Fan Fiction

Star Of The Century
By Fiona Williams

(Oh by the way, this story is all over the place, so just try to understand )

Beginning credits.

At planet express, everyone is gathered around the table ready to receive there daily dose of horror

Farnsworth: Are we all here?

Bender: unfortunately, why are we gathered here old man, I could be watching the new season of all my circuits or elzars new cooking show

Farnsworth: shut up and get a job you hickory dick!

Bender: I already have a job, I wouldn’t be here for the fun of it you know

Farnsworth: well pipe down or you will lose you job

Bender: you don’t scare me oldie

Farnsworth: anyway, in other news, I am celebrating my 162nd birthday this Friday night, and im throwing a party and everyone here is invited, even you zoidberg

Zoidberg: hurray! Will there be food?

Farnsworth: oh my yes, of course, there will be dancers, robots, women, men and even a karaoke I rented.

Hazel: sounds nice, where’s it at?

Farnsworth: well it’s at the hip joint; we’ve got it all to our selves

Fry: what, all of it to our selves?!

Farnsworth: oh my no, there will be other people there, but we will have our own private bit

Fry: cool. I can live with that.

Leela: so, what casual dress or fancy dress

Farnsworth: you just wear what you want to wear, anyway here’s some more good news

Fry: what a delivery

Farnsworth: no, you’re all going to go down to the hip joint know and prepare for Friday

Hazel: but wouldn’t it make more sense to do it on the day instead of like two days away from the party

Farnsworth: well yes, but the club isnt open on Friday morning

Hazel: well what about tomorrow?

Farnsworth: im busy tomorrow

Hazel: doing what exactly?!

Farnsworth: eh what? Oh none of your business, so off you go then, when you get back you can do whatever you want, you will have a delivery tomorrow then

At the “hip joint” everyone has been assigned a task to do something, hazel is blowing balloons up with bender, fry is hanging banners with Amy, and zoidberg is preparing the food.

Leela: now, fry and amy make sure those wont fall down ok?

Amy: ok professor

Leela: excuse me?

Amy: nothing, did you say anything fry?

Fry: nope

Leela walks off, amy and fry share a giggle together

Leela: hazel what are you blowing the balloons up with?

Hazel: air, my precious air

Leela grabs a balloon she has already blown up and chucks it to the floor, it makes a loud squash sound as it hits the floor as water explodes out

Bender: is she allowed to do that hazel

Hazel: my god, it took my ages to do that one

Leela: HAZEL! You’re supposed to be filling them up with hydrogen or air! NOT WATER!

Hazel: I thought I would be fun if they fell of the ceiling

Leela: you make me sick sometimes

Hazel: in what way

Leela walks off outraged towards zoidberg who is preparing the sandwiches in the kitchen

Leela: oh, zoidberg how is everything?

Zoidberg: fine I think, but ive lost some of the food

Leela: well ive found it

Zoidberg: oo, where is it, I love this game

Leela: its around your mouth!

Zoidberg: aw, im sorry but you shouldn’t put me in charge of things like this, im a failure

Leela: never mind, but go help fry and amy with the ribbon

Zoidberg: can I cut it?

Leela: that’s why im sending you there

Zoidberg: hurray

Zoidberg scuttles of out of the kitchen

Leela: I guess if you want a job done right, you should do it yourself

In the other room, everyone is talking about Leela; Leela hears her name and listens

Amy: I think Leela is trying to hard, she didn’t even plan this do so why is she trying to boss us around, I mean we listen to her everyday of the weekend

Hazel: yeah and she broke my water balloon

Bender: hazel that was my idea

Hazel: yeah it might of bin, but I converted all the water into this balloon quicker than you finished that sentence

Bender: still my idea

Hazel: oh go get original

Bender: get original to what, I am being original, im me bender

Hazel: but what about all the other benders in the world, that are exactly like you, do what you do, and say what you say

Bender: well id say there a wannabe me

Hazel: I could say you’re a wannabe bad person

Bender: im not a wannabe bad person, I am a bad person

Hazel: you only drink because you have to, it’s the only thing you can drink, you smoke because you think it makes you look cool when it actually makes you look like a dork, and you only pick up hooker bots because you steal there money and lie and cheat on them

Bender: what ever you said right back at you

Hazel: god! Ive bin on earth for four three years know and I still don’t understand

Bender: well understand this, your not sleeping in my apartment tonight, you can live on the streets bitch!

