Fan Fiction

The Sting II - A “What-If?” scenario
By Frosty

Chapter 1

[Fry woke up with a pain in his abdomen. The events that transpired the day before came rushing back. He needed to know where she was. Where his wife was.]

Fry: (thinking) Am I dead?

[Looking around, the room was white, the only sound was the steady beating of a heart monitor. Tubes were in his arm, and one in his nose, letting air come in. His eyes adjusted as the door opened.]

Fry: (thinking) I’m in a hospital. Phew, thank God we’re alright.

[Once the door opened a man with black hair came in wearing a white coat, and around his neck was a stethoscope.]

Doctor: Mr. Fry? Can you hear me?

Fry: Yeah, I can hear you.

[His voice was raspy and weak, but it didn’t matter. He was alive.]

Fry: How’s Leela? My wife?

[The doctor didn’t respond. After receiving a chart from the nurse, he saw down next to Fry. He spoke slowly and carefully, his voice full of sympathy.]

Doctor: Mr. Fry, when you stepped out in front of the space bee, the stinger went right through you, and your wife received the poison. She’s still alive, but- she’s in a coma.

Fry: What?

Doctor: She’s unresponsive right now, but we’re running test to see what’s going to happen.

[Fry tried to sit up, but the pain was too much. As Fry was wincing, the doctor put a hand on his arm.]

Doctor: Don’t move too much.

[Fry’s eyes were filling up with tears. Leela’s in a coma…no, she couldn’t be. She’s fine, she’s waiting right outside. No, she’s not. She’s practically at deaths door.]

Doctor: Now, we understand that you have two children, is that right?

Fry: Yes, Travis and Jamie.

Doctor: Well, you’re going to have to stay here for a few days. Is their anyone we can call to take care of them? You’re friends have them at the building where you work right now.

Fry: Tell Amy to take them to their grandparents.

Doctor: Okay, I’ll do that. Now I’m going to check on your wife, and I’ll be back in a little while. If you need something, just tell one of the nurses.

[Fry leaned his head back and looked at his wedding ring. This wasn’t fair, they had been married for 9 years. Travis was 8, and Jamie was 6, they both needed a mother. He couldn’t take care of them by himself. And he would never look for someone else. He knew that if Leela didn’t wake up in 12 weeks, he would have to make a brutal decision.]

[A few weeks earlier, Fry was sitting on the couch with Leela in their home. They had just put the kids to bed, and were sitting in front of the fireplace, where Leela was curled up beside him. She had been quiet all night, and Fry sensed something was bothering her.]

Fry: Hey, are you okay?

Leela: Just thinking.

Fry: About what?

Leela: A lot of things.

Fry: Do you wanna talk about it?

[She sat up and took a deep breath.]

Leela: If I tell you, you have to be serious about this.

Fry: Okay, what is it?

Leela: Well, I was thinking; what if one of us were in a vegetated state?

Fry: A what?

Leela: A coma.

Fry: What about it?

Leela: Well, the thing is, I was wondering what should we do if something like that were to happen. Rather it was one of us, or both of us. What would we do?

Fry: I don’t quite get what you’re saying.

Leela: I guess I just want you to know, if something like that were to happen; I would want you to let me go after a certain amount of time. Especially if their was no hope.

Fry: So you’re saying if you were in a coma, you’d want me to pull the plug?

Leela: Yes. And I’m not just saying this. I’ve thought about this for a long time. Especially since we’re both having Hermes deal with our wills tomorrow, it’s something I’ve been thinking about lately.

Fry: I understand.

Leela: So, God forbid, if something were to happen, you’d do what I’d want you to?

Fry: Yeah…sure.

Leela: Fry, honey, be serious about this. It’s probably never going to happen, but if it does, will you promise me you’ll do that?

Fry: I promise.

Leela: Because you love me?

Fry: Because I love you more than anything.

Leela: I love you too.

Chapter 2

[Why did he ever agree to that? That was the thought rolling around in Fry’s head right now. Why the hell would he agree to kill his own wife? It was a incredibly stupid mistake. Like she signed in her living will: 12 weeks was her cut off point. If she wasn’t awake, that was it. Beside the hospital had a rule: 12 weeks with no change, the patient would be moved to a nursing home or let go.]

