Fan Fiction

The Other, Part 6
By Rye Guy

The three run to the cockpit and join with everyone else. They are all staring out the window at a large illuminated mass. Fry and Leela almost faint as they see the same nebula from their nightmares.

"What the hell is that?" inquires Zapp.

"Allow me to introduce myself," the same mysterious voice echoes.

The entire ship is engulfed by a bright light. The front of the ship is literally ripped off like paper by some unseen force. With the front of the ship now missing, they all just stand and stare at the light.

A small blue bead appears levitating slowly into the ship. It floats toward the Professor. It stops and hovers in front of him. Curious, he lightly taps it with the end of his finger. At his touch, the bead begins to elongate into a small spike. It aims its tip and in an instant spears straight through the Professor's head. He falls and everyone screams in horror. The bloody spike multiplies into several dozen spikes of the same size.

"Get down!" shouts Nibbler.

They begin circling the bridge with incredible speed. Fry, Leela, Zapp, Bender and Nibbler all manage to duck down to safety but are forced to watch as Amy, Zoiberg, Kiff and Hermes are stabbed to death by these spikes. The voice laughs in an eerie happiness as the spikes cease and fall to the floor. Fry, Leela, Zapp, Bender and Nibbler stand to see the massacred site. The bodies of their friends lying dead on the floor, blood all over.

"Oh dear Lord..." Zapp utters in shock.

Nibbler turns to Fry and Leela. "Fry, you told me that if I ever needed your help to just ask...well I'm asking you, both of you. You've seen what he can do. If you two don't stop him this will continue!"

Leela falls upon her knees, Fry kneels down and puts his arm around her. They weep as Nibbler looks on.

Zapp steps up. "Look, whoever's responsible for this, let me take him on. I got the firepower to-"

"You can't!" Nibbler barks. "None of us can...only they can."

"Leela and Fry? They can't do this on their own!"

"They can and will!"

"Doesn't look like it to me..." Zapp remarks as he sees the two on their knees.

"Capain Branigan, your offer is appreciated, but you cannot interfere," continues Nibbler. "Neither can I. They must do this on there own."

"What? You expect me to just sit here and do nothing? Kiff was just killed! I have to do something!"

"I feel the same way! But we can't interfere; if we do we may alter the course of the future!"

"Just what the hell does that mean?!" asks Bender angrily.

"Stop it!" Leela whispers, but the others don't hear and continue to bicker. "I said stop it!" she orders as she jumps to her feet. The three hush. Leela and Fry are both standing with a most determined look on their faces. "Look, we didn't ask for this," begins Leela.

"But now we see what we have to do," finishes Fry.

They take each other's hand and jump out of the ship, disappearing into the light. Zapp reaches his hand out. "Leela! No!"

Leela finds herself wandering through a strange and unnatural place. All around her is darkness as she stands on a transparent blue platform Walking to the end she sees a smaller rounded blue glass form appear, then another; many more appear and they come together to form a flight of, what appears to be glass, stairs. She climbs up about ten or so steps then turns to see that all the steps behind her have vanished.

"Damn! No turning back now."

She carries on.

Fry opens his eyes and he too sees nothing but blackness around him. A blue light shines from beneath him. He looks down as the light fades and sees that he is standing on what looks like a large, round floor that looks more like a stained-glass window of a church.

"What the?"

As he stares over the edge, his shadow on the floor behind him begins to convulse and quiver, it reaches upright with black tentacle-like appendages. It then takes a human shape and stands up behind him. He slowly turns and sees it...

Leela is still running up the flight of glass stairs. She stops to catch her breathe. "How far does this go?"

She sits down facing the way she came. The previous stairs are disappearing before her. They come to an end at the step she is currently sitting on. "What am I supposed to do? And where's Fry?"

She hears his distant scream. She jumps up. "Fry?" she looks around and sees him far up above, falling with incredible speed. "Fry!" She watches as he plummets. There is a loud shattering sound as he hits the stairway.

She runs as fast as she can up the stairs to him and finally gets to where she can see him. He's lying motionless on the stairway, broken glass all around him. The coat and vest of his tux or reduced to shreds; his long sleeve white shirt is ripped, the right sleeve is completely ripped off. There are some blood stains on the shirt. Without warning, the glass stairway begins to crack and then shatters underneath him. Leela screams as she fears the worst.

Fry suddenly regains consciousness and grabs onto the end of the stairway. With great pain and effort, he manages to pull himself up. He hears Leela's voice call his name and sits up. "Leela!" There is a wide gap between them.

"Fry? Are you okay?"

He chuckles lightly and smiles. "Nothing a little tender love and care can't cure."