Hazel: id rather do that, but instead ill live in the sea tonight, at least ill get better sleep

Bender: oi miss thing, my apartment is better than that pile of crap you come from

Hazel: oh well at least I had parents and im a living thing, I have feelings and I care about people

Bender: I give that a 1 out of 10 of the hurt scale

Hazel: grr, I refuse to help out anymore, if anyone wants me ill be on the ship

Bender: yeah and so will I

Bender slowly follows hazel outside to the ship

Amy: wow, I never knew Leela could get people to have an argument over originality

Fry: well things like this happen, I guess but I love Leela so im not talking about her, she probably just wanted this party to go well

Amy: I guess, but she didn’t have to be so mean to everyone

Fry: well I didn’t mind, stern people get everywhere theses day

Leela: oh thank god fry is sticking up for me, if he started talking about me horribly, I totally would of broke up with him, well id better go join them

Leela: hay guys, sorry about before, where are bender and hazel?

Fry: they went off arguing about originality

Leela: oh right, well I knew it would happen one day

Amy: told you fry

Fry: whatever

Leela: well have everything finished?

Amy: im just putting up the last banner now, hazel and bender finished the balloons and ill take it you’ve finished in the kitchen?

Leela: yep, where’s zoidberg

Zoidberg: im right here am I not?

Leela: oh right, you can go join those two on the ship, Amy you too, I need a moment with fry

Amy & zoidberg walk off to the ship, fry walks up to leela

Fry: so what’s up?

Leela: well its not that I was spying but I herd you and everyone else talking about me

Fry: Leela I swear that wasn’t me talking about you, It was them

Leela: I know, I saw that you didn’t say anything at all apart from I love you

Fry: what so im off the hook?

Leela: you never were on the hook fry, I don’t know what I do right sometimes and what I do wrong

Fry: well I know what you did right

Leela: what? What did I do?

Fry: you went out with me, you said yes that last time I asked you

Leela: I know, it was the best yes Id said to any guy in my entire life

Fry: well I just want you to know im always here for you, I will never talk about you behind my back or anyone’s back

Leela: oh fry, I thought we would never be together, but im glad we are

Fry: ive pretty much always wanted to be with you, you’ve just never accepted me for who I was, being childish and immature, impulsive whatever you call it

Leela: well ive learned that you shouldn’t change for people

Fry: im glad, I like everything about you and I always will

Fry and leela share a loving long kiss in a hug, Leela starts rubbing his bum and fry starts stroking his hair

Bender bursts in and starts shouting at them

Bender: hay love birds, can we go know how long does the pep talk need to be?

Fry: alright bender were coming

It is know Friday and everyone is smarting themselves up for the big day, leela and fry are already there at the door inviting people in for the party

Leela: wow, a lot of people have showed up

Fry: oh by the way but don’t tell anyone but hazels going to streak

Leela: What?!

Fry: she’s going to run across the room naked

Leela: I KNOW WHAT IT MEANS! Sorry im a bit tense I want this night to go perfect, who’s made her streak?

Fry: bender

Leela: I thought they hated each other

Fry: yeah they do, but bender dared here before they fell out and she said she would do it

Leela: so what’s bender doing in return?

Fry: he told us to wait and see, I doubt he will do anything, he barely does anything infact…

Leela: sshh, he’s coming now

Bender: hey guys

Leela: hay bender, don’t you look smart tonight?

Bender: im looking to impress a few ladies, the professor said there’d be a few here tonight, might as well look good

Fry: oh well good for you

Bender: is hazel here yet?

