Fan Fiction

The Other, Part 8
By Rye Guy

"Hey, Phil, wake up!" calls Yancy from the door.

Fry rolls onto his side, pulling his pillow over his head. "Just five more minutes."

"You have two choices: either get outta bed now or I give you a super atomic power noogie. You pick."

"I ain't scared of you."

Yancy grins mischievously. "Alright then, the decision has been made." He yanks the pillow from Fry's hands and gets him in a headlock. The two wrestle all around the room, knocking over some shelves and Fry's alarm clock. It hits the ground and starts buzzing loudly. The bedroom door flies open and their dad steps in.

"What in Davy Crockett's sweat-stained undies is all the racket up here?!"

Yancy and Fry quickly let go of each other and take a step back. "Nothing," they respond innocently unison.

"Well hurry up and get dressed," he closes the door. "Sure hope that Y2k didn't get to 'em," he says to himself, shaking his head as he walks downstairs.

"Phil, put on some pants. It's '2 for 1' day at McDiner's. Let's go!" Yancy walks out the door and shuts it behind him.

Fry looks at the calendar hanging on the back of his door. The open page is December 31, 1999. "Happy New Year." he announces unexcitedly to himself as he flips the page up to January 1, 2000.

A little while later...

Fry walks outside carrying a composition notebook under his right arm; his hands in his pockets. He begins walking down the street until he reaches the bus stop. He plops himself down on the bench and leans his head back. The sky is brilliant blue, not a cloud in the sky. Drowsiness taking over, he shuts his eyes.

"Oh, hey hey! What's this?" asks Yancy.

Fry sits up to see his brother sitting next to him with his notebook. "Hey! Give that back!"

"What's in here anyway?" He opens the cover to the first page and sees a crude stick figure drawing. "What the-? No offense little bro but you could do with some art classes." He flips through the next few pages and sees that Fry's artwork gets better with every page. On each page is an image of a beautiful woman with long, flowing hair and one eye. He flips to the back of the notebook and sees an incredibly realistic drawing of the same woman in a red dress. "Who's she supposed to be?"

Fry snatches the notebook. "I dunno. She's just...I don't know why, but she's been in my head since last night. She's all I can think about."

Yancy cringes. "Well, she looks good I guess, but you only drew one eye."

"That's because she only has one eye," he snaps back.

"A Cyclops?" he scoffs. "Please, Phil; everyone knows they don't exist."

"Well...yeah, I guess...I'm so confused. I'm been out of sync since last night."

"Well what's wrong?"

"I don't know how to explain it...it feels like I missed out on something... something important. Next thing I know, this Cyclops lady's in my mind and I couldn't stop drawing her."

"So that's why you were up so late last night."

"You saw me?"

"Yeah, I saw the light from under your door."

A bus pulls up and stops. Yancy and Fry climb on. The bus is empty inside; Fry sits and rests his head on the window. Yancy sits in the row in front if him with an agitated look. Fry watches the scenery passing him by and quickly falls asleep.

In the Applied Cryogenics lab; January 1, 3000...

Leela checks her clipboard for today's Fate Assignment schedule.

"Welcome to the world of tomorrow!" announces Terry in a dramatic voice form down the hall.

Leela rolls her eye in annoyance. "Does he have to say that every time?" she asks herself. The door slides open and in walks Terry.

"Well Leela, who's destiny are we tampering with today?"

She reads her clipboard. "Let's see...we got someone the Stupid Ages who should be unthawing right about now."

A loud beep is heard from the next room. The two walk in to see a man with red spiky hair facing out the window. Leela smiles and reaches for the man's shoulder. Panic stricken, he turns to her. Her smile fades as she sees the man's face. He has a goatee and his hair is long and has been dyed orange since she can see the black roots; he has a rounded nose with long sideburns. She steps back and, in a forlorn mood, looks down to the floor.

Terry flings his coat back. "Welcome to the world of tomorrow!"

