Fan Fiction

The Surprise
By Frosty

[Fry couldn’t believe how stupid he was as he sat on the couch in his house in New Bern, North Carolina, he ran a hand through his hair, that now had some grey streaks in it. Almost 30 years had gone by since he and Leela got married. He still worked at “The Tackle Box”, bought a new house, and raised three kids; two boys and a girl. After being married for a month, Leela became pregnant, and the two of them found this house, knowing that they were going to have more than one child. It was two floors, four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a large kitchen. The house was white with blue shutters, and out in the back yard was a garden Fry had planted with rose bushes for Leela when she came home from the hospital with their son Eddie. He was 29 years old, graduated from UNC Pembroke on a basketball scholarship with a degree in teaching. He was married and had two kids named Alex and Julie with his wife Rachel. Alex was 5 and Julie was 3, and they loved their grandparents. When Eddie was 4, Leela was pregnant again with a daughter this time, and they named her Allie. Even though Fry and Leela were ecstatic about having another child, later that year Munda passed away from a heart attack in her sleep. Leela was devastated, but Fry took time off of work to comfort her and also did all the chores around the house for about a week. Allie, who was now 25 was a student at UNC at Chapel Hill and was studying how to be a vet. Just like her mother, she loved animals. Allie was un-married, but had a boyfriend of 2 years named Ben, who had become good friends with Fry. Then Fry and Leela’s third child, Ryan, had just turned 21 and was also at UNC, studying law. As for Morris, he was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago, and Leela had him moved into a nursing home. They visited him every weekend, and occasionally had him over for dinner. He had been getting gradually worse, and wasn’t expected to be around much longer. But as Fry sat there that night, he looked up at a picture of he and Leela on their wedding day. It was taken behind their house and he couldn’t believe how happy he was that day. The past year had been so hard for both of them. You see, last year, Fry forgot their anniversary. He was swamped with work since that week Garret was sick. After Carl retired, Fry and Garret took over the shop and each worked every other week. But after two weeks of working, their anniversary slipped his mind. When he came home, Leela had made his favorite dinner, and later he was sitting on the couch and heard her go upstairs, obviously upset about something. Awhile later, he went up stairs and when he laid down on the bed, she was crying softly. What’s wrong? He asked. Happy anniversary was her answer. Needless to say, Leela was furious at him for a month, but now she just didn’t talk to him much. It was like she didn’t love him anymore. He felt terrible, if only he could make it up to her. Their 30th anniversary was next week, and Fry planned on doing something huge for her. Something that would show just how sorry he was. Hearing the phone ring, he picked it up and heard Allie’s voice on the other end.]

Allie: Hi Dad, is it okay if Ben and I come over right now? Just for a few minutes.

Fry: Sure, I’ll go tell your mother.

[Hanging up the phone, he walked into the kitchen were Leela was washing dishes.]

Fry: Hey, that was Allie, she and Ben are coming over for a few minutes.

Leela: Fine.

[Fry waited to see if she was going to add anything else, but she didn’t. Walking back into the living room, he sat back down on the couch. A few minutes later, the doorbell rang and Leela opened the door. Standing outside was a tall young woman with red hair and two eyes. The man standing next to her was a little taller than her, had brown hair and wore glasses.]

Allie: Hi Mom.

Leela: Hi sweetie, hi Ben.

Ben: Hi Leela.

[Fry stood up and hugged his daughter.]

Fry: Hi there.

[The four of them sat down, Fry in the chair, Leela, Ben, and Allie on the couch.]

Leela; So what’s going on?

[Allie took Ben’s hand and took a deep breath.]

Allie: Well, we’ve got some big news. We’re getting married!

Leela: Oh my God! That’s wonderful!

[She gave both of them a tight hug, and Fry did the same.]

Leela: Congratulations you two. So when’s the big day?

Allie: Well, we were thinking, because of how Grandpa is, we thought we should have it as soon as possible.

Leela: So what, in a month?

Allie: Well, not exactly. We were thinking next Saturday. I know it’s your anniversary, and we wanted to ask you first if it’s okay.

[Leela looked at Fry who’s eyes were wide.]

Leela: Do you think we could get it done?

Fry: I think so. I’ll take time off work, and we can do it.

Allie: So it’s okay?

Leela: Of course.

Allie: Oh thanks Mom and Dad!