Leela: no and why do you care

Bender: I don’t, but I can’t wait to see her embarrass herself, she will look like an idiot, especially if she shows her face.

Bender walks in smartly, followed by Hermes and his wife LaBarbara, and Dwight his son.

Leela: ah Hermes, glad you could come

Hermes: think is, if he dies I get pretty much a lot of things in his will, but I need a picture of him dead, for it be valid

Fry: well good luck with that

Leela: fry you seem a little tense, what’s wrong

Fry: well bender didn’t want hazel in the apartment Wednesday night or Thursday night, I don’t know where she is, and I don’t want her to embarrass her self when she streaks

Leela: well you never know, she might not do it

Fry: no, its not like that, she told me that when she’s dared she does it

Leela: well maybe it should change

Fry: hmm.

Leela: why are you so worried for her?

Fry: she’s my friend, Id hate to see a friend get her

Hazel: what you talking about fry?

Fry: hazel, uhh I herd bender dared you to streak the other night, are you still going to do it?

Leela: yeah I mean, could be a bit embarrassing?

Hazel: nah, ive done it loads of times, it will be fine, ill be covering my face as well so no one will know its me

Leela: but what if someone throws water on you?

Hazel: huh, like that will happen!

Leela: but what if…

Hazel: look, Leela I think I can take care of my self, just because im younger doesn’t mean im thicker, god take care of yourself

Hazel speeds off inside, soon everyone they expected arrives, zoidberg, Amy and kif, zap and a lot of other people that they know. (I can’t think of anyone else!)

Leela: I think that’s everyone, now let’s get inside and get every one ready

Fry: sure are you announcing or me?

Leela: uh you can do it if you want

Fry: sweet!

Inside everyone is taking there seats and buying there drinks, especially bender.

Fry: (Fry coughs loudly to get the attention of the crowd) Id like to thank you all for coming but the professor shall be here shortly so if we could have the lights dimmed please? (The lights dim) now actually the professor organized this, but im sure he’s forgotten about it, I hope so everyone crouch down and get ready he should be here soon.

Everyone crouches and the professor enters complaining

Farnsworth: where am i? Why is it so dark, arrhh, stupid teenagers no respect for their extremely old elderly.


Farnsworth: eh what, oh my heart!

Leela: sorry professor, are you alright

Farnsworth: If you’re going to do that again, do it on a lower frequency please!

Leela: ok, would you like to say a few words?

Farnsworth: fine

Leela: just take your place on stage and say what you want to say

Farnsworth: I know what you do dummy

Leela: just go or this will turn into a funeral

Farnsworth: ah, hello everyone thank you for coming, as you know it is my 162nd birthday and Im very happy that im still alive, so enjoy the party, get drunk, dance, drink because this is going to be a rocking night!

Rave music starts playing, and everyone gets up dancing, an hour on later it is not 10:00 pm and everyone is either drunk or tired

Fry: ok everyone it is now time to cut the cake amazingly, so professor if you would like to make your way up to the stage

Farnsworth: oh right, I would just like to say that this is a good party up to now, and I am enjoying it

Farnsworth cuts a slice of the big cake and walks of stage

Fry: alright everyone, come and grab a slice of the cake and soon after we will have karaoke time!

Fry takes a piece and sits down at a table where everyone at planet express is sitting

Leela: hay, hazel I thought you were streaking?

Hazel: I am, just give me some time, I need to do it when the time is right

Fry: when are you planning on doing it?

Hazel: well actually, the professor has a speech to do at the end before everyone leaves right?

Fry: well yeah, its like after the karaoke, so his speech Is at like eleven or twelve.

Hazel: well that’s when im going to do it

Bender: ha, you wont do it! Your too much of a chicken! If your so up to it, why don’t you do it know

Leela: excuse me, I have to go announce karaoke, ill be right back

Fry: ok gorgeous.

Hazel: fine I will do it now then, I was planning on doing it later so I could make a clear get a way.

