Everyone is assembled watching TV; Fry, Leela, and Bender sit on the couch while the rest stand up watching.

Nixon: [on TV] 'I here by drop all charges, towards those involved with the Violet Dwarf Star, that's it, case closed.

[Everyone cheers.]

Fry: 'So, what now?

Leela: 'I don't know, only time will tell. But we'll do it together.

[Leela takes hold of his hand and smiles sweetly at him.]

Farnsworth: Speaking of time, Bender, care to ex--

Bender: 'You'll never take me alive! [He jumps out the window.] Ow! ... I'm OK!

[Another Bender walks in the doorway everyone gasps.]

Fry: 'Bender?

Leela: 'Wait, if your Bender then who was--

[Bender breaks down onto his knees and cries.]

Bender: (crying) 'I feel like such a loser, another me of another parallel universe beat me up?

The End!

Cubert: (voice over) 'That is just unpossible and unrealistic.