Fan Fiction

The Other, Part 12
By Rye Guy

In the medical quarters...

The still unconscious Leela is lying down on the table. Bender places a cool wet rag over her forehead.

"What's happened to me? I'm overwhelmed with these feelings again. Maybe seeing them that night made me realize that perhaps I don't want to kill ALL the humans." He scratches his chin and ponders. "Nah."

He is interrupted by Skyler running in with a panicked expression.

In a green field, on a beaten path Leela treads... She's following the trail up a high hill. It seems to be a dream she hasn't had in a while; a happy dream. Reaching the top of the hill, however, proves otherwise. An immense graveyard lay before her. Countless tombstones in rows reaching far into the horizon and a large statue of an angel with its back turned to her stands in the center. Warily, she reaches the first tombstone. 'Torunga Munda' is carved upon its face.


The next reads: 'Torunga Morris'.


She continues on, reading each stone. Amy Wong, Hermes Conrad, Hubert Farnesworth, Zapp Branigan, Bender Rodriguez, Kif Kroker, John Zoidberg; everyone she knows has their own grave. They go on to bare the names of people she knows from the Orphanarium and the Applied Cryogenics Lab; everyone she knows is buried here. With great fear, she runs as fast as she can to the angel statue and falls to her knees in front of it. She looks up; the angel has its head bowed and eyes closed. Its arms are out stretched as if ready to embrace and comfort her. Catching her breathe, she reads the inscription.

"Dedicated in loving memory to Phillip J. Fry and Torunga Leela Fry: my guardian angels....What?"

The ground quakes violently. She watches as the statue cracks and breaks apart as do the tombstones around her.

She springs up and finds herself on a table in the medical quarters. Amy is lying on the nearby table, still unconscious.

"Well, well, well. Look who finally decided to wake up," jokes Bender.

She turns to see him leaning back in his chair. "What happened?"

"You and Amy got knocked out during Skyler's little roller coaster through the asteroid field."

"Where is he?"

"He's outside patching up a crack in the hull."

"And you're not helping him."

"Hey, he told me to stay here and make sure you two were okay."

Amy stirs and sits up. "Gleesh! My head hurts. What happened?"

Peeved, Bender jumps to his feet. "Why can't you people wake up at the same time so I won't have to explain everything twice?!"

Amy looks over to Leela. "What are you doing here?"

"She stowed away in the cargo hold," responds Skyler, just walking in the door. "Are you two alright?"

Leela slides off the table to her feet. "Yeah."

"I'm sorry, it was all my fault. I never should have taken that tunnel through the asteroid."

"It wasn't your fault. You didn't know this would happen."

"I almost lost you...both of you..." His fists clinch but he quickly relaxes them. "The hull's fixed so we're ready to go. We've still got a ten hour trip to the planet so I'll fly the rest of the way while you three go back into Hyper Naptosis."

Leela sits at the table in the mess hall snacking on some ice cream. Amy walks in rubbing her eyes.

"Leela? What are you doing up?"

"Couldn't sleep, plus I was hungry; eating for two now. You?"

"Bender talks in his sleep and it's keeping me up." She takes a seat at the table across from her. "So how long have you been up?"

"About two hours I think." She shrugs, scooping a spoonful of ice cream in her mouth.

"You sure you're okay?"

"I've just got a lot on my mind right now."

"I know it must be tough, not being with Fry and all."

She grimaces. "You have no idea."

"I do, too, like whenever Kif goes off; sometimes we don't see each other for months."

Leela slams her fist on the table. "At least you know whether or not he's still alive!" Amy slumps down in her chair, full of guilt and a silence fills the room. "Amy, I'm sorry."

"No, I understand..."

Leela sighs and continues eating her ice cream. She looks up to see Amy watching her. "What?"

"Can I have some?"

Leela slides the ice cream toward the center of the table and the two dig in. The door opens and Bender steps in. He sets himself down next to Amy. "Let me guess, you can't sleep either."

He shakes his head. "Yeah, some loud bang woke me up."

Leela gulps down her mouthful of ice cream. "Sorry about that." She blushes.

"No biggie. So, what are you two talking about?"

Amy elbows him. "Girl stuff."

"Boring. So what's up with you two tonight?"

Amy rolls her eyes. "I couldn't get any sleep 'cause you kept talking in yours."

"Oh, like it's my fault that now you gotta sleep in my room. I'm not the one who put that hull breech in your quarters, sister, it was Skyler. And man, was he scared."


"Oh yeah. After he told me to take Leela to the medical room he went to get you but your door wouldn't open. Fortunately, I came to the rescue and pried the door open. Good thing we got in when we did; another minute in there and you woulda' died from de-pressurization. He jumped in just as the hull split open and both of you nearly got sucked out into space."

Her eyes widen in astonishment.

