Fan Fiction

The Other, Part 14
By Rye Guy

The head of the angel statue falls and breaks apart at Leela's feet as the ground continues to shake. She tries to walk but the violent quake quickly knocks her back down. She kneels and holds her head down, screaming for help. Suddenly, all is still and quiet. Curious, she looks up to see the angel statue has been completely restored. All around the graveyard, there is no sign of damage from the earthquake. Some footsteps rustle the grass in the distance behind her.

"Leela..." calls a familiar voice.

Her eye widens with anticipation and she quickly looks over her shoulder to see Fry in the distance walking toward her; a large smile gracing his face, his arms open. On impulse, she jumps to her feet and begins running to him.

"Fry!" she shouts happily.

He comes to a dead stop and his smile fades as he lowers his head and rests his arms by his sides. She stops. With only a mere twenty feet or so between them, she can't go any farther. Something inside of her is telling her not to go. She watches in silence as Fry stands still.

"Fry? Please, say something."

His head shoots up and he gives her a gaze full of hate and disgust. His eyes are white and glow slightly. He then grows a little taller and muscles develop on his body. His clothes extend and become a black robe. His hair turns white and grows longer, reaching down to his shoulders. His face changes and Leela is overcome with fear as Fry has transformed into Bereave. He laughs as his sword appears in his right hand. Leela is frozen in place, unable to move. In a flash, Bereve jumps forward and stabs his sword into her stomach. From her wound, blackness appears and consumes her entire body. She cries as she struggles to escape. She can't see, she can't breathe...

"Leela," echoes Skyler's voice through the shadows. "Leela!"


Leela jumps up to a seated position on the bed. She gasps for air as sweat drips down her forehead. She sees Skyler knelt down by the bed. He looks up to her.

"Leela, you alright?"

She calms her breathing. "It was Ber...it was just a nightmare that's all." She warily stands and begins to fix her mussed hair. "Did you find the ship yet?" she asks in an attempt to get her mind straight.

"Your nightmare...was it about what happened X-Mas eve?"

She turns to him with a look of shock. "How do you...?" She finds herself unable to finish.

"Amy and Bender told me all about it. Look, if you want to talk about it-"

"There's nothing to talk about!" she interrupts angrily. She sighs and rubs her eye. "I'm sorry, but can we just change the subject please?" she asks almost commanding.

He stands. "Yeah...we found out where the ship is. The Jorian army took it. They mistook it for a Stoathan ship and stole it to use it themselves."

"So, you mean we're stuck here?"

"Until we can get it back."

She falls back on the bed. The faint sound of her quiet laughter disrupts the gloomy atmosphere in the room.

"What' so funny?" he asks worriedly.

"I have no idea." Her laughing comes to a stop "I guess it's just...I'm happy they took the ship. I was actually beginning to consider taking your advice and looking for him."

"You were?"

"Yeah, but like I'd ever find him."

"Don't say that."

"It's true though. I mean, come on, he's in another dimension for God's sake! For all I know he could be dead. It would just be pointless to try and go look for him."

She sits up and hides her face in her hands as she cries uncontrollably.

"I'll never see him again!"

"Leela! Don't talk like that!"

"He's gone! He's probably dead! This is what I deserve! I was a fool to think I was ever meant to experience love!"

Skyler pulls her hands away form her face and slaps her. Stunned, her crying ceases and she stares up at him. Before she can even utter one word, he grabs her shoulders.

"You need to keep yourself together! If you give up now, then Fry NEVER will come back! Do you understand me?"

She just stares blankly with her hand on her cheek, where there is a slightly red hand print left from his strike. An expression of anger takes her face as she slaps him. His head flings to the right from the sheer force of it. She stands and pushes him against the wall.

"How dare you hit me!"

"I had to! The Leela I know doesn't quit like that!"

"You don't know me! God, you're driving me crazy! We've never met but you know so much about me. And every time I ask, you always change the subject. What are you: a stalker?" He doesn't answer. "Tell me!"

The door then slides open and Rytt steps in. "Mr. Skyler..."

Skyler looks past Leela. "Are they ready?"

"Yes. They are waiting for you."

"Let's go."

Skyler heads out the door and follows Rytt down the hallway. Leela runs out the door. "Come back here and answer me!"

