Fan Fiction

The Lost Friend
By Fry's Lady

The Lost Friend

Rating: G


[This is the fan fiction where Raven-Symone from That's So Raven and The Cosby Show plays as Nicole "Rae" Raven (Fry's lost 20th Century best friend). Goes into the cryogenic tube because Seymour (Fry's dog) pressured her to go. This fiction was after the final episode of Futurama: The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings (as well as after Fryfan's fictions)].


Here we begin:

Futurama main title: New Episode, New Character!

NNY big screen playing: Mickey Mouse filling the cow with hay to make it look fat.

[Here in the scene we see the people from the 20th Century, Rae in the Panucci's wanting to see Fry. Then Mr. Panucci comes up to Rae]

Mr. Panucci: Hey Rae nice to see ya again. Where's Fry??

Rae: Uhhh... I'm really sorry to say it, but I don't know where he is...


Rae: sighs

[We see Rae riding a bicycle and then sees her boyfriend Brian in a taxi. Rae gets exited]

Rae: Brian! Baby boy where you going??

[We see Brian with another girl]

Brian: It's not working out honey [car drives away] I PUT YOUR STUFF IN THE GARBAGE COLLECTORRRRRRRRR

Rae: I hate my life. I hate my life. I HATE MY LIFE!

[Rae stops and locks her bicycle, takes the pizza, then off to the cryogenic building, a person steals her bike then says "Happy New Year!"

Rae comes out of the stairs, enters the cryogenic lab, and rubs the one of the tubs. Looks frightened.]

Rae: Hello? Pizza delivery for uh... I C Wiener? [Puts the paper down] oh crud! I always thought at this point in my life I'd be the one making the crank calls! [Rae drops the pizza and says, "Here's to another lousy year" (opens and drinks the beer)]

Cut to: Time Square. A screen displays "10."]

Crowd: Ten!

[Cut to: Paris. A screen on the Eiffel Tower displays "9."]

Crowd: Neuf!

[Cut to: Vatican City. The Pope holds up a sign with "VIII" on it.]

Crowd: Otto!

[Cut to: Giza]

Crowd (in Egyptian): Seven!

[Cut to: Athens. The Parthelon displays a "6."]

Crowd (in Greek): Six!

[Cut to: Great Wall Of China.]

Crowd (in Chinese): Five!

[Cut to: Taj Mahal. A "4" is displayed.]

Crowd (in Indian): Four!

[Cut to: African Village.]

Crowd (in African): Three!

[Cut to: Tokyo. A screen displays "2."]

Crowd (in Japanese): Two!

[Cut to: Whole Earth.]

Crowd: One!

[Cut to: Cryogenics Lab. Rae blows a party blower. It unbalances her and she falls backwards into a cryonic chamber. It sets itself for 1,000 years. Through the window we can see the rise and fall of civilization many times. The timer stops 1,000 years later and the door opens. Rae groans and yawns then walks a little and stops at the window. Outside are sights she never believed she could see. Huge buildings, flying cars and rockets taking to the skies.]

Rae: Oh...My...God...It's the future, my parents, my coworkers, my boyfriend...I'll never see any of them again...YIPEE!

Another scene is where Fry and Bender walk past the Cryogenics building. Fry looks surprised

Fry: Hey Bender look! Remember I was frozen in the cryogenic tube??

Bender: Yeah, I know, I'm not a RETARD

Fry: Let's go see if there where anybody frozen from MY time!

Bender: Ok!

[Before they enter, Rae runs away from the cryogenic lab before she sees Fry and Bender, she stops, Fry and Bender froze]

Bender: Oh...Your...God...SHE'S HOT!

Fry: Oh my god! My best friend Rae!

Rae: Fry...I-is that you?? Oh God tell me I'm not dreaming!

Fry: It's ok, Rae, it's me, Fry

[Next scene we see Amy, Hermes, Zoidberg, Leela and Professor watching TV, then Fry, Rae, and Bender enter the room].

Bender: (sounding like Professor) Good news everyone!

Fry: My friends from the 20th century came in the future for me!

The crew: (Amy) Hi. (Hermes) Hello Mon! (Zoidberg) Hello there! (Professor) Greetings!

Rae: (in a timid voice) How y'all doing?

[Next scene, we see Leela checking the list to see if they have everything in their delivery, then along came Rae]

Rae: Hey Leela

Leela: Hi Rae

Rae: So... what're we delivering??

Leela: Oh just a little hamster to Amazonia for their feast

Rae: Oh...I see...

Leela: (sighs) Sometimes I feel really sorry for these poor innocent creatures like him.

Rae: Yeah...so do I, but it does have to be part of the delivery

Leela: Yeah I guess so too

[Fry and Bender coming in ready for the mission]

Fry: Hey Rae ready for the delivery?

Bender: Yea you ready?? [Bender elbows her]

Rae: Yea I think I'm ready

[Next scene they're in space in the ship. Rae enters the room]

Rae: Wat up dawg?

Leela: What??

Rae it's nothing serious, just a phrase like "What's Up?" So when will we get there??

Leela: In a couple of hours don't worry it won't take long.


To Be Continued...