She smiles at the fact that he can still have a sunny disposition despite his injuries. "Lucky you, I can give you all of the above."

He staggers to his feet. "Leela, you have to jump!"

"I don't know if I can make it!"

"You can, just believe!" he reaches out his right hand as far as he can. "Just reach for my hand!"

She backs up to the adjacent edge, then runs forward and leaps for him. He grabs onto her hand and swings her over to his side. They embrace one another. She looks up to him and wipes some of the blood from his face.

"What happened?"

"It was him"


"Me," responds the same voice from before.

They hear footsteps and look up the stairs to see him. He is a very tall and attractive man with long white hair and blue eyes. He is muscular and wearing a black robe.

"You may call me Bereave."

"You are the one we're after?" asks Fry.

"Yes. And you are the ones prophesied to defeat me?"


"Please, you of all beings? I beat you to a pulp, Mr. Fry, without so much as a flick of my wrist."

"I don't care how strong you are. We won't stop till our friends are avenged!"

"My, aren't we confident..." Bereave laughs. "I've waited over a millennia for this moment, and I plan to savor it until the very end. Allow me to take us somewhere more...suitable."

He snaps his fingers and the scenery around them fades to that of a large clear blue platform. The ring of the nebula surrounds the area but blackness is all that lies beyond that. "What say we make things interesting?" He snaps his fingers again and Leela vanishes into the dark void screaming.

"Leela!" Fry yells.

"I must admit, Fry, I am intrigued as to how two low level organisms like yourselves can stand against me."

"Where is she?"

"Relax, she's safe for now. I just want to see how you each fare one on one."

Bereave removes his robe and it falls to the floor. Now he's wearing a black sleeveless shirt, which exposes his muscles, with black pants and knee-high boots. He holds out his right hand and a sword appears in it. It has a thin black handle and a long slightly curved blade. He grabs the handle and rests the sword over his shoulder.

"Oh, that's right, you get a sword. What about me?"

Bereave waves his left hand and a sword appears in the air beside Fry. The sword has a golden handle and a wide blade.

"Go on, take it."

Fry grabs the handle and struggles to hold it up. "It's heavy."

"Lift with your knees."

"Wha-" he looks up and sees Bereave running toward him with sword overhead. Fry holds his sword up and blocks it. Bereave strikes three more times; each time their swords meet, Fry is pushed back.

"Come on! Fight me!"

The sword gets so heavy that Fry drops the tip on the ground. Bereave holds his sword behind his back.

"Here, I'll let you have a free strike."

Fry lifts the sword and swings it, but Bereave vanishes. Fry looks around and then feels a sharp cold chill across his throat; Bereave has appeared behind him and has his blade at Fry's throat.

"Here's a lesson Mr. Fry, never trust anyone...especially me."

Fry elbows him in the gut. Bereave jumps back and catches his breathe.

"If I shouldn't trust you, then how do I know Leela is safe?"

Bereave smiles as he stands. "That's just it, you don't."

"Where is she?"

"Right behind me."

He turns and a light shines down behind him. Fry shouts at the horrific site. Leela has dozens of thin black threads pierced into her skin all over her body. These threads are suspending her in mid air about a foot off the ground. Her eye opens as she regains consciousness.

"What did you do to her?!"

"Merely a precaution." His sword disappears and he places the end of his fingers gently on her temples.

"What are you doing now?!"

"A little mind reading." He closes his eyes and concentrates. After a few seconds, he opens them and grins. He rests his left hand to his side and softly places the palm of his right on her belly. "Hmm, a baby..."

Leela breathes nervously and stares into Bereave's eyes, he smiles comfortingly. Rearing his right arm back, he punches her in the stomach. She screams in agony. The threads then simultaneously remove themselves from her, dropping her to the floor. She wraps her arms around her stomach and lies in a fetal position, still moaning in pain. Bereave, still grinning, looks back to the now furious Fry.

"You bastard!"

Fry, now with what feels like the strength of ten men, raises his sword and runs to Bereave. Before he can strike, though, Bereave calmly holds up his hand, causing Fry to stop instantly and hover above the ground. His sword falls to the floor. He tries to move, but can't. It feels as though his hands and feet are shackled to a wall.

"Calm yourself."

Suddenly, dozens of thin black threads pierce into his skin all throughout his body. He screams as they force themselves into his muscles and veins.

"There, that should help."

Bereave turns his back to him and kneels down by Leela.

"Look at him...willing to suffer so much for a freak like you." He stands and turns his head to Fry. "You can do better." He kicks her sending her sliding across the floor.

