Fan Fiction

Savin' Me
By Frosty

[Fry was sitting in his seat on the Planet Express ship with Leela piloting. Bender was in the cabin, he shared with Fry, sleeping. They were coming back from a 4 day delivery, and still had another day to go. Leela was doing her best to stay awake at the wheel, and Fry saw her starting to nod off.]

Fry: Leela?

[She looked up, dark circles under her eye. Fry smiled lightly at her and she did the same.]

Fry: Why don’t you go get some rest? You look exhausted.

Leela: I’m fine, really.

Fry: Don’t worry, we still have a quiet a ways to go. Just go lay down, I’ll watch the auto pilot and if anything happens, I’ll come and get you.

[She thought about if for a second, and stood up.]

Leela: Thanks Fry.

[He watched as she gracefully walked into her cabin. Sitting down in the captains seat, Fry looked out at the stars. He saw a big red nebula, and thought about when he and Leela were on the Titanic. He wished that they had kissed that night. He didn’t know what would of happened, but he had a feeling that they would of gotten together. But nothing seemed to be going right for him. He was a loser in the 20th century, and he was a loser in the 31st century. Sure, he had a job he loved, great friends, but he was missing the one thing he wanted in his life. Someone to spend it with. And everyone knew there was only one person who he wanted to be with.]

Fry: (sigh) If only…

[Looking at the telescope at the front of the ship, he got up and focused it. Looking through, he got a closer look at the nebula. Smiling, he kept looking around, and saw that they were getting closer to the Milky way galaxy.]

Fry: (thinking) Yum, Milky way.

[Ignoring his craving for a caramel chocolate bar, he noticed something coming towards them. Zooming in with the telescope, he got a closer look.]

Fry: What the hell is that?

[He couldn’t focus it enough, and all he saw was a blurry figure. After looking at it more closely, he guessed it was a meteor. He could probably avoid it, but if he needed help he would go get Leela. Sitting back down, he watched the ship slowly make its way back to earth. He felt his eye lids begin to fall.]

Fry: (thinking) No! Stay awake, if you fall asleep at the wheel, Leela will kill you. Just stay awake, stay awake, stay awake, stay…

[He was out the next second.]

[Fry bolted out of the chair when he heard his name being called.]

Leela: Fry!

Fry; Leela, I can explain!

Leela: I knew I shouldn’t of let you take control. You’re nothing but a irresponsible, immature, stupid-

[Fry’s looked down, and Leela stopped.]

Fry: I’m sorry.

Leela: Just go back to your cabin. I’ll wake you when we get home.

[He turned around and started to make his way towards his cabin.]

Leela: (gentle) Wait, Fry.

[He turned around and Leela put her hands on his shoulders. Smiling, she then kicked him hard in the shin.]

Fry: Ow!

[Fry woke up sitting at the wheel, and looked around. Leela was still in her cabin, and so was Bender.]

Fry: Good thing I woke up or I would of had bruised shins.

[Looking back out the window he noticed that thing he saw earlier was getting closer. Going back up to the telescope, he got a closer look.]

Fry: Huh, what’s the Nimbus doing all the way out here?

[He stared out the window for a few seconds, and finally shrugged it off. Sitting back down, he felt like someone was watching him. He turned around, and saw Leela.]

Fry: Hey,

Leela; Hi,

Fry: What are you doing out here? I thought you were sleeping.

Leela: I couldn’t stay asleep.

[She sat down in Fry’s usual seat and smiled at him. He smiled back, but looked away.]

Fry: Just so you know, I saw the Nimbus coming this way.

Leela: Really? What are they doing out here?

Fry: I don’t know. I’m sure it’s nothing though.

[She nodded her head and leaned back in the chair, closing her eye. Fry watched her steady breathing, and smiled. He saw her tugged on her shoulder, and roll them a couple times. Nervously, he got up and gently put his hands on her shoulders and began to massage them. To his surprise, Leela didn’t pull away and beat him. Instead, she gave a content sigh, and began to relax.]

Leela: That feels so good.

[He smiled and kept massaging her shoulders. After a few minutes, Fry pulled away, and Leela looked up at him.]

Leela; Thanks Fry.

Fry: You’re welcome.

[They stared at each other for a few seconds, and Leela got out of her seat. Getting closer to him, she gently put her arms around his neck. Fry placed his hands on her lower back as her lips got closer to his.]

