Fan Fiction

The Lost Friend, Part 2
By Fry's Lady

[Later back at Planet Express, the P.E. ship flies back]

Leela: Phew! That was a tough delivery mission

Rae: I had fun though

Fry: Yeah, I am usually happy when a smart best friend like Rae would come along

Bender: Me too! I did get enough alcohol

Rae: Hey guys thanks once again for letting me be at Planet Express

Leela: No problem

Rae: One Problem where can I live?

Fry: She has a point

Bender: Uhh_ why not live with us??

Fry: Yeah! That_s a great idea

Rae: Cool, where do y'all live?

Fry: In an apartment

[Cuts to Fry and Bender's apartment]

Rae: (Whistles) You guys have a really messy apartment, and I know how to fix it!

[Rae sets the apartment very clean in just 2 minutes]

Fry: (Whistles) Whoa did you know that you did that in 2 minutes?

Bender: (sighs)

[Later that night, Rae enter Fry's room, Fry is crying]

Rae: Fry what's wrong?

Fry: I just miss my family. It's been 6 years since I left them, and you and now I feel terrible

Rae: Aww come on now I just got frozen yesterday but now I feel happy because I have a best friend that's like a brother to me

[Fry smiles, Rae smiles back. They both kiss each other on the cheeks]

Rae: G'night

Fry: G'night

[The next morning, at Planet Express, Bender and Rae were the first ones at 6:00 am]

Bender: (blushes) Umm, Rae I have to tell you something

Rae: Yeah?

Bender: Rae I love you. I'll tell you why: you're smart you're beautiful and best of all you're a true friend

Rae: Bender that's the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me, you're like my true love

Bender: hehe

Rae: (gives a kiss on the cheek)

Bender: (gasps) Yes!

[Later that day, at Central Park]

Rae: The Lake is so beautiful here in the future

Bender: It is, baby. Say Rae how 'bout a ride on one of those swans? We can love for each other

Rae: (softly) No thank you

Fry: (to Leela) Hey Leela how's everything working out with you and Michelle being friends?

Leela: Oh we're ok; she's just in Times Square to just check something

Fry: Oh ok

[Episode ends]


To be continued

NOTE: This fiction is not affiliated with Futurama or FOX.