Fan Fiction

The Heavy About Love, Part 1
By Rye Guy

Author's Note : This is a re-write of the first Futurama fanfic I ever wrote (I never sent it anywhere to get posted). This is a story I've been fiddling around with even before I started writing "The Other". I didn't like the way the original turned out so I put the story on the back-burner for a while. But now, I thought, why not give it antoher try? So, I took the original story, fixed what I felt was wrong with it and changed a lot of things to hopefully improve it. Then that second draft didn't meet with my hopes for how it would be. So, I re-wrote it a third time and finally, I like this story. Now, I'm aware that some, if not many, of you might not like this story because of the subject matter of extreme weight gain and all. To be honest, I don't care if no one like this story. I write stories that I want to write, not stories that I think others will read. Hell, I never thought anyone would like "The Other", but I see how mistaken I was. Just remember, that I'm a writer who works in his own bounds. So, you can always expect unique stories that are unlike many out there from me. I write simply for the fun of writing and improving my talent. And as with all my writings, there is truth in this story also. Each of my fics has some aspect in it that's based on real things that I've experienced in my long 19 years on this planet.

If you like any of my other works than you may like this because like my other fics, this story was made to stand out as something unique and different. Feedback is always welcome, be it positive or negative. Although I like positive better. :P

So sit back, read, and enjoy :)

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But few realize just how true that is. This is a story of how one young space captain did just that. She came from sewers and lived a normal life on the peaceful planet Earth. She is captain of an intergalactic space delivery crew. A good leader, she is brave, cunning, strong; and even though she never thinks much of it, she is also very beautiful. For you see, she is unaware of the beauty she possesses. This stems from a life of ridicule and rejection. Only one person has ever made her feel confident in herself. And that young man is truly in love with her. But both are about to discover how love cares not of outward appearance, but is instead more focused on who the person is. To quote an old cliche: "It's what's on the inside that counts." And in this case, what's inside makes the outside gorgeous no matter how much it changes.

Our story begins in an apartment in the bustling city of New New York, where our lady sleeps.

"One eye! One eye! One eye!"

Echo the voices...

"You worthless freak!"

Leela runs from the voices; but the faster she runs, the louder they become.

"No one will ever love you!"


They grow so loud she falls to her knees and covers her ears, but to no avail; the voices still come through as loud as ever.

"Stop!" she cries in an emotional agony. She buries her face in her lap and begins to cry. Her tears collect on the ground below her as the voices continue their onslaught. "Make it go away..." she cries softly between tears.

A lone, humble voice replies "I can." And with that, the voices cease.

Leela wipes the tears from her eye and turns to see Fry walking towards her with his usual warm, inviting smile.


He nods. "Yes, Leela." He kneels down next to her and gently places his hand on her shoulder.

She then wraps her arms around his torso and cries into his chest. "Thank God you're here."

"That's just it Leela. I'm not here."

She lifts her head and meets his eyes. "What do you mean?"

"Leela, I want to be there for you. But you won't let me." He silently stands and turns away from her. "I'm the only one who can make the voices of your past remain silent. But, you won't give me a chance to." He begins to walk away, back into the nothingness he came from.

The voices begin again sending Leela into an immediate breakdown. She finds herself unable to stand. All she can do is reach her hand out for Fry and cry as she watches him vanish in the distance.

"Fry, please! Don't go! I need you..." She sits up in her bed with her hand reaching forward "...I love you!" she freezes instantly. She stands and wipes a tear from her cheek. She looks down to see the fresh tear stains on her pillow. She sighs sadly and rubs her head as she makes her way to the window. As she gazes out the window, she can't help but think back to all the awful memories such a dream brings. To think, she used to be so stubborn about her own feelings.

She smiles. "Good thing I finally decided to follow my heart."

With her face glowing in happiness, she turns to see her fiancee' still asleep in bed. She bends down and gives him a gentle kiss on the cheek. "I love you, Fry," she whispers.

A grin forms on Fry's face. "I love you too, Leela..." he responds softly, talking in his sleep.

The next morning at the gym...