Leela: (whisper) Fry,

Fry: (whisper) Yes?

Leela: (whisper) There’s something I’ve wanted to tell you for a long time.

Fry: (whisper) What is it?

Leela: (whisper) I lo-

[All of the sudden the ship shook violently, and they fell to the ground. After getting his balance, Fry helped Leela off the ground, and they looked out the window. The Nimbus was closer, and Leela took control of the wheel.]

Leela: They’ve got us stuck in a tractor beam!

Fry: Oh no! (pause) What does that mean?

Leela: They’re pulling us in!

[Fry looked out the window watching them get closer, and closer to the Nimbus.]

Leela: Why are they doing this?

Fry: I don’t know,

Leela: Go get Bender.

[He ran back to their cabin, and opened the door.]

Fry: Bender!

[Bender shot up and hit Fry in the face knocking him to the ground.]

Fry: Ow!

Bender: I swear to God, if you rat me out-

Fry: Bender, it’s me!

Bender: Oh, sorry meat bag.

[Fry stood up and felt blood drip from his nose. Putting his hand up to his nose, he looked around for a towel or something to soak up the blood. Picking up a old sock, he put it up to his nose. He ended up throwing it to the ground as fast as he picked it up.]

Bender: What’s going on?

Fry: We’re being pulled into the Nimbus.

Bender: Why?

Fry: I don’t know, just come on.

[They went out to the bridge, and Leela saw Fry holding his nose.]

Leela: What happened?

Fry: Oh, its nothing.

Leela: Let me see.

[He moved his hands, and she saw his bruised and bloody nose.]

Leela: Oh my God, hang on.

[She ran into her cabin, and came back out with a towel along with some ice.]

Leela: Here you go.

[She wrapped the ice in the towel, and gently put it up to his nose.]

Leela: Are you okay?

Fry: Yeah, thanks.

[They smiled at each other, and Bender coughed loudly.]

Bender: Hate to interrupt you two, oh who am I kidding, I love to do that. But any way, (shouting) What the hell are we gonna do?!

Leela: Okay, okay, everyone just calm down.

[She didn’t say anything, and Fry looked at her.]

Leela: I have no idea what we’re gonna do.

Bender: Great plan big boots.

Fry: Well, why don’t you come up with something Bender?!

[They both looked at him, surprised that Fry lashed out like that. Before Bender could reply, the ship shook again, forcing all three of them to the floor. They heard a large clanging sound, and the door to the ship opened. In came three soldiers, and Zapp.]

Zapp: You’re under arrest.

Leela: For what? We didn’t do anything.

Zapp: Exactly, you’re ships license has not been renewed. So no one has the authority to operate this ship. Take these two to a holding cell, and take the robot to the scrap room.

Bender: No! Not the scrap room!

[The three guards grabbed Fry, Leela, and Bender by the arms, dragging them off the ship.]

[Fry and Leela were in a holding cell and Leela was pacing around.]

Leela: I cant believe this! The Professor knows how important it is to renew the ships license every year!

Fry: I know, (sigh) what are we gonna do?

[She thought for a second and sat down as in defeat.]

Leela: I don’t know,

[They sat there not saying anything. Fry carefully got up and looked out into the hallway, starting to get a headache with pictures. Not seeing any guards, he looked up at the ceiling, there was an air vent inside their cell, and another one right outside. Thinking, he shoved his hands in his pocket. Feeling something in it, he pulled out a small metal disk.]

Leela: What’s that?

[He held it up to get a better look, and saw the flashing light.]

Fry: It’s a tracking device. Check your pocket.

Leela: Fry, I don’t have pockets.

Fry: Well, check and see if they put one on you anywhere.

[She checked and found one planted on her belt.]

Leela: Incase we try to run?

Fry: Exactly.

Leela: What are we gonna do?

[He looked around again, and finally smiled.]

Fry: I think I know how we can escape!

Leela: We leave our trackers here, rescue Bender, and get to the ship?

[He shook his head, pointing across the hall at the escape pods.]

Fry: No, if the trackers don’t even move around the cell, they’ll get suspicious. We need to put the trackers in a escape pod, and get to the ship.

Leela: A decoy.

[Fry shook his head. Leela smiled at him, thinking about how great his plan was. There was just one small problem.]