Bender: nah, you just didn’t want people to see your ugly body

Hazel: my body is better than your so called shiny metal ass

Bender: you take that back or ill…

Hazel: what bend me? HAH, im straighter than you ass hole, and be prepared for the show of your life!

Hazel gets up and walks off towards the girls toilets.

Leela: ok everyone, its now time for karaoke, so starts lining up and get your voices ready because its going to be a long night!

The audience goes quite in the distant audience there can be a cough herd.

Leela: ok then, uh bye!

Leela quickly runs of stage and joins her group at the table

Leela: man, tough crowd

Amy: nah, you just don’t know how to treat them right, next time ill announce

Fry: so Is anyone getting up to do karaoke?

Amy: nah, im no good at singing

Leela: me neither, I remember the time I tried to sing to the omocronians to save fry but that didn’t work well

Fry: oh yeah! I though it was good

Leela: well of course my own boyfriend


In the audience there is the sound of gasps and laughs herd as hazel runs across the dance floor naked and back again, she is wearing a black mask to cover her face

Fry: woooh! Go person!

Leela: yeah alright!

Bender: urgh, ive seen better bodies on fat people

Leela: but fat people look ugly

Bender: I no but I hate hazel

Amy: why don’t you two stop all this arguing?

Bender: when she apologizes to me for what she said, then I will forgive her

Leela: but she’s probably never gonna apologize, so yeah maybe you should

Bender: no, im not giving just like all the other times I haven’t given in

Fry: well good luck with that.

Hazel rejoins everyone at the table

Fry: hazel your back

Hazel: yep and that felt great, so bender, looks like you owe me and apology?

Everyone looks at bender sternly

Bender: no you should apologize to me, after what you said to me the other day

Hazel: ah forget this, im off

Fry: where you going?

Hazel: Im going to sing karaoke

Amy: really? Me and kif were thinking about doing a duet

Hazel: well I work solo

Bender: good for you I hope you get stage fright and faint or better yet you get water thrown on you!

Leela: oh yeah what if that does happen

Amy: oh yeah or she might sweat! From the heat of the lights

Fry: should we warn her?

Leela: nah wait and see what happens

Presenter: Next we have hazel singing


A lil star

That’s what you are…

My baby star

My whole star…

MY little star

You sing with me

You dance with me

You even do the dirty with me


You are my life

You are my strife

You make me feel like a star

In love…


You are my lil star

That’s what you are

My lil star….

A massive applause comes over the crowd, with whistling and confetti falling on her

Hazel: was I really that good?

Presenter: looks like it, in fact I recorded your singing and its going to become a smash hit, but you do need a singer trainer

Hazel: pips, I can get one easily

Presenter: ladys and germs, hazel colonel!

Everyone cheers madly and shouts yeah hazel!

Hazel takes her seat at the table

Bender: so hazel I just want to say im sorry for arguing with you I mean you’re a great person and I would like

Hazel: where is this going metal head

Bender: can I be your singer trainer?

Hazel: how can you, you’re a robot

Bender: I can test your pitch! And if your singing right

Hazel: well I guess, but they way you have treated me for the past few days has made me think that were not friends

Bender: but ive never hated you, you’re like a male robot!

Hazel: huh! Thanks!

Bender: oh you’re welcome but I meant because you talk about sex, you smoke and drink its amazing to see a human female be like that!

Hazel: well I guess that was a good speech, ok you’re my manager then

Leela: your going to let him be manager after you argued like for three days straight

Hazel: hay! He had a good speech

Leela: ugh.

Fry: wow, I wonder what sort of songs you’re going to sing

Hazel: well im sticking with punk genre, I love my song that I just say “lil star”

Fry: yeah that should be your number one!

Hazel: ladys, robots, men and germs, this is the start of something new


Everyone is at planet express at the table asking hazel about her new songs

Hazel: well I have four songs now plus lil star which is my best

Fry: that song is well good hazel, its like dead scene

Hazel: punk fry, not scene

Fry: ok then, I don’t understand this whole style thing anymore, I mean its good for us adults, we can just dress how we want!

