Fan Fiction

The Other, Part 7
By Rye Guy

Leela opens her eye... To her surprise, she finds herself lying under a clear blue sky. She sits up; under her is a field of fresh green grass. Standing, she surveys the landscape seeing that it stretches infinitely in all directions. She looks down and sees that now she's wearing a red dress with small brown ankle-high boots, her hair hangs down over her shoulders; she brushes some behind her ear as the gentle breeze sways it. In the distance, a single tree can be seen. Curious, she walks towards it. Getting closer, she sees someone standing under it. Finally in its shade, she sees Fry turning to face her with a warm smile, the scar across his face is gone. His clothes have changed as well to a loose fitting white covet shirt with black pants and shoes. On the other side of the tree, the Professor, Amy, Hermes, Zoidberg and Kif are all lying on their backs staring up to the sky, completely unaware of their presence.

"Do you like it?" he asks.

"Fry, where are we?"

"A place where we can live in peace. We can have anything we want. Any wish can be granted here."

"But what about Bereave?"

"Him? I'm not sure exactly. He disappeared right after he made that black hole."

"He made it?"

"Yeah, but look at what happened as a result: we're in paradise!"

"This is all so confusing. Just what the hell is going on?"

"I think I figured it out. When I was being pulled into the black hole, I was sure I would die. And all I could think about was how I wanted I'd make it out alive just so I could see you one more time. I kept thinking of being with you, and then of a safe haven for us. Next thing I knew, I woke up here."

"Fry, we have to get outta here and go back home!"

"Home? You mean Earth?"

"It's where we belong."

"Oh yeah, we belong there," he responds sarcastically. "Did you forget all you've had to go through? The insults and loneliness...if we go back there, we'll be forced to endure it all over again. And I won't let you continue to be hurt like that! I'd sooner die than let anything happen to you..."

"Fry..." she looks down and wrenches her hands, "it may not be perfect, but it is our home."

"But this place is perfect. Is there anything you want to wish for? Anything at all? Just name it and it's yours."

She looks over to the others, who are still lying on the grass.

"Ah, yes," says Fry. The others fade away leaving outlines in the grass. He places his hand on her shoulder. "There's something I have to tell you..."

Back at the ship...

"So, are we boned or what?" asks Bender.

"I don't know," replies Nibbler. "I can't sense either of them."

They hear a shuffling sound on the other side of the bridge and turn to see Amy sitting up.

"Hey guys. What's up?" she asks innocently.

"That's what I'd like to know," replies Zapp in shock.

Kif gets up, followed by Hermes, then Zoidberg, and the Professor. They all stand; their wounds are completely healed.

Zapp grabs Kif by the shoulders "Kif, what happened to you?"

"It was incredible, sir! I met God!"

"Did he mention me?" asks Bender.

Leela gasps holding her hand over her mouth in utter astonishment. "They lied to us? All of this is their fault and we're being forced to carry the burden?" She turns and punches the tree with such anger and force that she leaves an imprint of her knuckles in the bark. Fry gently strokes her arm; she turns and embraces him, resting her head on his chest.

"Leela, I know you heard me in the locker room that day."

"You do?"

"Do you remember what I said about getting you an endless field of flowers?"


"Well..." he waves his hand and rapidly, all the grass transforms into flowers; every kind of flower imaginable, beginning from right under them and quickly taking over the entire ground. Rose petals rain from the sky. Fry bends down, picks a rose form the ground and places it in her hair. "Merry X-Mas Leela."

"Fry, this is so sweet...but I don't want flowers."

"You don't...well what do you want?"

"I want to stay with you back where we belong; back home, forever." She pulls him close and kisses him passionately. "That's all I really want."

Fry shakes his head as if awakening from a trance. "Whoa!" He takes her hand. "Come on, let's go home." Holding her hand, he turns to lead her to find a way out when she stops him.



"...Thanks for out there."

"Hey, what are friends for?"