[Later that night, Fry and Leela were laying in bed in their pajamas. Fry was reading a book while Leela went through a magazine.]

Leela: Can you believe our little girl’s getting married?

Fry: I know,

[Fry rubbed his eyes and Leela turned off the bedside lamp.]

Leela: Good night.

Fry: Good night.

[Fry stayed up most of the night just watching Leela sleep. They had been married almost 30 years; he couldn’t believe it. He remembered so clearly the day she came back to New Bern after they broke up. That night Fry held her in his arms all night, never wanting to let her go. He wished he could relive that moment again, just to hold her in his arms. Instead of sleeping on opposite sides of the bed.]

[The next morning, Fry, Leela, Allie, and Ben were sitting at the kitchen table going over plans for the wedding.]

Allie: Well, obviously, we want to get married at the same church you guys got married, Mom, I want you to come and pick out dresses with me. Dad, you and Ben have to find a place for the reception. I called Ryan and Eddie, and they’re getting catering and music-

Leela: Are you sure we’ll be able to handle all of this by next Saturday?

Fry: I’m sure we can honey. Remember our wedding? I mean, we got married as soon as you came back here.

Ben: Plus, we’ve got our friends and my parents to help.

Leela: Okay, what else is there?

[After an hour of going over more details, Fry and Ben got in the car and drove off. During their conversation, Allie noticed some tension between her parents.]

Allie: Hey Mom, is everything okay between you and Dad?

Leela: Well, I’m still upset with him for what he did last year.

Allie: I know, but he is really sorry.

Leela: I know he is. But it just really hurt me. I mean, if you knew our story, you would realize how important our anniversary is.

Allie: Well, tell me.

Leela: Tell you what?

Allie: Tell me how you and Dad got together.

[Leela poured two glasses of water and sat down.]

Leela: It all started on December 31st 2999...

[At the same time, Fry and Ben were at the church so they could talk the Minister. They walked in and Fry took off his Tar Heels hat, that matched his UNC shirt.]

Fry: Hi Reverend Sullivan.

Sullivan: Phillip Fry, how are you?

Fry: Oh I’m great.

Sullivan: And Ben. Benjamin Miller. How are you?

Ben: Good,

Fry: Well, as you probably know, we’re having a wedding.

Sullivan: Yes, I talked to Ben earlier today. Come into my office and we’ll discuss it.

[Back at the house, Leela had just gotten to the part where Fry ran away from Planet Express.]

Leela: He was gone for 5 years before I finally found him.

Allie: Then what happened?

[She explained the week she spent with him, and how they saw each other every weekend. Then how he proposed, and then how they broke up.]

Leela: But I realized, that your father was the best thing that had ever happened to me, and I would be a fool to give that up.

Allie: Wow, you really love him.

Leela: I love him more than anything. I just wish he could be a little more responsible at times. Don’t get me wrong, he’s changed a lot, but sometimes- I don’t know.

Allie: He’s just a big kid inside.

Leela; Yeah, he is. But that’s what make him, him. It’s just that…

Allie: What?

Leela: Ever since Ryan moved out, he’s been so irresponsible. I just cant take it anymore.

Allie; What are you saying?


[Some time later, Fry had gone to River Side nursing home to visit Morris. As he did everyday, Morris was sitting out by the river watching the water move slowly and saw a swan swim by. Morris had been talking to the swan these last few years, just to have some company. He had been lonely since Munda died, and felt like the swan was her. Fry had a bag of bread in his hand to feed the swan, and he sat down on the bench with Morris.]

Fry: Hi Dad.

Morris: Phil, how are you?

Fry: Good, how about you?

Morris: Could be better. Could be worse, right?

[Fry chuckled and handed him the bag.]

Morris: Thanks for coming.

Fry: No problem.

Morris: You want to talk about the wedding don’t you?

Fry: Well, yeah, but there’s something else I want to talk to you about.

Morris: What is it?

[He paused and thought carefully about how he would ask Morris this question.]

Fry: Did you ever get the feeling that,

[He stopped and stared out at the water. The swan came by, and Fry threw a small piece of bread to it.]

Fry: That the person you love more than anything, doesn’t feel the same way anymore?

Morris: What do you mean?

Fry: Well, you know I forgot our anniversary last year. And even though I apologized and Leela said she forgave me, I cant shake the feeling that she’s falling out of love with me.

