Fan Fiction

From Scam With Hate
By Fryfan

I don't own futurama or any of its characters. (Though their spy counterparts were my creations.)

SpyORama Main Title (Kind of James Bondish, but with an influence of Danny Elfman.)

Mission Title: From Scam With Hate

Spy Tip #13: Remember to refuel jet jacket if used for dating.

(Opening Scene. A building has just exploded and flying out is a hovercraft with Jinx and Ironfinger.)

Ironfinger: Curses, those filthy bastards have defeated me again.

Jinx: Well, so much for being the new Joe Millionaire.

Ironfinger: With that title, I could've been ruler of the world.

Jinx: Haven't you thought of giving up?

Ironfinger: Never! I'll never give up. I swear, I'll never go down without a fight.

(Next Scene. Linda and Morbo in the news room.)

Linda: This important news bulletin: Evil supervillain Ironfinger pathetically captured without a fight, and we have footage that was taped earlier. (Ironfinger is being handcuffed by 014 and 1BDI and they are in a very small room.)

Ironfinger: How did you guys find me? I thought I had a good hideout; a very small confining bomb shelter with only one small way out seemed perfect.

Leela: You made the mistake in ordering a pizza in your own name.

Ironfinger: Well, how else can I make sure the pizza is delivered directly to me.

Fry: (Holding the pizza box.) Maybe, next time you'll know better, that extra motor oil just makes the box soggy. (We see oil dripping from the box.)

Linda: Here is the official press conference:

(Cut to Glab walking up to a press conference.)

Glab: Ladies, Gentlemen and trans-gender reporters, we finally got him!

(Reporters celebrate with joy. The camera pans back to show full size of Linda and Morbo.)

Linda: Words spoken by the Head of the DOOP. Ironfinger, the evil robot bend on world domination has finally been captured. (The small screen in back has changed to a mug shot of Ironfinger handcuffed. His suit has been torn and he has a bit of rust around his mouth. There is a caption underneath his picture, it reads, "Made to Look More Pathetic.")

Morbo: This is a sad day for Morbo, now who shall you Earthlings tremble in fear.

Linda: There, there Morbo, now we'll show you an interview I had with one of the DOOP agents as to how they found and arrested Ironfinger. (Cut to Leela.)

Leela: When we first entered, he was found rusted and nano-flea infested in a hole in the ground. He was heavily armed with a large stash of weapons, but when we charged in, he dropped all his weapons, cowered in the corner of his small hole and cried for his mommy.

Morbo: Morbo, demands to hear from Ironfinger.

(We see a the small screen appear and show Ironfinger with Smitty and Url.)

Ironfinger: All I have to say is that 1BDI is lying about me hiding in some corner, I didn't shoot back because I have my henchmen do my shooting for me... and they all happened to be on a bathroom break at the exact same time when those agents showed up. I'm not a spineless coward!

Smitty: that's enough from you, punk.

(Smitty and Url open up Ironfinger's chest and inspect it. They take off his head and shake it while junk falls out. Cut to the Next Scene which is a courthouse. Judge Whitey is at the stand and Ironfinger faces the court.)

Judge Whitey: Now let's get this case up in running since I have afternoon golf game and my midget caddy can't hold onto my clubs for a long time. Ironfinger you have been charged with crimes against humanity, how did you plead?

Ironfinger: With a deformity, sir.

(Cut to Hyperchicken talking while Ironfinger is on the stand.)

Hyperchicken: You honor, I may be a simple hyperchicken from an advanced alien planet, but can yall really say that this here robot is guilty of anything. Here is a robot with a finger made of iron and a victim of circumstance.

Ironfinger: Exactly, I was a good kind robot, until I was picked on for having a finger made on iron. (Starts crying. Some of the court members start to feel sorry.)

Judge Whitey: (Beats his Gravel.) Order, order, one more attempt to gain sympathy for yourself and I'll hold you in contempt. Now then Ironfinger, the court and DOOP officials have found you guilty and for that I sentence you to 2,000 years in robot prison without the possibility of parole. (Beats his gravel down.)

Ironfinger: Man, at least I didn't get life.

(Cut in the audience and we see Jinx and Scruffy, dressed up like Hawaiian tourists. They have yellow Hawaiian shirts, straw hats and dark sunglasses.)

Jinx: Well this stinks, who's going to write our checks now?

Scruffy: Scruffy is formulating a plan.

(Cut to the news room.)

Linda: With Ironfinger behind bars, we can all sleep better tonight. We owe great thanks to the person who captured Ironfinger, DOOP agent 1BDI. (We see a picture of Ironfinger being handcuffed by Leela, but cut off is Fry. We then cut to Fry seeing this on TV.)

Fry: Hey, I helped, too.

(Next Scene. Leela's front door apartment. Fry shows up with flowers and candy.)

Fry: (Rehearsing.) Um Leela, I was wondering since Ironfinger has finally been captured, do you want to go out on a date? (He rings the doorbell and waits, but no answer. He rings a few more times, but still no answer. Then he realizes the door is unlocked and opens it quickly. He enters and it looks messy, it was as if Leela was in a hurry, a real hurry. Fry walks in and her regular clothes are still on her bed. Fry then gets shocked when Nibbler appears and it looks like Leela forgot to feed him.)

Fry: Something isn't right.

(Cut to Fry at PE HQ and he tries to talk to Hermes.)

Fry: Agent C, I need to talk to you about Leela.

Hermes: Not now 014, I have some...business to attend to. (Heads straight into a room very quickly. Fry noticed Hermes holding a folder labeled, "Ironfinger's Secret Plan # 54".)

Fry: That seemed odd. (Fry then finds the Professor.) Professor, how are you? I need to ask you about Leela.

Professor: Not now 014, I have...uh...some experimental brain surgery to do. (Leaves quickly.)

Fry: That was odder, the Professor doesn't do brain surgery on Wednesdays. I think this has something to do with Leela's disappearance and since PE HQ isn't talking, I'm going to have to ask someone else.

(Cut to Fry at a Robot Prison. Fry is by the front door of the room where Ironfinger is in a glass cage. Smitty and Url stop him from entering.)

Smitty: Halt! No nobody's allowed to see Ironfinger.

Fry: Don't you know how I am? I'm Fry, Philip J. Fry and I captured Ironfinger.

Url: No you didn't, Ironfinger was captured by Agent 1BDI, it is all over the news.

Fry: Hey, I helped!

Smitty: Sorry bub, we can't let you in.

Fry: Look, (shows them a badge.) I'm a DOOP agent and this badge gives me authority, license to kill, and free parking at all times. (Smitty and Url are shocked.)

Smitty: Sorry sir, you may enter.

