Fan Fiction

The Other, Part 3
By Rye Guy

Later, out front of Leela's apartment building . . .

Her and Fry stand out on the sidewalk still unaware of Bender eavesdropping from across the street.

"Well, here we are," Leela tries to stall.

Fry sighs "Yep." He rocks back and forth on his ankles with his hands in his pockets.

Leela taps the front of her right boot on the pavement anxiously for a second or two and suddenly looks back up at him. "Hey, you hungry?"


"I can fix us up a microwave dinner or something before Nibbler's walk. You wanna come on up?"

Fry, without second thought exclaims, "Sure!"

The two walk inside and take the elevator.

"Well well well, looks like ol' meatbag's finally gonna get it on. Good for him!" Bender pulls a beer out of his chest compartment. "Poor Leela." He starts drinking as he walks away.

Minutes later, outside apartment number 1I, Leela shows Fry in. Fry looks around, his mind riddled with memories of the last time he was there. Leela heads to the kitchen and searches through the fridge. He steps over to the floor right behind the recliner, he kneals down placing his palm on the floor. He remembers this spot, where he played the Holophonor for her. He looks up and sees her bedroom door. Last time he went beyond that door, he ran out to find himself.

"Wow, this place hasn't changed a bit," he speaks softly to himself.

"You say something?"

He jolts up. "No, just talking to myself."

"Oh, well, I found us some food. I hope you like microwave spaghetti."

"Sounds great."

Leela pops the pack of frozen spaghetti in the microwave and sets the timer. The microwave hums and she grabs two cans of Slurm from the fridge and hands one to Fry.

She raises her can. "A toast, to friends."

"Hear, hear," he responds unenthusiastically. They toast.

Leela takes a swallow of her Slurm and notices Fry's solemn look. "Something wrong?"

He looks, waking up from his daydreaming. "Huh?"

"I asked if something was wrong?"

"Oh, its just I can't help but think about the last time I was here."

"Oh . . ."

There is an awkward silence as the two look down to the floor. The only sounds heard are the hum of the microwave and the fizz of their Slurm. Fry looks up and shakes his head.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have mentioned it."

"No, it's my fault. I was wrong that night. I was blinded by my own irrationality to see what I really loved."

"Leela, I don't need those worms to be who I was that day. You bring it out in me, not those little-" he stops for a second, "-wait, what did you just say?"

Leela takes a few steps closer to him and looks up into his eyes. "Well, Fry . . . I-" she is cut off by the loud beeping of the microwave. "Oh, uh, the um, the food's ready."

She sighs nervously, gets the spaghetti from the microwave and thinks to herself, "Damn! What's wrong with me? I should have just said it." She finishes unwrapping the spaghetti and spoons it out onto two plates. She hands one plate to Fry and then she scrapes the last spoonful into Nibbler's food dish. "Here, Nibbler," she calls, but no answer. "Nibbler?" Still nothing.

Fry steps in her bedroom and looks under the bed and in the closet, no Nibbler.

"He must have gotten out somehow."

"We have to find him!" she grabs his hand and they run out into the hall, calling Nibbler's name. They get in the elevator and run back out onto the sidewalk.

"I'll go this way, you go that way," Fry directs.

Leela reaches into her jacket pocket and hands him a small walkie talkie. "If you find him, contact me. I'll recieve you through my wrist computer."


The two run down opposite directions of the sidewalk, both calling Nibbler's name. Fry finds himself in a familiar alley way. He sees a bright light shine from the inside of a small metal shed at the end of the alley. "What the?" He runs to the little shed, by now the light has vanished. He hears some rustling in the dumpster next to him. "Nibbler?" a small white eyeball on the end of a short black stem pops up from the garbage. Fry reaches in and grabs hold of Nibbler. "There you are." He reaches for the walkie talkie, but feels a drop of water fall on his hand. He looks up and sees dark storm clouds. "Oh great." Rain begins to pour down soaking him within moments. He rests Nibbler in his jacket and zips it up to hold him in.

Leela, on the next block is soaking wet from the rain as well. Her wrist computer beeps, she presses a button on it and hears Fry's voice. "Leela, I found him. I'm heading back to the apartment."