Morris: Has she said anything about this?

Fry: No, but that’s why I think it.

Morris: Listen, if you think that Leela’s no longer in love with you, then court her again.

Fry: What do you mean?

Morris: Romance her. Tell her you love her, just sit on the couch and hold her hand. Take her out for dinner and dancing. Are you doing something for your anniversary?

Fry: Yeah. Since I screwed up last year, I’ve got a big surprise planned this year. She’s going to love it.

Morris: Good, and just trust me. If she didn’t love you, she wouldn’t be here.

Fry: Good point. Thanks a lot Dad.

[After talking for a bit longer, Fry stood up and walked Morris back to his room. Then saying goodbye, he felt Morris place something in his hand. It was a watch that Fry had seen Morris wear many times before.]

Morris: I want you to have it.

Fry: Oh, I couldn’t-

Morris: Phil, you’re like a son to me. And I’ve seen the way you’ve taken care of my baby girl.

Fry: Dad I-

Morris: No, you can take it. We both know I’m not going to be around much longer, and I want you to have this.

[Finally, Fry put it on his wrist and smiled.]

Fry: Thank you.

[Giving him a hug, Morris patted his shoulder before watching Fry leave. Outside the window, he watched as Fry’s car pulled out of the parking lot.]

[Once Fry pulled up to his home, he saw that Leela’s car was still gone. Perfect, this would give him some time to get things together for their anniversary. Walking out to his boat, he mentally made a list of everything he would need: Champaign, candles, ice bucket, her gifts. He had been planning this for a while, more specifically, since last year. But looking around the yard, he realized that getting everything would have to wait. Going back inside, he changed into some ratty old clothes, put his old dirty Pembroke hat on and went outside to do some yard work.]

[Despite the blistering heat, Fry spent the afternoon pulling weeds from the garden and around the house. He had to wipe his brow every few minutes and his shirt was soaked through. But today was suppose to be the coolest day this week. Luckily Saturday was suppose to be very nice and cool so they could survive outside. After about 45 minutes, and having a fear of getting heat stroke, Fry went inside for a few minutes to cool off. Pouring himself a glass of ice tea, he got a old washcloth out of the closet, and soaked it in some cool water. Ringing it out, he dabbed his face, arms and neck with it. Hearing a knock at the door he shouted at who ever was outside.]

Fry: It’s open!

[In came two young men with two kids.]

Ryan: Hey Dad.

Fry: Hey guys.

[Ryan had red hair, two eyes, and wore a short sleeved collard shirt. Eddie had purple hair, two eyes, and was wearing a red shirt. His kids Alex and Julie ran over to Fry screaming his name.]

Fry: Hey you two.

[He scooped them off the ground and swung them around as they laughed.]

Eddie: Where’s Mom?

Fry: She’s still out with your sister.

[They noticed his shirt and that his face was all red.]

Eddie: Dad, have you’ve been working outside?

Fry: Yeah, I was pulling weeds.

Ryan: You shouldn’t be out in this weather.

Fry: I’m fine.

Ryan: No, you’re not. Let us take care of it, you could get overheated. Just sit down and relax. Eddie and I will go pull the rest of the weeds.

Fry: Alright, I’m gonna go take a shower then.

[Turning on the TV for Alex and Julie, Fry found a old shirt for both of his sons and then took a cold shower. Cleaning up, he changed into shorts and his shirt before going back down stairs. Getting Alex and Julie each a cup of juice, he took his tea and sat down on the couch.]

[About half an hour went by, and Eddie and Ryan came in sweating like crazy. They both had taken off the shirts Fry gave them and Ryan had it tied around his head. Fry threw them each a can of cold beer, and got one for himself.]

Fry: So have you guys picked out your tuxes yet?

Ryan: Actually, we’re going tomorrow.

[The door opened and Leela and Allie walked in.]

Fry: Hey,

[Alex and Julie ran up to Leela and gave her a hug.]

Leela: Hi everyone.

[Ryan and Eddie gave their mom a hug and Eddie had a smile on his face.]

Eddie: Guess what we did.

Leela: Do I want to know?

Eddie: We got Chelsea’s to cater.

Leela: Really? How did you manage that?

Ryan: It seems that they just got a cancellation.

Allie: That was lucky.

Eddie: Yeah, we couldn’t believe it.

Fry: So did you girls pick out dresses?

