Fan Fiction

Universe Jumping Bender, part 6
By Rush

Scene: Mars: August 10, 2003 the same day Futurama was canceled: U-J-Bender appears on top of Olympus Mons, slips and falls down.

U-J-Bender: (screaming)'Well this something original, for once then the usual Mount Everest--[hits his head against the mountain]Ow!--[takes a breath] Ahhhhhhhhhhhh--[hits his head against the mountain]Ow! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh--[takes a breath] Ahhhhhhhhhhhh--[hits his head against the mountain]Ow! [as Bender falls he uses his middle finger as lighter to light-up himself a cigar.] No oxygen and still able to smoke, what gives? [hits his head against the mountain and loses his cigar] Ow! Aww, man.

[There is flash of light and U-J-Bender disappears.]

Scene: Bender's Original Universe: Robot Arms Apartments: Bender's And Fry's Lounge. Fry untidily packs up a huge dark brown suitcase on the couch trowing his stuff inside; clothes, books, magazines, comics and lot's of other things.

Fry: [putting in his holophonor.] 'There [closes the suitcase's zipping it up and dusts his hands.] I'm off to Leela's. [he struggles to pick up his suitcase.] Ahh, it's too heavy. [Bender appears standing in front of the doorway to Fry's room, his back facing him] Bender? [Fry rubs his eyes.] Bender!

Bender: [turning to face him.] 'Fry!

They run towards each other and hug.

Bender: 'I missed you! You pathetic loser!

Fry: 'And I missed you too! You jerk!

Bender: 'What's with the suitcase?

Fry: 'I'm moving in with Leela. Lot's of things had happened when you were gone for the last month....Me and Leela had a date!

Bender: 'Yes, go on.

Fry: 'She told she loves me and ah...well we did a few things.

Bender: 'Alright! Let me help take that to Leela's. [picks up Fry's suitcase with one hand.] Let's go.

Scene: Leela's Apartment Building Corridor. Fry and Bender who carries Fry's suitcase walk towards the door outside her apartment.

[Fry knocks on the door.]

Leela: (from inside.) 'Who is it?

Fry: 'It's me, Fry.

Leela opens the door with her hair down, wearing her usual pants and boots, but wears a new white tank-top like her usual one but more revealing around the breast's area.

Leela: 'I was worried about you--I was gonna call you.

She pulls Fry into a tight bear-hug.

Fry: [feeling her hair.] 'Whoa! I'm happy to see you too.

Leela: 'I missed you. [she kisses Fry's cheek but then gasps noticing Bender.] Bender?

Bender: 'I'm back baby! [drops the suitcase on the ground and walks down the stairs.] Cya ya tomorrow, bossy boots!

Fry: (quietly) 'I love you, Leela.

Leela: (very softly) 'I love you too, Fry. [she kisses Fry long and deeply making him go limp.] Now come in here. And help me make up for lost time with you.

Fry: 'But I need to take in my suitcase.

Leela picks up Fry suitcase with hand and brings it inside and Fry follows her inside....Fry closes the door after him.

Bender: (voice over) 'And there you have it! Along my journey back to my original home universe, I think's I got lot's of Frys and Leelas to love each other and....Well sleep with each other too....happily ever after, blah blah. I had a lot of fun jumping from one universe to the next, and I decided not to kill the Professor, only because of the fun I had. And now my universe Fry and Leela decided to remarry, have a few mini-meatbags, who have grown up and turned into big-meatsbags, and they had a few mini-meatbags of their own.

Apparently thee end.

Or is it?