Rytt turns and looks back nervously as Skyler continues on, ignoring her shouts.

"What's wrong with her?" asks Rytt cautiously.

Skyler sighs. "Mood swings."

"Oh, I understand."

"Wait!" Leela screams. "Where are you going?"

Without any sign of response, the two disappear behind the closing elevator doors. Amy and Bender enter the hall and approach Leela from behind.

"Gleesh! What's with all the yelling, Leela?"

"Where's Skyler going?"

"Didn't he tell you?" asks Bender. "He's going to speak with the High Counsel of this Neutral branch."


In the highest room of the Neutral Sphere...

Six Neutrals, including Korj, are seated behind a wide podium while Skyler stands a few feet away from them.

"Tell me, Mr. Skyler, what is it you intend to do?" asks the Counsel Head.

"Well, your honor, I intend to negotiate with the Jorians and get our ship back. Then, I plan to hold a peace conference with both the Jorians and Stoathans."

"You what?! Such a thing can not be done!"

"Has anyone ever tried?"

"Yes, but both species are too stubborn to listen. They don't care about anything but victory," answers the Counsel Head.

Korj speaks up, "Why are you so intent on helping them?"

"Because, I've seen this before. I lived through it myself. War ravaged my home for years. And now, being here, I know that I never want to see it again. That's why I'm willing to help them at whatever cost."

The Counsel Head stands. "I admire your yearning for peace, but this is something you'll have to accept as-is."

"I refuse to!"

Outside the room; Leela, Amy, and Bender are all pressed up against the door in an attempt to listen in on the happenings inside.

"I can't make out what they're saying," whines Amy. "How about you?"

"No," answers Leela.

"Damn it!" Bender stomps. "I left my portable mini-mic in the ship."

Suddenly, the door opens and they are greeted by Skyler.

"What are you doing out here?" he asks.

Leela turns her back to him angrily.

"What went on in there?" asks Amy.

"They agreed to let me negotiate with the Jorians and Stoathans."

"So you mean you'll get the ship back?"

"Hopefully, and maybe even end this war while I'm at it."

Leela turns to him. "How many times do I have to tell you this is none of our business?"

"I can't help it, Leela. I have to help them."

Korj steps out. "Skyler, I'm impressed with your determination. I can set up a meeting with both species for you."

"You can? Thank you so much."

"It's my pleasure. Anything to end this meaningless bloodshed. In the meantime, you and your friends go enjoy a complimentary breakfast, on me."

The crew thank him and head on downstairs to the mess hall. None of them have eaten since they landed on Battletopia 7 the night before. Needless to say, neither of them had gotten much sleep either.

In the mess hall...

Leela, Amy, and Bender and sat down at a table. Skyler is gazing out the window to the war raging outside. He is almost fixated on the dark, cloudy sky. It's eight in the morning, but it looks like eight at night. He watches as many tanks roll on the ground and jets drop explosives in the distance. The blasts are the only things that even resemble light beyond the building. In his hands, is a small glass of warm tea; which he sips slowly. The three watch him in silence for a moment then turn to each other.

"What's up with him?" asks Amy.

Bender shrugs. "Who knows. That guy's been giving me the creeps since we met. There's something not right about him, I just can't put my finger on it."

"I know what you mean," Amy agrees, turning to Leela. "What do you think?"

She stirs her fork through her food with a heated look in her eye. "Who cares? He's just some damn stalker freak."

Amy nods. "I gotta admit, I've been getting some pretty weird vibes about him too."

"I know. He's got to be a stalker or something. How else would he know so much about all of us?" Leela freezes and drops her fork. She quickly glances at Skyler, then back to the others. She leans in. "What if it's...him?" she whispers.

"Who?" asks Bender.


They jump back and almost shout. But quickly lean back in out of fear. "You don't honestly think he is? He couldn't be," reassures Amy, though having no confidence in her own words.

"He has to be. Look at the obvious facts; he knows way more about us than I care for, he's built almost just like Bereave, he's always changing the subject when I ask how he knows so much about us, and his past sounds pretty off."

"Yeah," Bender interjects. "And isn't it kind of coincidental that he happened to show up the very night you and Fry fought Bereave?"