(Fry enters and the scene looks very much like the one in Goldmember when Austin Powers meets Dr. Evil when he was captured. We see a side that say, "Please don't let the prisoner try to figure you out psychologically.")

Fry: Ironfinger, at last we meet again.

Ironfinger: Agent 014, have you come to gloat?

Fry: No, I'm here to ask you about, Agent 1BDI.

Ironfinger: Ah the one who single handedly captured me.

Fry: No she didn't, I helped!

Ironfinger: That's not what the news say. 014, I'm sure going to miss our adventures. Even though we are enemies, I enjoyed the things we've been through.

Fry: I still can't believe you turned to evil so quickly when we first met?

Ironfinger: Well you'd turned to evil too, if you were cursed with this deformity and you got tired of helping those who made you this way.

Fry: Look, I don't have time to bring up the past, Agent 1BDI is missing and PE HQ won't give me straight answer.

Ironfinger: So?

Fry: I'm guessing it has either something to do with you, or magical fairies, but I'm more in favor of it involving you.

Ironfinger: So what if it does has something to do with me? Why should I tell you?

Fry: Well, what if we can work something out?

Ironfinger: How about a lighter sentence?

Fry: I can't do that, I was hoping you were going to ask for some beer or something.

Ironfinger: Okay, how about you have me transferred to a regular human prison.

Fry: Why?

Ironfinger: Because this cage I'm in is so confining and I'm don't let me watch TV except of me getting caught and also nobody's around to hear my childhood stories. Oh the guards act like they are listening, but they aren't. So, I'm hoping you can have me transferred.

Fry: I think I can arrange something, since I am a DOOP agent, but only if you tell me what you were planning? I saw Agent C with a folder that said you were working on Secret Plan #54, and last time I checked, we stopped your Secret Plan #53 right before we caught you.

Ironfinger: Okay, you win I was hiding out until it was clear for me to leave the planet.

Fry: Earth? Why?

Ironfinger: I was on my way to join an evil spy organization.

Fry: You were? What organization?

Ironfinger: It was the Society Conspiring Against Mankind, or SCAM

Fry: SCAM, why would you join a group like that?

Ironfinger: Because SCAM hates Earth as much as I do, and they have a good insurance policy. You can't go wrong with a good insurance, SCAM makes.

Fry: So, what does this have to do with Leela?

Ironfinger: Well, she must have been kidnaped by SCAM agents and taken to their secret base.

Fry: Where's the base?

Ironfinger: Their secret base is on a Desolate planet in the Galaxy of Terror.

Fry: What's the planet called?

Ironfinger: Desolation 13, but there is no use in going, they can spot a DOOP ship very easily.

Fry: What are they planning?

Ironfinger: They were trying to recruit some the universe's most evil villains and create an army powerful enough to take over DOOP Headquarters.

Fry: But DOOP HQ is on Earth?

Ironfinger: Exactly, and they asked me to join them. I was flattered and honored, I was packing my things to leave when I was arrested.

Fry: I have to save Leela and stop an evil SCAM...um I mean plan from the evil SCAM. (Fry races off.)

Ironfinger: Hey wait, what about me?

Fry: Don't worry, I'll speak with the warden that, under the orders of a DOOP agent, you are to be transferred.

(Fry goes out the door. We see Ironfinger with a smile on his face.)

Ironfinger: Good.

(Cut to Fry loading up an undercover ship. He gets it and blasts off into space. Fry is dressed in a Darth Vader like suit.)

Fry: With this ship and this clever disguise, I can sneak in undetected. Look out, SCAM, you've just met a brand new villain (Just then Zoidberg falls on of a nearby locker.) Dr. Zoidberg, what were you doing in there?

Zoidberg: Sleeping, for I have no home. (Cries.)

Fry: Well, I can't take you back, so I guess you are coming with me.

Zoidberg: To where?

Fry: I'll tell you as soon as you change into this. (Offers him a bag of clothes. Cut to Zoidberg in his old Oddjob like suit.)

Zoidberg: My old clothes, I feel so upper class. So we are on our way to save Leela?

Fry: Yes, and remember I'm Dr. Bad and you are my henchman.

Zoidberg: Yes,...Master.

(Next Scene. A Prison and as promised, Ironfinger is in mingling with the other prisoners in a lounge room.)

Prisoner1: I swear, if that robot tells me one more story, I'll cutting my own ears off.

Prisoner2: I just hope he never drops the soap. (The Warden and a few guards enter.)

Warden: Alright ladies, we have a treat for you. An anonymous giver is offering you a female singer and perform for you guys..

Prisoner: You mean, women are real?

Warden: Please, hoot and whistle for Ms. Iya Swalla. (Comes in is none other than Jinx in a beautiful red dress and she makes it up the stage and we see Scruffy carrying a small box. He opens it and sticks out are a few self playing instruments.)

Jinx: Hello boys, I'm Iya Swalla and this goes out to one very special prisoner. (Winks and we hear the theme music from Goldfinger. The men hoot and Jinx walks on dance in a sexy manner, but she nearly slips and falls when one of her high heels trips on a crack.)

Ironfinger (Parody of John Barry's Goldfinger, song by Shirley Bassey)

Jinx: (singing)

He's the bot, the robot with the Midas chip
Here's a tip, such a iron finger
Tempts you to enter his file of sin
But don't log in.

Those childhood tales, he'll pour in your ear
But try to ignore them and you won't fear
For Jinx knows when he's bored her
With the troubled past of

Pretty girl remember his hard drive is cold
His stories will be told
Those childhood tales, he'll pour in your ear
But try to ignore them and you won't fear
For Jinx knows when he's bored her
With the troubled past of

Pretty girl remember his hard drive is cold
His stories will be told. They'll be told.
Be told. They'll be told
His stories will be told. Be told
They'll be told.

(Jinx finishes and everybody whistles. We see Scruffy putting on what appears to be a mask.)

Jinx: Now boys, come closer and I'll show you a big surprise, or more like two surprises. (The prisoners, guards and warden crowd around to get a good look, when Jinx quickly puts on a mask and from out of her bra comes knock out gas. We hear everybody coughing and then faint. Ironfinger just walks around in the cloud of gas, whistling.)

Ironfinger: Foolish Humans, they'll faint the second their oxygen has been tampered with.

(Jinx pulls out a spray can of "All Purpose Spray" and sprays herself and she has back on her red spy suit.)

Jinx: I hope you thank me for what I just had to do.

Ironfinger: Relax Jinx, we all know you liked doing this, a little. Now, we are on our way to Desolation 13. (Laughs evilly.)