Hazel: well for me it’s important, originality is everything.

Bender: for real dog

Hazel: please don’t call me that or ill fire you

Bender: sorry, they said it on all my circuits last night and ive been wanting to say it at the right time

Hazel: whatever, anyways people, ive got my first recording next Saturday so professor you’re going to have to cancel deliveries to anywhere that day

Professor: well we will come with you to watch it then, I like old girls that sing

Hazel: ugh, im only nineteen, how is that old!

Professor: to me, everything is old!

Hazel: I see

Amy: are you planning on writing any new songs?

Hazel: yeah I need to have ten songs to record a full album

Hermes: excuse me people, but I need to go check, see if there’s any deliveries today

Hazel: whatever

Leela: so what are the new songs called?

Hazel: well the four I have are: “Lil star, show me the way, hold on and dark world”

Leela: All those songs sound so emotional

Hazel: wait till you hear dark world, its like crying and slitting wrists at the same time

Leela: you can do that anyway cant you?

Hazel: yeah, but I don’t slit my writs, im never that depressed!

Leela: well good luck then

Amy: what is it with you and fry constantly say “good luck then, or good luck with that?”

Fry: I don’t know, its just coming out

Hazel: among other things…

Fry: that was uncalled for hazel.

Hazel: I own the dirty business fry. And it was called for. You know it was.

Bender: we’ve realized

Hermes: good news people, there is two deliveries today

Bender: why is that good news?

Hermes: well there simple deliveries really, your first one is to the moon, they need this new box of soft toys for them stupid machines, and the second one is to Mexico, they need them four crates of spices for their need secret recipes

Leela: wow, they do sound simple, come on guys.

On the ship, leela is taking off towards the moon

Leela: it shouldn’t be long before we are there, so hazel you can get to work on the other songs you need to write

Hazel: ill do it later, theres no point now because were there

Leela: are we?

Hazel: yeah you just landed egg head

Leela: I hate it when you call me that, makes me feel like an idiot

Hazel: of course it does.

Leela stands up and walks down to the cargo bay, bender, Amy, hazel and fry follow

Leela: ok this is such a simple delivery, I wouldn’t be surprised if it goes wrong

Hazel: well with me around, what can go wrong!

Leela: yeah that’s what im worried about, Amy get the crate lowered onto the floor, we will follow you out, hazel help Amy.

Hazel: yes sergeant!

Leela: amateur

Leela walks off with everyone else; Amy and hazel move the cargo out of the cargo hold

Hazel: When is that girl never stressed?

Amy: when she’s happy

Hazel: oh yeah, figures.

Leela: would you hurry up!

Amy looks at hazel with a weird look on her face

Amy: alright! God.

Leela: Ugh.

On the surface, they deliver the package to the back of the fun park.

Guard: hay, aren’t you that hazel girl ive heard about?!!

Hazel: I guess, am I really that famous?

Guard: Hey yeah! Your like all over the park

Hazel: im a singer! Not a model

Guard: to some people your both

Hazel: ugh TRAMPS!

Guard: so what you got for us

Fry: stuff, just sign here

Guard: there, well thanks and bye and we love you hazel

Hazel: yeah I bet you do.

They walk off back to the ship, leela takes off and heads back to earth.

Hazel: man, I only sang like last night and im already a hit on the moon, its worse than gossip

Leela: you should be happy people like you and your famous, and people want to be you

Hazel: WHAT?! Im original, I don’t want people to be me, I DON’T want identical clones, then no one will know who I am!

Amy: give up then

Hazel: hell no! do you know how much money I get from this!

Amy: pstt, I thought your dad is rich

Hazel: he is, but he doesn’t know where I am.

Amy: oh, ok makes sense

Fry: Well clearly.

Next Saturday.

