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Terminator Mutant 2: End-Point Day

[This is the sequel to The Terminator Mutant. Leela is back as the ass-kicking,Bad-to-the-Bone TM-101,but now as the savior of Fry and Mrs.Fry! As well as being a protector,Leela now has an enemy(played by Universe 1 Leela)!]


Mrs.Fry:(voice over)On July 4th,2951,almost 3 million human lives were lost,on a day called End-Point Day. The Earth went into a state of permenant darkness,and Mutant Machines walked the planet and fought in a war against us humans. In 1974,a Terminator Mutant was sent to kill before my son,Philip J.Fry,was born,it failed because of a heroic robot,named Bender,was sent to protect me. But in 1987,when my son was 13,another Terminator Mutant was sent to kill Fry himself. Luckily,the Philip J.Fry of the year 3000,sent a lone mutant warrior to protect my son. The question was which Terminator Mutant would reach him first...

Chapter 1: The TM-120 Arrives

ZZZZAAAAPPPPP! A Time Sphere appeared under the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City in 1987.

As the dust cleard,a woman was lying flat on her back:it was a TM-120 Terminator Mutant(aka Leela[Universe 1]). Her red-orange hair was let down and disheveled. As she got up from the ground,she climed the bridge. Walking in the shadows,the TM-120 walked toward a female officer and her police car.

Officer:Oh,my God! Are you OK? 

TM-120:I need you're clothes.


Then the TM-120 knocked out the officer by doing a gatona-smash across the face. 2 minutes later,the TM-120 was wearing the officer's clothes. She took the car,and drove away.

Chapter 2: The TM-101 Arrives

Across the city,a second Time Sphere came out of nowhere behind a truck. The TM-101(aka Leela[Universe A])had come back! She got up,her hair(like the TM-120's was)let down and disheveled. The TM-101 looked around,also needing clothes. She walked towards a truck stop. There were 10 motorcycles,5 trucks,and 7 cars park outside.

TM-101:(thinking)I bet I can get something to wear here.

She opened the door of the truck stop building. Everyone in the building had stopped what they were doing,apparently noticing that some one-eyed,naked woman(or in the TM-101's case:Mutant Machine)had just walked right inside. The TM-101 moved toward a woman,who was smoking a cigarette.

TM-101:I need your clothes,your boots,and your motorcycle.

Everyone laughed hysterically.

The woman blew smoke into the TM-101's face then placed the lit cigarette on the TM-101's chest. The TM-101 didn't react. The woman was confused,she pushed the cigarette harder. The next thing she knew,her hand was getting crushed by the TM-101's mighty grip! The TM-101 threw into a door leading to the truck stop closet. Another woman whacked the TM-101 in the head with a glass bottle. It broke. Then that woman was then thrown out the window. The TM-101 walked into the closet where the woman,who was smoking the cigarette, quivered in fear.

Woman:Take it! And leave me be!

She gave the motocycle's keys to the TM-101.

TM-101:Fine then.

Chapter 3: Bad To The Bone

The TM-101 walks outside,wearing a tank top,a leather jacket,jeans,boots,and her still let down,but more neatly done. She looked quite bad-ass! She was about to ride away,but the sound of a 10 Gauge shotgun stopped her.

Man:I can't let you take the girl's bike,sis. Get off,or your toast.

The TM-101 moved toward the man with an angry look on her face.

Man:You got some attitude problem,there.

The TM-101 then swipes the gun away and takes the man's sunglasses.

TM-101:Say that again,and your gonna be motor oil for the motorcycle.

She drove off into the night as the man scratched his head in confusion and fear...

Chapter 4: Meet Philip J.Fry

The following day,at the Frys house,Philip J.Fry and Yancey Jr.Fry were outside playing basketball. Fry was 13 years of age and Yancey Jr.was 15.

Fry:Well,I won again!

Yancey Jr:Say,you want to head to the arcade or somthin'? This is getting boring

Fry:Alright. Grab the boom box and CD player.

Yancey Jr:Dad! Me and Philip are goin' to the arcade!

Mr.Fry:Be back by 12!

Both Fry and Yancey Jr.rode off on their bikes to the arcade.

Fry:What could possibly go wrong today?!....