Leela: Yeah, but I need you to pick them up on Thursday.

Fry: No problem.

Eddie: Well I’ve got to go, I’ll see you tomorrow. Come on kids.

[After saying good bye, Eddie and the kids left, and a few minutes later, Ryan and Allie left.]

Fry: I pulled some of the weeds in the back yard.

[She looked up and narrowed her eye.]

Leela: Fry, why on earth were you out in that heat?

Fry: I-uh-I-

Leela: You’re 59 years old, you cant be out in that type of weather for a long time.

Fry: I’m sorry. I just wanted to clean it up a little before Saturday.

Leela: Well don’t do something that stupid again.

Fry: I wont.

[She went upstairs leaving Fry standing in the living room.]

[Later, Fry was sitting on his boat once the sun had set. It had cooled off tremendously and Fry was grateful for that. Still docked, he felt the rocking of the ship and felt the rope being tugged as the ship tried to drift away. He remembered sitting out here with Leela on their honey moon. He set up a candle lit table and cooked her a romantic dinner. Why did the relationship have go so far downhill all of the sudden? Everything was great until he forgot their anniversary. He wished he could go back in time and fix it. But he knew that was impossible. It was so strange; he knew it was coming, he was planning on doing something special, but then it just slipped out his mind. Turning his head he saw a light coming from their bedroom, knowing that Leela was up in bed going over some details for the wedding. The moon was shining bright, and it reflected off the water. On nights like this, he and Leela would usually sit out here all night, just looking at the water, and not saying anything. Feeling the wind blow against his face, he felt a chill and decided to go inside.]

[The next morning, Fry woke up at 5:30. Leela was still asleep, and he decided to go out on his bike. Just to think for a while. Quietly dressing with leaving a note, he went into the garage and put on his helmet.]

[After half an hour of driving around town, Fry stopped at a small bakery on the corner. Walking inside, he was greeted by the older couple that ran the shop. The woman’s name was Gabby and the man’s name was Frank. They had gotten to know Fry, since he stopped in there almost everyday for a doughnut and coffee on his way to work.]

Frank: Phil, good morning.

Fry: Hey Frank, Gabby.

Gabby: Get you the usual?

Fry: Yeah, please.

Frank: How are things going with Leela? She still mad at you?

Fry: She doesn’t act like it, but I can tell I really hurt her.

Frank: What are you gonna do?

Fry: I’ve got something really big planned for our anniversary this year.

Frank: Well, let me know how that turns out.

Fry: Oh you’ll know.


[That evening, Fry and Leela were sitting on the couch watching TV after getting back from dinner at Chelsea’s. Fry had meet Ryan, Eddie, and Ben to get their tuxes, then met up with Leela and Allie to pick out the menu for the reception. As they sat there, Morris’s words were going through his head. Nervously, Fry began to reach for Leela’s hand, but, she began to stand up. She didn’t even notice him.]

Leela: I’m tired. I’m going to bed.

Fry: Okay, I’ll be up in a few minutes.

Leela: No need to rush.

[Fry winced as she went upstairs. Why? Why was she doing this to him? He loved her, more than anything. Deciding he need to clear his head, he went outside to sit on his boat. After 20 minutes, he heard someone behind him. Hoping it was Leela, he turned his head, but saw his three kids standing there.]

Allie: Dad, we have something to tell you.

Fry: What is it?

Allie: When I was talking to Mom yesterday, she said that-

[Fry watched as she wiped her eyes and took a deep breath. This couldn’t be good, what did Leela say? Fry prayed that Allie wasn’t going to say what he thought she was.]

Allie: (soft) She was thinking about leaving you.

[Fry felt his eyes start to roll back in his head. Eddie and Ryan grabbed his arms and sat him down.]

Fry: What?

Ryan: We’re so sorry Dad.

[One thought was going through Fry’s head: The time skips. Could that be it? Was it really destined to be? No, it couldn’t be. Feeling the tears run down his cheeks, he buried his face in his hands.]

Fry: This cant be happening! She cant leave me!

Eddie: What are you gonna do?

[Wiping his eyes, he stood up.]

Fry: I’m going to show her just how much I love her. I’m gonna show her that no matter what, I’m always going to be there for her. I have to, she’s my everything.