Leela and Amy are working out. Leela is lifting weights while Amy runs on the treadmill. There is hardly anyone in the gym besides them because it is so early in the morning. This had been a part of Leela's routine for the past several years now; work out at the gym for a couple of hours early each morning before going to work. Amy had just recently joined her in hopes that she could lose some of her cute baby fat around her thighs, waists, and rear. Kif had told her time and time again that she didn't need to; that she was beautiful jus the way she is. Even though Amy appreciated it, she didn't believe it.

As for Leela, this was part of her normal morning routine. She's been doing this every morning for the past ten years. Now, there's nothing wrong with a woman wanting to stay in shape and be fit, but Leela took it to extremes. She'd exercise until she could barely stand, eat hardly anything all day, and drink nothing but water. Ever since she was a child, she was always made fun of because of her eye. She had it in her head that no man would ever find her attractive so she came up with an idea. She thought that maybe if she had an excellent body, it would distract people from her eye. At age 15 she started setting her plan in motion. It started with kung-fu and taekwondo classes. After that came weight lifting, running, swimming. In no time, she was thin, fit, and trim. But she didn't think she was good enough yet. It got to the point to where she was disgusted with herself whenever she ate so she would make herself throw up after eating anything. This led to her becoming bulemic at age 17.

One day she was sent to the hospital when her body just simply shut down from too much excersion and malnutrition. As she lay in that hospital bed, she began to ask herself, "Is it really worth it? Why am I doing this to myself?" She was so weak she couldn't stand; she could barely lift her arms. Over and over in her mind, she kept wishing how it didn't have to be this way. If only she could just not worry about it so much. Just stop all of this and worrying and torture.

But, if she did that, then she could kiss her dreams of marriage and raising a family good bye. Men don't like fat girls. They want supermodels, swimsuit models; women with tone and definition to their bodies. At least, that's what Leela thought. And she knew in her mind that she would lose Fry if she ever changed her routine. She was not only doing this for her, she was doing it for him as well. He thought she was beautiful, but that wasn't enough. She has to believe she is beautiful before she will ever stop.

With a clang, she sets the barbell back on it's stand and sits up. She sits there for a second, continuing her thoughts until she notices the clock on the wall. They have half an hour to get to work. She stands and walk over to Amy on the treamill.

"Amy, let's hit the showers. We need to get to work."


In the showers...

The two shower next to each other and chat in the empty locker room. They are the only two there. Amy starts the conversation.

"So, Leela, how are things with you and Fry?"

She smiles. "Couldn't be better. Pretty much the only hard part right now is getting everything ready for the wedding."

"What all have you gotten taken care of so far?"

Leela thinks for a second. "Let's see...we got the church, the caterers, Fry's tux, and dinner."

"Wow. Sounds like you two have been busy."

"Yeah, but there's still so much to take care of. I haven't even had time to go looking for a gown yet."

"Gleesh! Tell you what, how about you and I go shopping for your gown tonight after work?"

"I'd love to but I can't. Fry and I have dinner plans tonight. How about tomorrow night?"

"Sounds like a plan."

Amy takes some shampoo in her hand and begins washing her hair. Some of the lather gets in her eyes, but she quickly rinses it out. She rinses the shampoo out of her hair and casually looks over to Leela but stops and begins staring at her. She had never realized how muscular Leela really is. Her biceps are toned and she even has some firm abs.

She grins. "I guess Fry must really enjoy it. Um, how is it by the way? If you don't mind me asking."

Leela gives her a curious look but it is replaced hy a satified grin. "To be completely honest, making love with Fry is the best experience I've ever had. Why do you ask? I mean, you should know how good he is. It's not like you didn't have sex when you were dating each other."

Amy scratches the back of her head with a bit of nervousness. "That's just it, we did, but it wasn't good at all. I didn't want to say anything to him about it, but I know why...once during sex he called me Leela."

Leela looks at her in almost disbelief.

"Even when he was with me, he was in love with you. So naturally, he was distacted when we had sex; whereas with you, it's a dream come true for him."

