Fan Fiction

The Savager Mutant

[This is set after "Futurama 2: The Beast with a Billion Backs".]

(One day,Fry,Leela and Bender were on their way back to Earth after a delivery to Bacterious 10.)

Fry:Damn it those Bacterious beings! They try to be polite and all that crap,but then it turns out they want you sick!

Leela:At least we're immune to that type of stuff.

Bender:I don't need ta worry,I'm a robot.


(So after they landed,Fry sneezed. Leela back off,worrying about getting germs. But Fry said that it was just a sneeze. Nothing to worry about. Later that night,Leela walked home. Leela felt a weird sensation in her skin,but it wared off after she got into bed.)

(The next day,Leela walked into Planet Express. When everyone looked at Leela,they screamed!)


Amy:Splick! Leela,what happened to your skin?!

Leela:What about my skin?

Fry:I think you better look in a mirror.

(So she did. Leela screamed at her reflection and fainted. Her skin was now green! Several minutes later,Leela woke up laying on Fry's lap on the couch. Fry was fanning her as everyone watched.)

Leela:(groan)What happened?

Hermes:You fainted.

Fry:And were trying to figure out why your skin is green.

Professor:It may ware off by tomorrow.

(Over the next several days,things weren't getting any better for Leela. Her eye turned yellow,she grew saber teeth,she developed a frog-like tongue. Fry was now saw that now that something is obviously wrong with Leela. Then,they had to make another delivery.)

Fry:Leela? Do you think you'll be able to drive the ship in the condition your in?

Leela:I'll be fine,but thanks for your concern.

(After they're delivery,though,Leela started acting violently toward Fry and Bender.)

Fry:Are you OK?!



Fry:Oh, crud!

(Leela did an attack using her frog-like tongue and Bender full in the face.)


(At Planet Express,Fry and Bender were scratched and bruised up from a battle with Leela. They had put in a large cage,which she was trying to break out of.)

Professor:I'm afraid Leela has been infected with Plasmetic Syndrome. It only occurs in mutants,causing them to be very dangerous,and it's triggered by simple sneezes.

Fry:Oh my God! It was my fault! I sneezed after our mission 5 days ago. What are we gonna do now?!

Professor:Well,it seems as though the ONLY cure for such a disease is---

(But the Professor got cut short as Leela burst out of the cage! Everyone scrambled for safety. Fry,however,tried to settle Leela down.)

Fry:Leela! It's me,your best friend,Fry!

Zoidberg:Fry! Take cover,now! Before it's too late!


24 Hours Later:

(Planet Express was destroyed from the inside. Hours of terror and suspence. Soon the crew were hudled behind a toppled-over wall,away from Leela:the savager mutant!)

Hermes:She looks like one of those mutants from"I Am Legend",yet she's not bald.

Professor:(whisper)As I was saying:the only cure is for the infected mutant is to kiss an immune human,whom they truly love.

(Everyone looked at Fry.)

Fry:Why's everyone lookin' at me for?

(2 minutes later,Fry was in front of the wall,wondering:"Why me?!". Leela was walking like a gorilla. She roared as she looked at Fry nearby. Leela walked over to him,cautious at first.)

Fry:(thinking)This. Is. Not. Good.

(Then,Leela snuggled on Fry like a kitten! Then she kissed him. Fry stared at Leela as her saber teeth disappeared. Fry and Leela started kissing like crazy! Leela's green skin faded away and her eye went back to normal. Fry and Leela were still kissing, though Leela's hair was quite as mess from being savage.)

(The others were watching Fry and Leela make out.)

Amy:(whisper)Awww. I guess things are back are back to normal.

Bender:(thinking)GET A ROOM YOU TWO!


(Then he vomits from saltwater and freshwater stomach.)

Amy:Splick! Zoidberg!

(The next day,Leela was in the hospital. The doctors were getting the vaccine ready. Fry was at Leela's bedside talking to her.)

Fry:Look,Leela,this was all my fault. I didn't know my sneeze can cause such a terrible thing to you.

Leela:But you were my cure as well. You know,when I kissed you?


(The doctors came back and gave Leela the vaccine. At Planet Express,things were finally normal:everything was fixed. Leela then one day confessed her true feelings of Fry.)

Leela:(shy)Fry...I just wanna say...that...I love you.

Fry:You do?

Leela:With all my heart.

(She kissed Fry on the lips.)

Fry:Let's hope this never happens again.

Leela:Me too.

Zoidberg:It's great being immune,huh?


Zoidberg:I wish I gave you the vaccine,but I'm no doctor,I'm bum living in a dumpster.

(Zoidberg breaks down and leaves the room.)

Zoidberg:WHY!? Why am I a bad doctor!?