[Fry was slowly walking down the hall of the hospital a few days later. He was getting ready to go home soon, but he had to see Leela. He called Amy, telling her he’d call her when he was ready to be picked up. Opening the door to one of the rooms, he held on tight to keep his balance. Inside, there she was, sleeping. She looked so peaceful, but so different. The way she was laying in bed, it was all wrong. Her arms at her sides, her back and legs straight. No, she shouldn’t be in that position. She should be on her right side, her right arm at an angle, with the back of her hand resting against the pillow, and her left arm across the mattress. Sitting down, Fry took her hand in his, and to his surprise, it was still warm and soft. He feared it she was going to be cold and clammy, but this didn’t make the situation any better. Maybe if he talked to her, she’d wake up. It was worth a shot.]

Fry: Hey honey. It’s me.

[Nothing. Just as he expected.]

Fry: I’m okay, the stinger didn’t kill me, but-you know what happened.

[Even though she wasn’t responding, Fry felt the words come easier.]

Fry: I’m gonna go home and see the kids, but while they’re at school, I promise I’ll come see you tomorrow.

[Watching the heart monitor beep, and seeing all the wires and tubes connected to Leela, broke Fry’s heart.]

Fry: I love you. Please remember that.

[He squeezed her hand, hoping she would return it. Of course she didn’t.]

Fry: I don’t know if you can hear me, but you need to wake up. Please.

[The only sound was the heart monitor, and finally it was too much for Fry.]

Fry: I’ll see you tomorrow.

[He waited a moment before releasing her hand and leaving.]

[Fry walked in to his house a few minutes later. Amy had dropped him off, and she was going to get the kids. It was 5:30 and Amy offered to take them out for dinner, just so Fry could think about what to say to them. He knew what was coming: “Daddy, where’ Mommy?” “When’s she coming home?” But once he explained what happened he would see teary eyes and confused faces. “Is she gonna wake up?”. And once he explained that, he would hold the two of them as they all cried, fearing that they would never see her again.]

Chapter 3

[That night, Fry had put the kids in bed. They needed to get some rest. After they came home, Fry explained that Mommy was hurt, and was going to be asleep for awhile. He also told them, she should be waking up sometime soon though. Yes, it was a huge mistake, but they were so young. What would he say? “Mommy might never wake up and then I have to tell the doctors to let her die“? No, he couldn’t do that. If she woke up-]

Fry: (thinking) When she wakes up.

[He had been reminding himself all day to stay positive. When she wakes up…when she wakes up…when she wakes up…Please let her wake up. It was finally too much, Fry broke down on the couch, sobbing. Leela: The love of his life, his wife, his everything- in a coma. No, she cant be, she’s fine.]

Fry: (thinking) I’m dreaming. That’s it. I’ll wake up in bed, Leela at my side.

[He kept his eyes closed for a long time. Finally, he opened them and looked around. Crying, he laid down on the couch and squeezed the throw pillow at his side. His stomach growled, since he hadn’t eaten anything since he left the hospital and had no desire to have anything. Amy told him to have at least a snack, but he didn’t listen. All he could think about was Leela.]

Fry: (soft) Why? Why did this have to happen?

[Fry looked at their family portrait and wiped his eyes. He looked at her face, so bright, so happy. So alive. This house, that she had decorated, so many memories. Some bad, some good. Mostly good. Correct that- mostly great.]

[He remembered sitting right here, massaging her feet when she was pregnant with Travis and then doing the same when she was pregnant with Jamie or sometimes he would just do it for no reason at all. He remembered sitting on the porch and her running out holding a pregnancy test. They had been married for a year, and on their anniversary, Fry was sitting on the porch with a diamond necklace for her, along with a card where he had wrote a long note saying how much he loved her, and that every day he felt like he was falling in love with her all over again. She had come running out, screaming his name. He thought something was wrong, but when he saw the smile on her face and that she had the test in her hand, his fears were gone.]