As they begin to walk away, the sky turns dark and the roar of thunder booms. They look up and see something falling form the clouds, its Fry's sword. It lands in front of them, its blade sticking in the ground. All of the flowers wilt and die and the land turns into a cold, barren wasteland. A strong wind blows.

"Fry, what's-" she stops and screams as she sees Fry's face start to bleed; the cut reappears across his face. His blood drips down onto the dusty ground. Leela feels something warm run down her arm, she looks down and the long cut left by Bereave reappears as well. Bereave's laughter echoes around them. They turn and see him standing by the now rotten and decrepit tree with his sword over his shoulder.

"I can't believe it. I find a way out my imprisonment by creating a door to another realm. So I get there and wouldn't you know it, I need the key." His eyes slide over and glare at Leela. "Guess I'll be needing you after all."

Fry grabs his sword and steps in front of her. "You want her? You'll have to pry her from my cold dead arms!"

Bereave smirks. "That, Mr. Fry, can be arranged."

Fry leaps in the air, his sword held high over his head. He slashes it down but Bereave blocks and pushes him off. Fry carries on a barrage of assaults that push Bereave back until his back's against the tree. Fry swings his sword sideways, Bereave ducks and the sword slices the tree. Bereave kicks him several feet into the air as the tree splits in two. The top half of the tree and Fry hit the ground simultaneously. Fry begins to sit up when he sees Bereave running towards him. Fry holds his arm over his eyes but nothing happens. He looks up and sees Bereave running in a circle around him, dragging his sword on the ground, causing a dense cloud of dust to form. Fry stands with sword drawn and looks around for him. Bereave laughs. Each laugh sounds nearby but in a different direction. Fry keeps swinging his weapon, hoping to hit him; but each time there is nothing but air. Finally the dust settles and Fry's alone. He looks, Bereave is gone but so is


"Fry!" her voice calls from above.

He looks up and sees Bereave hovering high beyond his reach with Leela under his left arm. She continues to call his name and squirms in an attempt to get away. Bereave, fed up, strikes the back of her head with the handle of his sword, knocking her out.

"There, that shut her up."

"Let her go!"

"As you wish."

He tosses her far in front of him. As she falls, Fry runs under her with arms out to catch her. Looking up to her, her eye begins to open. He smiles knowing that now she'll be alright.

A bright flash from the corner of his eye...

Leela's body quickly sturck with great force...

A cloud of dust as she hits the ground...

Tears as he runs to her...

All of this, that happened in a split second, seemed like it was moving in slow motion in Fry's eyes. He drops to his knees by her side. Bereave's sword is impaled through her torso.

Fry, crying in disbelief of what he has just seen...

All his hopes and dreams shattered right before him...

The woman he loved and their child were dying...

Dying at the hands of this...monster...

He carefully removes the sword from her torso, sticks it in the ground and cradles her limp body in his arms.

"...No..." he cries into her shoulder, holding her tightly.

She lifts her hand to his cheek; he holds it there with his. "Fry..." she mutters weakly.

"Shhh, don't speak, you'll waste your strength."

"...When we get back home...we should start planning our wedding...and getting ready for the baby..." she manages a grin.

"Yeah, we'll do that. I promise."

Her face is overcome by fear and sadness. "I'm not ready to go yet... there's still so much I want to tell you...so much I want to experience with you..."

"Please, Leela, don't talk like this." He tries to be strong for her by holding back his tears.

"...I guess this is what I get for being so stubborn all these years..." she coughs up some blood, and a few drops get on his shirt. He takes his sleeve and wipes the blood from her lips. She smiles; her hand still in his, he returns the smile.

Her hand drops...

Fry begins to cry, but his jaw drops as he remembers. "Of course..." He closes his eyes. "I wish Turanga Leela was alive."

He opens his eyes in anticipation...


He weeps "Why? Why isn't it working?"