(Next Scene. Fry finally makes it to Desolation 13. He flies right by the secret base and they have a sign, "VILLAINS WELCOMED, SCAM'S SECRET BASE" Belong in small letters, "Ask about our good insurance policies". And just belong that, "We are not responsible for any shipjacking that may or will occur." Fry's ship lands by a red carpet ceremony. Fry and Zoidberg get off the ship and walk up to the doorman. The doorman resembles, but is legally distinct from one of the bug-like aliens from Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones.)

Doorman: Hello there and welcome to SCAM's secret base where we are planning an attack on Earth, may I get your name.

Fry: Dr. Bad and this is my henchman, Zoidberg.

Doorman: Well, I have all sorts of doctors, but no Dr. Bad.

Fry: What!? This is outrage!

Doorman: Look Mister...

Fry: Dr. Bad, I didn't go to evil school, get held back a few times then drop out only after eight years, to be called Mister.

Doorman: I'm sorry, forgive me. I'm sure this must've been a terrible mistake. You go right on ahead.

(Fry and Zoidberg do so and we seen a convention of supervillains. Zapp, Kif and Michelle are also here.)

Zapp: Kif, tell these folks about my latest act of true villainy.

Kif: (sighs) He stood on a grass at a public park.

Zapp: You forgot to mention that I stood right by a sign that said, "KEEP OFF THE GRASS."

Fry: Man, look at all these villains, I hope I find Leela.

(Just then to people come up a podium. One looks like the archduke from Attack of the Clones, the one who had the plans to the future death star, while the other person looks like Barbados Slim, he's dress like Count Dooku.)

Barbados: Hello to all of you, I'm happy you all took the time off your evil doings to participate in our plans. To my left, please give a hand for our commander, SCAM COMMANDER. (Everybody claps and Scam Commander makes his way to speak.)

Scam Commander: I'm pleased with all of those who have come to join forces with SCAM. We all want the same thing, universe domination, money and three week paid vacations. However, we can't succeed as long as DOOP runs the universe. Once DOOP is out of the way, we can take control. DOOP main Headquarters is on earth and with the robot army we are building and with all of your help we can succeed.

Villain: Question, who is building this robot army?

SC: Thank you for your question, please allow me introduce, Dr. Ogden Wernstrom. (Fry and Zoidberg are shocked.)

Zoidberg: Isn't that the person, the Professor put away...(Fry covers his mouth flaps.)

Fry: Shhh! I guess he must've gotten out on good behavior.

Wernstrom: Thank you, Scam Commander. Now then, as what he just said, I am building a huge robot army and with the combine forces of SCAM and all of you, we are sure to win this invasion. However, I can't take all the credit, I have thanks to my new assistant, Ms. Turanga Leela. (Then Leela comes in and Fry's jaw hits the floor. Leela is dressed as though she were Morgan Proctor. She makes it to the podium.)

Leela: Thank you, Dr. Wernstrom. Let me just say, I'm glad to finally be on the winning team, and SCAM will be victorious over DOOP and Earth.

(All the villains cheer in the crowd. Zoidberg looks on and Fry merely has his head down with disappointment.)

Fry: I can't believe Leela would join these villains. She must be under mind control.

SC: We thank you for your attention and ask to get back to your mingling.

(Scam Commander, Barbados, Wernstrom and Leela leave the stage. Wernstrom and Leela head back to where they came while Scam Commander and Barbados head into the crowd to talk.)

Scam Commander: Zapp Brannigan, what is he doing here?

Barbados: Someone must've told him about this and you know how he likes to prove he's a villain

(Zapp and Kif approach them while Fry and Zoidberg ease drop.)

Zapp: Aw, Scam Commander, let me just say that it is your honor to have Zapp Brannigan at your ceremony. I can offer much since I used to work for DOOP.

SC: Until you were discharged, thanks but we have all the information we need.

Zapp: Yes, with the lovely Leela, you know she has a crush on me. Tell me how did you convince her to join your cause? Wasn't she the one who captured...?

SC: ...Ironfinger? Yes. When DOOP recovered Ironfinger's possessions, he had a folder containing our plans. We feared that our secret would come out, but Ms. Leela came to our planet some time ago. We thought she brought an army with her to stop this invasion attempt, but she came alone. She wanted to join, she felt that after Ironfinger's capture there be no fun in being a DOOP agent.

Barbados: At first we needed proof of her betrayal, but then she gave us this. (Shows Zapp a few papers and he looks on.)

Zapp: What are those?

Barbados: The plans we gave Ironfinger. She managed to get hold of the folder and replaced these papers with plans to commit a telemarketing scheme before DOOP had a chance to figure out they were betrayed.

Zapp: Ingenius, that is just as good as when I betrayed DOOP. (Kif sighs. The Robot Mafia enters.)

Barbados: Donbot, Joey Mousepad, and Clamps, nice to see you three here.

Joey: No problem Slim, we're lucky to be anywhere. It took a long time for us to reboot from our injuries.

Clamps: I missed out on a lot of clamping. (He does so.)

Donbot: Yes, and it is to my understanding that you have recruited a certain robot. (Donbot shows Barbados and SC a photo of Ironfinger.)

SC: Ah yes, Bender Ironfinger, we did offer him a spot to join SCAM, but he was arrested and convicted.

Donbot: I am most disappointed; I was hoping I get to meet him again.

SC: Now, then I can't wait until the army is ready, my master will be pleased.

Donbot: You mean you aren't the one running this operation.

SC: No, my master hired me and Barbados to form SCAM and provide an army to invade Earth.

Joey: Is you master anybody we'd know?

SC: That will be revealed in time. (The Robot Mafia and Zapp and Kif leave to join the rest of the villains. Fry and Zoidberg walk up to SCAM Commander and Barbados.)

Fry: That was an amazing speech you did.

SC: Thank you sir and you might be?

Fry: Dr. Bad and this is my henchman, Zoidberg.

Zoidberg: Charmed. (Zoidberg tips his black derby to both SC and Barbados.)

Fry: Barbados Slim is it?

Barbados: Yes.

Fry: Where have I heard that name before?

(Flashback and we are in Hermes office. Fry is called in and he looks around and sees a photo of Hermes in his old Olympic clothes and he has on a gold medal. We can also see Barbados only he has a silver medal.)

Hermes: Now, 014 I want to talk about the mess you left in the restroom.

Fry: Who's the muscular guy?

Hermes: That was Barbados Slim, in the 2984 Olympics; I beat him in the limbo competition.

Fry: How?

Hermes: When the race started we were neck a neck, but then came the final limbo. He was ahead, but I was closing the gap. He could sense I was gaining and tried to go under the final limbo very quickly, but he hit the limbo stick. Back then the limbo sticks were made of Platinum and he hit his jaw so hard that it broke every tooth he had. Once he knocked the limbo stick off he was disqualified and I was awarded the winner.