[Every day, he would wake up, and see her staring at him. She was always an early riser, but not once would she shower and dress before he woke up. Of course if they were running late, she would wake him, but every morning, he would see her: her pink pajamas, her hair a mess, her ring shining in the morning sun that peaked through the windows. He’d hear her say “Good morning” and then kiss him. Fry would say “Good morning” as well and then they’d go through their morning routine.]

[But as Fry sat their that night, he knew that he may never hear her say those words again. He lifted up his shirt and looked at the bandage.]

Fry: (thinking) This is my fault. She’s in a coma because of me. I should of stopped her from bringing that baby queen. Why didn’t I? I should of told her to just leave it so we could get home to the kids. We could all go out for dinner, and then the two of us could sit out on the porch and talk. But no! I had to be so ignorant and say “Okay, what ever you think it best.” But why her? Why couldn’t it have been me?

Chapter 4

[Fry woke up on the couch and looked at the clock. It was 6:30 and in 15 minutes he would have to go get the kids up. Making himself a small pot of coffee, and making some pancakes for the kids, he set out two plates, two glasses of orange juice and two vitamins. Leela made sure they took their vitamins every day and now that was Fry’s job. Yes, it would be hard, and he needed Leela. He didn’t know how he could get through the day without her.]

[Hours later, Fry was sitting in a chair next to Leela’s bed in the hospital. He had been their all day, and watched the nurses stretch her arms and legs so they wouldn’t get stiff. If she were to wake up and her limbs hadn’t been stretched, she probably wouldn’t be able to walk. Fry did his best to talk to her, although it was strange at first, since she wasn’t responding he began to get use to it. Hopefully, he wouldn’t have to get too use to it.]

[He had talked to the doctors earlier, and received the news that Leela wasn’t brain-dead. So, Fry still had a thin ray of hope. He had called Amy and told her. Of course she was happy, and told Fry to keep positive. He had been most of the day, until he went home. Seeing Travis and Jamie come home from school, and not having Leela with him seemed so…wrong. Usually they’d come and get the kids at the bus stop and take them to Munda and Morris’ for the rest of the day. But not today. Hermes told Fry to take as much time off as he needed, but luckily he still got paid. He had a family to care for. That’s what he reminded himself, it’s what Leela would of wanted him to do. Take care of Jamie and Travis. But seeing them get off the bus, it took everything inside of him to not break down and cry. Travis: what could be said about him? He had purple hair just like his mother, but wore it spiked up. His nose, just like his fathers, and his two eyes. At 8 years old, he was strong and adventitious. He had his mothers strong will, but his father’s ability to make the best of every situation. Jamie, she was Fry’s special girl. Her red hair, pulled back in a pony tail, her one eye and cute little nose. She loved space, like her father and begged him to take her to work every Saturday. Most of the time, he did, and they would take their kids to work. Just like her mother though, always telling Fry when he did something wrong. Even though he could have his wife and daughter yelling at him, he found it adorable and always apologized. Later at night, Leela would put Jamie to bed, and they would talk about Fry’s stupidity. Afterwards, Fry would ask what they were talking about, and she would just smile and shaker her head.]

Jamie: Hi Daddy!

[She ran up and Fry scooped her off of the ground.]

Fry: Hi sweetie, how was school?

Jamie: Good. Did you go see Mommy?

[Fry hesitated for a second and finally forced a smile.]

Fry: Yeah I did. She’s still asleep, but I talked to her just so she wouldn’t be lonely.

[Travis came up and Fry patted his head.]

Fry: Hey buddy.

Travis: Hi.

[Last night when Fry explained what happened, Travis took it hard. At 8 years old, he was extremely smart and knew exactly what Fry meant. Out of the corner of his eye, Fry saw all the other parents staring at him. No doubt they heard about what happened and they all watched as Fry took the kids inside.]

Fry: Now, I want you guys to work on your homework and I’ll get you a snack okay?

[They nodded and sat at the dining room table with their books. Just as he did everyday, Fry got a plate with cookies and two glasses of milk. Of course, they would have a snack and then go to their grandparents, but not today. Putting them down on the table, the phone rang.]

Fry: (thinking) Oh, please let it be the hospital saying Leela’s awake.

[He picked the phone off of the receiver and held it up to his ear.]

Fry: Hello?

Amy: Hi Fry,

Fry: Oh, hi Amy.