Leela: But how are we going to get to the escape pods?

[He pointed up to the ceiling and she looked up at the vent. Fry took off his jacket, and put the two tracking devices in it. After handing it to Leela, he jumped up on the bench and reached for the vent opening it.]

Leela: What are you doing?

Fry: There’s a vent right outside. If I can get into the hall and open the cell, we can escape.

Leela: Fry, you’re a genius!

[He smiled and climbed up into the vent. Watching him disappear, and shut the vent, she soon saw Fry jump down from the ceiling, after hitting his head on the vent.]

Fry: Oh shit!

Leela: Are you okay?

Fry: Yeah,

[She looked at the gash on his head and gasped.]

Fry: I’m fine.

[Pressing the button on the side, the cell opened and Leela started to make her way out.]

Fry: Wait, you take one step out of here, they’ll be over here as fast as they can. I’ll open the escape pod, and you throw the jacket in, then we’ll make a run for it.

[She shook her head and Fry went over to the escape pod.]

Fry: On three, throw it in, and we’ll run this way.

Leela: Okay.

Fry: One…

[On the bridge of the Nimbus, one of the soldiers was watching the screen that showed the tracking devices while Zapp was reading a dirty magazine.]

Soldier: Captain, look at this.

[They saw the red and purple dot fly across the screen and into the escape pod.]

Zapp: Go get them!

[Four soldiers took off running towards the escape pods. Zapp looked out the window and saw the escape pod heading down to the planet below.]

Zapp: Activate the homing device on the escape pod!

[The soldiers ran to the escape pods, and looked in the cell. Fry was smart to close the vents, and the soldier ran back to the bridge.]

[Fry peaked out from behind the corner, and saw the soldiers running back. He motioned for Leela to follow him.]

Fry: (whisper) Okay, we have to find Bender, and get back to the ship.

[She nodded, and they crept down the hall. Keeping close to Fry, Leela felt his arm brush against hers, and felt an electric sensation. They were about to turn a corner, but Fry stepped back and put out his arm, stopping Leela from continuing. He watched as two soldiers turned a different corner and took a deep breath. He looked at Leela, who was just staring at him.]

Fry: (whisper) What?

[She pointed at where Fry’s hand was. Quickly, he pulled his arm back, embarrassed.]

Fry: (whisper) Sorry,

[They kept walking, and Fry noticed a map of the ship on the wall.]

Fry: Okay, which way?

Leela: Lets see, the cell and the escape pods are here, so we must be here.

[She pointed to a spot on the map.]

Fry: Then the scrap room is this way.

Leela: Come on, lets get Bender, so we can get out of here.

[They quietly made their way to the scrap room and Fry opened the door. They saw Bender drinking and smoking with all the other robots.]

Bender: Hey meat bags, welcome to the party.

Fry: We get a dirty holding cell, and they get a party?

Leela: Fry just drop it. Come on Bender, we’re getting out of here.

Bender: Okay, just hang on. We’ll be done in about three hours.

Leela: Bender, we don’t have that kind of time.

Bender: Fine, then leave me here. I’ll find my own way home.

Fry: Bender, just come on.

Bender: No, either wait, or I’ll find my own way.

Leela: Fry, lets just go.

Fry: Fine, bye Bender.

[They turned around and made their way out.]

Leela: He’ll be fine. I’m sure.

Fry: Yeah, lets just get out of here.

[They began to make their way to the hanger where the ship was. Leela grabbed Fry’s shirt and stopped him from continuing.]

Fry: What?

Leela: (whisper) Zapp is right there.

[Fry looked and saw Zapp, with his back facing them.]

Fry: (whisper) What should we do?

Leela; (whisper) I don’t know.

[The ship was down the hall that Zapp was standing in. Fry could even see it. He watched Zapp shift on his feet, and looked at Leela. Never once had he seen her scared, except this time. Her eye full of fear, and Fry’s heart ached. He looked in her eye, and taking a chance, he gently kissed her. She stared at him, and before she could say anything, he took off in a full sprint towards Zapp. Leela watched as Fry tacked him to the ground.]

Fry: Leela run!

[She ran towards them and stopped as Fry wrestled Zapp at her feet.]

Leela: Fry!

Fry: Go, get on the ship!

Leela: No, I’m not leaving you!

Zapp: Guards! Help!