Amy buts in. "Guys, cool it. Look, we're letting all the stress of the past few days get to us. We have no actual proof that he is Bereave. But still, we should play it safe just in case you're right. Let's not let him know that we're on to him. Is there anything else that might signify that he is Bereave?"

Leela lowers her head. "He hit me this morning."

"He what?" Amy blurts out.

"For no reason he just slaps me as hard as he can."

"That jerk!"

Bender stops them. "Hold on a second, Bereave wanted to destroy the universe, right? But Skyler here is trying to save this planet."

"That's probably just a front," Leela snaps back "Wait, did either of you tell him about what happened X-Mas eve?"

They both shake their heads. "No, why?"

Leela takes a deep breathe. "Oh God. That's it, it has to be him. When he came in my room this morning, he knew about Fry and I fighting Bereave. He said you two told him. That proves it!"

"What do we do?" Amy asks almost panic-stricken.

"We just keep this to ourselves for now. Let's see what he does. Keep your guard up though and don't be alone with him."

Skyler steps up to the table, the three quickly jump back in their seats and act nonchalant. "Hey, what're you guys whispering about?"

"Nothing. Just...uh...talking about how great this food is," says Amy with a nervous grin.

"You want something to eat?" asks Leela.

Skyler shakes his head. "No thanks. Look, I'll be back in a bit. I've got to go visit someone."

"You're going back to the city ruins aren't you?"

"Yeah. If Korj comes back, one of you just come on down there and look for me. Okay?"

They all nod. Skyler takes the last sip of his tea and tosses the cup in the recycle bin then walks out the door. Leela looks to Bender.

"Bender, you go follow him."

"Ah man! How come I gotta do all the spy work around here?"

"Look, just follow him and see if you can find out anything about him for me. Please," she begs.

Bender, agitated, stands. "Alright. But you two bimbos owe me big time."

Outside the home of the Stoathan, Arlia; Skyler stands, staring at the doorway. Bender peers around the corner.

"Hmm, what's he doing here?" he asks himself. He watches as Skyler steps in through the veil and inside.

Skyler looks around the empty living room. "Arlia?" he calls.

Arlia peeks her head from the bedroom. "Skyler?"

"Hey," he grins.

She steps out and walks to him. "What are you doing back here? I thought you were leaving." She sits on the couch and invites him to sit with her. He does.

"Well, I'm here for an unexpected stay. The Jorians took our ship so we're kinda stuck here for the time being."

"Oh. How long will you be here than?"

He shrugs. "I'm not exactly sure. But I have good news."

"What's that?"

"I'm calling a peace conference with both the Jorians and the Stoathans so I can bring an end to this war."

She jumps to her feet. "What?! You can't! You'll be killed just like Jaeti!"

He takes her hand in an attempt to calm her down. "Arlia, I'm sorry for what happened to him, but I assure you it won't happen again. I can end this war. I have to."

The two sit back down. "Skyler, I'm sorry. I just don't want to see someone else get killed. I lost one person, I don't want to lose another." She looks into his eyes and then gives him a look of uncertainty.

"What's wrong?" he asks.

"Your eyes...there's something about them that reminds me of Jaeti's." She quickly stands. "Here, I have something for you." She walks over to the small shelf on the wall and picks up the golden pin by Jaeti's portrait. She sighs heavily and turns to Skyler. Sitting back down, she scoots closer to him, and rests the pin in his hands. "I want you to have this."

"What? I can't take this." He tries to hand it back to her.

She smiles comfortingly; then takes his hand and folds his fingers over the pin in his palm. "No, I want you to have it. I'm sure he would have too."

Bender lies in wait on the other side of the door; with one eye peering in. "Interesting. Looks like Skyler's got himself a little girlfriend." Bender chuckles to himself. He watches as the two stand. Arlie turns and walks to the kitchen while Skyler stands and gazes at the pin in his hand. With his back to him, Bender figures this is his best opportunity to try and get some dirt on Skyler. He extends his arm and slowly brings it up behind Skyler. Bender's hand gently reaches into his pocket and grabs a folded photograph. Bender chuckles again as he begins to retract his arm. "Paydirt." Suddenly, he feels a foot stomp on his arm, pining it to the floor. Bender falls over and looks up to see Skyler looking down at him. He chuckles nervously. "Hey there Skyler. Fancy running into you down here." He says trying to act casually.