Amy: Listen, I had a feeling that you might not be in the mood to cook, so is it okay if I bring something by for you guys?

Fry: Yeah, thanks a lot Amy.

Amy: Okay, I’ll come by after work.

Fry: Alright, bye Amy.

Amy: Bye.

[He hung up the phone and sat down with the kids.]

Chapter 5

[Fry was laying in bed by himself that night. Once again, he hadn’t eaten anything all day, and still had no desire to. He had a few glasses of water, and a piece of bread, but felt full. A photo album at his side, with an empty box of tissues. He had been looking through their wedding album, and then wished he didn’t. All he could think about was not being able so see Leela again.]

[The next morning at 8:30, Fry walked into the hospital with a bouquet of flowers in his hands. They’re dark violet and red colors made them look mournful. His expression didn’t help either. After walking into Leela’s room, he watched the nurses go through their usual routine with Leela, and once again, left to pick the kids up. Another night with out having much to eat, and having Amy come over with dinner for the kids, he cried himself to sleep again.]

[The days turned into weeks, and Fry had come up with a new routine: Getting up, making breakfast, taking the kids to the bus stop, visiting Leela, coming home and doing the same thing over again. He had barely eaten anything and lost 15 pounds in the last month. Everyone was worried about him, he needed to start getting back into this old routine. Yes, his wife was in a coma, and it was understandable, but he needed to be a good father. The father Leela always wanted him to be. The kids were starring to misbehave. Not at school, but at home. They wouldn’t clean their rooms, or put their dishes in the sink. The worst part was that Fry didn’t seem to care. He needed Leela to help him. He couldn’t handle being a single dad.]

[Xmas was right around the corner, and when he saw the kids write the words “For Mommy to get better” at the top of their lists, it just broke his heart into pieces. He didn’t know what to do, it’s not like a new doll or video game could replace their mother. Xmas was usually a happy time at the Fry house. Leela would always go buy the gifts, then late at night she and Fry would wrap them and once they were done, Fry would hide them in the attic. She would bake cookies and pick out a outfit for their Xmas card. Then on Xmas eve, they would all go down to Munda and Morris’ for the night. But this year, the kids went down there, while Fry spent the night at the hospital praying for an Xmas miracle. One he didn’t get. The worst part though, was that he didn’t know how bad it hurt, not only the kids, but Munda and Morris as well.]

Chapter 6

[Fry was sitting in Leela’s room holding her hand. Tracing small circles with his thumb on the back of it, he hoped it would wake her up. The silence was killing him, so he decided to talk to her.]

Fry: How are you feeling honey?

[He could imagine what she would say.]

Okay, I guess. I wish I wasn’t here though.

[Despite himself, he laughed.]

Fry: Well, that’s understandable.

How are the kids?

Fry: They’re okay. They really miss you, but I’ve been making sure they do their work and they haven’t been getting in trouble at school.

That’s good.

[Fry looked at the wedding ring that was on her finger. They had asked Fry if he wanted to take it home, and he said absolutely not. It was her ring and she was going to wear it.]

Fry, I love you.

[He looked at her pale face. She was thin and frail, and she didn’t even look like herself.]

Fry: I love you too.

[Looking at the clock, he saw that it was 2:30.]

Fry: I should get going, the kids are going to be home soon.

[He let go of her hand and walked out the door. But not before looking back at her, watching her from behind tears.]

Fry: (soft) I’m sorry Leela.

Chapter 7

[Six weeks since the accident and Leela showed no change. Fry was getting more depressed and lost more weight. He had yet to return to work, but took the kids to Munda and Morris every day so he could spend more time with Leela. He couldn’t stand not being with her. His eyes, that were once so full of happiness and life were now dead inside. Dark circles were under his eyes, and his face was as white as snow. He hadn’t slept or eaten much the past month and a half. As he sat on his couch late at night, he stared blankly at the wall until he fell asleep. Through out the day, he barely said anything to anyone else besides the kids and Leela. The nurses had gotten to know him, but Fry was not interested with talking to them. It was noon, and he was in the cafeteria at the hospital. In front of him was a tray with a turkey sandwich and a cup of slurm. Across the room, he saw a man sitting there waiting for someone. Soon, what Fry assumed to be his parents and in-laws came in holding flowers and balloons, and he pushed the tray away from him. They all seemed so happy, and he remembered what that felt like. That happiness he and Leela had seemed so far away, since nothing good had happened in the last few weeks. After he went home, he sat on the couch and sat there in the silence. The kids were still with their grandparents and Fry was sitting in the dark when there was a knock at the door. Answering it, Amy was standing on the other side with a bag of fast food.]