In the dark and silent bridge, Skyler sits alone; his mind wandering while he concentrates on piloting. The sound of the door sliding open alerts him as Amy steps up behind him.

"Amy, what are you doing up?"

"Bender told me what you did...thanks."

"Hey, what are friends for? Now please, go back to sleep. We've still got another four hours to go." He turns to the door. "And that goes for you two as well," he calls. Bender and Leela are hiding behind the door, listening in on their conversation.

"Ah man! How did he know? I had my stealth on and everything!" whines Bender as he walks off.

Leela doesn't budge. A shiver runs down her spine as she recalls his words. She stares blankly as memories rush through her head. Amy waves her hand in front of her eye and gets her attention. Leela shakes her head, snapping back to reality, and the two walk down the hall.

With the rest gone and the door closed, Skyler sighs and chuckles a bit. "Those three are a handful. I never thought it'd be this stressful." With one hand on the steering wheel, he reaches the other into his pants pocket and pulls out the old photo he holds so dearly. "I won't let you down, dad."

DOOP Headquarters orbiting Pluto...

Zapp stands, arms folded behind him, and gazes out the window to the beautiful blue planet before him. Kif stands a ways behind him, concerned as to what's happened to his oafish overbearing captain. Zapp's hardly said a word since they left Earth. And now, here they stand in the silent blue glow of Pluto.

Kif clears his throat. "Sir?"


"Is there something on your mind? Something you'd like to talk about?"

Zapp sighs and leans on his side against the wall by the window, his gaze on Pluto unbroken. "It's amazing how much one can change over the course of just a few hours. You know what I mean, Kif?"

"Yes sir. What happened that night was horrible."

"For us, yes, but I can't imagine how horrible it was for them."

"Based on what Leela told us, it seemed more like a nightmare. It's hard to believe that something of such a grand scale could happen."

Zapp turns and steps toward Kif. "We have to find a way to explain this to our officials. They wouldn't believe us if we told them what really occured."

"I've been thinking about that, actually."

"Any ideas?"

"Well, all they know is a small alien crashed into the ballroom and took us and the Planet Express crew, right? All we have to do is tell them that the alien was an ambassador from some distant planet who required our services. In a way, it's the truth."

"Sounds good, but what if they ask what planet he's from and what we assisted him with?"

"We'll just tell them that it's classified."

Zapp scratches his chin for a second. "You know, it just might work. Good job Kif!"

There's a beep as a small red light on the wall blinks. A wall panel opens and a screen with the head of President Nixon appears.


Zapp and Kif salute. "President Nixon."

"Brannigan, where the hell have you been?"

"Sorry Mr. President, but our assistance was needed on a distant planet."

"Aroo, distant planet, eh? What was the trouble?"

"That information is classified."

"I see, regardless the cost to fix that ballroom will be paid for at your expense!"

Zapp cringes but keeps his composure. "I understand sir."

The transmission ends as the wall panel closes over the screen.

"Harsh," exclaims Kif.

"Now approaching Battletopia 7," announces Skyler over the PA system. "Wakey Wakey!"

Battletopia 7 is a large planet. Years of war has left it dull and gray. A small patch of beige which sticks out like a soar thumb can be seen on the top of the planet. This beige area is the neutral sector where they will be making the delivery. The two battling civilizations are on either side of the planet, each taking half of it. The ship lands on a beige landing pad and there are two Neutrals waiting for them. From the landing pad is a long walkway which leads to a large dome.

Skyler, Leela, Amy, and Bender disembark the ship. Explosions can be heard in the distance all both directions and small patches of light can be seen accompanying each through the smoky sky. As the four approach the two Neutrals, they each salute.

"Planet Express at your service," greets Skyler.

The first Neutral is wearing a beige robe with a dark beige lining. The second is wearing a light beige suit. The robed one nods. "You may bring the cargo in."

Skyler turns to the others. "Bender, you and me'll take the crate."

Bender nods. "Right."

The cargo pad lowers from the bottom of the ship; the crates are already piled on the hover-dolly. Bender pushes it as Skyler gets in front to guide it.

"Now come with us into the Neutral-Sphere," states the second Neutral. The two lead the crew down the walkway and toward the Neutral-Sphere. Two large doors open and they step into a large elevator.

As it descends, the robed Neutral turns to them. "I am Korj, Neutral leader of this sector. And this is my personal assistant Rytt."

"Nice to meet you. My name's Leela." She introduces the rest of the crew to them.

"So where are we going exactly?" asks Bender. "I thought you'd be taking these MREs to the armies."

Korj turns away. "They're not for the armies."

"But we were told that these were for both civilizations."

"They are."

"If not for the armies, then who?" asks Amy.

"For them." Korj points out as they see a ruined city before them as they continue to descend. The city itself is huge and populous. Members of both civilizations are living together in destitution in these decaying ruins. "This is the result of the war outside."


To be continued

Please keep it here for Part 13 coming soon....