Skyler bends down and snatches the folded photo from Bender's hand and sticks it in his pocket. "Bender! What are you doing?"

Bender stands. "Don't blame me. It was all Leela's fault."

"She told you to spy on me?"

"Not spy necessarily, more like follow un-noticed and steal your I.D. So, what is that I grabbed anyway?"

"It's the only picture I have of my parents. I'd prefer it if you didn't take it."

"Fine, can I take your I.D. than?"

"Sorry, I don't carry any."

Bender scratches his chin. "Oh, now I see. You're a drifter aren't you?"

Skyler turns and walks back toward the couch "Something like that."

Arlia walks back in carrying two glasses of tea. "Skyler, is someone else here?"

"Yeah. Arlia, meet Bender."

"Oh, nice to meet you." She sets the glasses on the end table by the couch and shakes Bender's hand.

"You wouldn't happen to have any oil would you, I'm parched?" remarks Bender smoothly.

"Uh, I'm sure I have something for you."

In the hall of the various sleeping quarters, Amy leads Leela to a door at the end of the hall.

"This is it," Amy states. "This is Skyler's quarters."

"Good. Let's see if we can't find something interesting about our new delivery boy."

She opens the door and the two step in only to see an empty room. Nothing in the room has been disturbed. It's as if no one has been there at all recently. They search the room but find no sign of Skyler having spent the night there.

"I can't believe this. Nothing at all," Leela grunts in frustration.

"Maybe this is the wrong room. I could have sworn this is where Korj told him to stay."

They hear the door slide open and turn to see Korj.

"Speak of the devil," jokes Amy.

"Ladies, where may I ask, is Mr. Skyler?"

Leela shrugs. "He should be down in the city."

"Odd...I thought that maybe he'd be in here resting after all he did last night."

"Last night?" asks Leela.

"Yes. I saw him working out in the gym downstairs all night long."

"So, he never came in here?"

Korj shakes his head. "No, not that I'm aware of. But, I'd be more relieved if he got some rest today. I just convinced the Jorian and Stoathan ambassadors to come here. Neither of them know of the other's arrival though. I must inform Mr. Skyler so he can prepare."

Exasperated, Leela drops down in a nearby chair. "Oh Lord, he's not serious about going through with this is he?"

"He seems set upon accomplishing his goal. I've never seen anyone so determined in all my years," remarks Korj with a hint of admiration in his voice.

"Well, when is the meeting?"

"First thing tomorrow morning."

Leela stands and grabs hold of Amy's arm and drags her outside and down the hall. "Come one Amy," she commands.

"Where're we going?"

"We're going to see just what Skyler has up his sleeve."

Korj runs out behind them. "Wait! I'll come with you!"

In Arlia's home, Skyler and Bender are sitting next to one another on the couch and Arlia sits across from them in the small chair. Skyler and Arlia are enjoying their tea as Bender gulps down some motor oil Arlia found in her supply closet. Skyler looks down at his watch and stands.

"It's getting late. We'd better head on up before Leela gets upset again. Come on Bender."

Bender gets up and heads for the door with Skyler close behind. Bender walks through the veil. As Skyler gets ready to walk out, Arlia grabs his hand and pulls him back.

"Wait, Skyler..." she whispers.

"What is it?"

She throws her arms around his neck and holds him tightly. "I just wanted to wish you good luck."

He returns her hug. "Thank you."

As they separate, Bender sticks his head through the veil. "Hey, Skyler. We got company."

Skyler steps outside with Bender. They look down the street to see Leela, Amy, and Korj wandering down the street calling their names.

"Over here!" they shout, waving.

Amy hears them. "Hey!" she glances at the others. "This way."

Korj jumps in front of Leela and Amy to get to Skyler. "Mr. Skyler, I have a meeting set up for you tomorrow morning with the Jorian and Stoathan ambassadors."

"Alright! Thanks."

He glances over Korj's shoulder to see a rather irate Leela. "And what have you got planned, Skyler?" she asks.

He grins "Don't worry, I'll come up with something."


To be continued

Alright. Now that I've got the story going on, I'm sure to have the next chapter up soon. Sorry it took so long for this one. Anyways, keep it here to see if Skyler is successful or not. And there's lots more on the way. Get ready for more excitement and mystery in the next installments of "The Other". Part 15 coming soon...