Hazel is at “Sunny day” Recording studio

Dan: alright hazel, I will be your recorder and whatever you call it

Hazel: whatever, hes the music for the song, and I will go stand in the room thingy

Dan: I take it your new to this

Hazel: yes. But I know how to sing.

Dan: good, lets get started

Several hours later, hazel has sang all ten songs. (She would probably have a soar throat, and I can’t be bothered wrinting all songs.) But she has enjoyed everything and is now flying back to the planet express building

Leela: so how was it

Hazel: really good, but im really tired.

Leela: do you want me to fly you back to the apartment?

Hazel: yeah, I carnt be arsed walking

Leela drops the ship outside the robot apartments

Hazel: cya tomorrow

Leela: well actually im coming around in a bit to see fry, I just need to take the ship back

Hazel: yeah, yeah, yeah whatever.

Leela: amature.

Hazel walks up to the apartment opens the door.

Hazel: hay guys or guy

Hazel sees fry on the couch asleep.

Hazel: fry, fry!

She coughs loudly, but he still doesn’t wake up, she gives up and goes to her hammock in the corner of the room

Hazel: (to herself) I can’t believe it, im going to be a star! And it’s all thanks to the professor’s party!

She climbs into the hammock and soon falls asleep.

Next day at planet express, Leela comes in early followed by Amy

Hermes: ah, your early, as usual, where are hazel, fry and bender

Amy: maybe still in bed

Hermes: I can’t be doing with this, them three waste precious times lazing around in bed

Fry walks in, with his hands in his pockets, and… he is whistling.

Leela: fry(she runs up to him and gives his a warming kiss) where are bender and hazel

Fry: well to be truthful, I have no idea where bender is, and hazel is still in bed

Amy: well she was out late last night working hard on her music

Hermes: I don’t care what she was doing, she has a job and if shes going to keep it, she has to start managing to do both

Bender: hay guys, what’s going on

Fry: bender, where were you last night?

Bender: I was out all night getting hammered, where you were last night?!

Fry: at home, asleep.

Bender: whatever, where’s fishy?

Amy: bender that’s not nice, it’s not her fault she’s a disgusting creature

Bender: jeez, do I always get blamed for everything

Amy: I wasn’t blaming you

Bender: huh, not with that attitude

Fry: look, stop fighting, I don’t want this to be like hazel and bender again

Leela: good point, why are we all getting stressed recently?

Amy: no Idea.

Hazel walks in with droopy eyes. (She’s pretty much tired I guess)

Amy: hazel, you look awful

Hazel: oh, well thanks for making me feel better

Leela: have you got any more recording soon?

Hazel: yeah, I have to pick a few songs to do videos to, and write five more songs

Leela: man, that’s sound tuff, why don’t you give up if you cant do it?

Hazel: hell no, Ive only bin in the music business for two days and you already telling me that I should drop out, no way, im going to make it big!

Leela: but look at you, you’re a mess, maybe you should go home and get some rest

Hermes: I don’t think so, you’ve got a delivery to do, so scat people, get moving

Hazel: excuse me boyfriend, but ill think you find, im a famous star know, I don’t take order from you

Bender: yeah, she takes orders from me

Hazel: actually I take no orders from no one

Bender: im your manager, you have to take orders from someone

Hazel: yeah, I take orders from you when im in the studio, not at home

Fry: can we just stop arguing please, its really annoying me and probably some other people

Leela: fry’s right for once, all this arguing is doing no good, look hazel just go on this delivery and then when we get back you can go do whatever you were going to do.

Hazel: argh, fine lets go and get this done, im bored as we speak

Later On that Evening hazel, fry and bender are at their apartment watching “all my circuits”

Hazel: well this is boring, im goin bed, if your staying up late, keep the TV down.

Bender: no can do

Hazel walks over to her hammock and cleans it up

Hazel: hay, who slept in my bed last night?