Amy: Hi Fry.

Fry: Hey,

Amy: I thought you might be hungry so I got you some dinner.

Fry: Oh, I’m not really hungry but thanks.

Amy: Fry, what have you eaten today?

Fry: I had a sandwich for lunch.

Amy: How much?

Fry: Enough.

[She saw him pull up his jeans. He looked sick: thin, pale, dark circles under his eyes, his hair a mess.]

Amy: Listen Fry-and I’m only saying this because I care about you- you need to stop living like this. Look at yourself you a mess.

[Fry sighed and leaned against the door.]

Amy: Please come back to work. For your self. Trust me it’ll help you.

[When he didn’t answer she shoved the bag at him.]

Amy: I’m not leaving until the food in this bag is in your stomach.

Chapter 8

[Fry, once again, was sitting with Leela when the nurse came in. The kids had left for school an hour ago, so Fry still had the whole day left.]

Nurse: Hey Leela, time for your stretches.

Fry: Mind if I help?

Nurse: No that‘s fine, come here.

[She told Fry what to do and he started bending her toes one by one. Starting with her pinky toe, he bent it back and forth. He remembered late nights, sitting up in bed rubbing her feet when she was sick. Her skin would always get so dry, so Fry always would rub her feet, hands, and arms with lotion.]

Fry: Does that feel good honey?

Yeah, I was starting to get a little stiff. By the way, thank you for the flowers.

[He brought flowers with him every day. The man who ran the store got use to Fry’s daily trip and had a different bouquet planned every day for him. Today he brought in a bouquet of red and white roses. Her favorite. He brought her the same flowers the day her proposed. He remember it so clearly: they weren’t living together, and Fry threw on his suit, picked up the ring from the shop and bought a bouquet of roses. Then, he ran to her apartment and when she opened the door, he was down on one knee. She gasped and stated crying tears of joy. The next day, neither of them were at work.]

Fry: I’m glad you like them.

How are the kids?

Fry: They’re doing good. It’s hard for them and half the time I don’t know what to do.

You’re doing the best you can though, right?

Fry: I’m trying.

They’ll be okay, they’re tough.

Fry: Just like you.

[He could just imagine her looking him over, worried.]

You’re skinny, too skinny.

Fry: That’s because I haven’t been eating a lot lately.

Why not?

Fry: I just haven’t felt like it.

I’m worried about you. You need to start taking care of yourself, for the kids. For me.

Fry: I’ll always be here for you.

That’s what scares me.

[He had moved to her arms and was flexing her fingers.]

Remember what we talked about.

[He didn’t answer. He couldn’t.]

Chapter 9

[Twelve weeks, Leela was still in the hospital, Fry had yet to go back to work and he spent even more time there. Today was the day, he would have to make the decision. Have Leela put in the nursing home or do what she wanted him to and let her go? Yes, she signed that’s what she wanted, but ultimately it was Fry’s decision. He was meeting with the doctors in half an hour and now was sitting with Leela. Praying that in the next 30 minutes she would wake up.]

Fry: Come on honey. Please wake up. The kids need you, I need you. I cant do this by myself. And I cant ever meet someone like you. I wont!

[Nothing. There was a knock at the door and Amy walked in.]

Amy: Hey Fry, hey Leela.

[She sat down across to Fry and looked at him.]

Amy: You look like hell Fry.

Fry: Thanks for the compliment.

Amy: I’m just saying that because I care about you.

[He looked away for a second.]

Fry: How was your date with Kif last night?

Amy: Good, I think he might propose soon.

Fry: That’s great.

[She looked at Leela, and then back at Fry.]

Amy: Have you decided what you’re gonna do?

[When he didn’t respond, Amy sighed.]