Leela is speechless. Not knowing what to say, she continues scrubbing her legs and once finsihed, she turns off her shower head and smiles to Amy. "We'd better get going or we'll be late."

A short time later, at Planet Express...

Fry and Bender are in the lounge watching TV. Bender is slouched in his seat as usual, but Fry is sitting up straight with his legs crossed and a smile on his face. He's not even paying attention to the television at all. Instead, he is gazing out the window to the beautiful morning sky and how the glow of the rising sun reminds him of the radiance of Leela's spirit.

Bender taps his foot on the coffee table along with the music in a commercial for Mom's Friendly Robot Company. Once the commercial has ended, Bender sits up. "Man, that Mom sure knows some catchy jingles. Doesn't she Fry?" No response. "Fry?" He looks at Fry who is lost in his cloud gazing. Bender reaches up , pinches Fry's ear and tugs hard.

Fry jumps. "Ow! Hey cut it out Bender!"

"Maybe you should pay more attention next time."

"Attention to what?"

Bender throws his arms up in aggrevation. "What's wrong with you Fry? Ever since you and Leela first started going out, you've been acting so different."

"No I haven't." Fry attempts to defend himself, but knows how true his friend's words are.

"Face it Fry, she's changed you."

"Yeah, for the better." He grins.

Bender crosses his arms and sits back in his seat, his eyes focused back on the TV. "I'll never understand these emotions of yours."

With nothing but the TV making any noise, Fry returns his attention to the window. He's so caught up in staring, he doesn't hear the door open. Suddenly a pair of hands cover his eyes.

"Guess who?" asks a very lovingly familiar voice.

Fry smiles and grabs the hands gently. "Gee, I wonder who it could be," he responds jokingly. "Is it Scruffy?"

Leela chuckles. "Nope. Try again."


With a giggle, she tilts his head back. "It's me baby." The two share a tender kiss. She sits on the arm of the couch with her arm on Fry's shoulders. "Whatcha' watching?"

Fry shrugs. "Honestly, I have no idea. I wasn't really watching it. I was too busy thinking about you."

She leans down and kisses him again.

Bender stands. "If you two are gonna start that again, I'm outta here!" He exits, leaving the couple alone.

She slides off the arm rest and onto his lap. Both of them lay down across the couch together. Leela is on her back and Fry is on his right side between her and the back of the sofa. He runs his fingers down her stomach to the bottom of her shirt. He rolls it up and gently rests his hand on her tone stomach. Looking into her eye, he sets his head down on the cushion next to hers and kisses her cheek. "You are so beautiful."

She sees the truth in his eyes but there is still the cloud of doubt in her mind, keeping her from accepting those words. She wraps her arm around him and the two begin to cuddle, but they are interrupted by Amy, who sticks her head in through the door.

"Hey guys, the Professor needs you two in the conference room. We've got a delivery today."

Both Fry and Leela sigh dejectedly. But seeing as how it's their job, they might as well do what they're paid to.

In the conference room...

The whole crew is seated, unenthusiastically awaiting to find out their destination. Given past experiences, they were all used to expecting some cannibal planet or a world riddled with flesh eating viruses or what have you. The Professor shuffles in with his usual grin as he remains oblivious to any and all dangers that he may be putting the crew through today.

"Good news everyone! Today you'll be making a delivery of Lipidia 4, the bakery planet."

Bender sits up in his chair. "Whoa, whoa whoa, hold on a second here. A bakery planet? As in edible baked goods right?"

The Professor nods "Yes."

"Like they're not made from people or robots? They don't carry hazardous viruses or diseases or anything like that?"

"Oh my no."

"So, it's actually a safe mission than. Alright!" Bender throws his arms up in the air. The rest of the crew share in his surprise and joy.

"So what are we delivering?" asks Leela.

"You'll be taking a large crate of flour to a bakery on the planet known as Aner Exic's Bakery. He'll be inside waiting for you. The whole trip and delivery should take you no more than two hours or so."

Leela thinks to herself, "Good. That means that Fry and I will still be able to have our dinner date tonight." She takes hold of Fry's hand and smiles at him as the Professor continues with his instructions.

Part 2 coming soon...