Fry: You mean you won out of sheer technicality?

Hermes: Why yes.

Fry: Nice going Agent C. (High fives Hermes.) So what happened to this Barbados Slim?

Hermes: After he got the silver medal, he was humiliated that he lost his teeth and choked on the last limbo stick, so he left Earth and nobody has seen him since. (End Flashback and Fry has a shocking look on his face that this person knew Hermes.)

Barbados: I don't seem to remember a Dr. Bad on the invitations.

Fry: That is because I crashed, I heard of this villains' together and I was outraged that you didn't call upon the evil that is Dr. Bad.

Barbados: What acts of evil have you done?

Fry: Well, let's see, I've stolen Earth's water supply once. (SC and Barbados don't look impressed.) I've built a few doomsday devices. (They still don't look impressed.) Oh and I was the one who put that reality show, Queer Eye, For the Straight Guy, on the air. (SC and Barbados finally are impressed.)

SC: Oh that is horrible.

Barbados: A true act of villainy. I want to shake your hand. (He shakes Fry's hands and Barbados smiles to show that he has metal teeth made of Platinum. They look menacing.)

Fry: What's with the Platinum teeth?

Barbados: They be making me look cool and they remind me of the loss of my real teeth.

Fry: How did you lose your old teeth?

Barbados: Limbo accident.

Fry: It sure must take you a long time to clean them.

Barbados: Not as long as you think. (Pulls out a tooth brush a bottle of polish. He sprays the tooth brush and begins to polish his metal teeth. When he finishes they begin to bling, bling.)

SC: Come Dr. Bad, we can show you around, is there anything we can get for you?

Fry: Do you have iced tea? Half shaken, half stirred?

(Next Scene. SC and Barbados start to show Fry around. Fry is seen drinking Iced Tea. They come to a great window and we see a few pyramid like structures.)

SC: Those are our SCAM PYRAMID STARSHIPS; they are a great deal away, so they look small from here. (He points to one.) That one is mine. It is the only one that has working bathrooms and playstation 158

Fry: You still have Playstation 158; they've gone up to 160.

SC: WHAT!? Soldier! (One of the aliens like him shows up.)

Soldier: Yes, SCAM Commander.

SC: You told me, that I had the latest in video game entertainment.

Soldier: That was Jim that told you, I am Sea....(He gets vaporized by SC. Now he's burned really bad.)

SC: After you visit the burn ward, you will get me Playstation 160, understand?

Soldier: (Burnt.) Yes, sir. (Walks away, but it hurts him for every step he takes.)

SC: So Dr. Bad, can we get your support in joining with SCAM and taking over Earth?

Fry: Sure, why not?

(SC and Barbados leaves and Fry and Zoidberg head to find Leela. Next Scene, we see a ship and from inside we see, Ironfinger, Jinx and Scruffy.)

Ironfinger: Now that I'm free I can make contact with SCAM and tell them of 014 and thus making them respect me. (He goes on the communicator and we see SC and Barbados on screen.)

Ironfinger: SCAM Commander, Barbados Slim, what up?

SC: Ironfinger! I thought you were captured on Earth?

Ironfinger: I was until I made a clever and thrilling escape.

Jinx: (Under Breath.) I helped.

Ironfinger: Now then, as you know you asked me to join you spy group and I'm happy to say, I'm on my way.

SC: Sorry Ironfinger, but we don't need you anymore.

Ironfinger: Say what?

Barbados: We've found a replacement, two actually.

Ironfinger: But you said you needed an evil mastermind to help attack Earth.

(SC and Barbados start to laugh.)

SC: Please, Ironfinger you had yourself captured, how mastermind is that?

Ironfinger: Well, let me prove that I'm worthy, there someone coming to your planet who's...

Barbados: Please Ironfinger, enough of your whining, we suggest that you forget about joining SCAM because we don't want you. (He ends Transmission. Ironfinger just stares at the blank screen and begins to cry.)

Ironfinger: This is not fair, how can I take over Earth if they mastered a huge army and weaponry.

Jinx: Gleesh Ironfinger, why don't you just think about taking over some other planet?

Scruffy: Scruffy says, how about Saturn?

Ironfinger: No, I'm the evil villain and we are taking over Earth.

Jinx: How?

Ironfinger: Simply, I know they are using robots, built by Dr. Wernstrom.

Jinx: So?

Ironfinger: So all we got to do is to sneak in one of their robot factories and program the robots to obey me before they are installed and I have my own robot army.

Scruffy: Scruffy says, it is a good plan.

Jinx: So you want us to sneak in behind SCAM lines and go through with this plan?

Ironfinger: Yes.

Jinx: I just better get a bonus.

(She continues to steer towards Desolation 13. Next Scene and we see Fry and Zoidberg heading into a room and they bump into a robot janitor, much little the wax robot from "Mother's Day".)

Janitor: Can I help you?

Fry: Aw we are looking for someone, a Ms. Turanga Leela?

Janitor: She's in that room. (He points to a door marked, robot room.)

Fry: Thanks, but should you be cleaning, this floor is dirty.

Janitor: I'm on break, now if you don't mind, I'm going to sleep standing up. (He logs off. Fry and Zoidberg proceed to head into the room and we see hundreds on robots being built to prepare for the invasion. We see Leela with a clipboard monitoring the production.)

Fry: Leela, I'm so glad to finally see you.

Leela: (Shocked) Fry! What are you doing here?

Fry: I came here to save you. Look Leela, you are under mind control and those SCAM guys have you thinking you are one of them?

Leela: Fry?

Fry: ...but you are not, you are a secret agent for DOOP and assigned to protect Earth from the forces of evil.

Leela: I know, but....

Fry: Leela, please don't do this. It would mean I'd have to arrest you and I just couldn't bare it, we've been through so much together and...

Leela: Fry would you shut up! I've been trying to tell you that I'm not really joining SCAM.

Fry: You aren't?

Leela: No, I'm just pretended so I can get close to their leaders.

Fry: But back on Earth, everybody on Earth is acting all concerned like they were trying to hide something.

Leela: They were in on it. When Ironfinger was arrested and we were searching his rat-hole hideout, I found a folder containing information about SCAM. I was going to tell you, but you were to busy playing with Ironfinger's spy gadgets. I told Agent C and the Professor and they needed more information, such as what is SCAM? And who is their leader? So DOOP ordered that I'd go undercover as a betrayer and try to join SCAM to find out a few things. So, I'm really undercover, Fry.

Fry: Well you sure fooled me, but one question; why wasn't I in on it?

Leela: This was top secret, super top secret and DOOP didn't want any screw-ups.

Fry: What!? I never screw up, name one time I screwed up.