Amy: Lets change the subject. When are you coming back to work?

[He looked out the window at the dark overcast sky. He thought it was perfect for a day like today: depressing and dark. When he responded, he sort of mumbled.]

Fry: Soon, I guess.

Amy: We need you there.

Fry: I know.

Amy: So…next week you’ll come back?

[He sighed and Amy shook her head.]

Amy: Listen, here’s what’s going to happen: starting next week you’re going to work until 2:00 every day so you can be home when Travis and Jamie get home from school. You’re going to cook dinner for your children and you are also going to cook for yourself and eat it.

Fry: You’ve thought about this.

Amy: Someone has to. And you really need to come back.

Fry: What if I’m not ready?

Amy: Oh well. If you’re not going to do it for yourself, do it for your kids. You love them, right?

Fry: Of course I do.

Amy: Then you’ll start acting like their parent, and that means going to work.

Fry: Why?

Amy: You have to show them that no matter what happens you have to go on.

Fry: Amy-

Amy: No, listen to me. It’s not going to be easy, it’s going to be really hard. But you have to work at it and get back to normal. That’s life. Sorry.

Fry: You don’t understand.

[He felt the anger boiling in his blood.]

Amy: Yes I do.

Fry: But Leela is-

Amy: What? Smart, fun, a great mother, a great wife, strong, kind? Everything you’ve ever wanted?

[Fry brought his finger to the bridge of his nose, trying to prevent the tears.]

Amy: I know, I love her too. She’s the sister I’ve never had. But more than that she’s also my friend. A real friend. She was lucky to have you for a husband, you were great to her, better than anyone else could ever be. I know more than anyone how much you love her. You were caring, you respected her, you were her best friend. And you know that she wants you to be the father she’d always hoped you’d be.

Fry: I don’t know what I’m going to do.

Amy: It’s been 12 weeks.

Fry: I know,

[He stopped and looked at Leela.]

Fry: I’m suppose to meet with them in half an hour.

Amy: I’ll let you think about this some more. I’m gonna go see the kids.

Fry: Well, Travis and Jamie are spending the night at their friends house.

Amy: Mind if I wait around at your place then? I want to hear about what happens.

Fry: Sure, there’s a key-

Amy: In the flower pot by the door. I know, Leela let me know in case of an emergency.

[She gave Fry a tight hug and he returned it.]

Amy: You’re like a brother to me Fry. And I love you like one.

Fry: I know, and I love you like a sister.

Amy: You know I’m here for you right?

Fry: Yeah I know.

Amy: I’ll just wait for you.

Fry: Okay.

Amy: See you later Leela.

[She was halfway out the door when she heard Fry call after her.]

Fry: How far should a person go in the name of love?

[She turned around and saw Fry, his eyes begging.]

Amy: You’ve asked me that before.

Fry: I know, but tell me what I should do.

Amy: Do what you think is best.

Fry: But what if what I think is best, isn’t what she would of wanted?

Amy: I don’t know. This is your choice Fry.

Chapter 10

[How far should a person go in the name of love? Fry didn’t know and felt like he was being punished. But for what? Looking at the clock he saw that it was time and he still had no clue what he was going to do. Sighing, he took Leela’s hand.]

Fry: Please honey. Wake up, or at least tell me what to do.

I already did. Sweetheart, I love you, and if you love me, you’ll do what you have to.

[No, he didn’t want to. He didn’t want to make this choice. He lost no matter what. If he decided to keep her, he would be denying her wish. If he pulled the plug, he could never live with himself knowing that he killed his wife. He told her that he would let her go, because he never thought that it would happen. It was just a impulse. He had one last chance. He leaned in closer and felt his heart beating faster than it ever had. Soon their lips met, and he knew that soon she would open her eye and kiss him back. He thought he felt her move, but realized it was all in his mind. Pulling back, all he could do, was cry. His voice was a horse whisper.]

Fry: Good bye Leela. I‘ll always love you. Please know that.

Chapter 11

[Fry walked in the door of his house later that night. For hours, he drove around, not even realizing it. When he pulled in the driveway, he saw Amy’s car, and the light in the living room, he wiped his eyes and walked inside.]