Chapter 5: Meet Mrs.Fry

At the New York City Asylum,a mental doctor(from the first Terminator Mutant story)named Dr.Alfred,was scheduling an appointment with Mrs.Fry,who has now been at the Asylum for about 3 months. The reason she was there was because everyone DIDN'T believe Mrs.Fry's encounter with the Terminator Mutant,nor the future war that was to come. That morning,Mrs.Fry was doing her morning pullups. Meanwhile outside...

Dr.Alfred:This next person is interesting,Mrs.Fry:46-year-old,healthy(physically)female. She believes that a machine,called the Terminator Mutant-which looked like a human with one eye-was sent through time to kill her in 1974 before her son,Philip J.Fry,was even born...

Woman:That's new.

Dr.Alfred:...and that a robot,named Bender,was sent back to protect her. Both the Terminator Mutant and Bender came from the year 3000 if I remember correctely.

They walk to Mrs.Fry's room.


Mrs.Fry:Hey,Dr.Alfred,how is the arm?

Dr.Alfred:Oh...fine Mrs.Fry.

Mrs.Fry had stabbed Dr.Alfred in the arm on her last escape attempt. But her escape wasn't successful,she was caught and was knocked out with sleeping gas.

Chapter 6: TM-120 Serches For Fry

Fry and Yancey Jr. were playing arcade games at the New York Mall. Meanwhile,the TM-120 had been searching for Fry. Several minutes after Fry and Yancey Jr. left,she had stopped at Fry's house to find him...

TM-120:Are you the father of Philip J.Fry?

Mr.Fry:That's right,officer.

TM-120:Can I see him,please?

Mr.Fry:He and his brother went to arcade at the mall.

TM-120:Do you have a photo of Philip?



So after her visit to Mr.Fry,the TM-120 had driven the police car to the mall. The TM-101 was also looking for Fry. She had entered the mall 20 minutes earlier than the TM-120. Meanwhile at the arcade...

Yancey Jr:Hey Philip,I'm gonna be right back.


30 seconds later,Yancey Jr came back with a scared look.

Yancey Jr:Hey,Phil! There's this cop lookin' for ya! Look.

It was the TM-120! Fry started to run,unaware who this"cop"really was. Fry ran into the"Employees Only"hallway,looking for a place to hide...

Chapter 7: Trapped in the Hallway

Fry ran as fast as he can! The TM-120 right on his tail! As he neared the exit to the mall,Fry saw her:The TM-101,walking toward him,armed with her 10 Gauge shotgun. Fry ran back,but the the TM-120 was in the other direction! The TM-101 aimed at the TM-120.

TM-101:GET DOWN!!!

Fry ducked as a bullet flew through the air and hit the TM-120 in the chest. The TM-120 was more advanced than the TM-101,she was made of Liquid Metal! The TM-120 started to shoot back! The TM-101 shot over and over until there were 10 gun shot wounds in the TM-120. Then,due to the TM-120 being made of liquid metal,the wounds healed immediately.


Fry ran to the parking lot and jumped on the mini-motorbike,driving off,with the TM-120 right behind him,running at 40 mph!


Fry:Like hell I will!

Chapter 8: The Return of the Chase (Part 1)

The chase began! The TM-120 jumped into a 10-wheeler truck and drove after Fry. The TM-101 followed on the motorcycle. Fry rode down the street at 60 mph and the TM-120 only packed more heat on the truck's speed! Things were beginning to get pretty ugly,until a bullet blew a hole in the side of truck:it was the TM-101,who was also packing heat on speed!

Fry had heard the gun shot and veered into the empty canal. Once there,he stopped. Fry looked over his shoulder to see if the truck was still behind him. It wasn't...but then...CRASH!!! The truck had veered into the canal and smashed through a wall blocking 2 sections of the canal. Fry drove as fast the bike could. The TM-120 followed with an evil confidence in her face.

The TM-101 pulled out the 10 Gauge shotgun and fired several times at the truck. Eventually,she drove into canal as well. Dodging the truck just in time,the TM-101 grabbed Fry and placed him in front of her. Then the TM-101 blew out a tire on the truck. The truck veered out of control and exploded. 

The TM-101 and Fry drove away from the wreckage,but when they disappeared from sight,the TM-120 walked out of flames in her liquid metal form!

Chapter 9: "Time Out!"