"Alright! I'll meet you there."

The two reach the front door to the apartment building simultaneously. Leela chuckles as she sees Nibbler in Fry's jacket. She yanks Nibbler from his jacket and hugs him. "Oh! I'm so glad your safe! Don't run off like that again!" She looks up to Fry. "I can't thank you enough."

"No thanks necessary, just glad I could help."

They smile at each other. A bright flash of lightning flares, scaring Leela and causing her to jump against Fry. "Whoa!" he yells. He places his hand on her shoulder. She holds the back of Fry's neck with her left hand, Nibbler still in her right, as they squeeze under the canopy above the front door of the building. Fry gently places his palm on her cheek. They come closer and share a long tender kiss. Nibbler squirms out of her arm and sits on the ground next to them. Leela then throws both her arms around Fry's neck and Fry places one hand on her back and the other moves down slowly caressing her, their kiss unbroken.

Nibbler smiles. "Yes!" he exclaims to himself.

The next morning . . . Fry and Leela wake up in each other's arms, smiling blissfully. They kiss.

"That was the greatest night of my life," Leela says to him.

"I love you, Leela."

She smiles. "I love you too, Fry." She sits up and looks at the clock, she jumps out of bed.

"What's wrong?"

"It's 10:30! We're gonna be late for work." She searches through a drawer in the dresser next to the bed. Fry pulls her back down playfully.

"Not so fast."

She laughs, "Okay, now come on, we really do need to hurry."

Fry sits up next to her and begins blowing raspberries on the side of her neck, tickling her. She falls back, laughing uncontrollably. "Quit it!" she yells between her laughs. She reaches up and tickles him back. The two laugh and roll around a bit. They roll again and Fry falls off the bed with a loud thud.


Leela gasps, "Oh my God! Are you alright?"

Fry sits up, rubbing the back of his head. "Yeah, luckily I landed on my head."

Leela giggles and leans over the side of the bed to him. "Here, let me make it all better," she says seductively as she kisses him "Better?"


"Whatdya say we get dressed and ready for work now?"

He chuckles a bit and gets to his feet.

A short while later, at Planet Express . . .

The rest of the crew is seated at the conference table. Fry and Leela run in, hand in hand, and sit down just as Hermes finishes his lecture. He gives them a curious look as he sits down. The Professor stands.

"Good news everyone! We've all been invited to an X-Mas party on Pluto hosted by none other than Captain Zapp Branigan."

"No, not Zapp," Leela says to herself.

"It's this weekend. Here are your tickets." The Professor hands everyone their tickets.

Fry leans over to Leela. "Don't worry, if he tries anything, he'll have to answer to me," he whispers as the Professor trails off about the events that will be held at the party.

"That's noble of you, but I don't want you to get hurt."

"Hurt? Are you kiddin'? He's not as strong as he looks."

Leela chuckles a little. "Yeah, you're right about that."

The Professor sits back down and falls asleep. Amy turns to Leela and Fry. "So, why were you two so late?"

"Oh, I bet I know what happened," Bender declares.

"What do you think it is?" asks Amy.

"Its simple, the same reason Fry never came home last night."

Amy gasps and looks back at Leela. "So, you and Fry...?"

Leela blushes. "Yes," she responds proudly.

"Girl Talk!" Amy grabs Leela by the arm and drags her into the other room and sits her down on the couch. "Okay, spill it! What happened?"

"Oh, so much happened. Where do I start?" she thinks for a few seconds, she smiles "Well, I guess, to put is simply, I love him."

Amy shouts, "It's about time! He's loved you for, like, ever!"

"Yeah, I know," she sighs "I guess it just took me longer to realize that."

Back in the conference room, Bender pats Fry on the back, almost knocking him down.

"Way to go, Fry! You finally banged her! Now what?"

Fry give him a puzzled look. "What do you mean?"

"You know, what are you gonna do now that you've slept with her? I mean that is what you've been trying to do all this time, right?"

"No! I never thought about sex! I love her, understand?" Fry snaps back, sounding offended.

"Hell, I thought that's what you've been after."

"You really think I'm that shallow?"

"Well most human guys I know are. I just assumed you were too. No offense, but you've developed a bit of a reputation of sleeping around."