Leela: Last week when we were undercover with that Reality Show Terrorist Group.

Fry: Okay, name another.

Leela: Last month when we were trying to stop Ironfinger from creating the world's biggest volcano eruption.

Fry: Hey, that village didn't suffer that many losses as the news made it seem.

Leela: Look, I wanted to tell you, but it was for the good of the planet. Now that you are here, you have to keep quiet and make sure nobody finds out.

Fry: Okay, but I still feel mad about being left out. (Barbados enters.)

Barbados: Aw, Ms. Leela, I'm happy to see you, but I'm surprised to see you with Dr. Bad.

Leela: (Seductively.) Pay no mind to him, Slim. I missed you too. (They both kiss.) I must say, kissing you is like kissing a really expensive car.

Barbados: I wouldn't have it any other way. I guess I'll see you later. (He leaves.)

Fry: What was that about?

Leela: Aw in order to get close to SCAM leaders, I had to date one.

(Flashback. We see Leela and Barbados getting to know each other and then we see them lying in bed together. Leela looks as if she is ashamed)

Barbados: Now, you've proven your loyalty to me, my dear. (End flashback.)

Fry: You mean you and him?

Leela: (Embarrassingly.) I had to do it for my planet, but at least it wasn't Zapp.

Fry: So, he was better than Zapp?

Leela: I don't want to talk about it. Now, Fry I suggest you leave before you mess up everything.

Fry: But I want to help.

Leela: Go, Fry. (Leela points his way out and Fry and Zoidberg leave.)

Zoidberg: Can we that a few snacks home with us?

(Cut to another part of the base and we see Ironfinger, Jinx and Scruffy. They've managed to sneak in through a window. They begin to look around.)

Ironfinger: Now, somewhere we'll find the main sector where they are programming the robot army. We'll take over that sector and program the robots to listen to only me.

Jinx: What makes you think that will be easy?

Ironfinger: Because I'm the bad guy and things are always easy for bad guys.

Scruffy: Scruffy's gonna look around and see if he can find a restroom. (Scruffy leaves. Ironfinger tip toes in the opposite direction. Jinx follows him and they meet the robot janitor and he's sleeping. Ironfinger tries to sneak by him quietly, but he slips on a puddle of water and he collapses on the janitor. They both fall on the floor causing both their heads to come off their bodies. The Janitor as wide awake and now both his and Ironfinger's bodies are walking around trying to find their heads.)

Ironfinger: Over here idiot, I'm right here. (He sees his body head towards a water tank and puts in on and the water spills over his suit.) Jinx put my head back on my body.

Jinx: (Laughing.) Wait, I want to see what the body does next. (We see the janitor's body head straight for Ironfinger.)

Ironfinger: Hey, stay away from me, I'm not your head. (The body picks him up and places him on his body. Ironfinger looks at his new body.)

Janitor: Hey, that's my body and I was using that to sleep. (Ironfinger's body picks him up and now the Janitor has a new body.)

Ironfinger: (Looks at his body.) Oh My God, look at all my fingers, they are made of the same material. I'm normal, at last I can be accepted by my peers and not poked fun at.

Janitor: What are you talking about…? (He looks at his fingers.) My God, I'm a freak. One of my fingers is different it is made of iron! No!! (He runs away crying.)

Jinx: Ironfinger, he got away with your body.

Ironfinger: Screw him, that's his problem now.

Jinx: Well, let's go on with the plan.

Ironfinger: Forget about that too, now that I have a normal finger, there's no need to plan to invade Earth. Now, let's go… (Looks around in his pockets but has nothing.) Wait, that bastard has my wallet! Let's get him! (They both race off after the janitor. Cut to Fry and he and Zoidberg have exited the SCAM base and are heading back to their ship.)

Fry: I'll show Leela that I'm good enough to help. (He enters the ship and uses the communicator to contact PE HQ.)

Hermes: 014, where have you been? Ironfinger has escaped!

Fry: He has? how?

Hermes: Some idiot posing as a DOOP had him transferred to a regular human prison, which is easy to escape for you are a robot. (Fry looks embarrassed.)

Fry: That fiend. Look, I'm calling from Desolation 13.

Hermes: What!?

Fry: I know about Leela being undercover and I'm angry I wasn't apart of this mission.

Professor: Listen Fry you idiot you get back here before you get caught and blow this mission.

Fry: I'm not coming back, I'm going to complete this mission and most importantly, I won't get caught. (Fry gets knocked out by one of the SCAM troops. They've arrested Zoidberg.)

SCAM troop: And you said hanging out and eavesdropping in the parking lot was boring.

(Cut to Leela and she's searching in Barbados's room. Barbados enters.)

Barbados: Aw my love what are you doing in here?

Leela: (panics and then in a seductive way.) Oh I was just looking for you?

Barbados: Really? (Snaps his finger and a few robot and SCAM soldiers enter and ready to fire.) It seems you've been found out, agent 1BDI.

(Leela pulls out a laser and points it directly at Barbados's head.)

Leela: As a DOOP agent I order you to put down you weapons or your boss gets it.

Barbados: I don't think so. (Snaps his finger again and we see enter, Fry and Zoidberg handcuffed.) I think you'll put down your weapon or they get it. (Leela has no choice, she does what she is told. Barbados comes over to her and shows off his metal teeth gets real close to her face. Think Jabba and Leia from Return of the Jedi.) I knew you wouldn't risk losing your lack of a partner. (Cut to PE HQ and we see Hermes, Professor and Glab.)

Professor: So there you have Ms. Glab, it appears that 014 once again has ruined a mission.

Glab: This is a disappointment. Agent 1BDI had provided us with some useful information. Now that SCAM knows that we know about their plan, I'm afraid they'll attempt their invasion anytime soon.

Hermes: How's our DOOP army?

Glab: Earth President Nixon, sent most of them to a peacefully mission on Da Nang 4.

Hermes: How's the death toll?

Glab: Only 110 Earth soldiers died today.

Hermes: It's good to hear it is improving.

Glab: The only option is a scale Freedom Mission to Desolation 13 and cripple SCAM forces.

Hermes: But it will take a while for our troops to make it there. I suggest we send a small force team to Desolation 13 and rescue Agent 1BDI.

Professor: And 014?

Hermes: Yeah whatever.

Glab: What force do you have in mind Agent C? (Hermes presses a button on his desk and enter force people. They look like Duke, Red Scarlet, Shipwreck and Snake Eyes from GI Joe.)

Leader: Commander DOOP of the DOOP Commandos.

Lita: Lita, reporting for duty.

Sailor: Captain Donald and Jack reporting for duty, sir. (Jack, the ninja merely salutes.)

Glab: Your name is DOOP?

CD: Yes ma'am, I legally changed my name back in the war of 2985.