Bender: you did, you idiot

Hazel: oh yeah, sorry I think im going like the professor, this whole singing career thing is pretty much to hard for me

Fry: yeah but your good at it, and you’ve only bin there for a week, why quit now when you could become a complete success.

bender: yeah I like being your manager, I get to steal loads of cool things from rich people.

Hazel: well I guess that’s good

Fry: are you enjoying yourself

Hazel: well im having fun tidying my bed

Fry: no I mean are you having fun with the whole music business?

Hazel: well yeah sort of, but its hard work, I have planet express work and music work.

Fry: cant you find a way to balance out both

Bender: yeah like Leela

Hazel: yeah, but that’s why she’s always stressed, because she spends more time with work that fun, im more of a fun-lover than a fun-worker

Bender: look hazel, im not one for advice, except for a few years ago when I couldn’t stop giving advice randomly and uncontrollably but I think you should at least stick it out a little while longer, things could improve

Fry: well im off to bed, cya tomorrow guys

Hazel: later

Bender: yeah me too, I want to get up early so I can be late for work

Hazel: you said that when we were going to Atlanta and it didn’t happen, you woke up late and was the first one for the meeting!

bender: oh yeah, oh well

Bender walks to his tiny closest at the entrance, hazel climbs into her hammock and falls asleep.

After another week or so, hazel is going crazy from the amount of work she is doing.

At the meeting table, fry, hazel, Leela, bender, Amy and zoidberg are all sat down at the table

Amy: so hazel, how’s it going?

Hazel: annoying, I cant deal with it, im thinking of dropping the label

Amy: what why? You’re doing great

Hazel: oh yeah, is having three arguments and one fight with producers and music editors good?

Leela: so I take it you’re loosing it?

Hazel: no, not yet but if I don’t drop soon, im going too

Zoidberg: so drop why not? Save your sanity, don’t end up like zoidberg!

He starts crying (as usual)

Hazel: yeah, but…

Fry: hazel, just drop, don’t make it into a bigger decision

Amy: wait guys, why cant we decide and let hazel do what she wants to do, after all its her life, let her live it

Fry: I guess amy’s right, hazel you do what you feel is right

Next day, Hazel is at the recording studio

Dan: Hazel, you don’t look so good, what’s up?

Hazel: ive had no sleep what so ever

Dan: look unfortunately you have to sing whether you tired or not

Hazel: aw, man can I have a break

Dan: well for about a few extra seconds, ive got loads of other recordings today, so hurry

Hazel: ah, what the hell, lets just get it over and done with.

At planet express, everyone is gathered around the table.

Hazel: I got to admit, I thought that this whole singing career would really get me somewhere better, but it turns out, its made me worse of myself

Leela: how? You’re a great singer and loved by millions of people. Id love to be in your shoes

Hazel: fine, dress up as me, become me and just become a clone of me

Amy: is that what’s annoying you?

Hazel: well apart from the fact they’ve made my style a clothing label and called it ‘fiish’

Amy: why fish?

Hazel: no idea, stupid idiots, now every girl and boy has my hair style, and my clothes.

Amy: well id hates that aswell, have millions of people be an exact copy of you.

Hazel: There’s too much work, too much singing, my throat hurts soo much, its feels like ive just swallowed a sword

Fry: you haven’t had you?

Hazel: hell no! It’s a impossible isn’t it?

Fry: sorry, but if I was In your shoes I would drop because it would be making my life miserable

Leela: same, I would because id feel like the world is bringing me down

Amy: actually, I wouldn’t, id would stick it out because things could improve.

Hazel: so many options and paths. I need a walk.

She gets up and walks out.

Hermes walks in.

Hazel: where in mahogany god is hazel going?

Fry: uh, for pizza?

Leela: no silly, she’s gone for a walk.

Amy: yeah, she’s only just this minute went

Hermes: huh, well we have no deliveries today, but there will be an early morning delivery tomorrow, or there could be a surprise delivery later

Fry: ah! I hate the surprise deliveries

Hazel is seen walking down the street in disguise

Hazel: Hmm, maybe I should quit, im having to walk down my own road in disguise do I don’t get people telling me they love me, hate me or wanna be me. If I quit, everything will normal again I hope.