Meanwhile,on the freeway,Fry and the TM-101 were almost at the exit out of New York City.

Fry:OK! Time out! C'mon stop the bike!

They pulled over.

Fry:Now don't take this the wrong way:but you ARE a Terminator Mutant,right?!

TM-101:Yes. Terminator Mutant's model 101.

To prove her point,the TM-101 took off her sunglasses to reveal her one eye. Fry got wide-eyed!

Fry:Oh,my God! Your REALLY real! So your a machine underneath,right? But alive outside?

TM-101:I'm a cybernetic organism:living tissue over metal endoskelaton.

Fry:Your not here to kill me,so what's the deal here?

TM-101:My mission is to protect you.

Fry:Who sent you?

TM-101:YOU did,in the 31st century,you reprogrammed me to be your bodyguard here:in this time.

Fry:This is deep!...

Chapter 10: "Who's the TM-120?"

As night fell,Fry and the TM-101 were driving down the freeway.

Fry:So this other woman,she's a Terminator Mutant like you?

TM-101:Not like me. A TM-120,advanced prototype.

Fry:You mean more advanced than you are?

TM-101:Yes! I'm part of the 100 series,but she is part of the 120 series. She's made of Liquid Metal.

Fry:Say,where are we goin'?

TM-101:We have to get out of the city as quickly as possible,and avoid the police.

Fry:That makes logic.

Chapter 11: Mrs.Fry Escapes

Back at the Asylum,Mrs.Fry was in her bed sleeping,her mind racing. She was told that Fry was missing,and that the TM-101 had something to do with it. So when the guards had left the hall,she got up and pulled a bobby pin out of her hair. She picked at the lock and it broke. Once out of her room cell,Mrs.Fry snuck around the Asylum.

Meanwhile,the TM-120 arrived there.

TM-120:Hi there. Do you have a Mr.Fry here?

Officer:Running late,are you? Hold on a sec...

Then,when nobody was looking,the TM-120 melted to disguse herself as one of the floor...

Chapter 12: Mission Parameters

Fry:...I see,now I understand that my Mom's not insane,so listen,we got to get her outta there.

Fry and the TM-101 were parked at a nearby telephone booth. Just talking.

TM-101:Negative,the TM-120's highest probability for success is now to copy Mrs.Fry and wait for you to make contact with her.

Fry:And what happens to her?

TM-101:She would be terminated.

Fry:Shit! We gotta go now!!!

TM-101:Negative. This isn't a mission to fail.

Fry angrily punched the TM-101 in the hand,with which she responed by grabbing ahold of Fry's hand.


TM-101:This is just not helping,Fry.

Fry:Let me go!

So she did,and Fry fell to the ground. He hesitated in anger.

Fry:What the hell was that for?

TM-101:Because you told me to.

Fry:You have to do what I say,huh?

TM-101:That IS one of my mission parameters.

Fry:Prove it! Put your hand on your hip.

So she did.

Fry:You can take your hand off your hip. I meant to say earlier:you can't kill ANYONE.


Fry:What do you mean"why",you can't!


Fry:You just can't,OK,trust me on this. I'm gonna get my mom,and I order you...to help me.

Chapter 13: The Asylum Adventure

Back at the Asylum,an officer,named Greg,was walking to the coffee machine. Then,from the checkered floor,the TM-120 came out of the floor.

Greg:C'mon already,you stupid coffee machine.

The TM-120 poked at Greg's shoulder and he turned around. The TM-120 pointed her finger DIRECTLY at Greg's forehead. Forming into a blade,it stabbed Greg in the head and he dropped STONE dead. Once she put Greg's dead body in the closet,the TM-120 took his gun AND took Greg's form.

Mrs.Fry,meanwhile,was still sneaking around. She had managed to knock out a guard in the process. She had taken his pistol.

At a nearby checkpoint,an officer caught Mrs.Fry in the servalance camera.

Officer#1:Son of a bitch!

Mrs.Fry:Open the door or I'll shoot.

Officer#1:No way,Mrs.Fry.


Officer#1:Ain't gonna happen.

Officer#2:Take it easy,Mrs.Fry.

Mrs.Fry:Open the door or I'll blow one of your f***ing heads off!!!

Officer#2:No way.