Glab: Well Agent C, I must say I like this idea.

Hermes: I ask that I may accompany them and put a stop to SCAM.

Glab: I'm going to allow this.

CD: Come on men. (Lita looks mad.) And women, let's put a stop to this SCAM.

Everyone: (High fiveing.) Eyyo!!!! DOOP.

(Cut back to Desolation 13. Fry, Leela and Zoidberg are handcuffed are taken to a court like room. We see Zapp, Kif, the Robot Mafia, The Red Lords and other villains in the audience. Barbados announces the prisoners.)

SC: How can you let intruders into our base? Is my comic book collection safe?

SCAM soldier: Yes, SCAM Commander.

SC: Good.

Barbados: (To our heroes.) You three are in a deep mess of trouble. Our leader has arrived.

Fry: You mean you aren't in charge of SCAM?

Barbados: Our Leader is not pleased with this turn of events, but is willing to allow forgiveness if you three pledge your allegiants to SCAM.

Leela: Go eat a brick, Barbados.

Barbados: But I thought you said you liked it when I did that?

Fry: And you can forget about me, I'd rather be DOOPed than SCAMed.

Barbados: Well then, I have no choice but to have our leader pronounce your sentences. (Leaves the podium and we see a dark figure approach the podium and it is....MOM. Our heroes gasp with shock.)

MOM: (With an evil smile.) Thank you Barbados and now to deal with you young punks.

Leela: Wait a minute, Mom? You are the leader of SCAM?

Mom: You got that right you little shank. (Her three sons appear.)

Leela: But we stopped your last plan, we sent you to jail.

Mom: Yes, I know, but I didn't stay long.

(Flashback. We see Linda standing by the front door of a prison. It looks much like the one from The Shawshank Redemption.)

Linda: Recapping our story, today Tim Robbin's Prison will have a brand new prisoner. Multi-billionaire and industrialist Mom, who tried and convicted for trying to take over the world just last month, is about to be transported into this very prison. (We see Mom in handcuffs and Url and Smitty taking her in.)

Linda: Mom, do you have any words to the viewers?

Mom: Yes. (Stares directly at the TV.) I will give 1 billion dollars to anyone who breaks me out of here. Do you hear that?! ONE BILLION DOLLARS!

Linda: I'm sorry Mom, but can you repeat all that, we were cut off due to news of a monkey starting a forest fire.

(Flashback ends.)

Mom: Anyway, my offer was heard throughout many planets including the planet Zakrahord 9 where these kind aliens came to bust me out.

SC: Oh Mom, stop it. (Blushes.)

Leela: You aliens broke her out for money?

SC: No, we broke her out because she would make a good leader.

Fry: Leader?

SC: We Zakrahordians have always lived under dictatorship; Taurus the Terrible, Virgo the Violent, George Lucas. For centuries we've been having someone lead us.

Fry: Why do you want a leader to boss you around all the time?

SC: Our people felt it was better to have just one person decide how we live then leaving it up to us. (Fellow Zakrahordians agree.)

Leela: So you let Mom be the leader of your SCAM?

SC: No, she was the one who came up with the SCAM idea.

Mom: Now, after careful thinking, I've decided to sentence you three barf bags to death.

Leela: You won't get away with this.

Mom: Yes, I will and once we taken care of you it is off to Earth and then the whole universe. THIS I COMMAND!

SC: To the Death Colosseum. (Zakrahordians cheer. Cut to Wernstrom inspecting the robot army. Walt, Larry and Igner enter.)

Walt: Dr. Wernstrom, mother asks that you prepare your robots now.

Wernstrom: But I'm not finished completing the quota.

Walt: Things have changed.

Igner: What mommy says, goes. (Walt slaps him.)

Walt: Quiet you. (They leave. Wernstrom walks down the hall and stands in front of something in a tank and it is a dark figure.)

Wernstrom: I suppose, I could use you to help in the invasion, but I'm afraid that I built you too advanced, that you'd want to invade the Earth for yourself.

(Cut to a Roman Colosseum like structure far from SCAM Home Base. We can also see a tall statue of MOM with a look of dominance. We pan to Leela, Fry and Zoidberg and they are on hover carts and ready to be taken to the center of the arena.)

Fry: Well it looks like we are about to die.

Leela: I'd never pictured this to be the end.

Fry: Leela, I want to say I'm sorry. If it wasn't for me, you wouldn't be here.

Leela: Now Fry, I may be here because you blew my cover, but don't let it get you down.

Fry: This is all my fault, I suppose everyone was right. You were the one who captured Ironfinger, and I'm just a joke.

Leela: Look Fry, you may be clumsy now and then, but you are no joke. Every time we've had a mission, you've always come through.

Fry: You really think so?

Leela: Yes, you just need to focus more.

Fry: Thanks Leela. (The hover carts start moving and we see a whole bunch of Zakrahordians in the audience.)

Zakrahordian: Programs, get your program you can't tell the royally boned apart without a program.

(We see Fry, Leela and Zoidberg each chained to a huge stoned pole. We see Mom, Barbados, SC and Mom's sons, in a private sky box.)

Mom: Welcome my slaves, today I entertain you are with sending these spies to their deaths. Send in the monsters.

(We see a few Zakrahordians release three gates and we see a monster come out of each. One is like a giant snail with sharp teeth. Another looks like the loch ness monster, if it had legs instead of flippers. The third was like a giant bull with three eyes. They each give out a huge roar and the trainers start to move them towards our heroes. We cut to a certain Zakrahordian, who is still at the gates.)

Zakrahordian: Another animal sacrifice, another day where I hate my life. (We see he is pushing a cart with a pooper-scooper. The monsters are getting closer while our heroes look frighten. The snail is heading towards Zoidberg, the bull is heading towards Leela and the dinosaur is heading towards Fry. The villains look happy. We cut to the audience and we see in the stands, the janitor with Ironfinger's body running and following him are Jinx and Ironfinger.)

Ironfinger: Come back with my body you bastard!

Jinx: Ironfinger, look 014 and 1BDI are about to be killed.

Ironfinger: Really? Let me see.

(The dinosaur makes it to Fry and starts trying to take a bite. Fry manages to dodge and the dinosaur bites the chains freeing him. Leela has managed to grab something from her Scrunchie and it is a min-laser. She is able to break her chains then jumps and climbs up the pole before the bull ramps into the pole. Leela is able to use the laser and set Zoidberg free but he just stares at the snail heading towards him. Fry tries to out run the dinosaur, but it keeps trying to eat him. Leela tries to use the laser on the bull, but its skin is so rough that it has no effect.)