"Who are you people?" the man asks.

"We are the ones who shall decide your fate. Now follow the Cyclops; your destiny awaits!"

Leela, despondently leads the man to the Probeulator room. Once finished with that, she stamps the career chip into his hand and he is lead out by another technician. She treads back into the cryo-tube room and stares out the window. The sky is a brilliant blue without a cloud in sight. She looks to her right, there's an empty cryo-tube directly next to her. There is some condensation in the glass. She takes her finger and draws a circle, then taps a dot in the center. She smiles and continues drawing; a nose with a tiny bump on the top, hair with two curly spikes in the front, and a kind smile. She steps back and admires the image; Terry walks in behind her.

"New boyfriend?" he asks.

"What? Oh this? No."

"Well then who is it?"

"To be honest, I have no clue. But I can't his face out of my head."

Terry scowls. "That's it!" Furiously he punches the glass. It shatters and the shards fall at her feet.

She jumps back. "Terry! What the hell are you doing?"

The blood from his hand drips on the floor, his breathing is heavy and angry; his eyes are completely white. "Why don't you crawl back into the sewers from which you came!"

"What?" She attempts to calm him, "Terry, you're being irrational. Now let's get the doctors in here to see how they can help."

Terry grabs a chair and throws it through the window. Before she can react he grabs her by the throat, drags her to the shattered window and pushes her through. Feeling the urge to scream as she falls, she doesn't. She merely watches as the nearing street below is overtaken by the shadows of the surrounding buildings. The shadows grow larger and darker, soon everything around her has vanished into darkness. A cold chill takes hold of her as she succumbs to the darkness.

Fry and his brother are sitting at a booth in McDiner's...

Fry's flipping through his notebook admiring the beautiful woman who adorns the pages. Yancy takes the cover and slams the notebook shut. "Enough!"

"Hey! What's wrong with you?"

"What's wrong, Mr. Fry, is that the two of you are still somehow connected!"

"What did you just call me?"

Yancy holds up the notebook, takes a lighter form his pocket and lights it on fire. He laughs and drops it on the table before Fry. He tries to put out the flames, but nothing works.

"Why did you do that!?" he yells. Fry stands to punch him, but Yancy slams him against the wall. Fry looks back up to see his brother's eyes have turned white. "Yancy?"

Yancy holds Fry against the wall by the throat; his arm turns completely black. Black tentacle-like appendages writhe from his arm and consume Fry's body, sending a strong cold wave through him. He struggles but can't budge. His entire body is enveloped in this darkness as everything goes black.

Back at the Planet Express ship...

Zapp and Bender are explaining everything that they know has happened thus far to the others. Nibbler sits on the floor trying to concentrate. Frustrated, he jumps up. "Quiet! I need absolute silence!"

"So, any luck?" asks Zapp.

"None. I still cannot detect either of them."

"Then why are you still trying?"

"I'm not trying to find them right now; I'm trying to contact my elders."

"You think they can help?"

"I won't know unless I'm able to contact them! Go in the other room and talk, I have to concentrate!"

The others quietly exit the bridge. Zapp immediately continues the story once outside: "So anyway, Leela came out of nowhere, and then the ship fixed itself. The engines went dead so she grabbed the space suit and got sucked into that black hole."

"Are they alright?" asks Amy worriedly.

"We don't know," responds Bender. "Nibbler in there hasn't been able to sense them since that black hole appeared."

"So, for all we know, they could both be..." Amy trails off. "There has to be something we can do."

"We can't. That little fur-ball in there said that they have to do this alone," replies Zapp.

"But why?" asks the Professor.

"We don't know; he refuses to tell us; something about altering the course of the future."

The door opens and Nibbler steps in. "Good news, the elders are on there way. With our combined telepathy, we may be able to locate Fry and Leela."

Leela awakens...