[While Leela and Allie were out shopping, Fry was at home setting up the tents. The next few days went by fast, and the next thing they knew, it was the day before the wedding. Ryan, Eddie, and Ben were also there, helping Fry. 5 tents were up in the backyard, and now they were setting up tables.]

Ryan: Hey Dad, have you talked to Mom?

Fry: (sigh) No, but tonight I’ve got something special planed for her.

Ryan: You think she’ll like it?

Fry: I hope so.

[Looking at his watch, he looked back at Ryan.]

Fry: Do you think you guys can handle this? I’ve got some more stuff to do.

Ryan: Yeah, go on.

[Fry jumped in his car and drove off down the street.]

[Hours later, after the sun had set, Fry was standing on his boat wearing his suit. Leela would be home soon, and he had everything ready. On the front door there was a note telling her to follow the rose peddles up to the bedroom were a surprise would be waiting for her. Once she got up there, two boxes would be on the bed. One that had a card telling her to open it now and the other one telling her to wait. Inside would be a fuzzy bathrobe, slippers, bubble bath, and lotion. The card saying: Go and relax in a nice hot bath. Then once you’re done, open the second box were a gift and more instructions are waiting for you. But don’t take too long, a romantic evening awaits you. Obviously she would be surprised, and go into the bathroom, finding a bath already drawn. Smiling, she would undress, and get in the tub. About twenty minutes would go by (he guessed) and she would get out, let the water drain, and rub the lotion on her arms and legs. Putting on her robe and slippers, she would lay down on the bed and open the second box. Inside she would see a black dress, new shoes, and a diamond necklace, along with another note. There’s one more surprise darling, go back down stairs and come out to the dock.]

[Seeing the back door open, Fry smiled as Leela made her way across the lawn and onto the dock.]

Fry: Hello.

Leela: Hey,

[She looked up at the boat, that had lights all over it and looked at a candle lit table at the end.]

Leela; You did all this?

Fry: Yeah, since we’ll be busy tomorrow, I thought we celebrate our anniversary tonight.

[Smiling, she let Fry take her hand, leading her to the table. As she sat down, Fry took the boat out far enough and anchored it.]

Fry: I’ll be right back.

[Going down into the cabin, that was lit with dozens of candles, he checked the food that was keeping warm in the oven and got his CD player along with one more gift for Leela. Placing the CD player on the table, he saw Leela staring at the moon.]

Fry: Hey,

[She turned and smiled.]

Fry: Here’s one more gift.

[He handed her the box and she opened it, obviously happy. Inside was a photo album that had pictures of them when they were dating, when they got married, when Leela was pregnant, the kids, Munda and Morris, everyone at Planet Express and the Tackle Box. Then on the last page was a letter Fry had written. She read it carefully, absorbing every word.]

My dearest Leela,

This is a letter that is long over due, it’s something I should of given you a long time ago. I’m so, so, sorry that I forgot our anniversary, but more than that, I’m sorry I hurt you. If I could go back in time and fix it, believe me I would. But that’s impossible, so I’m going to do my best to make it up to you. These past 30 years have been the best years of my life, and I’m hoping for another 30, and then another. I love you with all my heart, and you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

I remember how everyone always called me crazy for chasing you, but I never gave up. The day we met, it was love at first sight. I know at the time it didn’t seem like it, since I freaked out, but when we were down in Old New York, and you held my hand, I some how knew that you were the one for me. You were always the one for me, and I was an idiot to go out with anyone else. I also remember for the first 5 years I lived here in New Bern, and how I slowly, and painfully, felt myself starting to get over you. I’m so happy you came down to see me, because the truth is, I never thought I’d see you again. Those first few years, and as much as I tried, I couldn’t get over you. And I realize now that , I never would of gotten over you.

Every morning when I wake up, I think about how lucky I am to have a wife as wonderful as you. Everyday, it’s like I’m falling in love with you all over again. You’re strong, independent, beautiful, loving, a great mother, and my best friend. You’re the air that I breath, you’re the blood that pumps through my veins, you are the thing that keeps me alive. With out you, I don’t know what I’d do. All I know is that I would never be this happy. Our love is pure and true. And true love doesn’t have a happy ending. Because true love never ends.

All my love,


[Putting the letter back in the book, she looked up at Fry, tears brimming her eye. Fry gently wiped them away as she sniffled.]

Leela: Thank you.

[Smiling, Fry stood up and Leela set down the book.]