SC: (Close-up on his face.) This is an outrage. (Pan to see that it was his bag of popcorn he was talking about.) I said I wanted my popcorn light-buttered. I have my weight to look out for. (Slaps Igner who gave him the bag of popcorn. Leela, with a piece of the chain, manages to land on the Bull and uses the chain has a rein and we've got a rodeo. Cut to Jinx.)

Jinx: Show-off. (We notice that the Red Lords are in the crowd.)

Biff: Hey, it is Jinx. (We also see the Robot Mafia.)

Joey: Hey boss, it's that Ironfinger and he's got a new body.

Donbot: So, he thinks his disguise fooled us. Joey, Clamps let us complete our revenge plan.

Clamps: I'm ready to put the clamps on him. (Clamps his hands.)

(Fry is cornered by the dinosaur, when Leela has the bull ram into it causing the dinosaur to be knocked out for a while.)

Fry: Leela! Thanks for saving me. (Leela smiles and helps Fry on the bull and head to help Zoidberg, but they find him alone.)

Leela: Dr. Zoidberg, where's the giant snail?

Zoidberg: What!? There was no snail! (He looks fat and burps.)

Leela: Zoidberg, did you eat the giant snail?

Zoidberg: What this is an outrage, it is. To accuse me of eating a snail, I mean sure a snail is part of a lobster's diet, but I'm shocked, I am, to be accused of eating a snail.

Leela: Just get on the bull. (Zoidberg helps himself to get on the bull, but has trouble since he's stuffed. They all ride off.)

SC: They are getting away.

Mom: Not to worry. (Whistles and we see a small squad of robots, armed, blocking our heroes' path. Our heroes look concerned. Just then we cut to seeing a few foot steps and they are walking up to Mom, Barbados and SC. And that person grabs SC and points a laser gun to his chin. It is Hermes and he's dressed for a battle.)

Barbados: Well, well, it be Conrad.

Hermes: The show's over Barbados. Mom you too are under arrest.

Mom: You really think that. (He sons look ready to fight.)

SC: Can I get a little help here? (He's sweating bullets.)

Barbados: Give it up Conrad, you and your agents are trapped.

Conrad: I don't think so. (Whistles and we see The DOOP Commandos come out of nowhere in various spots and ready for a fight. A few Zakrahordians fly away.) I suggest you surrender.

Mom: Not so fast you barf bag, I still have a back up plan. (With remote pushes a button and we hear the sound of heavy marching and approaching are three big kilbots and they begin firing at Hermes. Hermes lets go of SC and jumps off the sky box and lands on his stomach on the ground.)

Hermes: I'm not as good as I used to be. (He gets up and that is the cue. DOOP Commandos begin to fire at the robots. The kilbots with lasers on their arms begin to fire as more kilbots are seen on the ground.)

SC: Our people, I implore you Mom wants you to fight for her and SCAM. For ZAKRA!

Zakrahordians: ZAKRA!


Zakrahordians: SCAM!

Commander DOOP: Come on men, eoh DOOP!

Commandos: DOOP!




CD: DOOP! You want a piece of me? (Takes out an army knife and is ready. But he has to deal with the robots firing at him. Fry, Leela and Zoidberg have managed to get off the bull and seek cover under a overturned hover cart. Hermes comes to their aid and give them a few laser guns.)

Leela: Agent C, glad you've decided to join the party.

Hermes: I just wish there weren't so many guests.

(Cut to see the Robot Janitor still with Ironfinger's body and then gets tackled by Ironfinger.)

Ironfinger: Now, you bastard give me back my body. When I'm done with you, I'm going to make you bite my shiny metal ass and then yours. I'm Ironfinger, damn it and I'm the one and only.

Donbot: Is that so? (Ironfinger see him and Joey and Clamps.) Joey, Clamps get him. (Ironfinger starts to back away as Jinx shows up.)

Jinx: Looks like you have some trouble.

Biff: Speak for yourself. (She turns around to see Bif, Charm, John, Lingo and Elmar.)

Bif: Get her! (John, Lingo and Elmar surround her and Ironfinger as Clamps and Joey do the same.

Jinx: (In fighting stances.) Alright, there are five of them, how many can you take out?

Ironfinger: Hmm...none. (Jinx just gives a mean look.) What? I'm the brains of this operation, I don't fight.

Jinx: Of course. (She starts fighting a few of them when someone from the sky comes down and he's in a gray battle suit with matching helmet and a jet pack. He has short ranged lasers and fires at Joey and Clamps, causing them to retreat along with Donbot. The stranger then helps Jinx to deal with the Red lords and scares them away.)

Jinx: Who are you? (The stranger removes his helmet and it is Scruffy.)

Ironfinger: Scruffy, where did you get that cool suit?

Scruffy: Found it in the mad scientist's lab. I raided it and put most of the stuff in our ship.

Ironfinger: Well Scruffy, I must say that you are the best Scruffy yet...look out. (Scruffy turns around and the dinosaur comes out of nowhere and gobbles me up.)

Scruffy: Marmalade. (His last words, Ironfinger and Jinx run away. Finally eaten something, the dinosaur just lays down for a nap. Cut to Captain Donald and Jack the ninja. Jack with a sword manages to slice a few robots. But when he comes across a kilbot, he slices it, and it explodes causing him to catch fire. We hear him screaming.)

Donald: Hey, I thought you were a mute?

Jack: No, I'm just a good listen, please help me.

Donald: Quick, stop, drop and roll. That should smother the flames. (Jack does so and the flames are put out.)

Jack: Thanks, man. I owe you.

Donald: Just remember to stop, drop and roll, when you are fire.

Jack: Now, I know.

Donald: And knowing it half the...(Screams along with Jack as they are both vaporized by two kilbots.)

(Our heroes are in deep trouble. They along with the DOOP Commandos are being forced into the center of the arena. We cut to the outside of the circle where Ironfinger, tackles the janitor robot again and removes his head and throws it away. Ironfinger then takes his head and places it back on his body.)

Jinx: That's weird, I thought you just wanted your wallet, why would you want your old body back?

Ironfinger: Well, I missed my suit and it would be hard to find a suit for that fat body.

(Cut to the robots now pinning down our heroes. Mom looks on then orders the robots to cease fire.)

Mom: Now you fungus filled scabs, any last words before I have you all destroyed?

Leela: You won't get such pleasure from us. (Fry, Hermes and the rest look unsure about that. Mom snickers, but then stops when she hears a few ships and they are DOOP ships. The DOOP army has finally made it and they create a perimeter around our heroes as the robots and SCAM forces fire. The DOOP ships manage to load our heroes and fly off.)

SC: Mom, oh great one, the DOOP has sent their army here. I'm sure your leadership can help us. (He looks for Mom, but she and her sons have already left.)