Bereave laughs uncontrollably. "Haven't you figured it out yet? This is my world!"

Fry slowly stands, holding her body in his arms. With tears in his eyes, he glances up to Bereave with a bold stare. Bereave glares back down at him. He holds his hand out, his sword lifts out of the ground and into his palm. He holds it up for Fry to see her blood dripping from the blade. Bereave holds the sword with both hands and licks some of her blood off and cackles once again. "Yes. This should do nicely."

Fry grits his teeth and strides to the tree trunk.

He gently rests her on her back and folds her hands over her wound. He sits there on bended knees and just gazes lovingly at her. He tilts his head back and stares blankly into space. Something catches his attention. A single red rose petal wafting down from the gray sky. He opens his hand and catches it; quickly clinching his fist shut around it and stands.

As he looks back down, he sees something happening around Leela's body. A few blades of grass emerge up from amongst the dust in a large patch around her. He watches as the tree is restored to its healthy brown color and re-grows its top half and a new top of luscious green leaves. He turns and slowly walks toward his sword. Each footprint he leaves in the dust becomes a small patch of grass, each with a single rose in the center.

"What is this?" Bereave asks himself.

With the rose petal still in his hand, Fry holds up his weapon and points it at Bereave, who is still hovering overhead.

"Bereave! You have taken the one most precious to me! And I swear that I will not rest until I see you die!"

"Ah, I'm sensing it again: your rage, your inner strength. I look forward to this bout; but unfortunately, I must be off."

"What? Where are you going?"

"I must find the door."

"Then why did you kill her?" he asks angrily, still crying. "I thought you said you needed her to open it!"

"I already have what I need form her." He holds the sword high. "This fresh living blood of hers is the key. Now, I will be free to smite the cosmos as I did in days long past!" He lowers the sword to his side. "But, there is still one last thing..." He descends down and stands directly to Fry's right, facing one way; Fry faces the other direction. "You knew it would come to this. It was foreseen. But that 'Nibbler' never told you that did he? That's right, he didn't. And do you know why, Mr. Fry? Because he knew that if he told you that you were both going to die at my hands, you would refuse to help them." He laughs. "They're selfish little bastards aren't they? I mean, do you know what they said? 'What are two lives compared to the fate of the universe?' Does that sound familiar, Mr. Fry? Yes, I'm sure it does. They told you something similar once before and then erased your memories of the whole event. And now look what has happened; the woman you love is dead, your child is dead, and now...we will die."

Fry stands there, his rage building inside. Bereave steps behind him and places his hand on his shoulder.

"And now we fulfill our destinies."

Fry swiftly turns and thrusts his sword through Bereave's gut. Bereave reaches down with one hand and twists the sword form side to side, causing further injury to himself. Fry steps back, gawking at this site. Bereave takes hold of the sword and rips it our through his side, he then holds it up and stabs it down through Fry's chest. With the other sword, he slits Fry's throat.

Fry falls to the ground. Bereave chuckles weakly before falling himself...

Fry panics as everything goes dark, his breathing is rapid but soon begins to slow until...


"Hey Phil, get up!" calls Yancey from the doorway...


To be continued

Oh dear Lord...who'd have ever thought that something like this could happen? Well apparently I did. Seeing as how I wrote it and all. Now I'm sure most of you are wondering why I've taken such an approach to violence with this story. Really, it's more of a psychological thing. You see, the characters of Futurama each have their set "comfort zones" (their usual personality traits, thoughts, and other attributes that make them who they are; it's what we're used to seeing them as and what they're used to naturally being). I thought it would be interesting to see them taken out of their "comfort zones" and being forced to take on roles they've rarely, if ever, had to take before. More so with Fry and Leela; I've been intrigued with their relationship since the pilot episode (as I'm sure most of you have too). So there you go, a little more exposition. By the way, if you haven't already, check my fan art page for two pics in particular that visualize events in this part. Anyway, enough from me...Part 8 coming soon...