"Don't remind me, alright? I wanna forget all that."

Bender's silent for a little bit. "So, we still friends?"

Fry turns away from him. Bender starts to get sad but Fry quickly turns around, smiling. "Come here, buddy!"

The two high five. "So, she really loves you?"

He sighs joyfully, "Yeah."

"Well, I'm happy for you meatbag."


Scruffy walks up to them. "Mmm, you gonna propose?"

"I dunno, I haven't thought that far ahead yet."

"Mmm, well you'd better start thinking about it. Scruffy's got a feelin' there's somethin' big acomin' our way."

"Well, do you think she'll say 'Yes'?"

"Mmm, there's only one thing Scruffy know more about than janitorying, and that's love. I can tell, she'll say 'Yes' without even havin' ta' think 'bout it."

"How can you be so sure? None of us hardly know you at all."

"Mmm, Scruffy hears a lotta things, sees a lotta things. If anybody knows anythin' that goes on 'round here, it'd be Scruffy."

The Professor approaches. "He's right. Scruffy here's been my eyes and ears for the past several years. And on occasion nose, throat, and whatever other part of my body that isn't working properly. Now, where are Leela and Amy?"

"Here we are," calls Amy as she and Leela enter the room.

"Good, you're all here. Now, all of you; the ship is a wreck. I need it cleaned, lubed, waxed, and fixed for the party Saturday."

The whole crew grimaces.

A short time later, the crew is busy at work fixing up the ship. Amy's fine-tuning the engine with Bender's help, well, he's there physically at least. Fry and Leela are scrubbing the underside of the ship. Fry grabs the hose and rinses off the section he just scrubbed. He looks mischievously at Leela and sprays her.

Leela laughs a little. "Okay, Fry. Now get back to work."

"Sure, whatever you say."

He sprays her again. Leela slowly turns to him with an angry look on her face. Fry gulps. She smiles and throws a wet sponge at him, it bounces off his forehead. He sprays her with the hose and she tosses water from the bucket next to her at him. The couple laugh as water and suds fly everywhere. He runs at her but trips on the hose.

Leela bends down and yanks the hose form his hand. "Now its my turn," she remarks jokingly. She starts spraying him. He rolls around and his foot accidentally gets caught on hers and she trips and falls on top of him. The hose flails around on the ground as the two laugh. "Now I got you right where I want you," she says seductively.

"You know, Bender and Amy are probably watching."


"So, I thought you didn't like to show affection in public."

"I've never had affections for someone like the ones I have for you. I don't need my tough girl visage now. I can finally just be myself."

"Wow, all this because of me?"

She leans down and kisses him passionately. "Answer your question?"

Amy and Bender grin and return to the engine. Hermes walks by the ship and sees the two making out, he grabs the hose and sprays both of them. They jump to their feet. "Okay, lovebirds, back to work."

Inside the Nibblonian Elders sanctuary on Planet Eternium, the elders are gathered around the glass orb which shows that same nebula. Its pulsating glow is now much brighter and more rapid than before.

"It has reached almost a quarter strength. Soon, it will escape our barrier as expected and then..."

The image on the orb fades to that of Fry and Leela as they head into the lounge to relax.

"...it will all be up to them as it was forseen," explains the head elder.

"I fear that they may not be ready," states another.

"What do you mean?"

"According to the prophecies, they will become one and defeat the evil that we could not. But how can they possibly fight something that powerful? It wasn't even at half strength when we went against it. Need I remind you of the casualties?"

The first frowns. "No, I remember them all too clearly."

"Then you see the point I'm making. Are we sure that they are strong enough to stand against it when no others could?"

"What do you propose we do?"

"If we could just have our commander on Earth bring them back here, then we could train them and..."

The first cuts him off, "No! We mustn't interfere anymore than we have already. Everything thus far has gone according to what our sages foresaw. If we were to meddle in this affair now, we may alter the course of the future for the worse."

"Very well. I just pray that the prophecies are correct."

"As do I."


To be continued

Well, there ya go, things are starting to get a little interesting, eh? Looks like there's gonna be some big danger, thrills and a few other suprises. So, as I always end these, stay tuned for part 4.