[Fry ignored the guards coming, but could hear Leela beat them off. He kept fighting Zapp, and out of nowhere, both he and Leela heard a pop. It was loud, and at first, neither of them felt anything. But then, Fry felt a burning in his side. He pulled back and felt something sticky oozing from his side. He saw the gun in Zapp’s hand and fell to the ground. Leela quickly kicked Zapp, picked up Fry and helped him to the ship. Bender came running out and got on the ship with them.]

Bender: It turns out there was no blackjack and hookers.

Leela: Just go take off!

[Leela took Fry to the sick bay and laid him down. She felt the ship come to life, and leave the Nimbus. They jumped into hyper speed, and Bender came back to see how Fry was doing.]

Bender: Is he okay?

Leela: I don’t know, we have to get him to a hospital right away.

Bender: I’ll go find the closest one.

[She nodded and Bender left her with Fry. She held his hand and checked his pulse. It was getting slower and slower. Then she felt Fry squeeze her hand and saw him smile.]

Leela: You’re gonna be okay. I promise.

Fry: (weak) Leela-

Leela: Yes Fry?

Fry: (weak) What was it that you wanted to tell me earlier?

Leela: Well, I-I-

Fry: (weak) Yeah?

Leela: (teary-eyed) I love you.

[Fry looked up, but winced feeling the burning pain in his side. Leela gently held his head, and saw him smile. ]

Fry: (weak) I love you too.

[She stared crying tears of joy and sadness at the same time.]

Leela: I know you do. I’m sorry it took me so long to feel the same way

[Fry reached up and wiped her tears with his hand. Gently, Leela took his hand and kissed it.]

Leela: Save your energy.

[Bender came back, and Leela looked at him.]

Leela: Is there a hospital near by?

Bender: Yeah, but Zapp’s on the phone.

[She looked at Fry and gently kissed his forehead.]

Leela: I’ll be right back.

[Bender took her out to the bridge and she saw Zapp on the phone.]

Leela: What do you want Zapp?

Zapp: Leela, if you don’t want to get arrested-

Leela: You know Zapp, I don’t care. Fry’s back in the sick bay, bleeding, and I don’t know what’s going to happen to him, so getting arrested is the least of my worries.

[She disconnected the phone and looked at Bender.]

Leela: Bender, get to the hospital as soon as you can.

[She went back to the sick bay and sat back down next to Fry. He turned his head, his eyes half closed, and Leela squeezed his hand.]

Leela: We’re almost to the hospital and they’re going to take care of you.

[He weakly shook his head and closed his eyes.]

[The doctors wheeled Fry into the OR, while one of the nurses took Leela and Bender into the waiting room.]

Nurse: Just stay here, and we’ll let you know what’s going on.

Leela: Is he going to be okay?

Nurse: We’ll just have to see.

[She left Bender and Leela standing there.]

Bender: Here, sit down.

[She did and Bender kneeled beside her.]

Bender: I’m sure he’ll be fine.

[She shook her head.]

Bender: But if he dies, I call dibs on all his stuff.

[Leela glared at him and he threw his hands up in defense.]

Bender: Sorry!

[The door opened and Zapp walked in, his hands behind his back.]

Zapp: I’m sorry for what I did.

[Leela didn’t say anything, and Zapp sighed. He revealed Fry’s jacket from behind his back and handed it to her.]

Zapp: I thought you might want this.

[She took it and put it on.]

Leela: Thank you.

[He shook his head and left.]

Zapp: I’ve decided to let you go.

[Zapp walked out, and Leela pulled Fry’s jacket tighter around her.]

[The minutes seemed like hours to Leela as she sat in the waiting room. She looked at the clock, seeing that only 20 minutes had gone by. Fry would be in surgery for another hour. Bender had called everyone at Planet Express and let them know what was going on. He also had been comforting Leela. Bender had brought her a cup of coffee and she held it in her hands, but she hadn’t drunk any of it. She was too upset for that. All she wanted was to know that Fry was going to be okay. She wanted to see him, be with him. She wanted him to hold her in his arms so they could make up for all the lost time that they could of spent together these last few years. The door opened and Amy walked in with Kif. She sat down next to Leela, and Kif stood next to them.]

Amy: How’s he doing?

Leela: I don’t know, he’s still in surgery.

[She just nodded and looked at Kif.]

Kif: I’m sure he’ll be fine.