"You're wrong..." says Fry painfully.

"What did you say?"

"I can't do better...than perfection."

"Perfection? Her? You can't be serious."

Leela still lying on the ground begins to cry, "Fry...help!"

"Don't worry, I'll be out of this in a jiff."

Beareave smirks wickedly "Oh, don't be so sure." he snaps his fingers and the threads in Fry's skin begin electrocuting him all at once. He suppresses his screams as he thrashes about to try and break away from them. They stop and Fry passes out. Bereave cackles as his sword reappears in his hand and he looks back at Leela, now on her feet.

Back at the Planet Express ship, which is still surrounded by the light... The bodies of the others have been gathered in the far end of the bridge and covered with some black cloths, respectively. Zapp and Bender are cleaning up the blood while Nibbler stares out through the missing section of the ship.

"There." Zapp leans his mop against the wall. "At least we'll be able to give them a proper burial once we get back to Earth."

"If we ever get back to Earth that is," Bender remarks. He looks at Nibbler. "So what's up with you?"

Nibbler, unmoving, replies, "They are not doing well. I can sense it."

"What do you mean? Has something happened to Leela?" asks Zapp panic stricken.

"They are still alive, but in terrible condition. I don't understand how this could have happened."

Zapp grabs Nibbler and holds him up. "You know, I think it's about time you tell me just what is going on here."

Nibbler bites Zapp's hand. Zapp pulls away, swears, and Nibbler lands on the floor.

"You want to know what's going on? Those two are putting their lives on the line to save the universe...and right now their losing!"

Bereave's laughter echoes through the void, accompanied by Leela's screams. She's levitating above the ground and Bereave is slowly and painfully cutting her with the end of his sword. He cackles as he cuts her left arm all the way from her shoulder down to the middle of her lower arm. He does it extremely slowly so as to extend the pain. He then slices the front of her dress open and it falls to the ground. He grins immorally.

"I think I'm beginning to see what he sees in you." He snips the front of her bra open and it falls to the ground. "Yes, very nice indeed."

She screams Fry's name as Bereave begins to advance on her, "FRY!! HELP!!" But he is still unconscious and hanging from the threads.

"He can't hear you."


He continues trying to advance on her, but she's able to resist.

Fry's eyebrow twitches. "...No..." he says weakly. No one hears him. "No!" he yells.

A shocked Bereave turns. "What?"

Leela smiles. "Thank you."

Fry begins to curl up into a ball. All the threads light up and start to electrocute him, but he ignores the pain.


He throws his arms, legs, and head back and all the threads shatter and vanish. Fry lands on his feet, breathing deeply and angrily. He looks up to Bereave, hatred in his eyes. His sword appears in his hands.

"Bereave! You killed my friends, you tried to kill me, but worst of all you tried to kill my wife and child! And now you will pay!"

Fry swings his sword more ferociously but Bereave blocks it with his. With Bereave's concentration on her broken, Leela falls to the ground and covers herself with her dress.

"Leela, get back to the ship!" Fry commands.

"No! Not without you!"

"Don't argue with me just go!"

Leela turns and disappears into the darkness leaving Fry and Bereave. The two push their swords off each other and jump back.

"Excellent," smirks Bereave. "You seem much stronger now."

Fry doesn't respond, he keeps his gaze focused squarely on him.

"You despise me don't you? You loathe me for what I've done. I can sense it. You want nothing more than to kill me."

Bereave attacks putting Fry on the offensive.

Back at the ship... Nibbler, Zapp, and Bender all stare out toward the light still surrounding the ship as they hear footsteps. Leela appears.

Nibbler jumps up. "Leela! Wait, where is Fry?"

"He's still in there, we have to help him!"

"Right!" Zapp bends down and grabs a pistol from the holster inside the top of his boot. He cocks it. "Let's roll!"

The sound of bending metal is heard as the whole ship shakes. The nose of the ship, which had been literally ripped off earlier, is now reforming.

"What's happening?" questions Bender.

After a few moments, the ship is back to its original state. She turns and looks out the window but sees the stars. "What?" The light surrounding the ship has vanished and the Nebula can be seen in the distance. She jumps into the pilot's chair and attempts to start the engine, nothing. She tries again, still nothing.

"Damn it! The engine's dead!"

She presses a button on the console and a small section of wall slides open revealing a space suit inside its compartment.

Meanwhile...the fight has grown much more fierce. Both men are battered and bloody, cuts all over their hands and arms. They both step back and catch their breathe.

"So, Mr. Fry. How long do you plan to keep this up?"

"As long as it takes."

"Oh, really? Well, I don't think you'll last that long."