With all her strength,Mrs.Fry kicked the door down. The officers tried to fight back,but then Mrs.Fry did a VERY clever move:she jumped into air,spun and kicked both officers in their faces. An officer got up from the ground and set the alarm. The TM-120 was watching. She walked toward the hall and set her gun.

Chapter 14:"I'm Back!"

Mrs.Fry was now nearing the elevators.

Mrs.Fry:Better get into one and get the hell outta this hellhole!

Then she noticed one of the elevators open. She was cautious at first. But out of the elevator,came the TM-101!

TM-101:I'm back.

Mrs.Fry:NO! IT CAN'T BE! NOOO!!!

She ran away.

Fry:Mom,wait! She's here to help us! Wait!

Mrs.Fry was still running when the officers pinned her down. The TM-101 made short work of the officers by beating the crap out of them. Then one officer came up and gatona-smashed her in the face. The TM-101's head was sideways and her sunglasses were broken. SHE WAS PISSED! So she bashed the officer in the head. Mrs.Fry looked up at the TM-101.

TM-101:Come with me if you wanna live...

Chapter 15: The Return of the Chase (Part 2)

Mrs.Fry got to her feet when the TM-101 noticed down the hall...came the TM-120! She cocked the shotgun.


Both Fry and Mrs.Fry ran to the elevator as TM-101 followed,shooting at the TM-120. They got to the elevator just in time. But as the shaft closed,the TM-120 opened it with all her strength and landed on top of the elevator. Turning her arms into blades,the TM-120 repetitively stabbed holes into the elevator. Inside,the TM-101,Fry and Mrs.Fry dodged the blades and the TM-101 fought back.

Finally,they got out of the elevator and drove away in a nearby car,but the TM-120 chased after them and eventually,she grabbed the back of the car and began crawling across. However,the TM-101 was thinking fast. She climbed out the window and shot at the TM-120 at the last second. The TM-120 fell off,rolled on the road and stopped chasing.

Chapter 16: Fry's Home

The next morning,the TM-101,Fry and Mrs.Fry got to a house:it was the house of the family Fry! They entered the house and as odd as it seems,Mr.Fry and Yancey Jr. were happy that Mrs.Fry and Fry were back.

Yancey Jr:Hey Philip! Good to come back home,right?


Yancey Jr:Say? Who's this one-eyed freak?

Fry:Oh,she's cool,she's a friend of mine. She's uhhhh...Leela. Leela,this is my brother,Yancey Jr.

Yancey Jr:Leela,good to meet ya.


Fry shrugged at the TM-101. Later on,Fry,Mrs.Fry and the TM-101 were in the garage,dislodging bullets from the TM-101's back.

Mrs.Fry:Will the wounds heal?


Mrs.Fry:So how are supposed to stop End-Point Day from happening?

TM-101:Well,as you already know probably,End-Point Day will be the day when the human race(and robot race)will almost be eliminated. But to my knowledge,the only way to stop this is the destroy a piece of evidence from the future:the crushed endoskelaton of the first TM-101.

Mrs.Fry:And where can we find that?

Fry:Quite possibly that machine factory where that robot,Bender,crushed it.

TM-101:That COULD be it...

Chapter 17: The Factory

So after a 10 minute drive,our 3 friends made it to the now vacant machine factory.

Mrs.Fry:Yeah,they closed this place in 1979 after a maulfunction with one of the engines.

Fry:It's gotta be here. I know it!

They walked to the entrance. One of the doors were dented with a hole in it and the other was off it's hinges. This damage was made by the first Terminator Mutant when she chased Bender and Mrs.Fry 13 years ago in 1974.

Mrs.Fry:I'm surprised they didn't bother to fix the door.

TM-101:There it is.

The TM-101 was pointing to the compactor. They ran to the compactor as the TM-101 lifted it open.

TM-101:Got the pieces?


He put the pieces in his backpack.

Mrs.Fry:Let's go!

Chapter 18: The Return of the Chase (Part 3)

As they got in the car,the TM-101 heard a noise:it was the TM-120,driving a 10 wheeler truck!

Fry:Oh shit! She must of caught up to us!


So they did,as fast as the car could! The TM-120 drove faster and faster!

TM-101:Take the wheel!

