Fan Fiction

So Long, Old Friends
By Dissy_Future


So Long, Old Friends

Simpsons theme starts. Bender pops up.

BENDER: hey this is our time slot

Futurama theme plays. message is this episode brought to you by Cloopo's Tissues. clip is montage of Futurama clips.

Bender and Fry are sat in the living room. Both drink beer.

BENDER: Go, Tigers.

FRY: No way. Lions are where it's at.

Enter Leela.

LEELA: Can you two be helpful for once. I need help packing to move in here.

FRY: 'Kay babes. Be there in a second.

Fry walks up to Leela and they snog.

LEELA: Bender, we need you to.. sofas aren't light you know.

BENDER: No way. I'm not missing this. I already had to kill the professor. he wanted to shut me down for a month for repairs. It was gona cost me $5,000. I'm not letting an oily meat bag have my hard earned cash.

Bender looks round at Fry and Leela. Their jaws are wide open and Leela looks close to tears

LEELA(SCREAMING): you idiot.*sob*what do we*sob* do now

She bursts into tears. Fry comforts her.

FRY (YELLING): You idiot. You killed our boss. We now have no jobs. and you needed those repairs. You could explode and kill us all at any second.

Bender stands up and walks to the window.

BENDER: No chan...

His chest explodes blowing him out the window

View from Bender's eyes. Warning signs flash and damage report shows he is 90% damaged. Fry's head apears upside down.

Return to normal view. Bender is on Fry's bed.

FRY: Bender *sob* please be OK *sob*

BENDER: Fry. there's nothing you can do. Listen. in 1 minuite exactly, my body is going to shut down. The CPU will overheat and I will burn from the  inside. Before I die (does inverted comas sign in air) I want you to know something: when I say kill all humans, I always whisper except one.

FRY: Who's that?

BENDER (QUIET STRAINED VOICE): That's you, Fry. I love yo...(shuts down)

FRY (SOBBING LOUDLY): No it can't be. No please no.

Man walks up

MAN: I'm sorry. I have some bad news. Hermies Conrad, Dr Zoidburg and Amy Wong have been killed by burglars at the Planet Express headquarters.


Zooms out. Scene of Fry walking in front of black background. Neon signs showing. suicide booth here, die for money and poisons sold here appear one at a time and shrink.

In front of Planet Express ship, Fry is sat down looking sadly into a cup of coffee. Leela walks in smiling.

LEELA (HAPPILY): Fry, I know how we can get Bender back


LEELA: There is a mechanic on the planet Dog Doo 1. He says he can fix any robot.

FRY: What are we waiting for, let's go.

LEELA (LOOKING SAD): There's one thing though. There is no place near there that we can park the ship safely. The journey is perilous and on foot

FRY: We'll be fine

Leela and Fry are edging along a very thin cliff

LEELA: Not much further

Leela's foot breaks through some thin rock and falls of the cliff. She grabs the edge of the cliff. Fry grabs her hand

FRY: Don't worry, I've got you.

Fry's feet start to slip

FRY: I'm slipping. What do I do?

LEELA (CALMLY): Let me go

FRY: No I can't do that.

LEELA: If you hold on, we will both fall. Just let me go. Your life is more important to me. Fry, have a good life. Love again.

Leela lets go


Black screen, walking and signs scene shows again.

Fry walks along a pier.

FRY: What have I left to live for. All my friends are dead, and worst of all, the girl I have been chasing since I got to this time, has died. We had finally got married. Finally. Goodbye cruel world.

Zooms out and shows whole pier.

Fry steps of the edge. Holds shot of pier.

Fades to black

A letter is shown. Leela's voice reads it out. it reads:

Dear Fry,

          Don't do anything stupid. I'm writing to you from the hospital in New New New Birmingham on Dog Doo One. Meet me there. I fell of the cliff on to a tree. I broke two ribs and my left arm in two places, But I'm OK. Bender got to the mechanic and is now OK. Zoidburg, Amy and Hermes were in the same hospital, and the professor's head was found inside Bender. It was put in a head jar and he is OK. They say a new body will be ready tomorrow. Just don't do anything stupid. I hope you get this letter.

Love Leela

P.S. - I'm still wearing the wedding ring

Credits roll silently over black.