"Why's that?"

"Watch and learn."

Bereave lifts his head and raises his arms. A bright surge of energy from the ring shines down upon him. All his injuries are instantly healed. He looks back to Fry.

"You see?"


"Yes, you cannot defeat me."

Fry falls to his knees from exhaustion, Bereave steps closer to him.

"You must realize by now that I am a force to be reckoned with. Let me ask you something; why are the two of you willing to sacrifice your lives for an alien who ruined both your lives to begin with? Doesn't really make much sense to me. How can you be so sure that he is telling you the truth? Did you ever think that maybe you two are merely scapegoats for their mistakes? Here, let me tell you one of their mistakes...they created me."

Fry looks up in shock, Bereave slashes his sword down, cutting Fry across the face from just above his left eye down to his right cheek. His blood drips down onto the floor as he screams in pain.

"Back when their race was still young, their elders sought for a way to help them eliminate any threat to their existence. Using their combined telepathy, they created me and gave me nearly unlimited power. But, as the story goes, I turned against them and used my powers for my own purposes. Unable to destroy me, they imprisoned me in this nebula for all eternity. I couldn't fight back myself, but I managed to create the Brain-Spawn to do my bidding; but you, Mr. Fry showed me how pitiful they were. But now..." he chuckles "...now I've found a way out of this Hell-hole for good!"

Fry gets to his feet. "You know what? You talk way too much."

He swings his sword upward and cuts Bereave's face from his left cheek up to just above his right eye. Quickly, Fry slashes Bereave across the chest and knocks his sword out of his hand. The force of the attack causes Bereave to fall back. Fry stands above him, the end of his sword at his throat. Bereave grins deviously.

"Do it! Kill me!"

Fry raises his sword and jams it into the ground beside Bereave's head.

"No. I won't."

"Why not?"

"Because I'm better than you. I'm just going to leave you here to live with the shame of knowing that you were defeated by a low level organism like myself. That should be worse than death." he turns and walks away.

Bereave sits up. "You think this is over? I haven't even begun!"

He throws Fry's sword. It flies past him and halts in mid-air. Suddenly, a swirl of blue and purple appears at its tip. The swirl grows revealing itself to be a black hole. Bereave laughs.

In the ship, Leela now has the suit on and is slipping on the gloves. She's alone by the airlock door when Zapp walks up.

"Leela, wait."

"No, Zapp, there's no time."

"Here, take this with you." He hands her his pistol. "It may come in handy."

She looks down at the pistol, then back up at him. "Thanks."

She slips it under her belt. She puts on the helmet and pushes a red button on the wall panel. Zapp takes a few steps back as the door descends between them. The adjacent door opens with a hiss and Leela jumps out into space. She activates the jet pack and flies toward the nebula. Through her com-link, she hears Nibbler.

"Leela? Can you hear me?"

"Loud and clear," she responds.

"What do you plan to do?"

"Whatdya' mean 'what do I plan to do'? I plan to go in there and kick Bereave's ass; that's what I plan to do!"

"Please Leela, don't be hasty."

"I have to get back there before it's-" she stops. Now more than halfway there, she sees something in the center of the nebula. "-too late..." she trails off as a black hole forms from the nebula's center. Quickly, it is pulled into the hole and vanishes within it. Leela, stunned, reaches out her hand. "No...NO!" she screams. She begins to cry, "Fry...no...you can't be gone..."

She floats there, all alone...

Her comm.-link buzzes.

"Leela, I'm so sorry. I don't know how this could have happened," cries Nibbler.

Leela doesn't respond. "Our child needs you...I need you..." she opens her eye and looks up, staring through the cosmos. "I can't go on without you, Fry...I have to...to..." She slowly rests her finger in the bottom of her helmet, next to the release switch "It'll all be over soon...quick and painless..." Little by little, she pushes the switch up. She can feel it, it's about to click.

"Don't!" Fry's voice echoes.

"Fry? Is that you?" She brings the switch back down and looks around in all directions. "You're alive?"

"Leela, what's going on?" asks Nibbler through the com-link.

"He's alive! Fry's alive!" she turns to the black hole. "And I know where he is!"

She activates the jet pack and flies, full speed, toward it.

"Leela! No!" screams Nibbler, but it is of no use. Leela disappears into the black hole.


"Leela?" calls Nibbler. "Leela?"

No response...


To be continued

Told ya' it would be exciting didn't I? Now I know some of your are thinking, "What's gonna happen now?" Well, to find out you'll just have to wait patiently for part 7. Now that I've got you hooked, you'll keep coming back for more. I know it...you can't resist...Part 7 coming soon...