Fry: Hey, I brought a old friend.

Leela; Bender’s not here is he?

[Laughing, Fry pressed play on the CD player and held out his hand. Soon, Leela heard the song “I’ll be seeing you” playing and instantly knew what Fry was planning. Taking his hand, the two of them started dancing on the boat under the moon light.]

Fry: I’m so sorry that I forgot out anniversary last year. I never, ever, wanted to hurt you.

Leela: I know, but I should of realized that sooner. I’m sorry for the way I’ve been acting.

Fry: You don’t need to apologize.

[Looking around, she was reminded of their first date, and their honeymoon.]

Leela: I love nights like this. They always remind me of when we were young.

Fry: Hey, we’re still young. We’re hip and cool.

Leela: (laughing) Don’t ever say that again.

[He laughed and Leela smiled. Feeling Fry trace circles on the back of her hand with his thumb, she remembered everything about their first date. Universe 1 Leela was right, that date was magical. Looking around, she never thought that this is where she would end up, but it was everything she’d ever wanted. Dancing in the moon light with her husband. Looking up, she placed her one hand behind Fry’s head and got closer to him. They kissed for a long time before Fry watched as Leela blew out the candle, picked up the CD player and led him into the cabin. Putting everything down, she took off his jacket and began un buttoning his shirt. Fry kissed her neck and shoulder as he unzipped her dress, hearing her make soft whimpering noises, and they collapsed on the bed. For hours they made love and finally the two of them were exhausted. Fry turned his head and smiled as they laid under the covers.]

Fry: Can I ask you something?

Leela: Of course.

Fry: If you could do it all over- and know how everything was going to turn out-would you marry me again?

[She was quiet for a long time, and finally scooted closer to him, kissing him.]

Leela: Yes, I would.

[Fry smiled broadly and kissed her.]

Fry: I love you, more than you could ever know.

Leela: I know, and I love you too.


[The next morning, the sun rose over the water as Fry and Leela were sleeping in the cabin. He began to wake up and smiled when he saw Leela sleeping in his arms. Gently, he shook her arm and whispered in her ear.]

Fry: Leela, honey wake up.

[Her eye fluttered open and she looked up at him, smiling.]

Leela: Morning.

Fry: Morning.

[He looked at the clock on the wall, saw that it was 8:00, and then looked back at Leela.]

Fry: We’re suppose to meet the kids in an hour.

[He began to get up, but Leela grabbed his arm, pulled him back down on the bed, kissing him.]

Leela: Not so fast!

Fry: But we have to meet the kids.

Leela: I don’t care.

Fry: We’re gonna be late.

Leela: No we’re not.

Fry: Yeah, yeah we are.

Leela: So?

Fry: You’re right.

[Some time went by, and finally the two of them were outside their house with Eddie, Allie, and Ryan. They also saw their old friends Bender and Amy.]

Leela: Sorry we’re late.

Fry: Yeah, we had a late night.

Bender: Fry!

[He ran up and pulled Fry into a hug, choking him.]

Bender: (sobbing) I’ve missed you so much!

Fry: (choking) I missed you too Bender, but let go!

Allie: Come on you two, we’ve got to get to the church.


[Fry was standing at the bottom of the stair case in the back of the church. Allie, her friend Savannah and Leela were upstairs getting ready. Ryan, Eddie, and Ben were already in the church seating everyone. Soon, Fry heard the door open and close and saw Leela coming down the stairs wearing a bridesmaid dress.]

Leela: I still cant believe that Allie asked me to be her matron of honor.

Fry: You look great.

[He leaned in to kiss her, but she put a finger up to his lips.]

Leela: You’re gonna mess up my lipstick. But don’t worry, later my makeup will be messed up later from crying anyway.

[Hearing the door, Savannah came down and Allie followed. Leela stared at her, seeing that she didn’t have her wedding dress on, but a bridesmaid dress that matched Savannah’s and she had her hands behind her back.]

Leela: What’s going on? Why did you take off your dress?

Allie: Mom, I’m not getting married. At least not today.

Leela: What? Of course you are.

Allie: Think about it, this isn’t my wedding, it’s always been your wedding.

[She turned her head and looked at Fry who was just smiling.]

Fry: You said you’d marry me again.

[Allie revealed she was holding the veil that went with the dress that was upstairs.]