SC: Crap. (Cut to Ironfinger and Jinx.)

Jinx: Well do you still want to try and program your army of robots?

Ironfinger: No, let's just get back to the ship and go home.

(Cut to a battlefield. DOOP ships are landing and soldiers are busy fighting with SCAM and robot troops. We see a few SCAM pyramid star ships trying to blast off, but one of the DOOP ships manages to blast one of its thruster causing it to fall back to the ground. Cut to a command center, where we see Wernstrom and Barbados and SC.)

SC: Quick , Dr. Wernstrom, send more of your robots into battle.

Wernstrom: That won't be enough, I tried to tell Mom that our forces weren't up to full quota.

SC: We've got to get out of here.

Barbados: Right, load up my ship.

SC: Wait I need to take something with us so those DOOP guys don't get their hands on it. (As Wernstrom leave, SC gets something in a drawer and shows Barbados that it is a small electronic device.)

Barbados: What does this do?

SC: It is my mini video game system. I can't let those morons get their hands on it. They'll erase my scores that I've saved on it.

Barbados: Let's just go before we get arrested. This day couldn't get even worse, most of Dr. Wernstrom's inventions were stolen from his lab. (Cut to Werstrom's private spaceship blasting off. We see a hover pod with Barbados and SC and they are heading to their ship.)

Leela: Look, there is Barbados and SC. Let's get them.

Fry: Man, this freedom mission is sure making me thirsty. (He sees a bottle and picks it up to drink when Hermes stops him.)

Hermes: Don't drink that it isn't water Fry, mon.

(They begin to fire at Barbados, but Zakrahordian soldiers are in other pods and defend Barbados and SC. The DOOP ship manages to blast the pods, but by then Barbados lands by another SCAM base. The DOOP ship lands and Hermes, Leela and Fry race to get the villains. Hermes the first to enter a room, but a door closes before Fry and Leela can enter.)

Fry: Can you open the door. (Leela looks at the computer.)

Leela: Yes, but it will take time. (As Leela is busy working on the lock, two robots armed arrive and plan to shoot her. Fry steps in.)

Fry: Look watch. (Fry tackles both robots. One of robots fires and thanks to Fry, the beam nearly hits Leela's head, but it misses. Leela is shocked at the fact of how close she was shot. Fry is able to disarm one of the robots, and shoots the other and shoots the first robot.)

Leela: Fry, you saved me. You put your mind into it and managed to not screw up.

Fry: Hey you are right. Thanks Leela, thanks for believing in me. (Smiles, but accidentally fires the ceiling causing a few pieces to come down and hit him on the head. Cut to Hermes and he looks on in the room and gets tackled by Barbados. Barbados gets the laser from him and using his metal teeth chomps the gun to bits.)

Barbados: And you said having metal teeth was a dumb idea.

Hermes: Give up Barbados, you are going to lose this, just like the 2984 Olympics.

Barbados: you were lucky then, but you won't be this time. (Draws out a sword and tries to strike Hermes, but he dodges it and makes his way to a sword hanging on the wall and grabs it. They begin dueling until Barbados manages to bite part of Hermes's sword.)

Barbados: Face it, Conrad. I got you beaten like a green snake in a leg race.

Hermes: Not so fast, Barbados. (Pulls out the bottle, he had taken away from Fry earlier and throws it. Barbados's teeth act like a shield and the bottle breaks spilling liquid all over his Platinum Teeth.)

Barbados: Nice try, Conrad. (Smiles and shows his teeth.)

Hermes: Think again. (Barbados smiles again and his teeth are beginning to melt.)

Barbados: What!? This is acid. How is this possible? Platinum is a strong metal, no acid can dissolve it.

Hermes: Except for aqua regia, with the right mixture of nitric and hydrochloric acid, platinum can easily melt.

(Barbados's teeth melt really badly and it looks like he's foaming at the mouth. Just then a smoke bomb hits the room blinding Hermes. It was caused by SCAM Commander.)

SC: Oops sorry, Barbados. I was looking in your ship and I was playing with some of your gadgets. (Barbados just runs to him and they both enter the ship and blast off. The door finally opens and Leela and Fry come in and the smoke clears. Hermes, Leela and Fry view the ship flying away. Leela tries to fire at it with her laser, but it is no use.)

Leela: Well, it looks like we've put a stop to SCAM, but they all got away.

Fry: So, what else is new?

(Cut to the big Statue of Mom and Commander DOOP has tied a chain around it and tries to pull it down.)

CD: This is for DOOP!!!. (He continues to pull, but the statue falls on him. Cut to a ship and we see Barbados and SC.)

Barbados: (With a muffle in his voice.) Conrad is going to pay for this. Mark my acid filled mouth.

SC: Shut up, I'm trying to listen to the radio. (Turns up the volume and his jamming to the song, "Pop" by N' Sync. Barbados just looks disgusted. Cut to DOOP troops rounding up a few Zakrahordians and robots. Glab has arrived to survey the situation.)

Glab: Soldier, how is the progress?

Soldier: Ma'am, we've managed to put a stop to the SCAM plot and apprehended a few enemy soldiers. This Freedom Mission was a success.

Glab: Excellent. (Hermes, Leela and Fry arrive and salute.) 014, I've been meaning to talk with. You showed a great amount of irresponsibly, today.

Fry: I'm sorry, ma'am.

Glab: Because of you, you nearly had one of our top agents killed. I have no choice but to revoke your agent badge.

(Fry looks disappointed, but Leela steps in.)

Leela: Wait, Ms. Glab, may I speak?

Glab: I'm going to allow this.

Leela: Fry, may have ruined this mission and nearly had us killed, but Fry showed true act of heroism. He risked his life to save me. Ms. Glab, Fry's an important part of our team. He may screw up when the chips are down, but when the situation really looks bad, I know Fry will rise to the occasion .

Glab: Agent 1BDI, your story really touches me and hearing what you said I have no choice but to say...your agent badge is revoked, too. (Leela is shocked. Cut to Jinx and Ironfinger in their ship. Jinx is piloting.)

Jinx: Well, another plan that was a waste of time.

Ironfinger: Maybe not, Jinx. Maybe not. (Camera Pans to show that aboard the ship is something with the cloth over it. It is the thing Dr. Wernstrom had in his lab. Ironfinger laughs evilly.)






Ironfinger: The life you know, every thing do and take for granted. The people you've slept with, it is not going to last...because you are fired, Jinx.

Jinx: What?! You can't fire me, I have a contract. (Shows him the contract, but Ironfinger shoves it in his mouth, shredding it.)

Ironfinger: It has been cancelled.

Jinx: Alright then, screw you and good luck finding someone else to take your crap

Ironfinger: Oh I've found someone new...