She stands and sees several white feathers scattered around her bare feet. She turns her head to see two large angel wings on her back. She looks back down a sees she's wearing a white robe. "How did I get here?"

She looks around and examines her surroundings. She's standing on a large boulder with a flat top, floating out in an empty void. Black and gray clouds encircle the area. There are several more giant boulders floating all around, above, and below her. "Fry?" she calls.

"Right here," he answers.

She turns and sees Fry emerging form the smoke, flying towards her using his angel wings. He too is wearing a white robe. He lands next to her.

"Oh Fry!" she runs and holds him in her arms. The gash on his face has healed, but the scar remains; as does the scar on her arm. "Are we...dead?" she asks.

"Maybe...look at the wings."

"Guess you're right. Wonder where we are."

"It's too dark to be Heaven. But it can't be Hell 'cause there's no fire. Maybe this is like somewhere between the two."

"You mean like Purgatory?"


"But why would we be here?" she sees him smiling to her. "What are you smiling about?"

"I don't care where we are; just as long as we're together it'll feel like Heaven to me."

She blushes, smiles, and then kisses him. After the kiss, she touches her lips with the ends of her fingers, a look of surprise. "That felt too real, we can't be dead."

"There's got to be a way out. Come on."

They flap their wings and fly up. There a a much longer boulder above them.

"Hey, what's that?"

They land and see a large white door at the end of the stone walkway. Fry flies around it, but there's nothing behind it. Leela flies up to the top of it; she flies over it and looks down, nothing. She turns and shouts; Bereave is knelt down on the top of the door; blood drenched sword in hand, a black robe, and the scar left by Fry on his face.


A large pair of wings unfold from his back, his wings are dark and more demonic in appearance with sharp pointed edges; similar in appearance to bat wings. He jumps backwards and lands in front of Fry.

"You..." Fry remarks crossly.

"It's nice to see you two again, too."

Leela flies down, landing behind Fry. "Where are we?" she barks.

"There is a thin line between the world of the living and the realm of the dead...welcome to that line."

"Are we dead?"

"Not dead, just existing in a different plain. However, your presence here is not necessary."

"Then why are we here?" asks Leela.

"Because even though I changed the timeline in your minds to make it so you never met, you were still connected with one another. It proved to be trying on my patience, so finally, with no other option; I brought you here to be my audience for this glorious event." He slowly turns and faces the door.

"I take it that's the door you were talking about," remarks Fry.

"Bravo, you're not as dumb as you look, Mr. Fry." He holds up his sword, which is stained by Leela's dried blood. "And this is the key that will unlock it."

Holding the sword upside down in his hand, he throws it with all his strength and it pierces into the center of the door. A light shines from the blade's tip and a thin line of light stretches to the top and bottom of the door. A deep rumbling is felt as the door slowly opens.

"Yes! Open the door to darkness!"

On the Planet Express ship's bridge... The Nibblonian elders have arrived. They, and Nibbler, are sitting in a circle in deep meditation. The crew is standing in a circle around them. As the Nibblonians combine their telepathy, a clear orb of energy appears in the center of their circle. This orb rises to the ceiling and hovers there. The crew watch in amazement as the orb fades to a blue tint. The Nibblonians all lift their third eyes to the orb and a small beam of light shoots forth from each. These beams join and form into one large beam which hits the center of the orb. The orb flattens and its edges turn white. As it starts to spin, it creates a strong wind throughout the bridge.

"They're creating a worm-hole through the fabric of space and time," shouts the Professor over the sound of the wind. "Everyone, hold on to something!"

They all begin to latch themselves to hand-bars on the walls.

"Is this safe?" asks Zapp.

"Well, either it'll act as a door for Fry and Leela to return through, or it'll completely vaporize the ship killing us all!"

"So I'll take that as a 'No'!"

The entire ship trembles as the force of the spinning increases.