Leela; But-how?

Fry: I’ll explain everything later. But go upstairs and get ready. I’m not suppose to see you, remember?

[A few minutes later, Fry was standing at the alter with Eddie and Ryan at his side. Looking around, he saw all his friends, some old and some new. Everyone from Planet Express and the Tackle Box. Then some people from the library where Leela worked. Their neighbors, some of the kids friends, Eldon and Dee. Hearing the music start, the door opened and Leela walked in with Morris.]

[Fry was holding Leela’s hand as Reverend Sullivan finished the service.]

Sullivan: By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you man and wife again. You may kiss the bride.

[Fry lifted the veil from Leela’s face and kissed her as everyone clapped and cheered.]

[Fry and Leela were sitting at the head table with their children and Morris. All the guest had already left and Leela was demanding that Fry told her how he managed this.]

Fry: Well, after I forgot our anniversary, I knew I had to plan something special. It took me a lot of time, but with the help of the kids, Ben, and everyone in town, we managed to pull it off.

Leela: But if everyone in town knew about it, how come I didn’t?

Ryan: Once we told everyone what was going on, and they promised to keep it quiet.

Leela; But what if someone told me?

Fry: But they didn’t.

Leela: But what if they did?

Fry: I didn’t really think about it, I guess I assumed you thought you heard them wrong.

Leela; So how long did it take you to plan this?

Fry: A year.

Leela: What?

[He simply shrugged and Leela kissed him.]

Leela: Thank you, this was the best anniversary.


[A while later, Fry was standing outside by himself in the darkness, the only light was from the moon, and the porch lamp. Leela was inside still talking to Allie and Ryan. Eddie and Rachel had gone home since the kids had fallen asleep and Fry and Leela had taken Morris back to the nursing home. Fry saw the old basketball hoop set up and picked up the ball. Shooting it, it bounced off the rim and into the bushes.]

Ryan: Good to see you’ve been practicing.

[Fry turned around and smiled.]

Fry: Hey, take it easy on me, I’m an old man you know.

[Ryan laughed and got the ball, passing it back to his Dad.]

Ryan: Remember when I was in high school, and we use to play out here every night?

Fry: Your mother would get so mad at us for staying out late.

[Still laughing, Ryan watched as Fry shot the ball, making the shot.]

Ryan: I still remember Thanksgiving weekend when Eddie would come home from college and make me play him.

Fry: You lost every time.

Ryan: Don’t remind me. And do you know what he made me say after I lost?

Fry: Do I wanna know?

Ryan: “I’m your bitch.”

[Fry tried not to laugh, but failed.]

Fry: I’m sorry.

Ryan: But I also remember playing you and I’d let you win.

Fry: You let me win?

Ryan: Yeah,

Fry: Fine lets play right now.

Ryan: You’re on!

[As they were playing, Fry remembered late nights playing basketball with Ryan. Since he was the youngest, he always had people asking him about his older brother and sister. Girls would talk to him or come over, just so they could see Eddie. Even thought Eddie had been gone for 4 years when Ryan was a freshman, he was still the talk of the school. He was the best athlete; captain of the basketball team, baseball team, wrestling team, and by his senior year had 12 varsity letters. And then there was Ryan, who never got to start a game all 4 years. Then with Allie getting straight A’s all through high-school and had a 4.0 GPA, Ryan got some B’s and every once in a while a C. He was an average student with a brother and sister who left high expectations for him. Eddie: Athlete of the Year, Allie: Valedictorian, and Ryan. That’s where Fry found himself bonding more with his young son. It was the same thing with his brother Yancey. He was the smart, popular, athletic student, and Fry was just the goofball that no one liked. And that’s how Ryan felt. So Fry spent more and more time with him, ultimately becoming his best friend. Then when Ryan graduated, Fry felt alone. Yes, Leela was still there, but he missed having Ryan around. So Fry would just do the things he and Ryan normally would do, by himself. That’s when everything went down hill.]

Ryan: That’s game!

Fry: I let you win.

Ryan: Yeah right.

[Fry smiled and threw the ball against the house.]

Fry: Next thing you’ll know, you’ll be out here with your son playing.

Ryan: I just hope I’ll be half the father you were.

Fry: Come on, I wasn’t that great.