She climbed out the window, ran across the car and onto the truck. Armed with her peace-maker,an AK47 machine gun,the TM-101 shot at the TM-120. The bullets lodged into the TM-120's liquid metal. Then,both vehicles crashed into a steel factory. The truck flipped over and spilled out it's cargo:liquid nitrogen!

Chapter 19: "Eat Bullet, Metal Bitch!"

The TM-120 rose from the wreckage. She unfortunately walked through the liquid nitrogen. As the TM-120 tried to walk,she became stiffer and stiffer until the point where she couldn't move at all.

The TM-101 witnessed it. And when she did,she pulled out the 45 pistol.

TM-101:Eat bullet...metal bitch.

She fired. The bullet shattered the TM-120 to pieces.

Fry:Nice shot.


Mrs.Fry:I hope it's over.

TM-101:It isn't!

The TM-120 was reforming yet again! Our 3 heroes started to find cover wherever possible!

Chapter 20: TM-101 vs. TM-120

As they ran,the TM-101 stopped:she had to fight back and possibly sacifice herself to let Fry and Mrs.Fry make it alive.

TM-101:I know your there somewhere. GET OUT HERE AND SHOW YOUR COWARDLY,LITTLE FACE!!!

Her voice echoed throughout the steel factory. At this point,the TM-101's metal skull on the left side of her face was beginning to show more. Most of the skin in that area came off when she slid on the ground during the crash. Though she expressed no pain what-so-ever. Then a voice yelled...

Voice:Don't call me a coward!

It was the TM-120. The battle was on! Punch after punch and kick after kick. Soon the TM-120 had an evil idea. Luring the TM-101 to the machinery,the TM-120 punched the TM-101 in the face,where by then her arm got caught accidentally in a girder! Without a backwards glance,the TM-120 walked away.

2 minutes later,the TM-101 managed to get out of the girder. But not without amputating her left arm. Now her left robotic arm...was of little use!

Chapter 21: Fry and Mrs.Fry vs. the TM-120

Now Fry and Mrs.Fry were being followed by the liquid metal fiend. But they weren't giving up without a fight! So just like the TM-101,they kicked and punched. But THAT wasn't enough this time. Still,Mrs.Fry didn't want to give up. She fired the pistol over and over.

Now the TM-120 was close to falling into a steel pit. But then the worst thing possible:she ran out of ammo!

Things once again were going to get pretty ugly! But then the TM-101 came out of nowhere with a grenade launcher.

Chapter 22: Terminated 2!

TM-101:This time...I had up to HERE with screwing around!


The TM-101 launched a grenade into the TM-120 gut. And then the TM-120 exploded and fell into the pit. Melting within minutes,the TM-120 was officially terminated.

Fry:Is she dead?


Chapter 23: "I Can't Stay, Fry."

TM-101:You got the metal skeleton?

Fry:Yeah. Will it melt in there?

TM-101:Correct. Throw it in.

Fry took the skeleton and tossed it in the pit. Mrs.Fry sighed with relief.

Mrs.Fry:It's over.

TM-101:No. There's one more skeleton.

She pointed to herself.

TM-101:It must be destroyed also.


TM-101:I'm sorry,Fry. I'm sorry.

Fry:Wait don't this! You're my friend!

TM-101:I can't stay,Fry.


TM-101:Fry...you must let me go. Otherwise all of humanity will be destroyed and End-Point Day will happen within 20 years.

Fry hesitated and thought it over. He finally decided to let his friend go. He hugged the TM-101 and Mrs.Fry gave her a congratulation handshake. So the TM-101 grabbed the chain over the pit. And with one last look back,she said...


...And lowered herself into the pit. Fry and Mrs.Fry looked on with tears in their eyes. Once the TM-101's hand was the only part left,she gave the thumbs up sign to Fry. And then...she was gone.

Chapter 24: Could Our Future Be Safe Now?

Mrs.Fry:(voice over)Could our future be safe now? I don't know. But what I do know is that we will be safe for at least 800 years or so...


Based on the film, "Terminator 2:Judgment Day", directed by James Cameron

Based on the characters created by Matt Groening

CGI effects by Industrial Light and Magic with The Curiosity Company

Cast of Characters-

Turanga Leela(Universe A):as the TM-101
Leela(Universe 1):As the TM-120
Philip J.Fry:as himself
and Mrs.Fry:as herself