But what if im called a drop out? Or a quitter. Arghhhhh! I just pray a miracle happens tomorrow at the studio.

At the robot apartments that evening

Bender: Hay hazel, its half eleven, you said like ten hours ago you where going for a walk, what were you doing, feeding old people or walking zoidberg?

Hazel: neither, I just needed a swim aswell.

Bender: oh yeah how is the mermaid thing?

Hazel: not bad, tail smelt badly, so I needed the swim for a wash, the water was freezing

She lies down in her hammock; bender sits on the couch and continues talking to her

Bender: well it would be at half eleven, look hazel, do you want to continue talking?

Hazel: well it would help

Bender: well let me just go wake fry and you can ramble on to him

Hazel: what?!

Bender: hay fry! Get in her, hazel needs to talk to you

Hazel: clever aren’t we bender

Bender: well I am programmed to be clever

Hazel: (to herself) Idiot.

Fry: what’s up, who needs punching?

Hazel: you do

Fry is very dazed at the moment and probably doesn’t even know what he’s saying

Fry: what?

Bender: look fry, just talk to hazel about her troubles then go back to bed

Fry: huh, ok but im not jumping of the building that’s crazy.

Bender walks over to his closet

Hazel: fry go back to bed, im fine really. That was just bender being annoying

Fry: grr, stupid people slash robot slash owl.

Fry walks back to his room leaving hazel on her own

She walks over to the big window and looks out.

Hazel: Who knew a simple singing career could make me so depressed. Actually it makes no sense!

Next day, hazel is at the studio

Dan and a label producer walk up to hazel that is waiting for Dan.

Dan: hazel meet Philip, he is the label manager who took you on

Hazel: well isn’t that nice to know

Dan: what? Anyway we have some bad news, because of yesterday’s song, people have stopped listening to you, and they’ve lost hope

Hazel: lost hope in what?! What’s there to have hope on

Philip: well people idolized you

Hazel: so they were technical copy’s of me

Dan: well you could say that

Philip: anyway, I think it would be wise if we drop you from the label

Hazel face lights up in enjoyment


Dan: excuse us?

Hazel: oh I mean *cough* Oh no!

Philip: were sorry but recently you haven’t got that spark that you had the night you sang on the karaoke machine

Hazel: huh, wait you were there?!

Philip: me and the professor are very good friends

Hazel: so he knew a label manager and he never told me! That brain dead fool!!

Dan: look we have to go, were entertaining poor people tonight and we need to practice

Hazel: why would you want to entertain for poor people?

Philip: because, if you do something wrong, they think its part of the act, they think its amazing!

Hazel: oh right.

Dan and Philip walk off. A few hours later.

Fry, Leela, hazel and Amy are at the “hip joint”.

Leela: well, were just glad that you’re happy

Hazel: me too, I have no more singing or video shooting. It’s great

Amy: what are you going to do about all your albums and cd’s?

Hazel: I think im going to keep them, to remind me that the next time someone offers me something like that, I can just give him them cd’s and say “FINISHED!”

They all share a chuckle

Amy: I would just keep them to remind me how good I am

Fry: I would keep them to prove to people that I was that person

Leela: I would just keep them because they would remind me of who I am and who I always will be

Hazel: I liked leela’s the best, actually you all said good things

Leela: well they are all true.

Hazel: yeah but I think ill just stick to karaoke.

Hazel gets up and walks up to the stage and starts singing.


Dark world

Dark world

Where have we gone?

Dark world

Dark world

The streets are empty

The streets are night

We drift away

Right through the sky…



It zooms out of the hip joint. And stares into the stars.


Well I hope you enjoyed that. I enjoyed writing it. There will be more soon, but you know it took me weeks to write that! Probably because I had no ideas. But I'm glad ive finished it. Sorry if it’s a bit childish . But I have a very good imagination

Thank you!