Bereave's laughter continues as the door begins to open. He stretches his arms out as the white light floods the area. While Bereave slowly steps toward the door, Leela runs from behind him, jumps, and kicks him into the door. He vanishes in the light, screaming.

"Fry, hurry!"

The two of them fly over and begin pushing the door closed. They push with all their strength and with a loud creek, the door slowly closes and the light diminishes.

"Just a bit more..."

Suddenly, something inside hits the door. It forcefully swings open, pushing Fry and Leela off the walkway. They fly back up and see the door is wide open, but the light has gone. In the door there is only darkness.

They hold hands as they step back from the door; turning to each other they lock eyes and smile.

"So what now?" asks Leela.

"Dunno. Guess we just wait here for something to happen."

"And what if nothing happens?"

"We could always see what's in that door that makes it so special."

"I'd rather not go in there. I keep getting this weird vibe when I look at it."

"Leela! Fry!" a familiar voice calls to them. A bright flash of light rips through the dark clouds and widens forming a large disc of light. The light fades and Nibbler is seen looking up through the wormhole from the ship. "Hurry! We can't keep it open for long!"

The couple flies to the wormhole, they see they'll have to go in feet first because the hole exits in the roof of he ship. The hole is small so they'll have to go in one at a time. "Ladies first," remarks Fry.

Leela climbs in and drops down feet first. As she goes through the wormhole, her clothes change from the white robe to her spacesuit. Safely in the ship, she quickly removes the helmet and gloves. The Nibblonian elders are still seated, struggling to keep the wormhole open. She looks up. "Your turn."

"Coming." He reaches his hands in, grabbing the sides; and begins pulling himself in. she holds up her hands, he reaches his down to her. Their hands are but inches apart when Fry is unexpectedly pulled away. "Leela!" he yells.

A giant creature composed of black smoke has emerged from the door and grabbed hold of Fry's ankles. It drags him away from the wormhole and holds him upside down close to its large red eyes.

Nibbler tugs at her leg. "Leela, do something quick! The gate's closing!"

"But what can I do?" she drops her hands to her sides and feels something. She looks down and sees Zapp's pistol still clipped onto her belt. Almost as if a reflex action, she grabs the gun and holds it up with both hands, aiming it to the wormhole. She fires once, the laser flies through the gate and strikes the creature's hand causing it to drop Fry. She fires several more times, each hitting the creature. It lets out a painful cry and retreats back into the door. Fry gets up and looks to Leela. "Hurry!" she yells.

He leaps and flaps his wings. She stretches one hand through the gate and he reaches for it. The gate is gradually getting smaller by the second.

As they are about to grab hold of one another, a terrifying screech emanates from the door and the creature reemerges. It grabs Fry by the wings and pulls him away.

"Leela! I'll meet you there!" he calls to her.


She pulls her hand back just as the gate closes.

A small explosion from where the portal was rocks the ship and blows everybody against the walls. Leela slides down the wall to the floor and just stares at the ceiling with a vacant look. "Fry..." she mutters softly as a single tear runs down her cheek. She holds up the pistol, which she still has a firm grasp on; staring at it for a few second she throws it against the wall and cries. Angrily, she slams her fists on the floor again and again, crying out his name. As her cries echo through the bridge, all is desolate.

The Professor removes his glasses to wipe the tears from his eyes. Hermes recites an old Jamaican prayer to himself. Amy sobs and Kif tries to comfort her. Bender all out bawls and Zoidberg wipes the tears from his eyes with one of the waddles over his mouth. Zapp rests his head back against the wall and rubs his eyes. Nibbler and the other Nibblonians stand, each has a saddened expression. Nibbler appears to be sadder than his fellow brethren; seeing as how he actually got to know the Mighty One on a personal level, a friendship. Whereas the others only watched from afar and hardly knew him.

Leela caresses the engagement ring with her finger and holds it close to her heart. Nibbler steps up to her "Leela, I'm...so sorry. I had no idea this would happen."