Ryan: Dad, you were the best. I couldn’t ask for anyone better. Remember when I said that when I grew up I wanted to be just like you? I meant it, I want to be fun, caring, loving, funny, romantic, willing to do anything for the people I love.

[Fry felt some tears coming, and quickly blinked a few times.]

Fry: I’m not crying, I’ve got something in my eye.

Ryan: Dad,

[He gave his Dad a hug and Fry patted his back.]

Fry: I love you son.

Ryan: I love you too, Dad.

[Fry pulled away, but kept his hand on Ryan’s shoulder.]

Fry: Come on, before your Mom gets mad.

[Laughing, the two of them went inside and found Allie still sitting on the couch with Leela.]

Leela: There they are.

[Fry sat down in his chair while Ryan still stood.]

Ryan: It’s getting late, I think I’m gonna get going.

Allie; Me too. Hey little bro, give me a ride home?

Ryan: No way!

[Laughing he kissed his Mom, and opened the front door.]

Ryan: Come on.

Allie: Bye Mom, bye Dad.

Leela; Bye sweetie.

Fry: See you guys.

[The door closed, leaving Fry and Leela alone. She motioned for Fry to come and sit next to her, and he obeyed. Leela kissed him and then pushed him on his back. But soon, the moment was broken with the phone ringing. Leela smirked and Fry laughed.]

Leela: I’ll get rid of who ever it is.

[She picked up the phone and Fry watched her expression change. Happy to confused, to shocked, and finally, blank. Her eye had welled up with tears when she turned to Fry. His hand instantly went to the watch he was wearing.]

Fry: (soft) Your dad.


[Fry was standing on the porch in the cool autumn breeze. Leela was inside cooking dinner, and would probably be calling him soon. Eddie, Ben, Alex, and Julie were in the living room while Rachel was in the kitchen with Leela and Allie. Ryan would be there soon and the nine of them would sit down for Thanksgiving dinner. Afterwards, they would talk and finally Eddie, Ryan, Ben, and Fry would play basketball before everyone left. But for now, he would enjoy the silence and breath in the fresh air. Earlier, Allie and Ben announced they were getting married, and Fry assured Leela he wasn’t planning anything this time. Not a day went by that she didn’t mention the surprise. Fry was so happy everything was back to normal. He and Leela would go to work, meet up for lunch, then once they were home, they would cook dinner together, and depending on the weather, they would either sit on the boat, on the porch, or inside on the couch. Finally at the end of the day, the two of them would go up to the bedroom and fall asleep in each others arms. The last few months had been hard though. That night when the nursing home called, they said that Morris had a stroke, fell, and was now in a coma. He passed away a few days later. Once again, Leela was devastated, and Fry also took it very hard. Morris had been so helpful when Fry thought Leela was going to leave him, and he couldn’t imagine what he would do with out him. No, Leela wasn’t going to leave him, but it was always nice to have someone to talk with about things Fry couldn’t talk to Leela about. Fry now never took off the watch Morris had given him. Looking at his new ring, he read the engraving; it was their anniversary date. When Leela asked him why he had it engraved on the outside, he answered joking; So I wont forget. When she didn’t answer, he got nervous, but then she laughed and playfully hit his arm. You better not. Hearing the front door open, he saw Ryan walk in with a young woman who was a little shorter than he was, with blond hair. Her name was Sara, and she and Ryan had been dating for two months. Fry looked at the two books that were sitting on the railing and picked one up. They were books that Leela had wrote and gave him for his birthday. Inside was their story.]

Leela: Fry?

[He turned around and smiled.]

Leela: Come on, dinner’s ready.

[Picking up the books, he kissed Leela before going inside.]

Leela: What was that for?

[He shrugged as he set down the books and took off his jacket.]

Fry: Because,

[She noticed the books and smiled.]

Leela: You really love those books.

Fry: Yeah, I do. They were the best present anyone’s ever given me.

[Leela flipped through the pages and smiled.]

Leela: I’ve got something to tell you though.

Fry: What?

Leela: Well, Amy wanted to read these, so I sent her a copy. Then, her friend read them, and her friend is a publisher.

Fry: What are you saying?

Leela: They’re going to publish the books.

[Fry smiled and pulled Leela into a hug.]

Fry: That’s great news!

Leela: And it’s all thanks to you.

[Fry kissed her again and Leela squeezed him.]

Leela: Thank you, for everything.

Fry: Hey, it’s what I do.

The end