Amy: Hi.

[He didn’t answer.]

Amy: Come here, sit down. Can I get you anything?

Fry: Uh- some water?

Amy: I’ll be right back.

[She came back in a few seconds with a glass.]

Amy: Are you okay?

Fry: I-I don’t know.

[He sipped the water and sighed.]

Amy: Do you wanna talk about it?

[He took another drink and didn’t answer for a long time. Finally, when Amy took his arm, Fry spoke, his voice horse.]

Fry: I couldn’t do it. I thought I could, but I couldn’t. I know it’s what she wanted, but…I love her too much to let her go.

Amy: I know, I could tell that’s what you were going to do.

Fry: Do you think I did the right thing?

Amy: Yes, I do. Don’t feel guilty, you did what you needed to do. She was meant to live.

Fry: I know but…

[He swallowed hard and took a shaky breath.]

Fry: I’m scared.

Amy: I know. I’m scared too.

Chapter 12

[Fry was sitting at the conference table at Planet Express weeks later. When he decided not to pull the plug, Amy had gone with him to find a nursing home for Leela and asked all the questions. The nursing homes were not what Fry had expected. He thought there would be tons of old people, moaning and having IV’s hooked to them. But no, they were clean, the staff was kind, Amy helped him fill out everything and asked the important questions and they were even able to get Leela her own room with a view. But now, as Fry was getting ready to leave he heard the phone ring.]

Fry: Hello?

Woman: I’m looking for Phillip Fry?

Fry: Speaking.

Woman: Mr. Fry, I think it would be best if you get down to the nursing home right away.

Fry: What? Why?

[Soon, Amy watched Fry hang up the phone and saw him crying.]

Amy: Fry what’s wrong?

Fry: I need you to take me to the nursing home, I don’t think I should drive.

Amy: Okay, lets go!

[Fry was silent the whole ride there.]

Chapter 13

[Fry was sitting on the porch on the two person rocker watching the kids play on the swing he’d set up. It was a sunny Saturday afternoon, and Fry’s shirt was soaked with sweat. For the past half hour, Fry was pushing the two of them on the swing as they laughed and told him to push them higher. Finally, it was too much. He was tired from running around with them plus he didn’t sleep much the night before and needed to rest.]

Fry: Daddy’s tired, just let me rest for a few minutes. Travis, push your sister on the swing.

[He watched the two of them laughed as Nibbler ran around the swing. Hearing a rustling in the kitchen, he opened the door and saw her standing at the counter. Turning around, she smiled and saw the sweat on his brow. Giving him a kiss, she saw Travis playing with Nibbler as Jamie was on the swing.]

Leela: Are they wearing you out?

Fry: Yeah,

Leela: How are you feeling?

Fry: Better. I think my sinuses are clearing up, I’m so tired though.

Leela: But I bet you’ll sleep better tonight.

[She had been home for over three months now, but was still doing physical therapy. That day the nursing home called him, and after Amy dropped him off he had a terrible thought “What if I misunderstood? What if she’s not awake?” But when he walked in her room, there she was awake, sitting up, thin and frail, but she was awake. After that day, Fry spent as much time at the hospital (where she was moved back) as he could. He still made time for work and the kids, and took them one day to visit Leela. They were a little scared at first, but soon realized that their Mom was back. Then a week later, Fry was finally able to take her home. For the first month and a half she was home, Fry’s fear was that if she went to sleep, she’d slip back into a coma. Leela was also scared of it, but finally got annoyed with Fry stroking her arm every hour waking her up. One night, after the fourth time he did it, she told him: Will you stop? Just let me rest! I’m exhausted. But once she saw his worried expression, she put his arms around her waist and kissed him. I’m not gonna leave you. Then, just like that, all of Fry’s fears were gone.]

Leela: Anyway, lunch is ready, but I think we should let them play for a few more minutes. See, they’re having so much fun.

[Smiling, Fry put his arms around Leela as they watched.]

Leela: So, do you want to eat outside or in here?

[Fry kissed her and looked back at the kids.]

Fry: I don’t really care. I mean, I have you and the kids. Everything’s the way it should be.

Leela: You’re right. What could make life better?

The end