"Liar!" she shouts back. "Fry told me everything! You created him and you all knew beforehand that this would happen! You lied to us! And now I've lost him forever!"

"Leela, we didn't-"

She cuts him off, "'What are two lives compared to the fate of the universe'... does that sound familiar? Well? Does it?" Nibbler and the other elders all lower their heads. "I should have left you on Vergon 6 when I had the chance..."

"Please, you don't understand," Nibbler pleads.

"I understand what it's like to be used...I think it's time for you to go."

"You have every right to be angry Leela...especially with me...but if you'll allow me to explain-"

"I said GO!!"

Nibbler sighs hurtfully. "Very well, but your engine is dead. At least allow us to tow you back to Earth. After that, we'll take our leave."

"Fine...but after that I never want to see your face again; any of you! You got that?" she asks angrily. The elders all nod their heads and walk out of the bridge.

Nibbler is the last to leave. As he steps to the door, he stops and turns to her. "Oh, and Leela...he froze himself for you."

He continues walking, then he and the other elders take the connecting tunnel to their ship and pull it in front of the Planet Express ship. A thick black tow cable ejects from the back of their's and connects the two.

Later, back on Earth... The Nibblonian ship has safely lowered the P.E. ship down in the docking bay of the P.E. building. The crew exits the ship, Leela stops and looks up to the Nibblonian ship. She sees Nibbler looking out the window to her. She gives him a hateful glare and turns away. Nibbler dismays and the ship vanishes into the night sky.

She walks up the steps to see everyone seated at the conference table. They all look at her as she steps up. A mournful silence fills the room. "What's everybody staring at?" she asks.

"Well, Leela, it's just that none of us has any clue as to what's going on. And we were wondering if you could fill us in," Zapp responds.

"I have so much on my mind right now. I'd rather just go home and rest. I can tell you all about it in the morning."

"Yes, this night's been hard on us all. I think it would be best if we all just rested up now and sort things out tomorrow," states the Professor.

"But tomorrow's X-Mas, it won't be the same without Fry," says Bender.

Leela speaks up, "Well what can we do? We don't know where he is, how to get him back, or even if he's still alive. All I do know is that he wouldn't want us to be sad; he'd want us to carry on. Sure tomorrow's X-Mas, but he'd want us all to be happy." She sighs. "I'm going home and get some sleep. See you tomorrow," she continues emotionlessly. Grabbing her coat from the rack, she walks out the door.

Zapp turns to the Professor. "Is it alright if Kif and I stay the night?"

"Of course, there are some cots in the storage room."

"Thank you, sir."

Zapp and Kif head to the storage room while most everyone else disperses, going they're own separate ways.

Bender, unable to think of anything else to do, opens his chest compartment. "Well, I think I'll take a stop by that homeless robot charity thing and get some free booze." He pulls a ratty old wool cap with some torn up gloves and a dirty scarf out of his chest compartment as he walks out the door. While putting on his gloves, he backs out of the door and bumps into someone when he turns. "Hey, watch it skintube!"

The man he bumped into is a young man with dark short hair which is combed back. He's tall with a slight muscular build wearing a brown leather jacket with a black t-shirt and blue jeans with boots. He scoffs. "Nice to see you're still the same," he says to himself as he walks in the door. He walks slowly through the interior of the P.E. building; as he does he looks around and observes everything inside. Taking the elevator, he reaches the conference room where the Professor is sitting alone at the table and staring up at the ceiling, lost in thought. The young man gently knocks on wall. "Professor Farnsworth?"

He sits up. "Wha?" he sees the young man. "Sorry, we're closed. Come back after the holidays."

"Please, if I could just have a moment of your time..."


To be continued

So what's going to happen to Leela now that Fry's gone? And what of this young man's reappearance into the story? And what will it be like to face an X-Mas without Fry? Keep it here for the next installments of "The Other". Part 9 coming soon...