[Leela didn’t say anything for the next hour.]

[The nurse came out and Leela jumped out of her seat.]

Leela: Is he okay?

Nurse: The surgery went fine now we just have to see how he recovers. You can see him now if you want. But just so you know, he’s drifting in and out of consciousness from the anesthesia.

[Leela shook her head and the nurse took her back to the recovery room where Fry was. She saw him in bed, his arms at his side, a bandage around his head, another bandage across his nose, and a IV in his arm. She hesitated when she saw him, but finally went up when she saw him move his head.]

Fry: (weak) Leela?

[She smiled and took his hand.]

Leela: I’m here Fry,

[He smiled and she laughed.]

Leela: You really had me scared.

Fry: I’m sorry. (pause) I love you.

Leela: I love you too.

[She smiled at him again, but then felt him lose his grip on her hand. His hand finally fell to his side, his eyes closed, and Leela looked at the nurse.]

Nurse: That’s normal, don’t worry. We’ll take good care of him.

[She shook her head, and the nurse led her back to the waiting room.]

Nurse: We’ll let you know when he’s in a room.

Leela: Thank you.

[Leela sat down, and the rest of them looked at her.]

Amy: Is he okay?

Leela: They said we just have to see how he recovers. But he’s still affected by the anesthesia.

Kif: Was he awake?

Leela: He was drifting in and out.

Amy: Well lets just wait down in the cafeteria. You must starving Leela.

Leela: I’m a little hungry.

Amy: Lets go.

[After getting a pager from the nurse to let them know when Fry was in his room, the four of them went down to the cafeteria. After getting something to eat, they sat and Leela told them how brave Fry was when they were escaping. She told them about his plan to escape, how he kept going even when he smacked his head and got a huge gash across it.]

Amy: I never knew Fry could be like that.

Leela: I guess he really did want to change.

Amy: So does that mean?

Leela: Mean what?

Amy: Are you going to give him a chance?

Leela: I don’t need to, he already knows how I feel about him.

Amy: But Leela, after all he’s done for you, you’re still going to say you’re just friends?

Leela: No, Amy, I already told him how I feel.

[Amy finally got what Leela was saying.]

Amy: So you?

Leela: I love him.

[Amy squealed loudly and a doctor looked at her.]

Doctor: (shouting) There are sick people trying to sleep!

Amy: Sorry! So you two are?

Leela: He didn’t say anything, but I have a pretty good feeling about us.

Bender: So, is he going to stay with you?

Leela: Of course.

Amy: Leela I’m so happy for you!

Doctor: (shouting) Sick people!

Amy: Sorry!

[They sat there for another hour and the pager beeped. Leela looked up and everyone stared at the pager.]

Leela: Lets go see him.

[They made their way up to the waiting room and the nurse gave them Fry’s room number. After going up stairs, Leela stood outside the room with everyone.]

Leela: I’ll go see how’s he doing.

[She went inside and saw Fry sitting up in bed. His head turned when he saw her walk in, and he smiled.]

Fry: Hey,

Leela: Hi,

[She walked up to him and kissed him.]

Leela: How are you feeling?

Fry: Could be better. Could be worse though. Right?

[She laughed and held his hand. Even after everything that happened, he still could joke about this.]

Leela: Well, Bender, Amy, and Kif are here. Are you up for visitors?

Fry: Yeah, sure.

Leela: Okay, I’ll get them.

[She opened the door and everyone came in, standing around Fry’s bed.]

[Everyone, minus Leela of course, left about half an hour later, letting Fry get is rest. Leela stood at his side and stroked back his hair.]

Leela: So did they say when you can leave?

Fry: In about two or three days.

Leela: Well, I’m gonna stay here the whole time.

Fry: You don’t have to do that-

Leela: I’ve already made up my mind. I’m staying.

Fry: Thank you.

[She smiled and watched as Fry carefully scooted over in his bed. He patted the side of the bed, opposite of his wound, inviting Leela to sit with him.]

Leela: Are you sure, I don’t want to hurt you.

Fry: (teasing) You’re going to hurt me if you don’t.

[She sat down and rested her head on his shoulder, entwining her hand in his.]

Leela: Lets just get some rest.

Fry: Yeah,

[Fry’s breathing slowed and Leela’s did the same. They fell asleep in a few minutes.]

The end